• Literature Review on Acceptance Level of Different Service Providers in University Campus
    Literature Review Submitted by : Adhil Ahmeh Sagir Deepak George George Thomas K Mahesh Kolary Amit Kumar Das Literature review Introduction Mobile phones, which were introduced around a decade ago in1995–1996 in India, are becoming the dominant means of accessing communication.
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  • Information Technologies Industries in Literature Review
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  • Vodafone Media Planning
    INTRODUCTION Advertising is probably one of the most frequently used vehicles for Rebranding, as it is fairly easy, flexible and quick to change. It is a powerful way of reaching a broad or targeted audience quickly and is effective at signalling a change in positioning, however real or broad that
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  • Comparative Case Study of Vodafone & O2
    FINAL DISSERTATION TO EXPLORE THE IMPACT OF INNOVATION ON MOBILE PHONE TECHNOLOGY – A COMPETITIVE CASE STUDY OF VODAFONE AND O2 SUBMITTED BY HAMMAD RAZA BITE ID: 40907 Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the MBA Innovative Management In collaboration with Coven
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  • Vodafone New Zealand Recruitment Processes Assessment
    1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report carries an assessment of Vodafone New Zealand's recruitment processes, how it's being conducted, what are the methods in place to reach out, attract and motivate the potential applicants to apply for the vacant positions. Through the introduction, the different
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  • Study on Customer Satisfaction and Attitude Towards Idea and Vodafone
    INTRODUCTION 1.1 OVERVIEW We live in an era where telecommunications services hold a central role in every sphere of our lives (Came, 1984). Marketers argue with compact confidences that these emerging technologies have the ability to develop our lives and improve it in many ways (Risto, 2002). Mo
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  • Pestel of Vodafone
    Abstract Introduction The purpose of this report is to identify a firm which you are familiar with and apply the PESTEL framework to events in its business environment. Pestel analysis is a simple, but very important and widely used tool to help you understand the general political, econo
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  • Customer Service Management and Business Performance at Vodafone
    Customer Service Management and Business Performance at Vodafone Chapter 1 Introduction Customers are considered as the key for any business survival. As the market begins to saturate, customer retention will be a key factor in determining the success of a company (Kotler, 2003). As a highly com
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  • Vodafone vs Airtel
    IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM) ISSN: 2278-487X. Volume 4, Issue 3 (Sep-Oct. 2012), PP 18-21 www.iosrjournals.org Customer Satisfaction with Network Performance of BSNL and AIRTEL Operating In Gwalior Division (M.P.) 1 1 Dr. R. C. Upadhyaya, 2Vashundhra Sharma Prof.Comm
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  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Culture in Vodafone.
    | | |Corporate social responsibility and corporate culture in vodafone Egypt. | |
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  • Concepts of Business Valuation – Critical Review of the Discounted Cash Flow (Dcf) Analysis and Its Applicability in Today’s Business World
    Concepts of business valuation – Critical review of the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis and its applicability in today’s business world SEMINAR PAPER Table of contents page 1. Introduction...................................................................................................
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  • Literature in English
    Batch: 2012-2015 Course Code: 50121212 Course Name: Projects I Roll #808 Assignment #A 126 Ancient Literature The Epic of Gilgamesh Introduction The Epic of Gilgamesh, an epic poem from Mesopotamia, is amongst the earli
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  • Diisertation on Vodafone
    Title of the dissertation: Innovative marketing and creation of customer value: An empirical study on Vodafone telecom Plc., United Kingdom Abstract The present research aims to explore the nature and effectiveness of innovative marketing in providing customer value with special reference to Vod
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  • Comparative Analysis of Vodafone and Airtel
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The service sector plays a vital role in the economic development of country and shaping its future. It includes all economical activities whose output is not a physical product and is generally consumed at the time it is produced and provides added value in forms such as conven
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    Review of Corporate Social Responsibility policies and actions in Mauritius and Rodrigues Final Report April 2008 Table of Contents 1 Introduction................................................................................. 3 1.1 1.2 2 Background information...
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  • Marketing strategies of vodafone
     HYPERLINK "http://www.amity.edu/default.asp" INCLUDEPICTURE "http://www.amity.edu/Admission/images/amity_logo.gif" \* MERGEFORMATINET PROJECT REPORT On MARKETING STRATEGIES OF VODAFONE SUBMITTED TO: PROF. SWATI MITTAL...
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