"Results Of Your Kirby Bauer Test For S Epidermidis" Essays and Research Papers

Results Of Your Kirby Bauer Test For S Epidermidis

The Kirby-Bauer Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test Read section II of chapter 26 in your lecture textbook for background on chemical antimicrobial control (for background)—pages 762-763. Introduction Today you will perform a frequently used procedure called the Kirby-Bauer Antimicrobial Susceptibility test (disc diffusion technique). Each group will inoculate his/her own plate of Mueller-Hinton agar with an assigned culture. To that inoculated plate, you will then aseptically add sterile...

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Staphylococcus Epidermidis

Staphylococcus epidermidis is one of the most prevalent microorganisms found on the human skin and in the mucous membranes, however, it is a typically overlooked bacterium because there is very little that is known about it. Though it is not as aggressive as its cousin Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis is the most frequent cause for nosocomial pathogens, especially among newborns, the elderly, and anyone who has a compromised immune system. These infections are usually associated...

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Identification of Bacteria: Catalase Test

catalase-positive organisms that are mixed into hydrogen peroxide will cause bubbling (catalase-negative organisms will not). This test is good for distinguishing between Gram-positive cocci in chains (catalase negative) versus Gram-positive cocci in clusters (catalase positive). The coagulase test is used to differentiate Staphylococcus aureus from coagulase-negative staphylococci. The test uses rabbit plasma that has been inoculated with a staphylococcal colony. The tube is then incubated at 37 degrees Celsius...

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Sat and Test Result

educational sectors and other sectors throughout the world. College Admission Test Result is one of the major factor that the students can enrolled in this institution. Its plays a crucial role in motivating the students to learn and develop her knowledge. In this Result period teachers found complexity, especially in posting the records of the students who are qualified to enroll in this institution. Since the Admission test result used computer to record, there is easy retrieval of data. Thus a student’s...

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The Effect of Common Bactericidal Agents on Staphylococcus Epidermidis

The Effect of Common Bactericidal Agents on Staphylococcus Epidermidis Introduction Staphylococcus epidermidis is a facultative anaerobic bacterium. It is part of the normal human flora and is found on the skin. Colonies of these bacteria can produce a protective slime called a hydrophobic biofilm. Staphylococcus epidermidis is usually not pathogenic unless it enters the human body. One of the most common places for infections are hospitals where people often have weakened immune systems,...

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Antibiotic Sensitivity Lab

synthesized in a laboratory and can be used therapeutically on microorganisms. E. What is the mode of action for each of the following: a. bacitracin: works by inhibiting peptidoglycan synthesis in actively dividing bacteria which normally results in osmotic lysis. b. nystatin: exerts its antifungal activity by binding to ergosterol found in fungal cell membranes. Binding to ergosterol causes the formation of pores in the membrane. Potassium and other cellular constituents leak from the...

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Disc Personality Test

you. Leadership skills Good leadership skills are essential in your leadership journey as well. [pic] A pilot requires psychomotor skills and flying skills to properly fly a plane. He takes years and years to hone those skills to become a master at them so that he can be an expert at flying the plane. Similarly, a leader has his set of skills he has to learn to become an effective leader. Skills have a multiplier effect on your efforts as a leader. For example, have you ever tried hitting a...

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Antibiotic Sensitivity

Antibiotic Sensitivity The Kirby-Bauer Test Interpret your results as described below. INTERPRETATION: · Place the metric ruler across the zone of inhibition, at the widest diameter, and measure from one edge of the zone to the other edge. HOLDING THE DISH UP TO THE LIGHT MIGHT HELP. · The disc diameter will actually be part of that number. · If there is NO zone at all, record it as 0---even though the disc itself is around 7 mm. · Record your zone diameter in millimeters...

