• Republic Day
    Republic Day is one of the three national holidays of India and the greatest festival celebrated in the country. It is celebrated every year on January 26, in New Delhi with great pomp, fanfare and pageant. While in the capitals of the States and other headquarters, it is marked with patriotic fervo
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  • Republic Day Speech
    Honourable Manager, respectable director, distinguished members of the staff, the Bursar, deputy bursar, Administrative officer, Academic Coordinator senior wing, teaching staff members of both junior and senior wing and my dear students….. It is indeed a joyous occasion where we all have...
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  • Republic day speech
    Respected Correspondent, Principal, teachers, parents, and dear brothers and sisters of my country, I would like to wish you all Happy Republic Day 2014. It has been my Privilege that I got an opportunity to speak in front of you all on this occasion. It has been 64 years from the day our...
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  • republic day
    "No Hindu, No Muslim, No Christian, We are just Indian. " Respected judges, respected teachers and dear audience. Today we gather here to celebrate one of the National festivals of India, it isRepublic day. It is a great opportunities for me, as you allowed me to share few words on this...
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  • Republic Day
    Republic Day Speech in English 2014 Before starting my speech I would like to wish you all Happy Republic Day 2014. It has been my Privilege that I got an opportunity to speak in front of you all on this occasion. It has been 64 years from the day our constitution came into effect. In these...
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  • republic day
    "My regards to the Principal Sir / Madam, all my teachers, and my seniors here. I thank you for selecting me to participate in this Republic Day speech for children competition. 26th January is called the Republic Day. In 1950, on this day our constitution came to effect. We became free from...
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  • India
    Best Time to Visit India Regarding the question of “when to visit India”, the best time to visit India for tourists is the winter season. The season lasts from October to February. It is a pleasure to visit India during these cooler months, when the heat of summer is no more. Around this time,
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  • Can India Get Rid of Corruption
    CAN INDIA GET RID OF CORRUPTION ? India has two major obstacles in the way to progress i.e- corrupt government officials and criminals in politics. The two are so much hand in glove that it is impossible for an honest man to work without facing threats to his/her life. The Q therefore is what we
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  • The Rupublic Day
    The Republic Day The Republic Day of India is a national holiday of India to mark the transition of India from a British Dominion to a republic on January 26, 1950 and the adoption of the Constitution of India. Although India obtained its independence on August 15, 1947, the Constitution of In
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  • Speech of Independence Day
    Today is a very special day for all of us, as the whole country celebrates India's Republic Day with pride remembering our great freedom fighters who have laid their life for our freedom. 26th January, being a very significant date makes us recall the memories of millions of individuals who stood un
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  • repablic day
    26th of January 1950 was the day when India got its own constitution and became biggest democratic nation of the world. Since then this day has been celebrated as national festival and called as Republic day of India. In this essay we have provided, not only the glimpse of Republic day...
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  • President of India
    President of India From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia President of India Presidential Standard Incumbent Pranab Mukherjee since 25 July 2012 Style Hon'ble President (Within India) His Excellency (Outside India) Residence Rashtrapati Bhavan Appointer Electoral College...
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  • Development Along the East Coast Road, Tamil Nadu, India
    University of Amsterdam | Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences Urban Studies | Bachelor Thesis | 2009- 2010 Opportunities divided Development along the East Coast Road in Tamil Nadu, India Kaj Beetstra Opportunities divided Development along the East Coast Road in Tamil Nadu, Ind
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  • Natural Disasters in India with Special Reference to Tamil Nadu
    J. Acad. Indus. Res. Vol. 1(2) July 2012 59 ISSN: 2278-5213 REVIEW Natural disasters in India with special reference to Tamil Nadu A. Stephen Dept. of Ecology, French Institute of Pondicherry, Puducherry-605001, India stephanos.crown@gmail.com; +91 9841890069 _____________________________
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  • Doing Business in India
    We believe the single greatest risk of doing business in India is its bureaucracy. The Indian bureaucracy is often referred to as "babudom." An Indian bureaucrat is often referred to as a "babu." Today, babu may also mean "Sir" or "Mr." The babudom was formed after India gained independence from
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  • India Colonial Pasts and Presents
    The English business endeavor to India was assigned to the East India Company, which received its monopoly rights of trade in 1600. The company included a group of London merchants fascinated by Eastern prospects, not as good as the national character of the Dutch company. Their original fund of fif
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  • Finding True Passion in India
    1) The Making of YUVA UNSTOPPABLE In May 2005, I quit my job as senior Systems Configuration Analyst at Hewitt Associates in Atlanta, to visit my family in India. I had got the highest scholarship ever offered to an international student at Texas A & M, College Station, Texas. I was to start my MB
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  • India
    International Trade “India” 19 October 2007 Executive Summary India has been a country with various social issues, such as dialect barriers, gender inequality, levels of poverty rates, and trouble with severely polluted areas to name a few. India has also faced some political pr
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  • How Ikea of Eweden Got to India - Case Study
    Global Perspectives Case Study: How Ikea of Sweden Got to India [pic] By the team: Ms. Valerie COSTE (France) Mr. Amaury BOULANGER (France) Ms. Katia BASKOVA (Russia) Ms. Eugenia TEUSKKINA (Russia) Mr. Brian WICK (Canada) President of Brooklin Bulletin Signs and CustomPrinting.ca Universi
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  • States of India
    Andhra Pradesh From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Andhra" redirects here. For other uses, see Andhra (disambiguation). Andhra Pradesh (Telugu: ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్, Āndhra Pradēś [?], [ɑːn̪d̪ʱrə prəd̪eːɕ]  ([pic] listen)), abbreviated A.P., is a state
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