• Rizal Sa Dapitan
    Name: Angela U. Albis Date: Jan. 13, 2011 Level and Sec: BSN 4A Subject: Rizal Concept Paper Rizal sa Dapitan I. SYNOPSI
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  • Rizal Sa Dapitan
    Rizal sa Dapitan Disc 1 “Difficulties are not the reasons to give up but an inspiration to move on.” This dictum I think was on the mind of Dr. Jose P. Rizal when he was in Dapitan. He never gave up serving our country’s cause, even though the Spanish tried to deteriorate his life by threa
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  • Rizal Sa Dapitan
    Rizal sa Dapitan Characters: Dr. Jose Rizal – The main protagonist in the story. Rizal was implicated in the activities of the nascent rebellion and in July 1892, was deported to Dapitan in the province of Zamboanga, a peninsula of Mindanao. There he built a school, a hospital and a water supp
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  • Rizal Sa Dapitan
    Due to his continuous fight against the Spanish government and friars, Rizal was thrown to Dapitan. He made his life in Dapitan worthwhile by stretching a hand to help his fellow Filipinos there by executing his abilities to teach the children, to cure the sick and manage a small farm. Then he fell
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  • Rizal Sa Dapitan
    RIZAL SA DAPITAN The movie “Rizal sa Dapitan” shows Rizal’s life in exile in the said place before his execution. During his exile, he refused to just mope around and wait for his freedom. Instead, he made his exile in Dapitan very fruitful as much as possible. For fruitful leisure, he plan
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  • Rizal Sa Dapitan
    SYNOPSIS OF THE STORY “RIZAL SA DAPITAN”: Alvero, Leomar   Rizal in Dapitan, is a 1997 film adaptation of life of the Filipino national hero Dr. Jose Rizal, starring Albert Martinez Jose Rizal and Amanda Page as Josephine Bracken, the screenplay is by Pete Lacaba. J
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  • Jose Rizal on Today's World Reaction Paper
    José Rizal in Today's World Reaction “ Dr. Jose Rizal was a philosopher, painter, poet, architect, artists, businessman, cartoonist, educator, economist, ethnologist, scientific farmer, historian, inventor, journalist, linguist, musician, mythologist, nationalist, naturalist, novelist, 
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  • Rizal Sa Dapitan
    The film "Rizal in Dapitan" is about the life of Jose Rizal (Albert Martinez) while he was inside the Dapitan. He was detained because of his opposition to the friars and Spanish Goverment, which caused his exile in Dapitan. During the early days of his stay in Dapitan. He is forced to turn to God b
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  • Rizal Sa Dapitan
    1 filibusterismo The novel opens with the steamship Tabo heading up the Pasig river on its way to La Laguna one December morning. Take note of the possible parallelism between the ship and the government ruling in the Philippines during Rizal’s time: full of hot air, tyrannical, pretentious.
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  • Rizal Sa Dapitan
    Jose Rizal (1861-1896) Rizal was born on June 19, 1861, in Calamba, Laguna, the seventh child and the second son of the 11 children of Francisco Mercado and Teodora Alonso. Rizal’s parents were not only well-to-do, but also well educated, a rarity among Filipino families then. His father, a sugar
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  • Movie Reaction Paper
    “The Proposal “Movie Reaction Paper The Proposal is one of those "Laugh-Out-Loud Funny" movies. Showing the typical boss to coworker relationship, this movie brings out all the conflicts in everyday life, and shows how two people who hated each other fell in love. The Proposal also shows the
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  • Movie reaction paper
    Movie Reaction Paper “Friday”, Music Composed by Frank Fitzpatrick & Ice Cube Musical styles used in this movie were R&B, Soul, Funk, African Style, Reggae, and Rap. In this movie Fitzpatrick and Ice Cube opened up the movie with the Isley Brothers, “Trying to See Another Day” which...
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  • "The Impossible" movie reaction paper
    Naomi Lee Japitana CFP-E BSA March 14, 2014 Earth Science Reaction Paper “THE IMPOSSIBLE” “OHANA” means Family and Family means nobody gets left behind… This saying really corresponds with the movie I watched. No matter how and where life gets us, our blood types are forever our...
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  • Rizal in Dapitan and Bayaning Third World Reaction Paper
    | |Bayaning |Rizal sa Dapitan | | |Third-World | | |Directo
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  • Rizal at Dapitan
    SAMONTE, Lora Althea M. August 22, 2012 2LM2 Assoc. Prof. Eloisa P. De Castro RIZAL SA DAPITAN The film “Rizal sa Dapitan” showed the experiences of Dr. Jose Rizal during his exile. Not everything found on the
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  • Rizal in Dapitan
    The movie “Rizal sa Dapitan” is about the life of Rizal’s exile in Dapitan in 1892. Rizal was very generous and helpful when he helped the local residents by giving them knowledge or education for free. He shared his knowledge about almost everything he learned in Europe. I think the movie was
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  • Reaction Paper on Rizal the Movie
    Reaction paper on Rizal the movie Jose Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda, known as Dr. Jose Rizal. The greatest hero of the Philippines was certainly the pride of Malayan race. He is also known as a genius. He was opulently dowered by God with excellent intellectual, moral, and p
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  • Rizal`S Life Reaction Paper
    Flores, Leo Bonie S. Rizal’s Reaction Paper Ang Batang si Moy Mercado When her mother, Teodora Alonzo or Also known as Lolay taught him and his brothers and sisters to read, write and also how to pray and help to their house hold choirs. Because of his mother he was able to write and read. Thro
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  • Jose Rizal Reaction Paper
    JOSE RIZAL The movie tells the life story of Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines. It covers his life from his childhood to his execution at the hands of the Spanish forces occupying the Philippines in the late 19th century. We are also thrown into the world of Rizal's novels. So we
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  • Reaction Paper Rizal
    De La Salle John Bosco College Mangagoy, Bislig City Philippines REACTION PAPER ON SYNOPSIS OF THE NOLI ME TANGERE Submitted by: Solar, Shila M. BSHRM – IV Submitted to: Mdm. Vistoria Casurra Instructor The Noli Me Tangere is a Philippine novel written by Dr. Jose Rizal,
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