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Micro Lab Report

Staphylococcus aureus and epidermidis Wendy Heck Bio 175: General Microbiology Fall 2012-11-21  Staphylococcus aureus is the most pathogenic for humans and Staphylococcus epidermidis is part of the normal flora and is of low pathogenicity. Staphylococcus epidermidis and Staphylococcus aureus are two medically important species of bacteria. A culture from the nose and throat was taken to perform whether or not Staphylococcus epidermidis or Staphylococcus aureus were detected. Test were performed to...

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Steps to Improve Your Test-Taking Experience

When taking tests it is very important for you to know and understand first, the different kinds of test questions you may encounter and second, how you can help maximize your potential of doing much better by knowing a few simple skills to help you master whatever test you may be faced with. The three most common different kinds of tests include but aren't limited to; matching, multiple choice and essay tests. In the next few body paragraphs you will learn simple skills that will help you understand...

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Microbiology exam essays

7, 11, 12 81-90 essay: 10 points Describe the Kirby Bauer Test? Make sure you describe all the key elements. 1. Using sterile technique, inoculate 3 nutrient agar plates individually with: a. E. coli b. S. aureus c. M. smegmatis 2. Place antibiotic disks evenly spaced on the inoculated agar plates and incubate at 37C for 24-48 hours. 3. Using sterile technique, inoculate 3 nutrient agar plates individually with: a. E. coli b. S. aureus c. M. smegmatis 4. Using sterile technique...

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A Description of the PDA Psychometric Test

What is the PDA Psychometric Test? PDA is a psychometric test that through a simple, precise and scientific method allows us to discover and analyze people’s behavioral profiles. It also allows us to evaluate the behavioral requirements of a job and generate detailed compatibilities that apply to the different Human Resources processes. The PDA test does not qualify behavioral profiles as “good or bad”; it describes the evaluated individual’s behavioral characteristics. In the case of generating...

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Test Critique

 James P. VanDemark Psyc4310- Tests and Measurements (36357) Dr. Trina Gordon Hall April 19, 2014 Name of Test: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® The Name of the Test: Include also the date it was originally developed as well as the date of the current version. This should be done in a narrative form under the subheading The test critique is based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This was a mother and daughter joint effort of Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers developed the MBTI®...

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Flame test lab report

Aseel Muqbel 15/2/2015 11th D Flame Test Intro: The flame test is a procedure used by chemists to identify the presence of specified metal ions, based on the color the flame that appears along with it when it's heated. Our flame test was in lab class, where the main aim was to tested different solid metals in the flame in order to observe the wide variety of colors those chemicals also sometimes compounds (by mixing them) they produced, the second one was to identify unknown metals based...

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Eddie Bauer Case Study

1. Exhibit 3 shows a “super segment analysis” of the apparel market. Eddie Bauer positions itself mostly to the “Durable Quality Classics” segment. (What apparel brands target the other segments in the table?) Based on the buying behavior and sales data described in the case, how would you distinguish between Eddie Bauer customers who buy in the store by catalog in both the store and by catalog? The “super segment analysis” table has four quadrants that are: “Quality-Timeless,” “Quality-Newest...

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Dope Test

www.achieve-goal-setting-success.com © 2007 The DOPE Test - Personal Behaviour Indicator Read each statement quickly and put a "y" in the non-coloured column if that statement DEFINITELY applies to you, and put an "n" in the column if you disagree with the statement or if the statement isn't totally true for you. See the example for how to complete. Remember, the test will only be accurate if you're honest with yourself - so complete the test based on what you actually think and feel, not on how...

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Test to Check Soil for Contaminants: Applied Science Identification Tests

Aim/background- Test soil from an area that previously had heavy industry on it to check for contaminants. Procedure- I will first visit a site that has previously has heavy industry located on it. Using protective clothing, goggles and gloves I will extract several samples of the soil from the site and then take several other samples from different points on the site. This ensures variety of soil to ensure that all the site is safe, not just a small area where you would have taken your first sample...

