"Report On Problems Faced By People During Earthquake" Essays and Research Papers

Report On Problems Faced By People During Earthquake

 Problems Faces by International Students in the UK Every year there are around 435,000 international students enrolled in universities around the UK (UKCISA). Studying abroad for a lot of these students is a privilege, however it can be a stressful experience for various reasons. There are plenty of challenges, other than language barrier, that these students face, like major culture shock, homesickness, and financial difficulties...

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The mortar in unreinforced masonry walls such as these in Iran,1990(A) can easily fail during an earthquake. Oftentimes the entire structure crumbles, leaving a pile of rubble in which survive. Shown in(B) is one of the many masonry homes to collapse during the 1988 Armenia earthquake (M6.9), claiming nearly 25,000 lives. The failure is called soft-story collapse. Soft-story collapse is a common problem in commercial building where the first floor has considerable open space for parking or retail...

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Problems Faced by Walmart

Problems faced by Walmart and the steps to overcome those problems Question:  What Are The Problems That Walmart Has Faced And What Has The Company Done To Address Them? Solution  This essay discusses the recent problems faced by Walmart and the steps taken to overcome these  problemsProblem faced by Walmart Walmart is a well known American market leader in the renewable energy sector. But the company has to face a lot of challenges from various parties who criticized Wal-Mart in various...

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EARTHQUAKES DHORI: Cracks on a salt marsh can be seen on this aerial view of the epicentre of the recent earthquake near Dhori village some 20 km. (12 miles) from Bhuj in the western Indian state of Gujarat, Saturday Feb. 3, 2001. (AP Photo/Enric Marti) AHMEDABAD: Residents of Ahmedabad, India, survey earthquake damage Saturday, Jan. 27, 2001. Officials predicted as many as 6,000 may have been killed in the 7.9 magnitude earthquake in western India on Friday.(AP Photo/Saurabh Das) The 2001 Gujarat...

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Earthquakes An earthquake is a shaking or trembling of the crust of the earth caused by underground volcanic action or by the breaking and shifting of rock beneath the surface. The volcanic action and shifting rocks create strain which continues to build to a sudden release of pressure resulting in a shock wave. The vibrations produced in the crust can vary from barely noticeable to enormously destructive. Shock waves can be classified into two broad categories. Waves that send particles oscillating...

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A Report On Prospects and Problems of Telecommunication.

Download this Report from here: http://studyassignment.blogspot.com/2014/05/a-report-on-prospects-and-problems-of.html Executive Summary In today’s competitive business environment, mobile operators have to compete in the industry by facing the problems and overcome it, taking initiative considering the prospects of the industry, and finally taking marketing strategy for the customers and overall the industry. If Government, authorities, companies will give attention in this sector then whole...

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Earthquake Riks and Schools in Kathmandu

EARTHQUAKE RISKS IN SCHOOLS OF KATHMANDU -Prabesh Ghimire Earthquakes have occurred on earth's surface since times immemorial. Thousands and thousands of earthquakes happen every year; however, most of them go unnoticed as they are either too weak on the Richter scale or happen in remotest of the areas. Earthquakes almost always result in loss of life and property; the magnitude of the problem depending upon the extent of quake. Earthquakes often pose serious risks to public health as issue of...

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Problems faced by the sugar industry

Introduction What were the problems faced by the Sugar Industry affect the British West Indies? Labour Capital Technology Free Trade Conclusion Bibliography Area of Research Adjustments to Emancipation Research Topic and Question Topic: Problems faced by the Sugar Industry in the British West Indies specifically Jamaica. Research Question: The problems faced by the Sugar Industry affected the British West Indies during the period of 1838-1876. In light of those problems to what extent did this...

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Americans Are Faced With A Huge Problem

Americans are faced with a huge problem of violence in the streets, these streets have become a place where old people are beaten for their social security checks, where little women are attacked and raped, where teen aged thugs shoot it out for some turf to sell their illegal drugs, and finally where small children everyday are caught in the way of bullets during drive by shootings. We try to ignore the criminals in our society and how they hurt it, but we shouldn’t. We should take actions to stop...

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Earthquake Drill

Earthquake Drill Platoon 3 - Jacinto Objectives The objectives of the earthquake drill are: • To ensure the safety of a student, parent, teachers and staff during and after an earthquake • To train the school community on life saving skills. • To give hands on experience on the earthquake and fire safety through mock drills. • To spread the culture of disaster preparedness. Before the Drill • • • • Every one should be mentally prepared. Participate well. Knows the basic...

