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Responsible For Hs Holding Crisis

What Should Be Responsible for the “Obesity Crisis”? Nowadays, fast food becomes a symbol of America, so as obesity. The word obesity became really popular because obesity always goes after the fast food. So, you might ask how serious the problem of obesity now in the United States is. Judith Warner gave us a really good answer to this question. In his article Junking Junk Food, he states that now we are “at a time when more than two-thirds of American adults are overweight” and approximately “17...

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Crisis Management

Applying PR in Crisis Management - 2010 Manila hostage crisis Crisis, which public relations counselor James Lukaszewski once described as “unplanned visibility” can strike anyone at any time. As no sector of society is immune from this “unplanned visibility”, it is a need for attempting to “manage” crises. By thinking logically and responding thoughtfully and quickly in a crisis, like how Hong Thai Travel Service Ltd reacted to the Manila hostage crisis, can possibly solidify a positive reputation...

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Holding on

Holding On The human mind holds thoughts and ideas that sometimes interfere with its acceptance of truth. Sir Francis Bacon calls these hindering ideas “idols” in his work: Idols Which Beset Men’s Minds because people tend to hold onto these flawed ideas even when faced with other possibilities. Charles S. Peirce tells us in The Fixation of Belief that people do not just hold onto a belief, they hold onto it with an unyielding stubbornness. This stubbornness hinders the mind from accepting...

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Discuss the Causes of the Sub-Prime Crisis and the Parties Responsible for Such a Crisis.

Discuss the causes of the sub-prime crisis and the parties responsible for such a crisis. Sherman Oh E S Principles of banking & finance (PBF) Mr Marvin Ang 26th January 2013 According to www.investopedia.com, the world “subprime” defines to “A classification of borrowers with a tarnished or limited credit history” and that is what led to the titanic crisis of 2008-2009. This essay will explore the events, which eventually led to many mortgage delinquencies and foreclosure of these sub...

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10 Rules of Crisis Management By Brian Ellis, EVP/Crisis Communications & whatcanbe Lab After 10 years in the news business and 20 years counseling clients how to stay out of headlines when a crisis strikes, I’ve developed 10 basic rules of crisis management. 1. Being Unprepared Is No Excuse. My father was an officer of the U.S. Army. Although I was never an active Boy Scout, their motto “Be Prepared” was drilled into my head at an early age. As I’ve toiled in this industry for the past two...

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meaning given to the term 'crisis.' It has to be put in some context. If by crisis one means that the prison system is teetering on the brink of collapse then the evidence available would suggest that there is no crisis at all. However the more likely interpretation is that there are actually very serious problems that either cannot or will not be alleviated. now when you look at evidence under this guise, one could strongly argue that our prison system is in a state of crisis. Presenting such an argument...

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Managing Global Team Case

TEAM_GREG JAMES CASE Case Brief Explanation This case is about how leaders should manage their global operations successfully. The case describes a crisis resulted by lack of effective leadership by Greg James who was the global manager at Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Sun) across India, UAE, France and USA. Greg James became aware of a problem with HS Holdings where the server went down for two hours and created disaster for their online banking business and the support from James’s team did arrive on time...

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straightforward. Asked if he is concerned a splurge of borrowing will trigger a repeat of the financial bubbles that caused the crash and spur inflation as too much money chases too few goods, he is dismissive. "As far as planting the seeds of the next crisis, bear in mind that leverage is still falling, so I don't see the problem at this point," he says. In Krugman's view, concerns about ageing populations, looming health costs, the changing nature of the workforce in a digital age and competition from...

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Financial Crisis

Was the financial crisis, which led to the austerity measures now being followed by the coalition government, caused by investment bankers or by government? A lot of economists stated that the recent financial crisis was the worst crisis since Great Depression, which resulted in the collapse of a number of large financial institutions followed by the government’s bailout and austerity measures. It has affected billions of people globally, which made bankers and politicians very unpopular. Though...

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Tb Case Holding

Case Holding - Ensures treatment compliance - Indirectly, this will translate to treatment success or cure - Poor treatment compliance may lead to the following outcomes: o Chronic infectious illness o Drug resistance o Death Poor Case Holding 1. Inadequate drugs and poor drug distribution 2. Patient’s non-adherence 3. Physician’s non-adherence 4. Low motivation of health workers SLU PPMD Unit: Operations PTB Suspect - Cough > 2 weeks with or without the following o Fever o...