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Case Analysis - Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer Analyzes High Value Customer Segments Marketing Plan Executive  Summary   In 1999 Eddie Bauer was a $2 billion apparel retailer, generating 25% of its revenue from its catalog operation and the remainder through its 600 stores. Eddie Bauer operated in the textile clothing industry in the United States, Canada, Japan, UK and Germany. The company sold causal and office wear clothing to men and women, which is what we will be focusing on. Moreover, they also had eyewear...

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B. Cereus about Your Health

 B. Cereus about Your Health Emily Parkhurst 02/28/2013 Michael Wu “I have complied with all rules if academic integrity while preparing this report.” Results: Bacteria Survival Rate after being emerged in Boiling Water Amount of Bacteria Surviving Time E. Coli S. Marcescens B. Cereus 0 Seconds ++++ ++++ ++++ 10 Seconds +++ +++ +++ 30 Seconds ++ 45 Seconds 60 Seconds + 300 Seconds + Table 1: ++++ = the highest amount surviving, + = the least...

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Qualitative Anion Tests

Exercise 14: Qualitative Anion Tests PURPOSE: The purpose of this experiment is to identify some commonly occurring anions & to study some of the reactions used for their identification. PROCEDURE: You must first determine to which of the three groups the various anions belong. Since no two people observe the same event in exactly the same way it is important to also conduct specific confirmation tests on the known samples of each anion. This information will help identify the anion...

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Results of Human metrics Jung Typology Test

Humanmetrics Jung Typology TestYour Type INTJ Introvert(11%)  iNtuitive(62%)  Thinking(62%)  Judging(33%) You have slight preference of Introversion over Extraversion (11%) You have distinct preference of Intuition over Sensing (62%) You have distinct preference of Thinking over Feeling (62%) You have moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving (33%) INTJ Description by Marina Margaret Heiss To outsiders, INTJs may appear to project an aura of "definiteness", of self-confidence. This...

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Statistics - Elements of a Test Hypothesis

Elements of a Test of Hypothesis 1. Null Hypothesis (H0 ) - A statement about the values of population parameters which we accept until proven false. 2. Alternative or Research Hypothesis (Ha )- A statement that contradicts the null hypothesis. It represents researcher’s claim about the population parameters. This will be accepted only when data provides sufficient evidence to establish its truth. 3. Test Statistic - A sample statistic (often a formula) that is used to decide whether to reject H0 ...

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Lab Report: Antibiotic Evaluation by the Kirby-Bauer Method

Lab Report: Antibiotic Evaluation by the Kirby-Bauer Method Introduction Chemical antimicrobial agents are chemical compounds capable of either inhibiting the growth of microorganisms or killing them outright. Those which are taken internally to alleviate the symptoms of or promote healing from disease are called chemotherapeutic drugs, and among these is a class of compounds called antibiotics. In order for a chemotherapeutic drug to be classed as an antibiotic, it must be produced by...

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Sleuth your slurry

Honours Chemistry 11 Sleuth Your Slurry Abstract: This labaratory report shows that when presented with an unknown chemical substance, identification of that substance is revealed through a seires of tests that involve chemical and physical properties of that substance. Problem: You are given an unknown chemical substance that you need to be able to identify. How are you going to do this? The compound can be either harmful or toxic, so what you need to do is test all of its physical and chemical...

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Flame Test

Title: Flame Test Aim: To determine the cation in each of the unknown substance X, Y and Z by observing the flame colour of different metal compounds. Introduction: A distinctive feature of many s-block metals is their ability to produce flame colours. At temperature of a Bunsen flame, a compound will decompose to give gaseous atoms of its constituent elements. When an electron in the gaseous atom absorbs energy from the flame, it will move from an orbital with lower energy to...

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Assignment: Test Your Vocabulary

fractious crowd of angry protesters. 16. His fame as a football star proved to be transient, and he found himself just another young man looking for a job. 17. Failures are always unpleasant, but if you learn from them, they may have a salutary effect on your future career. 18. Any unit of government--national or local--that flout sound economic principles is headed for disaster. 19. The fighter planes of World War II sometimes had the pictures of famous movie stars, like Betty Grable, blazoned on the fuselage...