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1996 Lijiang Earthquake

Concept Paper: The 1996 Lijiang Earthquake Lijiang is a prefecture-level city located northwest in the province of Yunnan, People’s Republic of China. It has a population of about 1.2M as of the 2010 census. The Old City of Lijiang is not so famous unlike the other well-known cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai, or Macau, but this city is known for having earthquakes throughout years. There have been around three to four recorded earthquakes in Lijiang and the one that I am going to talk about...

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Who copes better with Earthquakes: HICs or LICs

Who copes better with Earthquakes: HIC or LIC? This report will focus on examples of different earthquakes happening around the world and explain why some countries cope better than others. To cope well, the country should have low death tolls, good communication with rescue services and other countries willing to help, evacuation and other emergency plans are planned well, and minimizing the amount of damage done to the country. What are HIC and LIC countries? HIC, also known as MEDC, stand...

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Problems Faced by International Students

Discuss three problems faced by international students in the UK. Suggest and evaluate possible solutions to these problems. International students are the ones that are coming to study in a foreign country or foreign educational institutions. Andrade Snow defined the term “international student” applying to the UK as individual enrolled in institutions of higher education who are on temporary student visa and are non-native English speakers. However, Bamford gives a definition which...

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Difference Between Earthquakes in Ledcs and Medcs

Why are earthquake impacts different in LEDCs and MEDCs? Any disaster either caused by humans or Mother Nature will make an impact but this depends where it hits. Obviously, if a disaster, or an earthquake in this case occurs somewhere densely populated rather an isolated area it will have a greater impact as life could be lost, buildings destroyed and as a result, high prices to pay. We will be looking at the impacts of earthquakes in Lower Economically Developed Countries and More Economically...

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Problem Faced by Gm

Discuss the problem faced by General Motor Corporation Based on Strategic management process General Motors Corporation (GM) is a multinational automobile manufacturer founded in 1908 and headquartered in the United States. GM is the world's largest automaker as measured by global industry sales and has been the global sales leader for the last 77 years. As of 2008, General Motors employs about 266,000 people around the world. It manufactures its cars and trucks in 35 different countries and sells...

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Problems Faced by Google in China

Course: MBA-I Batch: 2011-13 Subject: BUSINESS LEGAL ENVIRONMENT Subject code: MS-113 Topic of assignment: problem faced by Google in china Subject Teacher’s name: Mrs. Meenakshi singh Abstract US based Google the leading Internet search engine company in the world started providing its services in China in 2000. Though Google soon...

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 EARTHQUAKE Introduction An earthquake is the result of a sudden release of energy in the Earth's crust that creates seismic waves. CAUSE OF EARTHQUAKE Earthquakes are caused by the movement of the earth's tectonic plates. Earthquakes occur where the earth's plates meet along plate boundaries (see plate tectonics page for more information on this).For example as two plates move towards each other, one can be pushed down under the other one into the mantle. If this plate gets stuck...

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Kobe Earthquake

Kobe Earthquake – Case Study Kobe Earthquake – Case Study In the early morning of January the 17th 1995 instruments in a lab in western Japan picked up a burst of intense electro-magnetic radiation. It was the signature of a massive earthquake which had just struck the City of Kobe from its epicentre 20 kilometres to the south west. There was no warning, 180,000 buildings were destroyed, an urban area 20 kilometres long and 4 kilometres wide was totally wrecked. Nothing moved in or out of Kobe...

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Comparing Earthquakes

|Over 5000 people died |79,000 people died | |Primary Effects |The collapse of buildings, bridges and roads resulting |The collapse of buildings and trees. Many school | | |from the seismic waves shaking the crust. During the 20 |children were trapped under the collapsed schools | | |second earthquake, the ground moved up...

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Problems That Epiphone Faced

and introducing the king-size Super 400. Once Epiphone launched out a new product, Gibson would introduce another product to counterattack. We found that Apple Inc also faced the same problem with Epiphone. At the time Apple Inc launched out the iPhone 4S, it enjoyed to become the foreground of the public attention. Many people discussed about the iPhone 4S and awaited it imported into their country. However, the introduction of Samsung Galaxy S3 brought a danger to iPhone 4S’s sales. In order to...

