• Review of Related Literature (a Development of Balijuagan Elementary School)
    CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE This chapter present data’s and information sited from World Wide Web, books, magazines that can be used as reference and can support in designing a development of Balijuagan Elementary School. Redevelopment is the physical development (consisting m
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  • Review of Related Literature
    REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE This investigatory project aims to make use of rambutan peeling extracts that is high in phenolic compounds such as tannin and saponin that exhibits antioxidant activity and antibacterial activity against pathogenic bacteria. Although the seeds contain such compoun
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  • Banana Peel
    THE FEASIBILITY OF PRODUCING SHOE POLISHER OUT OF BANANA PEELINGS ABSTRACT -Shoe polish (or boot polish), usually a waxy paste or a cream, is a consumer product used to shine, waterproof, and restore the appearance of leather shoes or boots, thereby extending the footwear's life. In some regions
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  • Banana Peel as a Potential Methane Gas
    Introduction To recycle is the new trend in our society now a-days. Even foods are being transformed into a new object so that it wouldn’t just go to waste. A large amount of our population in the present time is experiencing the effects of poverty as well in shortage. A group of researchers, o
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  • Related Literature
    Chapter II Review of Related Literature This chapter presents the reviews of literature, which are related and relevant to the study. To obtain information for this study, the researcher used books and websites on the internet and copies of different theses. Documentary films a broad category o
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  • Compare the Efficiency of Banana Peel, Peel Briquettes and Coal in Order to Evaluate Environmentally Friendly Fuel
    Compare the Efficiency of Banana Peel, Peel Briquettes and Coal in Order to Evaluate Environmentally Friendly Fuel Group 4 Members: - Dominique Fernandez - Jay Christian Toring - David Nathan Valerio - Chifrey Malto - Tyrone Asiño September 3 & 4, 2012 Miss Ermina Di
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  • Banana Peel as Energy Juice Drink
    Banana (Musa acuminata) Peel Juice Drink Tonirose Garcia Charisse Mae Talandron Kylle Annriel Dungog Mary Minette Salundaguit Jaspier Villarubia Matt Allen Aliazon Bernadette Sacedon Joshua Ravanta Researchers Ms. Glesby Camangyan Adviser MARCH 2013 ACKNOW
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  • Banana Peel Paper
    Banana Peel Paper (BPP) An Investigatory Project Presented to the Division Science Fair (Team category) By: Precious Cabrido KorinaOliva Mitch Mercado Researchers Marie Jane Angeles Project Adviser ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The success and completion of this research proj
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  • Example of related literature and studies
    CHAPTER 2 Review of Related Literature and Studies The previous chapter is all about the framework of the study. How the study was made possible and up to where the study bounds to are the points of the first chapter. This chapter presents survey of related literature and writing of...
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  • Banana peel and ipil-ipil shoe polish
    Saint Francis Academy Nuestra Señora de Lourdes St. San Antonio Valley 1, Sucat Parañaque City In partial fulfillment of the requirements in Science III (Chemistry) An Investigatory Project Banana Peel and Ipil-ipil Leaves Shoe Polish...
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  • Public Finance in the Philippines a Review of the Literature
    Philippine Institute for Development Studies Working Paper 81-03 PUBLIC FINANCE IN THE PHILIPPINES: A REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE By ROSARIO G. MANASAN March 1981 Philippine Institute for Development Studies _________ The views expressed in this study are those of the author and do not n
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  • Investigatory Project. Banana Peel
    THE USE OF BANANA PEEL TO WHITEN THE TEETH Abstract: Having a good smile with white teeth, become one of the things that people wanted to achieve nowadays. Base on our research some toothpaste aren’taffordable at the same time it is not effective , now beacause of banana peel that contains
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  • utilization of banana peel
    UTILIZATION OF WASTE BANANA PEEL by : Rahadian Irfan Istiarto Alvin Chandra Kusuma Laksmono Jati Radianto SMA Negeri 6 Yogyakarta Jalan C.Simanjuntak 2 Yogyakarta (0274) 513335 552233 FOREWORD First – we all pray to God...
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  • How Does Eating Banana During Review Affects the Long Term Memory
    INTRODUCTION The nutrients in bananas also support normal cognitive functioning in terms of focus and memory. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium, which helps deliver oxygen to the brain to keep your mind sharp. The magnesium in bananas promotes proper electrical activity between nerve cel
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  • Methanolic Extract of Eggplant (Solanum Melogena) Peel as a Dye Pigment in Differential Stains
    Methanolic Extract of Eggplant (Solanum melogena) Peel as a Dye Pigment in Differential Stains Azucena, Alexis G. An Official Entry to 2010 Regional Science Fair Cluster 2 Physical Science- Individual Negros Occidental National Science High School January 13, 2011 Ma. Melanie P. Rom
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  • The Feasibility of Coleus Blumei Cv. as a Colorant in the Production of Permanent Ink Using Banana Sap as Ink Vehicle
    The Feasibility of Coleus blumei cv. as a Colorant in the Production of Permanent Ink Using Banana Sap as Ink Vehicle ___________________________________________________ Submitted to: ___________________________________________________ Submitted by: Pacheco,Jael Christian B. TABL
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  • Anti-Flammatory of Banana Flesh
    CHAPTER 1THE PROBLEM AND REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE I.Introduction Skin is a main protection or barrier for preventing the entry and invasion of pathogenic microbes to the body from the environment. For humans, wound cases are very common such as due to surgery, traumatic, skin burn and others w
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  • Utilization of Banana (Lakatan), Pomelo (Citrus Maxima) and Watermelon (Citrillus Lanatus) in Wine Making
    Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Wine is an alcoholic beverage produced through the partial or total fermentation of grapes, other fruits and plants such as berries, apples, cherries, dandelions elder berries , palm and rice can also be fermented. Grapes belong to the botanical family vitaceae of which
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  • The Threat of the Expansion of the Banana Plantation in Mt. Talomo-Lipadas Watershed, Davao City
    Introduction According to studies of the Davao City Water District, 98 percent of the city’s drinking water is sourced from groundwater mainly from Talomo-Lipadas. This 38,000-hectare watershed has an annual volume of water catch of 760 million cubic meters (MCM) or 2 MCM per day. It is one o
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  • Banana Fiber as Art Paper Alternative
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