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Reliability of Results for the Clerical Test and Work Samples

Assignment 3 Reliability of Results for the Clerical Test and Work Samples Before interpreting the reliability results for the clerical test and work sample it is a good idea to first define what reliability of measurement is. A measurement is reliable to the extent that it provides a consistent set of scores to represent an attribute. In the majority of the case perfect reliability is never achieved because of the errors that the distinct types of measurement have. If we test the same time more than...

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Personality Test

sections. The first section briefly explains the theoretical background of the test. Your personality profile is discussed in the second section based on your scores for the five personality traits of the Big Five theory. In the third section, whether combinations of the five personality traits result in additional key personality traits is reviewed. The last section explains the meaning of the test and how the results can be interpreted or used. 1.2 Theoretical background The list of all of the...

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Pre-Employment Personality Tests

Pre- Employment Personality Tests A Look In To an Employers Options Composition II 8/10/08 In today’s fast paced society employers are trying all they can to ensure they hire the right person for the job. After all “time is money” and turnover consumes a lot of time. One method some employers use to attempt to find the right employee is using the pre-employment personality test. These tests use a series of questions to determine what a prospective hire’s personality is like; which in turn...

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Torsion Test

 Lab (1): Torsion Test Course Number: EMC 2043 Course Name : Mechanics of Materials Section: Name ID 1 2 3 Torsion Test OBJECTIVES: To carry out a torsion test to destruction in order to determine the following for a steel rod specimen: 1. To compare the experimental shear modulus (modulus of rigidity) with the tabulated values. 2. The maximum shear stress at the limit of proportionality or the proportional limit shear stress, 3. The...

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Urinalysis: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and Urine Drug Tests

subject that will be tested. When the strip is dipped all the way the results are noted. Every square changes to a different color and each mean something different. How is the test performed? There are three ways doctors look at urine. When looking at urine, doctors look for the appearance and color. Normal urine is usually light yellow and clear without any cloudiness. Any urine that is cloudy and abnormal in color may result to infections, dehydration, and blood in urine, liver disease, or break...

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Electronics Test Questions

1 ECE 402 TEST 2 SUMMER 2009 July 23, 2009 NAME: INSTRUCTIONS: Please Read If you need more room, write on the back side of the PREVIOUS page, not the back of the current page!! Please do not use your paper. Open book(s) and notes, including any lab related material. Cell phones off and out of sight. Be sure what you have written down is correct. YOU COULD LOSE POINTS FOR INCORRECT STATEMENTS. There are 6 problems on 4 total pages, including this page, make sure you have all pages now. The tests...

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Microbiology lab 4 post

The lab was completed to determine the susceptibility of Staphylococcus epidermidis, E. coli, Psuedomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans against the antibiotics Streptomyocin, Tetracycline, Penicillin, Gentamicin, Chloramphenicol, Erythromycin, and Ampicillin using Kirby-Bauer Method/ Disc Diffusion testing. Materials: 5 Mueller-Hinton media plates Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB) containing Staph epidermidis TSB containing E. coli TSB containing Psuedomonas aeruginosa TSB containing...

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geometry test

figure out from the word problem which formula to use, and many times you will need more than one formula for one exercise. So make sure you have memorized any formulas that are used in the homework, because you may be expected to know them on the test. Some problems are just straightforward applications of basic geometric formulae. The radius of a circle is 3 centimeters. What is the circle's circumference? The formula for the circumference C of a circle with radius r is: ...

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The Basic Fitness Test

Training on 24th September 1985, to the Army Physical Training Corps. It is accepted that great physical demands will be made upon soldiers in the heat of battle. The test that the British Army uses to determine whether or not a soldier is at a satisfactory level of fitness to carry out his job is the 4.8 km (3 miles) Basic Fitness Test (B.F.T) stagged in two parts. In light of the various specialist roles in the Army today, and with the integration of females within the service, the efficacy of...