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challenges faced by Indigenous People

The challenges faced By Indigenous Peoples in achieving justice, are both complex and extensive. These issues stem from successive centuries of asserted colonial power, which consequently has resulted in the undermining of rights for many Indigenous communities, including the Australian Aboriginal Peoples and Maori Peoples of New Zealand. Systemic abuse of power has resulted in the gradual erosion of Indigenous culture, and as thus, rights of Indigenous communities, including Intellectual Property...

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Earthquakes In Japan

Investigating Earthquakes – Japan Gurjit & Ashwin Preliminary questions: a. Why do earthquakes happen in this location? b. Does this location fall on any fault lines? c. What are they doing to prepare themselves? d. How often earthquakes happen in this location? e. The last earthquake? f. The strongest earthquake? g. What are the hazards of earthquakes in this area? h. How are the structures built in this area Investigation: i. Japan is located in an area where several continental...

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How Successful Was the National Government 1931-1939 in Dealing with Social-Economic Problems They Faced?

How successful was the National Government 1931-1939 in dealing with social-economic problems they faced? National Government is a concept referring to the coalition of the major political parties which were under Ramsay MacDonald, Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain they held office from 1931 until 1940. The Wall Street Crash was the start of Great Depression and Britain was badly hit. The Government tried to achieve several different, contradictory objectives which where ones such as...

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Problems Faced by Teenagers in Hong Kong

that Chinese, English and mathematics are their main problems. They think that these are very difficult to manage. -for form 5 and 7 students, they need to face HKCEE and HKAL examination which can influence their future. 2) Peer pressure - Peers influence your life, even if you don't realize it, just by spending time with you. You learn from them, and they learn from you. It's only human nature to listen to and learn from other people in your age group. - Sometimes peers influence each...

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Thesis: Earthquakes have been a natural part of Earth for many years and are caused by a shift in the Earth’s tectonic plates. Tectonic plates shift when two separated pieces of Earth’s crust push together because of the pressure of the hot air below them pushing up on the plates from the heat of the Earth’s core. This pressure must be released somehow, so when the pressure becomes too great for the plates to withstand, one part of a plate gives way to the pressure by rising above the other part...

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Problem Definition Report

From the radio, people could listen to music, listen to the news and they could even go shopping at their home. Additionally, radio station could obtain a respectable income form the advertiser. However, every dog has its day. In 1991, 64% of all commercial radio stations in the USA lost money. In addition, many stations tried playing a blend of current hits and hits from the previous, but the younger listeners did not go for it. The radio stations did not solve the economic problem. In the following...

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Macro Effects of massive Earthquake upon Economic in Japan 2011 to 2013

 “Macro effects of Massive Earthquake upon Economic in Japan 2011 to 2013” Macro Economics June 27, 2013 For: Dr. Sarri, Samuel Nevada State Higher Education, Summer 2013 I, the undersigned, IQ, hereby, certify that this Macro Scientific Research Paper is the result of my own intellectual and scientific endeavors. Date: 6/27/13 ...

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comparing the earthquakes

GUJARAT EARTHQUAKE MORE DESTRUCTIVE THAN THE SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE? In 1989 an earthquake hit San Francisco, on the west coast of USA, killing around 63 people. Twelve years later an earthquake hit Gujarat, in India. This time it killed approximately 20,000 people. In this report I will be comparing the two earthquakes, giving reasons why the Gujarat earthquake was so much more destructive than the one in San Francisco. An earthquake is a movement or tremor in the earth’s crust. Earthquakes happen...

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2001 Gujarat Earthquake

Gujarat earthquake The 2001 Gujarat earthquake occurred on January 26, 2001, at 03:17 UTC, and coincided with the 51st celebration of India's Republic Day. The location of the epicentre was Bhuj (23.6° N 69.8° E) Gujarat, India. With a moment magnitude (Mw) of between 7.6 and 8.1, the quake killed more than 20,000 people and injured another 167,000 and destroyed near a million homes throughout Gujarat and parts of eastern Pakistan.[3] The earthquake is considered an intraplate earthquake because...

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Haiti Earthquake

Haiti Earthquake The earthquake that devastated Haiti Tuesday was the strongest temblor to hit the island nation in more than 200 years. The magnitude 7.0 quake caused tremendous damage, and the death toll may run into the thousands. What caused the Haiti earthquake, and why was it so devastating? What caused the earthquake? The shaking started on Tuesday, Jan. 12, at 4:53 p.m. ET in the Haiti region, just 10 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince. The Haiti earthquake occurred at a fault that...

