• Power crisis in tamilnadu and remedial measure to over come
    The Power Crisis in Tamil Nadu Viable Remedial Measure to Over Come K Chandrasekar1* C Bharath Kumar2 Load shedding which was originally meant for an hour or so, has now been extended to Abstract: Electric generation system in Tamil Nadu is suffering with a serious problem of load shedding, power
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  • crisis analysis of the Nuance Group
    Part 1 Zaremba (2010) points out that “crisis is any unanticipated event, incident, situation, or development that has the potential to damage or destroy your organization’s reputation”. (P.234) This definition indicates two attributes of crisis: unexpectedness and destructiveness, so...
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  • How financial enterprises deal with crisis public relation
    www.ccsenet.org/ass Asian Social Science Vol. 6, No. 11; November 2010 How Financial Enterprises Deal with Crisis Public Relation Hongxin Li & Chunfeng Yang School of Economics and Management, Changchun University of Science and Technology Changchun 130022, China E-mail: 609677303@qq.com A
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  • Remedial teaching
    1. Supplying a remedy. 2. Intended to correct or improve deficient skills in a specific subject: remedial reading.denoting or relating to special teaching, teaching methods, or material for backward and slow learners Role of Remedial Teaching In order to improve mathematics, effective remedial te
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  • Financial crisis 2007
    The financial crisis of 2007–present is a financial crisis triggered by a liquidity shortfall in the United States banking system. It has resulted in the collapse of large financial institutions, the "bail out" of banks by national governments and downturns in stockmarkets around the world. It is
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  • Sub-prime crisis
    INTRODUCTION Banking Institutions engaged in securitization, they turned an untradeable asset into a tradable instrument by a process of standardization. Standardization is relaxing or re-inventing the criteria of a tradable asset by separating the debt into classes and rating it accordingly. How
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  • Recent financial crisis
    Introduction Lawrence R. Klein and Tayyeb Shabbir 1 ABOUT THIS BOOK This volume has been assembled to focus on specific analytical as well as policy-related issues pertaining to recent financial crises, most notably the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997–98 and the ripple effects that transla
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  • Energy crisis in pakistan
    ABSTRACT Electricity Crisis in Pakistan is one of the severe challenges the country is facing today. Electricity is essential part of our daily life and its outage has severely affected the economy and overall living of ours. Thousands have lost their jobs, businesses; our daily life has become m
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  • Financial crisis
    Overseas Development Institute Global Financial Crisis Discussion Series Paper 1: Bangladesh Mustafizur Rahman, Debapriya Bhattacharya, Md Ashiq Iqbal, Towfiqul Islam Khan and Tapas Kumar Paul Global Financial Crisis Discussion Series Paper 1: Bangladesh1 Mustafizur Rahman, Debapriya Bhat
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  • Russian crisis
    Russian Crisis 1988 Introduction The Russian Financial crisis(also called “RUBLE” crisis) hit Russia on 17 August 1998. It was triggered by the Asian Financial crisis, which started in July 1997. During the ensuing decline in world commodity prices, countries heavily dependent on the export
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  • Nestle social media crisis and solution
    Nestlè, Social Crisis and Solution | Finding a safe exit for a big elephant from a ceramic shop. | | It takes years for a company to build a brand and a reputation, but the underestimation of the power of public opinion and how huge it can impact businesses can result in a sever loss of imag
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  • European union debt crisis
    Project Report On European Debt Crisis A report submitted for internal assessment of “Economic Environment of Business” under the guidance of Prof. Pankaj Upadhyay Prepared by :-
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  • Europe economic crisis
    ISSN 0379-0991 Economic Crisis in Europe: Causes, Consequences and Responses EUROPEAN ECONOMY 7|2009 EUROPEAN COMMISSION The European Economy series contains important reports and communications from the Commission to the Council and the Parliament on the economic situation and developme
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  • Electricity crisis
    Postcolonial Theory A critical introduction Leela Gandhi ALLEN & UNWIN Publication Information: Book Title: Postcolonial Theory: A Critical Introduction. Contributors: Leela Gandhi - author. Publisher: Allen & Unwin. Place of Publication: St. Leonards, N.S.W.. Publication Year: 1998 Contents
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  • The sub-prime mortgage crisis in usa and poland
    Abstract The sub-prime mortgage crisis of the United States has grown into a global recession in a few years. As the financial markets themselves face the threat of total dysfunction, governments and policy makers across faced a similarly hard decision: spend huge amounts of public money in hope
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  • Risk issue and crisis management
    PR IN PRACTICE SERIES Risk Issues and Crisis Management A Casebook of Best Practice Third Edition Michael Regester & Judy Larkin Risk Issues and Crisis Management Praise for Risk Issues and Crisis Management “It used to be said that ‘reward is commensurate with risk’; now
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  • Global financial crisis
    8 The Chinese eConomy The Chinese economy, vol. 45, no. 3, May–June 2012, pp. 8–23. © 2012 M.E. Sharpe, Inc. All rights reserved. ISSN 1097–1475/2012 $9.50 + 0.00. DOI 10.2753/CES1097-1475450301 Mary Ip The Global Financial Crisis Role of Law in China Abstract: in general, China
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  • Asian financial crisis
    In the summer of 1997, an economic and currency crisis rocked the Asian markets. One by one, Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Korea and Japan saw their economies crash in the wake of heavy foreign investment. An economic boom had made the region an attractive investment oppor
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  • Ecosystemic crisis intervention and the multicultural imperative
    Ecosystemic Crisis Intervention and the Multicultural Imperative Rapidly Changing Events and Environments The ecological model of crisis intervention has emerged due to accelerating events in dynamically changing cultures. Some events that have made it necessary for the training of crisis i
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  • Thirteen days: the cuban missile crisis
    For thirteen days, the United States held its breath, fearing the ultimate destruction of the nation by nuclear weapons. This was the Cuban missile crisis, a struggle fought between the world's two largest superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, which nearly provoked a nuclear catas
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