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Maslow Inventory Test Results

Maslow Inventory Test Results Physiological Needs | | |||| | 20% | Safety Needs | | |||||| | 27% | Love Needs | | |||||| | 27% | Esteem Needs | | |||||||||||||||| | 64% | Self-Actualization | | |||||||||||| | 41% | Abraham Maslow authored the Hierarchy of Needs theory, stating that human beings are motivated by unsatisfied needs, and that certain lower needs have to be satisfied before higher needs can be attended to. It is debatable that needs fulfillment occurs in as linear a...

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Assignment on S-Curves

(1985), S-curves are a phenomenon showing the typical paths of product performance in relation to investment in R&D. Technology S-curves are usually showing the performance of technology against time. Technology S-curve is different from product life cycle curve because its fluctuation is hardly predictable and highly dependable on the technological product or service improvements. According to Clayton M. Christensen (1992) in Exploring the limits of the technology S-curve, the technology S-curve...

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Personality Test

Personality tests are used to better understand how one is perceived by others in day to day interactions. Although the questions asked seem very random at times, they cover a wide range of topics to better evaluate the individual. Along with evaluating someone’s personality, the tests are also used to give suggestions of possible career fields that would best suit the individual. After taking a few of these tests myself, I hope to have a better idea of my personality and apply the results to my life...

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The School Counselor s Role

School Counselor's Role Marjorie Sutton, School Counselor RH Dana Elementary Some people wonder… What do school counselors DO? School Counseling Programs Are About RESULTS! How are students different as a result of the school counseling program? General Goals of the School Counseling Program  Support the school’s academic mission  Ensure equity and access for every student  Provide personal/social support for students, family, and staff School Counselors Affect Change In Students: AQUIRE...

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Fitness Tests

Description of Fitness Tests Introduction: I am assisting a fitness coach for the local Sports Development Unit with responsibility for monitoring and recording the fitness levels of local players competing in sports within the Cynon Valley as well as being responsible in providing feedback and recommendations. Fitness: The state or condition of being fit, suitability or appropriateness. Good health or physical condition, especially as the result of exercise and...

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Checklist for Scientific Experiments and Results

1 Hypothesis: It is suggested that there is a link between the mass of mustard powder added and the time it takes for an oil/water emulsion to separate. 1. Think about the research that you did to find out how to test this hypothesis. Name two sources that you used for your research. Which of these sources did you find the more useful? Why was this source the more useful? (3) 2. In this investigation, you will need to control some...

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Differential Staining

1 Paper towels, 1 10%-bleach or 70% alcohol solution, 1 Zip bag, 1 Pan to heat agar, 1 Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), 1 Cultures: S. epidermidis and L. acidophilus, 1 Gloves, Disposable, 1 Pencil, marking, 11 Petri dish, 60 mm, 2 Candles (flame source), 1 Thermometer-in-cardboard-tube,6 Test Tube(6), 16 x 125 mm in Bubble Bag, 1 Test tube holder, 1 Test-tube-rack-6x21-mm, 1 Pipet Graduated Small (5 mL), 1 Baker’s Yeast Packet – Saccharomyces cerevisiae, 1 Agar, MRS - 18 mL in Glass Tube, 4...

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well, so well that the Deans nominated me for the Truman Scholarship, the Marshall Scholarship, and the Rhodes Scholarship. I didn’t get any of them, though, but the rejections came on super nice letterhead that still hasn’t yellowed. Standardized tests weren’t typically a problem, but the first time I took the LSAT, I threw up right before the exam, and so I scored somewhere in the neighborhood of a gifted fifth grader. Oh, I took more exams and I went to graduate school, but once I was there,...