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World Bank Report 1999 & World Development Report 2000/2001

done beforehand, that showed where and what the major poverty areas and problems in the world were. These studies explained that although the poverty problem was extensive, there were several factors of which the crisis was mainly constituted. <br> <br>The first problem was extreme income poverty, with almost half the world's population living on less than $2 a day, and a fifth living on less than $1 daily. Another major problem was education, which encompassed many aspects. Not only wasn't primary...

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Kanto Earthquake Japan

Behind The Scenes Of The Great Kanto Earthquake: The Real Significance Of The Kanto Earthquake And What We Need To Learn From It On the 1st of every September, the country of Japan celebrates the Disaster Prevention Day, a day of safety measures and drills, commemorating the great earthquake that struck the Kanto region of the country on the same date back in 1923. The damage to property and lives caused by the earthquake singles it out as one of the most­ destructive events in the history of...

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The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

Gabriel Sayegh Mr. Rosser Geology, Period 4 15 September 2011 1906 S.F. Earthquake Essay The 1906 Great San Francisco earthquake is one of the worst earthquake’s to happen yet. The magnitude was believed to be about a 7.8 on the Richter scale. What made it so destructive wasn’t just the magnitude of the earthquake but the fact that the fires were uncontrollable. These factors led to the San Francisco quake to be know as a tragedy. San Francisco was a large city of a population...

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The Problem Faced Beginning Online Learner

The Problem Faced By Beginning Online Learner Introduction Distance learning is a process of creating and provides access to learning when the source of information and the learner are separate by distance and time. Green Berg (1998) defines contemporary distance learning as “a planned teaching/learning experience that uses a wide spectrum of technologies to reach learners at a distance and is designed to encourage learner interaction and certification of learning. Desmond Keegan (1995) gives the...

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Haiti Earthquake

The January 12, 2010 Haiti Earthquake caused an enormous destruction in the Caribbean nation. Hospitals and government buildings collapsed along with an unbelievable amount of homes. Tens of thousands of people were killed, and many more were wounded. The disaster added more misery to people already struggling to get by with everyday life. Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the world. The January 12 quake demolished almost every major building in Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital. About 5,000 schools...

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problems faced by students while studying

over the world face a number of problems which dishearten them. It leads to sheer desperation among the student community giving rise to student unrest. Student life has probably become more difficult than at any time before. There are so many issues they have to deal with - study, time, money, relationships, job hopes, and more. Parents previous experience and education does not always equip them in dealing with such pressures. Many students will not admit their problems due to various reasons and this...

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Real-Life Problem Faced by the Body Shop

1.0 INTRODUCTION This report is to address the real-life problem faced by The Body Shop and how the problem can be solved based on the functions of management. According to the information provided by The Body Shop website, The Body Shop has successfully created an image of being a caring company that is in helping to protect the third world workers and indigenous peoples. But behind the cuddly image lies the reality The Body Shop's operations, the Body Shop does not help the dilemma of the...

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Problems Faced by Rural Women

This is to focus on the problems faced by the rural muslim woman in the Kashmir Valley, their Aspirations and “Way Out ”, so that a bright, and a prosperous future is seen as a ‘REALITY’, which then can help in containing the ongoing crisis in the valley to some extent. “REMEMBER” Woman is a backbone of any strong society. She is a source of constant support and motivation to the entire family. She is timid, soft and sweet and bears more pains then men. Woman are more innovative and self reliant...

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Problems Faced by Big Pharma and Their Solutions

Since 2000 the Stock market valuation of the ‘Big Pharma’ companies has dropped sharply. Discuss the causes of the pharmaceutical industry’s current problems and steps that companies are taking to tackle them. By Ali Asgar Kagzi In 1990s, pharmaceutical companies were one of the leading shareholder value creators at the stock market. By 1998 the P/E ratio of the Big Pharma companies was twice that of the global stock market and there was a sudden rush among the investors to have a share of...

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Problems Faced International Kurdish Students When Studying at University in the Uk

International Students | University Of Birmingham | The problem faced international Kurdish students when they studying at the university in the United Kingdom | | “Problems faced international Kurdish students when studying at university in the UK” The United Kingdom’s higher education was famous but become very famous during past decade. Huge international students everywhere in the world come to study in the UK especially postgraduates student, last 3 years Kurdish students come to...

