• Is Maritime Transportation Losing Out Its Competitive Advantage over Other Modes of Transportation Like Air and Road Transportation?
    Abstract A sophisticated and widespread transportation mode is absolutely essential for the efficient mobility of passengers and goods. This report first investigates the various economical, cost and environmental factors specific to maritime transportation. This investigation inc
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  • Road Transportation Denmark
    The increase of growth and prosperity in the Danish community means a significantly increased pressure on infrastructure including increased trade and increased car ownership as well as growth in traffic in connection with leisure and holidays. In this section of the report attention will be focus
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  • Analysis of the Characters and Strategies of Road Transportation Safety in the Cold Region of China
    JOURNAL OF TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS ENGINEERING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Volume 7, Issue 4, August 2007 Online English edition of the Chinese language journal Cite this article as: J Transpn Sys Eng & IT, 2007, 7(4), 82−89. RESEARCH PAPER Analysis of the Characters and Strategies...
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  • Ensuring Safe Andaccessible Road Transportation for the Disabled in Lagos State
    For most of us, life is difficult enough. People with physical disabilities are the ones who exhibit the strongest desire to succeed against all odds to challenge destiny every day of their lives! Many disabled Nigerians today rely on public transport such as bus train or taxi. They usually can’t
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  • Terrorism and Transportation
    Introduction Terrorism came from the word of ‘terror’ which mean to horror and to fear. There is no specific definition about the meaning of terrorism. This is because the field that related inside terrorism is very wide and there are over 100 definitions of ‘terrorism’ according to studies.
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  • Energy and Technological Assessment for Prospective Eelctrical Railway Technology in Nepal
    A Project on "Energy and Technological Assessment for prospective Electrical Railway Technology in Nepal" Executive Summary Nepal is a developing landlocked country. There are lots of efforts needed to develop the transportation sector of Nepal. The cheapest means of transportation i.e. wat
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  • Tourism in Nepal
    NEPAL Tourism sector analysis Source: CIA - The World factbook, 2008 This document has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of UP ZRS and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of
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  • A Project on “Energy and Technological Assessment for Prospective Railway Technology in Nepal“
    INSTITUE OF ENGINEERING, PULCHOWK CAMPUS, DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A Project on “Energy and technological assessment for prospective Railway technology in Nepal“ Submitted By: Rajib Kumar Hyoju (068/MsTIM/157) Rajendra Bahadur Thapa (068/MsTIM/156) Sudip Joshi (068/MsTIM/165)
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  • Transportation Safety
    Role of Transportation in the Modern Society Transportation and Society are two inseparable terms. Transportation is the movements of people and freight from one location to another. Transportation has influenced each of our choices about where to live, earn our livelihood; spend vacations, shop,
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  • Trail Bridge in Nepal
    What is Trail Bridge? For any country to develop and prosper infrastructure is needed. And transport infrastructure is globally recognized as the must for development. Due to the physiological difficulties road transport is only the feasible and viable means of transportation in Nepal. Unfortunatel
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  • Foreign Investment in Nepal
    Foreign Direct Investment in Nepal Current status, prospects and challenges Ratnakar Adhikari SAWTEE Working Paper No. 01/13 Foreign Direct Investment in Nepal Current status, prospects and challenges Working Paper No. 01/13 South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics and Environment (SAW
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    Nepal is a landlocked country with a challenging market structure. Due to the unstable political situation, its geographical topography and poor infrastructure are hindering the development of the business in Nepal. Strike and Bandha are also disrupting the movement, although the situation...
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  • Transportation & Competitiveness in Canada
    I. OVERVIEW OF TRANSPORTATION & COMPETITIVENESS Transport systems move goods and services from producers to markets and move people within and between markets. To contribute to a country’s performance in a competitive context those transport systems should work in an efficient way. According t
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  • Road Network
    India is a large country spread over an area of 3 million sq. km. with a population over one billion of people. Its entire road network has a length of about 3.3 million km, which is the second longest in the world. Road transport is the leading mode of domestic freight as well as passenger transpor
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  • Development in Transportation
    DEVELOPMENT IN TRANSPORTATION Transport is an important part of the nation's economy.It has progressed at a rapid pace, and today there is a wide variety of modes of transport by land, water and air. Public transport still remains the primary mode of transport for most of the population. Despite im
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  • Customer Perception of Services Provided by Public Sector Road Transport
    CHAPTER-1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.1 - Introduction to Transport In many countries, major investments are being made in public transport systems to make them more competitive in relation to other means of transport, most notably private vehicles. New services are being developed and ol
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  • Impact of Cost-Benefit Analysis on Industry Decision Making: Transportation
    Impact of Cost-benefit analysis on industry decision making: Transportation Cost-benefit analysis (CBA), in essence, is a tool for decision making. It can be applied to almost any kind of decision in any kind of field. In its most pure form, a CBA will aggregate the pros and cons (positive and nega
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  • The Characterization of Stormwater Runoff from Road Surfaces
    THE CHARACTERIZATION OF STORMWATER RUNOFF FROM ROAD SURFACES Clinton Paul Chrystal Submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Engineering In the Civil Engineering Programme University of KwaZulu-Natal Durban 2006 Supervisor: Professor DD Stretch A
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  • Change in Transportation over Time
    2010 COURSE NAME: CHY4U TEACHER: MR KING NAME: FAITH JOHN PRAISE SUBMISSION DATE: OCTOBER 19TH 2010 HISTORY ISU- TRANSPORTATION OVER TIME Transportation can be defined as the movement of goods or people from one place to another , transportation has been i
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  • Road Transport
    NATIONAL ROAD TRANSPORT POLICY Introduction 1.1 Road transport is vital to economic development, trade and social integration, which rely on the conveyance of both people and goods. Reduction in transport costs promote specialization, extend markets and thereby enable exploitation of the economies
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