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The Role of Leverage in the Current Financial Crisis

THE ROLE OF LEVERAGE IN THE CURRENT FINANCIAL CRISIS The United States of America is in the middle of the worst financial crisis in more than 75 years. To date, federal regulators and authorities have taken unprecedented steps to stop the complicated situation of the financial services sector by committing trillions of dollars of taxpayer funds to rescue financial institutions and restore order to credit markets. Although the current crisis has spread across a broad range of financial instruments...

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Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication Business isn’t always about staying on top and trying to beat out the competition or make a name for the company. Sometimes, the issue can be simply staying afloat when harder times come. Businesses occasionally go through situations that could threaten or harm people or property, interrupt business, damage reputation or negatively impact share value. These situations make up the definition of a crisis. Every organization is vulnerable to crisis, whether that organization is...

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Tiger Woods: Crisis Communication

Tiger Woods: Crisis Communication Although Tiger Woods released several statements attempting to minimize not only the incident of his Escalade-tree collision but also the initial reports of a possible extramarital affair, the lack of full disclosure and the revelations of additional females stating that they too had affairs with Tiger have only fueled the media frenzy. Television entertainment news shows such as TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, and Access Hollywood report on the Tiger...

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Communiation Crisis Paper

COMMUNICATION AND CRISIS PAPER Carol Foster HCS/320 Dr. Marcia Baker March 11, 2013 As the director of the regional Emergency Management Office I have received an official report that the water supply of several towns in the area has become contaminated with a life threatening biological agent. Contamination of the water supply is an extremely delicate situation. People lives are I immense danger. Several people have been rushed to the emergency room because of the water supply being...

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The Financial Crisis and the Great Recession

exporting more jobs than it is importing from China. These data shows to what extent U.S economy is dependent on Chinese economy. United States is heavily dependent on Chinese economy for many its important requirements and as a result Chinese are holding huge amount of dollars as reserves. This is likely to put upward pressure on the value of Chinese currency and therefore Chinese currency would appreciate. The appreciation of Chinese currency might result in China losing its competitive advantage...

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The Greek Crisis

The Greek Crisis The European Union. A lot of people know of the name and most will probably be able to give a vague description of what it is and how it works. Outlined here is a brief discussion of the European Union and one of its member states, Greece. The financial crisis that has occurred and its subsequent impact on the European Union and the rest of the world. In the 1940’s the world was at war and European countries such as France, Italy, Austria, and England were in disrepair and scared...

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Sub Prime Crisis

imeContent Page Sub prime crisis http://banking.about.com/od/mortgages/a/mortgagecrisis.htm http://www.lewrockwell.com/rozeff/rozeff203.html http://www.slideshare.net/satanic/subprime-crisis-presentation-785636 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Causes_of_the_2007%E2%80%932012_global_financial_crisis http://www.investopedia.com/articles/economics/09/lehman-brothers-collapse.asp http://ezinearticles.com/?Merrill-Lynch-and-the-Subprime-Mortgage-Market&id=1600761 http://www.youtube.com/watch...

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The sub-prime crisis of has led to a financial crisis in 2008-2009 that impacted many countries around the world. Discuss the cause of the sub-prime crisis and the major parties responsible.

The sub-prime crisis of has led to a financial crisis in 2008-2009 that impacted many countries around the world. Discuss the cause of the sub-prime crisis and the major parties responsible. A number of parties were responsible for the sub-prime crisis during the period of 2008 to 2009. This essay will be discussing the parties responsible for the sub-prime crisis and how the individual party’s action causes the others to step deeper into the problem. As define by investopedia, sub-prime...

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Managing a Global Team at Sun

LEAD – Managing a Global Team: Sun Microsystems – 9/16/2010 Situation * HS Holdings (HSH), enterprise customer with online banking, had servers go down * Sun’s CS team didn’t respond, servers stayed down for 2 hours, cost HS Holdings thousands * HSH has $300k/yr premium contract for 24/7 service: potentially violated by outage, threatening suit * Flow of crisis * Praveen D. got call from HSH, pages on-call after-hours US manager 3x, MISTAKE: used weekday number not weekend...