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Loma Prieta Earthquake

On October 17, 1989 at approximately 5:04 PM, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook the Oakland and San Francisco areas. The earthquake lasted for 20 seconds. The epicenter was located approximately 60 miles south of San Francisco, and could be felt hundreds of miles away. Two major factors were involved with this disaster. It was rush hour, and game three of the World Series was taking place at Candlestick Park. Many major overpasses collapsed crushing the cars that were beneath them. Many structures...

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The Problems Faced by International Students in the UK

Language is not the only problem faced by international students in UK. Nowadays with the growth of global economy, rising people are aware of the importance of education as well.  As stated by Coughlan, there are a significant increasing number of students who are studying abroad in countries like UK where people think that they can receive high-quality education. Meanwhile, their study career in UK, although language probably will be a principal problem for international students to face, there...

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problems faced by women

LITERATURE REVIEW 1. Human Resources in the Recession: Managing and Representing People at Work in Ireland; William K Roche, Paul Teague, Anne Coughlan, Majella Fahy.  The effects of the Irish recession on the manner in which people are managed at work and on how they are represented by trade unions is the subject of this study. This study examines how human resource managers and unions (where they are found) have faced the challenges. First of all, the impact of the international financial and economic...

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Problem Faced by Blue Nile Company

Problems There are several problems that Blue Nile needs to deal with if they wish to remain on top such as: ❖ One of the major problem with web based marketing is maintaining and driving consumer toward the website which will pose blue Nile’s major challenge going into the 21st century so how to attract new consumers. ❖ How should Blue Nile Inc increase consumer awareness and confidence purchasing high value luxury jewelry online? ❖ Blue Nile has very little presence outside...

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Earthquake Preparedness Press Release

Earthquake Preparedness Press Release to Los Angeles Area Bobby Dillion GLG/220 December 3, 2012 Phil Clifford, PhD. | How can my family be prepared for an earthquake? This question haunts countless residents in the Los Angeles area every day. Hopefully we here at the Earthquake Preparedness Center can shed some light on how you can protect your family. My name is Darin Fort and I am the Director of Earthquake Preparedness for Los Angeles. As with any danger, knowledge of the event...

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EARTHQUAKES o Plates sliding pass each other create friction o Friction builds up creating stress (a force) o Force is greater than plate can withstand, budges and breaks, creating earthquakes o Release a lot of energy KEY TERMS Seismology- the study of earthquakes and their effects Seismometer/ Seismograph - equipment measuring the amount of ground motion caused by an earthquake ***Let’s do a demo*** Seismogram- record of ground motion produced...

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2010 Haiti Earthquake

The 2010 Haiti earthquake was a catastrophic disaster; the earthquake measured 7.0 on the Richter scale. Its epicenter was near the town of Léogâne, approximately 25 km west of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. The earthquake occurred on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010. By January 24th, at least 52 aftershocks had been recorded, most measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale. The ground shook vigorously for nearly two minutes. The quake caused major damage to Port-au-Prince, and other towns in the region. Several...

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Natural Disasters Bring Out the Best and Worst in People. Do You Agree?

Hundreds are dead after the worst earthquake in generations struck off the northeast coast of Japan on 11th March, setting off a devastating tsunami that swallowed swaths of coastal territory and fanned out across the Pacific Ocean, threatening everything in its path. The 8.9-magnitude earthquake -- the fifth-largest in the world since 1900 and the biggest in Japan in 140 years -- struck at 2:46 p.m. local time, shaking buildings violently in Tokyo for several minutes and sending millions fleeing...

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what kind of problem is the problem of evil.

What kind of problem is the Problem of Evil for a non-believer? Word Count: 2,430 Believer or non-believer, we all appear to suffer from the problem of evil. Perhaps in the highly economically and technologically developed countries we live in now we are faced, on a day to day basis, with far less evil, than those 90 years ago on their way to fight in WW1. But there is always a presence of evil. Although it may not be first degree, we see it in the news on a daily basis. Natural, Moral and Metaphysical...

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Earthquake and Tsunami

2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami Introduction The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, also known as the Great East Japan Earthquake,[6][7](Japanese: "Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Disaster" was a magnitude 9.0 (Mw) undersea megathrust earthquake off the coast of Japan that occurred on Friday, 11 March 2011 It was the most powerful known earthquake to have hit Japan, and one of the five most powerful earthquakes in the world overall since modern record-keeping began in 1900.  In addition to...