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The Gestational Diabetes Test

This test is used to screen for Gestational Diabetes and is usually performed at about 26 -28 weeks * The test requires you to have a very sweet glucose drink and then return for a blood test exactly one hour later. * You are not required to fast but you can have a light breakfast or meal prior to the test. Do not over indulge in sweet foods and drinks prior to the test. * If you are having the test at Suite 6 go there on your way before your scheduled appointment time here. * Come...

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The T-Distribution and T-Test

The T-Distribution and T-Test “In probability and statistics, Student's t-distribution (or simply the t-distribution) is a continuous probability distribution that arises when estimating the mean of a normally distributed population in situations where the sample size is small” (Narasimhan , 1996). Similar to the normal distribution, the t-distribution is symmetric and bell-shaped, but has heavier tails, meaning that it is more likely to produce values far from its mean. This makes the t-distribution...

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~ Graded Assignment I) Name: . 1\ \ \ ~o ni-! SC1303A/304A: Chemistry 1Unit 41 Lesson 17: Unit Test I .' / j ! Graded Assignment Unit Test, Part 2 Answer the questions below. You may use the periodic table in the Chemistry: Problems and Solutions book for this test. When you have finished. submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit. (5 points) 1. You have three elements. A. B. and C. with the following electronegativity values: A = 0.9 B =3.0 C = 3.5 You...

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Mechanical Engineering Test Questions

MEM23061A Test Mechanical Engineering Materials Lab 5. TORSION TESTING: Finding G Like Bending, Torsion is an important type of loading that can produce critical stresses in engineering applications. Under torsion, SHEAR stresses are produced. The stiffness under shear stress is called the MODULUS OF RIGIDITY G.(MPa)  It is also called Shear Modulus. In this laboratory, we will determine the Modulus of Rigidity of the metal rod, and verify that the angle of deflection corresponds to what we would...

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Bacteria Lab Report

THE DETERMINATION OF ANTIBIOTIC SUSCEPTIBILITY WITH THE UTILIZATION OF BAUER-KIRBY DISK FUSION METHOD INTRODUCTION: The most common way of alleviating the specific symptoms arrived from diseases is to ingest antimicrobial drugs. Chemotherapeutical antimicrobial agents are chemical compounds intended to inhibit or kill rapidly dividing microorganisms. In order to derive an antimicrobial drug, different chemical compounds must be synthetically formed. Among these specific chemical compounds is a...

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Food Test Lab

investigation, you will perform some simple laboratory tests to detect carbohydrates (glucose and starch), proteins and lipids in common foods. The tests you will be using are outlined below. Benedict’s Solution → tests for simple sugars (glucose, fructose) Place ~10 mL of the sample to be tested into a test tube, then add 6 drops of Benedict’s solution and swirl to mix. Place the test tube in a boiling water bath for 5 minutes. A positive test is indicated by the colour changing from blue to green...

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Tests and Measurements in Psychology

Alicia Tucker – 55362 PSY 312 – Tests and Measurements in Psychology 1. What is the Lake Wobegon Effect and how does it arise? In Garrison Keillor’s fictional town of Lake Wobegon, “all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.” (Gregory, 2011). The Lake Wobegon effect is a natural tendency to overestimate one’s capabilities and see oneself as better than others. Research psychologists refer to this tendency as self-enhancement bias and have found...

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assess your health

 Assess Your Health Your Results For Diabetes Risk Estimate your risk of developing diabetes.    Completed 0    100 Results Show Recommendations Explanation of your results. The results that follow estimate your chances of developing type II diabetes compared with other individuals your age. Type II diabetes, also known as non-insulin-dependent or adult-onset diabetes, accounts for 95% of diabetes in the US. Caused by the body s inability to use insulin properly, its risk...

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The Pros and Cons of a Multi-Soumyers-Briggs Type Indicator Personality Test

personality test. The authors of the test are Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. Katherine and Isabel are a mother and daughter team that worked on the test together. They were influenced by the Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung. In 1921, he published his ideas regarding different personality. Since Catherine and Isabel had many of the same ideas and agreed with his published work, they conducted research throughout the 40s, 50s and 60s in order to get additional information for their own test. (The...

