• Project Reports
    Project Finance ( Banks v/s NBFC ) [pic] Executive Summary Considering the growing use of project finance, we undertook this project with an objective of understanding the salient features of project finance. It is a method of financing very large capital intensive projects, with long g
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  • Project Reports
    A PROJECT REPORT ON “BUDGET” AT HINDUSTHAN NATIONAL GALSS AND INDUSTRY LTD. Submitted in the Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of the Degree Of Master of Business Administration 2009-2011 UNDERGONE AT DEPARMENT OF FINAN
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  • Financial Assessment of the Beiersdorf Ag Compared to Competitors of the Global Consumer Goods Market.
    Assignment: Financial Assessment of the Beiersdorf AG compared to Competitors of the Global Consumer Goods Market.   Student: J. Weisel     Length: 10 pages                                      
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  • Analyzing Financial Analysts: What They Look for in Financial Reports and How They Determine Earnings' Quality
    Analyzing Financial Analysts: What They Look for in Financial Reports and How They Determine Earnings' Quality Carol M Graham, Mark V Cannice, Todd L Sayre. Journal of Management Research. New Delhi: Aug 2002. Vol. 2, Iss. 2; pg. 63, 10 pgs Abstract (Summary) The impact that financial analysts ha
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  • Goods & Service Tax
    Goods and Services Tax ("GST”) in India – Impact on IT Industry 1. What is GST? GST is a comprehensive value added tax levied on goods and services. In a GST regime, goods and services are not differentiated as they move through the supply chain. GST is typically levied on all transact
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  • Goods and Service Tax
    Goods and Services Tax Kanhaiya Lal Suthar* Gaurav Mandot* Abstract: In this Research paper, we have started with the introduction in general of GST and tried to highlight the objectives the proposed GST is trying to achieve. Thereafter, it has been discussed the possible challenges and threats;
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  • Spencer Sports Goods
    Solution Team 4 Spencer Sporting Goods 1. Sources of distress for Mr William Spencer: - Low cash balance because of the difficulties in collecting debts from clients - Pressure for prompt payments set by the suppliers - Fear that some of the suppliers can
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  • Goods Spend Analysis Report
    Spend Analysis Steps Step One: Get support from stakeholders Gathering complete and accurate data of total goods spending requires the access to spend data from all relevant sources both within and outside the company. Good data cannot be collected when spend analysis is not supported by stakeho
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  • Business Reports
    Chapter-1 1.1 Introduction At present, the banking sector is uprising and it is playing a vital role in our economy. In introduction chapter, we need to define ‘Bank’ before going to make differences between Islamic Banking systems with
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  • Rpm International Inc. vs. Henkel a Comprehensive Analysis of Annual Reports - 2008 and 2009
    RPM International Inc. vs. Henkel A Comprehensive Analysis of Annual Reports - 2008 and 2009 29th November, 2010 GROUP 5 Ashutosh Amol Doijode | : 201080337 | Avishek Mohanty | : 201071582 | Deepak Doddappa Benakappa | : 201084315 | Jun Yang | : 201085662 | Nihir Vijay Par
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  • Economic Condition Reports 2005-2009
    BUDGET 2005-2006   [Click to Download Budget 2005-2006 Part 1] [Click to Download Budget 2005-2006 Part 2] | Saifur places Tk 64,383 crore pre-polls budged keeping key focus on rural development Pace of reforms to be stepped up, good governance essential prerequisite A Tk 64,383 crore a
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  • Difficulties in Estimating Company's Value from External Reports
    Difficulties in Estimating Company’s Value from External Reports MBA530 Johan Winbladh Short Essay Veronika Pechova 6.2.2011 Estimating the Value of Company As already suggested by the title of this paper, making a fair and realistic evaluation of a company based on external fin
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  • Seasonal Demand
    QUESTION 1 a) Seasonal demand can be consumer interest in purchasing particular products only during a specific period within the calendar year. For example, Christmas trees, most fruits, school books and uniforms, TVs, cards and tourism sector among others are subject to seasonal demand. There
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  • Guidelines River Morphological Reports
    Project title | | |Strategic Analyses of India’s National River-Linking Project (NRLP) | |Brief title | |Strategic Analyses
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  • Market Research: Consumer Goods
    Consumer Goods Introduction and Purpose: What are consumer goods? Consumer goods are new items intended for sale to consumers, and are different from capital goods. There are three major types of consumer goods. The first is durable goods. These are meant to be used continuously or repeate
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  • Project Reports
    ABCs of Managing Enterprise Social Responsibility Sitakanta Sethy( Abstract Corporate or the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Social Responsibility as a multi-stakeholder initiative is very often taken as a compulsion rather by choice. While administering the local community and
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  • Analysis of Annual German and French Reports
    International Finance and Risk Management ECS 4020 Coursework By:- Aditi Ghosh M00317789 Sharon Parmar M00327438 Ricky Soni M00333428 Analysis of Annual Reports of German Firms. List of German companies * Lanxess AG * BASF SE * Aurubis AG * The Linde Grou
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  • Prospects & Limitations of International Trade of Leather Goods from Bangladesh
    LEATHER EXPORT: PROSPECTS & LIMITATIONS OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE OF LEATHER GOODS FROM BANGLADESH Submitted to: Mrs. Nowsheen Rahman Course Conductor Principles of Marketing EMBA, Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka Submitted by: Md. Shaheenul Islam (15029) Mohammad Naw
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  • Spurious Goods
    Definition of spurious goods. Spurious goods and services" mean such goods and services which are claimed to be genuine but they are actually not so. These goods are outwardly similar or corresponding to something without having its original qualities. Thus such goods are intended to deceive the
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  • A New Work Ethic: the Attitudes That Sheehy Reports Appear to Be in the Work Environments You Have Experienced
    “A New Work Ethic” Bridgett L Nottingham Professor Sophia Evans Business Ethics January 29, 2011 Describe how typical the attitudes that Sheehy reports appear to be in the work environments you have experienced. Based upon my experience, Sheehy’s report that the lack of employee comm
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