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Crisis Communications

Crisis communication is the most important aspect of external and internal organization communication. This type of communication ranges from image restoration campaigns to employee turnover. In the articles that I have analyzed, I discovered many examples of crisis communications and its importance. I will discuss the Bridgestone-Firestone Corporation's image restoration campaign and explain Benoit's theory of image restoration. Also, I will discuss how crisis communications fits into public...

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Financial Crisis

The recent financial crisis has provided evidence that financial markets are not efficient. Critically, evaluate this statement and its implications for investment management practice. In reality a financial market can’t be considered to be extremely efficient, or completely inefficient. The financial markets are a mixture of both, sometimes the market will provide fair returns on the investment for everyone, while at other times certain investors will generate above average returns on their investment...

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Communication and Crisis

Communication and Crisis Rosa Singleton HCS/320 [ 12/8/2012 ] Kristin Thrun Communication and Crisis My name is Rosa Singleton. I am the director of the Emergency Management Office in the area of Ohio. Today we have received official reports that the public water supplies for the city of Canton and other nearby cities have become contaminated with a life-threatening biological agent. It is the duty of my staff to implement contingency plans and address them within the organization, and...

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Financial Crisis

Financial Crisis A financial crisis is “an economic recession or depression caused by a lack of necessary liquidity in financial institutions. A financial crisis may be caused by a natural disaster, negative economic news or some other events.”(InvestorWords.com, 2009) Financial crisis usually decrease business activity because people do not have enough financial resources. The reason why I chose this topic is because it is a daily theme in all of the European tabloids. We read every day’s...

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Environmental Crisis

Environmental Crisis "We Have An Environmental Crisis Because We Have A People Crisis - A Crisis of Population Growth, of Wasteful Consumption of Resources, and A Crisis of Apathy and Inaction." An environmental crisis is an emergency concerned with the place in which every human lives - the environment. A people crisis is an emergency with the community that inhabits the world environment. A crisis of population growth is a turning point where the environment can no longer sustain the amounts...

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crisis management

Crisis management: framework incorporating quality issues Introduction The 2007-09 financial crisis was the most serious such event since the Great Depression. The crisis manifested itself in credit losses, write-downs, liquidity shocks, deflated property values, and a contraction of the real economy. The sharp contraction in U.S. gross domestic product in 2009 traced to the adverse effects of the crisis on household consumption and business Investments. In the housing sector, banks took...

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The Coffee Crisis

The Coffee Crisis MBA 6008-Global Economic Environment Capella University Theresa Patterson December 18, 2011 Coffee was the top source of income for 25 million farmers in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Due to the lack of appropriate compensation for their harvest, communities in coffee- producing countries around the world are suffering. Coffee is a chief export for many developing nations and their entire economies...

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Crisis Management

|MKT 351 TERM PAPER | |Crisis Management | | | |Maricely Estevez | |[June 13, 2011] ...

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crisis in review

turned out to be just the starting point for big financial landslides. Since then, we have seen many big names rise, fall, and fall even more. In this article, we'll recap how the financial crisis of 2007-08 unfolded. (For further reading, see Who Is To Blame For The Subprime Crisis?, The Bright Side Of The Credit Crisis and How Will The Subprime Mess Impact You?) Before the Beginning Like all previous cycles of booms and busts, the seeds of the subprime meltdown were sown during unusual times. In...

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Subprime Crisis

Nuffer 3/13/2011 The subprime mortgage crisis in the U.S The argument over who should be at fault for the subprime mortgage crisis and housing market collapse in the United States has been a heated debate. Even though home foreclosure keeps rising, there should be some accountability for the economic meltdown resulting from the subprime mortgage situation. Should we blame banking institutions, mortgage lenders, brokers, and investors for this crisis? Should minorities be blamed for recklessly...

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 Comparative Financial Ratios For Holding Companies in the Philippines Prepared by: Submitted to: Prof. Redentor Caguioa Financial Management 1 Second Semester A.Y. 2014-2015 Table of Contents Introduction Industry Background Summary of Financial Ratios Common Size Analysis Review of Ratios and Analysis Conclusion Appendices INTRODUCTION Financial analysis is the examination of a business from a variety of perspectives in order to fully understand the greater financial...