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ETH 125 Week 2 Implicit Association Test

This file of ETH 125 Week 2 Implicit Association Test consists of: Complete the Harvard-hosted Implicit Association Test (IAT) using the following instructions. Each test you choose to take should take about 10 minutes to complete. General Questions - General Academic Questions Complete the Harvard-hosted Implicit Association Test (IAT) using the following instructions. Each test you choose to take should take about 10 minutes to complete. Navigate to the Project Implicit®...

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Experiment 15 Qualitative Anion Tests

experiment is to identify some commonly occurring anions & to study some of the reactions used for their identification. Materials: 1 Household Bleach, 2 mL 1 Distilled water 1 Toothpicks 2 Beaker, 50 mL, plastic 1 Cylinder-25-mL 1 Pencil, marking 1 Test Tube (5), 13 x 100 mm in Bubble Bag 1 Well-Plate-24 1 Ammonium Molybdate, 0.2 M - 2 mL in Pipet 1 Aqueous Ammonia, 6 M, NH4OH - 4 mL in Pipet 1 Barium Chloride, 0.3 M - 2 mL in Pipet 1 Hydrochloric Acid, 6 M - 8 mL in Dropper Bottle 1 Nitric Acid,...

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Throat Culture Unknown

were then placed in the incubator. The results for these tests would prove the bacteria to be one of either Staphylococcus Aureus or Staphylococcus Epidermidis. The first test I used was the gram reaction. I used an inoculating loop to obtain a sample of the microbe from its growth on the TSA. Next, I prepared a gram stain and viewed it under the oil immersion lens of the microscope. Both Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis are gram positive, coccus cells, arranged...

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Digestion and Test Tube

| Graded Assignment Lab Report Answer the questions below. When you are finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit. (2 points) |Score | | | 1. List the pH levels you recorded for each test tube. Answer: |Test Tube |pH Level | |1 | | |2 | ...

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Antibiotic Lab 10

familiar with the phenomenon of antibiotic resistance; and  To become familiar with and employ an antibiotic sensitivity test. Materials From: Label or Box/Bag: Student Provides From LabPaq Auxiliary Items Bag Auxiliary Items BagMBK Qty 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Distilled water 10%-bleach Solution 30%-bleach Solution Culture of S. epidermidis Gloves packages - 11 pairs Ruler, Metric Tweezers, plastic Antibiotic Disk - Gentamicin in Bag 2"x 3" Antibiotic Disk...

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must ensure that your assessment practices and procedures comply with current legislation; mainly equality of opportunity on grounds of sex, race or disability, safeguarding and the correct use of information i.e. data protection. You can read general information from the study guide but can find out more if you research the following… • The Equality Act 2010 • The safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 • The Data protection Act 1998 This is relevant to your own area of practice...

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Staphylococcus Laboratory

and Identification A. Week 1 1. During lab, you will attempt to isolate Staphylococcus bacteria from your nose, throat, and forehead. There are five species of staphylococci commonly associated with clinical infections: Staphylococcus aureus, S. epidermidis, S. haemolyticus, S. hominis and S. saprophyticus. Some of these bacteria are carried as permanent or transient flora. 2. For this lab, use your best sterile technique! 3. To begin the isolation, you will use m-Staphylococcus broth, which contains...

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Management and Mid-term Test

There will be 12 weeks of 3 x 1 hour lectures per week, and 9 x 1 hour tutorials at scheduled times during the semester. The first tutorial starts on the week of 25 Feb. Teaching staff Lecturers: Tutors: Dr H.P. de Vries – weeks 1-3 & 10-12; Dr S. Malinen – weeks 4-9 To be advised in class. Prerequisites and relationship to other courses MGMT 100 is an introductory course and forms a part of the core of the Bachelor of Commerce degree. This course complements the other core courses in Accounting...

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