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Problem Faced in Oral Presentation and Ways to Overcome These Problem

inform, persuade, motivate and entertain. You need to capture your audience's attention and maintain their interest thorough the entire oral presentation by defining the purpose clearly.People should identify what is the problem in oral communication and how to solve the problem. Profiling the audience could be difficult but it may be worth your time to make the effort. There are many advantages that we will gain when we know the real skills on how to give the perfect oral communication. When we...

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Earthquake Technology

Associate Level Material Earthquake Technology Worksheet Answer the lab questions for this week and summarize the lab experience using this form. Carefully read Ch. 9 of Geoscience Laboratory. Complete this week’s lab by filling in your responses to the questions from Geoscience Laboratory. Although you are only required to respond to the questions in this worksheet, you are encouraged to answer others from the text on your own. Questions and charts are from Geoscience Laboratory, 5th ed. (p...

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Conducting an Earthquake Drill

QUARTER EARTHQUAKE DRILL I. INTRODUCTION Having experienced the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake some Boholanos are already nervous and uneasy every time there is news about the said calamity. Thus, they became very eager to undergo drills and listen to some orientations and preparations in responding calamities in order for them to be prepared for the future calamities. Public awareness is very much necessary to obtain and improve the people’s preparedness and mitigation. Thus this earthquake preparedness...

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921 Earthquake

CNN: A special news report-This morning, there was an earthquake registering 7.6 on the Richter scale shaked Taiwan at 1:45am on September 21,1999. The epicenter is a mile under the ground in Nantou near Puli. There are many buildings crushed, and even a twelve floor-high rise building suddenly became a two floor- high rise building (the first to the sixth floors dipped into the underground, and the seventh to the twelfth floors went diagonally down and damaged the road.) As of press time the Disaster...

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“Earth Quake-Precautions You Can Take. Using Detail Information on Before, During and After an Earth Quake.”

When we hear the word earthquake we get goose bumps because the word reminds fear in our minds does it not? Yes, it does, we think that an earthquake can kill us any moment destroying our homes into dust. Science tells that; Earthquake is the shaking of the earth’s surface caused by rapid movement of the earth’s rocky outer layer. Earthquakes occur when energy stored within the earth suddenly releases, the size varies from small hardly noticeable shaking, to large shocks which can be felt from miles...

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Language is not the only problem faced by students

from the problem of language being a communication barrier, international students also suffer from hindrances such as integrating into another culture, adapting to climate changes, and even the unfortunate case of racial discrimination. This essay will explore the financial difficulties experienced by some students, culture shock, and lastly, the sense of alienation of the students. The first problem for many international students is to understand the spoken language of the people they need...

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respiratory problems caused by vehicals

causing respiratory health problems . Objectives- 1. Making an analysis/ comparing health problems faced with vehicles. 2. Bringing awareness in my area. 3. To arrive at a possible ways to reduce the vehicular pollution causing these problems. Methadology- 1. To fulfil my first objective I paid a visit to Government hospital. Over there I interviewed Dr Rekha this is how the interview proceeded- a) Me- So doctor, can you please tell me about the respiratory problems in Lucknow. DR- yes , surely...

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Problem Solving and Weekly Progress Report

Annexure -R1 Weekly Progress Report (PS-2/2012-13) 1. Name of the Student :Kalesha Nagineni 2. University ID No. : 09100599 3. Branch : C.S.E 4. Regional Office : Hyderabad 5. Practice School Company/Location : XRG Consulting Private Ltd. , Madhapur 6. Company Guide : Mr. Sudheer ch 7. Technical Guide :K. Venkata Raju 8. Operational Guide : Mr. M. V. Chalapati 9. Project Title (Should be uniform in all the reports week after week) : KBCSS 10. Week No. : WPR16 11. Commencing date...

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Earthquake Assignment

Earthquake Assignment Week 3 Earthquake Assignment Earthquakes Have you ever got so mad you have to squeeze something to release your pressure? Or maybe you walk around aimlessly taking deep breaths to try and discharge the stress something or someone caused. Our earth, too, has a way of releasing pressure. Earthquakes are the result of the earth’s crust letting go of its strain and stress. Earthquakes can be defined as a sudden and violent shaking of the ground resulting when the...

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