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Fonterra as a Socially Responsible Company

FONTERRA AS A SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE COMPANY Executive summary Fonterra is a co-operatively owned multinational dairy company and also New Zealand’s largest company. The purpose of this report was to determine the company’s public image as well as investigate whether the company operates in a socially responsible manner. An analysis of various instances in which Fonterra has appeared in the media was conducted with the perspectives on corporate social responsibility in mind. The conclusions were...

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Food Crisis

causes of worldwide shortage of food. These factors lead to food price rises rapidly. This essay will firstly discuss three major factors which have caused the world food crisis. Then it will examine how these factors affect the food price. Finally, it will suggest some solutions to tackle the food crisis. Global food crisis is being compounded by several causes such as growing population, extreme weather and famers switching out of cereals to grow agro-fuels crops. According to Vidal (2007),...

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European Crisis

European Crisis The article “Euro Crisis” explains in the detail the current economic problems that the European Union is struggling with. The article references highly educated professors and economists who help to explain some of the reasons why the European Union fell into this crisis. They also helped explain the possible outcomes of the recession in Europe, the way it affects the United States, and what actions should be taken in order to improve the current situation. This crisis has concerned...

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European Crisis

Eurozone Debt Crisis: The Exit | Subject: Money and Banking | Instructor: Dr. Nguyễn Thị Hoàng Anh | Name: Hoàng Trung Khánh Student ID: 1001036095 Class: K49CLC2 Eurozone Debt Crisis: The Exit Content I. The debate over salvation II. The narrow escape for Europe 1. Seeking for the cure 2. The half-finished dream of ‘Eurobond’ 3. The ‘Grexit’ plan 4. The return of Deutsche Mark III. The judgment time I. The debate over salvation The world...

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Holding Therapy

Holding Therapy What is Holding Therapy? Holding therapy was developed by Dr. Martha Welch in the late 1970s. Dr. Welch was a psychiatrist in New York who began using it with children with autism. Later, she outlined her form of therapy in a book titled, Holding Time (Welch, 1988). Originally, Dr. Welch discovered holding therapy with autistic children. Later, however, she began using this therapy with typical children as well and, in her opinion, discovered equally satisfying results...

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Subprime Crisis

Subprime crisis Introduction The subprime crisis is one of the biggest disasters of the financial system. It originated in the US subprime mortgage market in 2006 and within a year it engulfed the financial sector of USA along with numerous mature economies. The weaker income groups comprising the Afro-Americans and the Hispanics suffered home losses. It is projected that the number of subprime foreclosures will reach 2 million, if measures are not taken to resolve the crisis. This...

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Describe how cross-country trade and capital flows might have contributed to the 2008 global financial crisis. Critically evaluate evidence that, in turn, support and dispute that hypothesis

Essay Question: “Describe how cross-country trade and capital flows might have contributed to the 2008 global financial crisis. Critically evaluate evidence that, in turn, support and dispute that hypothesis.” 1000 words. Words: 1088 In the wake of the global financial crisis (GFC), scholars have highlighted many key factors in order to find whom to hold responsible for it. Among these possible factors are the current account imbalances and the entailed capital flows, which have led to many...

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Toyota's Crisis

DENMARK CORP 3364 Crisis and Business Continuity Management An Analytical Evaluation On Toyota’s Crisis of Unintended Acceleration Submitted By: Ram Prasad Kadariya P11016207 Nov. 28, 2011 Tutor: Sven-Eric Bruhn Bertelsen Toyota Crisis of Unintended Acceleration Definition Any company smaller or larger can have a crisis sooner or later and that can have serious negative impact on it. Pearson and Clair ( 1998 ) as cited in Crandal, Pamel and Spillen ( 2010 ) define crisis as an event with...

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crisis analysis of the Nuance Group

(2010) points out that “crisis is any unanticipated event, incident, situation, or development that has the potential to damage or destroy your organization’s reputation”. (P.234) This definition indicates two attributes of crisis: unexpectedness and destructiveness, so effective communication is crucial to manage a crisis. The Nuance Group, a successful management consulting company, with a reputation of experienced and highly educated consultants, was facing the crisis brought by its great “reputation”...

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Nii Holding Detailed Anaylsis

NII Holding, Inc. NII Holding Market 2008 Kodi Hansen MGMT 4433 Business Policy September 3, 2013 MISSION STATEMENT: Providing service to the people with excellent location, quality products, and number one service. Having what the customers want, when they want, and how they want it. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS: Core Values: The company demonstrates the following core values: * Provide shareholders with excellent returns through profitable growth * Provide quality service ...

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Riordan in Crisis

Riordan in Crisis Stacie Suttles Axia of University of Phoenix Amy Drongoski COMM 480 Introduction Riordan Manufacturing has completed the intense training from Waterloo Manufacturing Software and is pleased with the results. Samuel Adams has recently checked in with each business unit personally to ensure the satisfaction of his employees as well. Production has been running smoother and traveling for further training has ceased. Each product can be traced from start to finish and the...

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certain risks (Baron, 2013). Clearly Mattel does not have a sufficiently tight quality control procedure to compensate for the risks of outsourcing to Chinese subcontractors. Design flaws are also a major issue. Although the company responded to the crisis quickly Mattel still faces a number of problems, including significant costs associated with the recalls and new monitoring systems, potential lawsuits and a hit to its reputation. Stakeholders have something at risk, and therefore something to...

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Crisis in the Village

Crisis in the Village Chapter One: Churches~ A Crisis of Mission A Critique Presented to Dr. Joseph L. Jones Johnson C. Smith University In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for LS 235 By Malcolm-Ryan Brown June 11th, 2010 Robert M. Franklin in his adoring and avid book Crisis in the Village presents in first-person advice and constructive criticism as he identifies issues within the African-American church. Black churches face a "mission crisis" as they struggle to serve...

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Syrian Crisis

Name Course Instructor Date How the Syrian refugee crisis has/is affecting the Jordanian economy Syrian crisis, which has continued for almost one and a half years now, have not only seen the number of refugees increase exponentially, but has also had tremendous effects on the economies of the neighbouring countries. Jordan which is one of the neighbouring countries to Syria and which host the largest number of refugees now is greatly affected. As indicated by the UNHRC statistics (Christopher...

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German Responsible for Ww1

war. The July Crisis and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand resulted in a conflict which should have been local and confined but due to a series of factors, German foreign policy, fear of encirclement, nationalism, this one incident led to the greatest war Europe had ever seen. In numerous perspectives, Germany did appear to be mostly accountable for the war; however, they were other events which consider the events in other countries in Europe. Germany was responsible for the World War...

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Eu Crisis

political divisions between east and west Europe are finally declared healed when no fewer than 10 new countries join the EU in 2004, followed by two more in 2007. A financial crisis hits the global economy in September 2008, leading to closer economic cooperation between EU countries.  Crisis The formation of a financial crisis in the euro area took place mainly by fiscal problems. The suspicion that the governments would be struggle in to pay its debts has caused fear to the investors and the money...

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Tylenol Crisis

Abstract Part 1: Crisis Scenario Development Develop a scenario describing a crisis situation. Possible topics for your scenario include school violence, workplace violence, terrorist attack, sexual assault, or natural disasters. Your scenario must include sufficient breadth and depth in terms of the details surrounding the incident you have chosen, to include: • Description of the crisis. • Description of the amount of damage. • Description of the victims (physical and psychological damage)...

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Proton Holdings

http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/888958/ Proton Holdings Berhad - SWOT Analysis Description: The Proton Holdings Berhad - SWOT Analysis company profile is the essential source for top-level company data and information. Proton Holdings Berhad - SWOT Analysis examines the company’s key business structure and operations, history and products, and provides summary analysis of its key revenue lines and strategy. Proton Holdings (Proton) operates in the automobile industry. The company is...

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Crisis Communications Plan

In the past few years there have been many instances of restaurants serving vegan food that was not entirely vegan. Whether it was beans cooked with bacon or salad dressing with traces of fish oil, these crises have become more prevalent. This crisis communications plan is in the probable case that a particular food being sold at Costco as “vegan” is found to be not one hundred percent animal free. In the case of Costco the food would be from Costco’s “own-brand”, or private label Kirkland Signature...

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Energy Crisis

Selection of Topic: Energy Crisis is a shortfall in or interruption to the provision of energy supplies. The planet is progressively marching towards a serious electric energy crisis, owing to an escalating desire of electric energy becoming greater than its supply. We have always accepted that the energy we make use of each day is not unrestricted, still we take it for granted. Coal, petroleum, electrical power, even water has inadequate availability. Nevertheless, we have not taken sufficient...

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electricity crisis

Introduction: Pakistan is a country which Has been blessed with all natural resources by Allah Almighty. For the past few years we are facing electricity crisis because the demand of electricity is being more than the production. We have 20 organization including government and private which produce electricity for example WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority), KESC (Karachi Electric Supply Company), IPPs (Independent Power Procedures), and PAEC (Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission)....

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Management Concepts Temasek Holdings

1.0 Introduction Temasek Holdings is a large investment company based in Singapore. It is an active participator in the investment game, holding shares and investments in a broad range of industries all over the world. As with many companies all over the world, Temasek Holdings was affected strongly by the Global Financial Crisis, losing more than 30 per cent of the value of their portfolio (Schmermerhorn, J. Davidson, P. Poole, D. Simon, A. Woods, P & Chau, S.L. 2011). Temasek’s CEO Ho Ching...

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 Communication and Crisis Paper Health Care Communication Strategies Keren G. Zepeda HCS/320 April 20, 2015 Polly Hanson PUBLIC WATER CONTAMINATION CRISIS: Today our community has been impacted with a crisis that could become very sever if not attended to effectively and immediately. Our office has been receiving official reports that the public water supplies of several towns in the area have become contaminated with a life-threatening biological agent. My name is Keren Zepeda...

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communication and crisis paper

 Communication and Crisis Paper Stacey Emmett HCS/320 April 8, 2013 Dr. Patricia Bird Communication and Crisis Paper I am a Director of a Regional Emergency management office. I am receiving many reports from government agencies stating the public water supply and several towns in the area has become contaminated with a life threatening biological agent. As Director of Regional Emergency I will develop a plan within the organization with my first priority being keeping the public calm, by...

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Team and James

James, a global manager at Sun Microsystems, Inc., led a customer implementation team of 45 members spread across India, France, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the United States (US). It was the second time that the team failed to respond to the HS Holding’s customer system outage as quickly as it was said in the service contract. The system breakdown directly brought a great loss for the company doing online banking business. To investigate this accident clearly and find a resolution to the more...

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cash holding

ON: - STOCK MARKET AND MARKET PERFORMANCES OF HIGH AND LOW CASH HOLDING FIRMS. Prepared By Pranshu Singh 12010221059 Submitted to: - Prof. Naveen Kumar INTRODUCTION Stock market performance in high and low cash holding firm depends on the determinants of corporate cash holdings that have occupied a central place in corporate finance literature. Cash holding, according to Gill and Shah (2012) is defined as cash in hand or...

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Greek Crisis

Greece’s economy progressed enormously. However, the Greek government acted irresponsibly with its fiscal policy and debt accumulation. Consequently, the created economic weaknesses became apparent during the 2008 global financial crisis. The Greek sovereign debt crisis has required multiple controversial bailouts. The bailouts that prevented Greece from defaulting, led to two opposing opinions from leaders of the members of the European Union (EU), (1) to support Greece to remain member of the Eurozone...

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Crisis Management HCS 350

 Crisis Management Communication Plan Stephanie Collins HSC/350 December 15, 2014 Michael Veal Crisis Management Communication Plan A crisis is defined as a time of intense difficulty, trouble or danger. This situation can come in the form of an important decision must be made in one’s health. Everyone deals with a crisis in a differently. In order to manage a crisis appropriately the proper communication must be used. Health care professionals need to learn how to effectively communicate in...

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Iran Hostage Crisis

Iran Hostage Crisis In the early morning of November 4, 1979 an angry mob of Islamic revolutionaries overran the US Embassy in Tehran, “the group called themselves the Muslim Student Followers of the Imam’s Line” (History, Unknown). The Iran Hostage Crisis was also known as “Conquest of the American Spy Den” which is the literal translation from Persian to English (Lee). From November 4, 1979 to January 20, 1981 52 Americans were held hostage for 444 days in various locations around Iran to...

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Cuban Missile Crisis Assignment

Was Kennedy more responsible than Khrushchev for the Cuban Missile Crisis? (30) Kamini Masood A2 The Cuban Missiles Crisis of 1962 was perhaps one of the most dangerous and significant issues to face the international community in the twentieth century. It brought the world to the brink of nuclear war, and subsequently, the destruction of the human race. At that point in history, the global power structures were divided in two, that is, politically, the world was bipolar. On one end of the spectrum...

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