• Mathmatics
    Indian mathematics Main article: Indian mathematics See also: History of the Hindu-Arabic numeral system The numerals used in the Bakhshali manuscript, dated between the 2nd century BCE and the 2nd century CE. Brahmi numerals (lower row) in India in the 1st century CE The earliest civilization on the...
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  • The Impact of Motivation on Student's Academic Achievement and Learning Outcomes in Mathematics Among Secondary School Students in Nigeria
    Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science & Technology Education, 2007, 3(2), 149-156 The Impact of Motivation on Student’s Academic Achievement and Learning Outcomes in Mathematics among Secondary School Students in Nigeria Adedeji Tella Osun State College of Education, Osun State, NIGERIA Received...
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  • Learning Styles
    BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Rationale Every person has its own uniqueness making everyone different from each other which means that in everything people do, they vary from each other. For the students, they learn in different ways as well as their capability to acquire knowledge. This situation refers...
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  • Applications of Discrete Mathematics
    DISCRETE MATHEMATICS Discrete mathematics is the study of mathematical structures that are fundamentally discrete rather than continuous. In contrast to real numbers that have the property of varying "smoothly", the objects studied in discrete mathematics – such as integers, graphs, and statements in...
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  • Can literature “tell the truth” better than other arts or other areas of knowledge?
    Can literature “tell the truth” better than other arts or other areas of knowledge? John Stuart Mill once proclaimed that there are many truths of which the full meaning cannot be realized until personal experience has brought it home. This means that one cannot perceive the truth without understanding...
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  • Values in Language

1. Subject coritext 
2. Subject perspectives
3. Teaching methods
4. Co-curricular activities
5. Stqffdevelopment
6. Classroom management
7. School management

The approaches take the following model.

Integration of peace education into school total curriculum

*Subject content
*Subject perspectives
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  • Discuss Some of the Ways in Which Statistics Can Be Used or Misused in Different Areas of Knowledge to Assist and Mislead Us, and How Can We Determine Whether to Accept the Statistical Evidence That Is Presented?
    statistical evidence that is presented Statistics are numbers or figures that have been measured and are used to reach a quantitative conclusion on a subject or event. For example: the literacy rate in Ethiopia right now is about 30%. By using this statistic, we come to the conclusion that the literacy rate...
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  • Speaking Mathematically
    language in the learning of mathematics Kerry O’Regan Flexible Learning Centre, University of South Australia The genesis of this paper was a study which set out to explore the part played by emotion in the learning of mathematics, and which encountered a number of other things along the way. Part of...
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  • Pythagoras
    made all these subjects his business. Outside the city he made a cave the private site of his own philosophical teaching, spending most of the night and daytime there and doing research into the uses of mathematics..." (7) His group of students or followers were studying mathematics beneath him, but...
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  • What Students Have to Say Middle School Students Experiences in Mathematics Classes
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  • Ui Prospectus
    Research Methodologies are organized on a regular basis for postgraduate students and teachers viz: • Grant making • Conceptual frameworks in Research • Use of Statistics and ICT • Writing a PhD thesis • Writing academic papers • Development of a unique University of Ibadan Manual of Style (UIMS) • Ethics...
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  • Letter of Interest
    magazines and journals for relevant news updates. I have a strong background in Mathematics and Science, excelling in subjects such as Calculus, Algebra, Probability and Statistics. I believe that Mathematics and other subjects such as Computer Science and Marketing, which also appeal to me, can be useful...
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  • Research Papers
    success is always marked with dignity and honor in all the examination of life. Examinations add to our ability, power of tolerance, perseverance and other good qualities. In education, teachers should be competitive and effective not only in particular aspects but also in an outside world. The desire...
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  • Discuss the Role of Criterion Referenced Tests and Norm Referenced Tests in the Teaching and Learning Process
    appropriate uses of each. Exposition and overview of the two key concepts Glaser (1963) confronted two possible uses of educational tests and their areas of application. The first is that tests can supply norm-referenced measurements. In norm-referenced measurement the performances of subjects are scored...
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  • Co-Opertive Learning to Teach Mathematics
    parents, educators, policy makers and the general public are concerned about the poor performance of students at all the grade levels in the subject area of mathematics. An examination of the Grade Three Diagnostic Test 2008 administered in a rural All-Age School indicates that only 4.3% of all the students...
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  • Influence of High School Math Experiences to the Adaptability on College Mathematics of Freshman Engineering Students of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Maragondon Campus, A.Y. 2011-2012.
    operates. We can apply what we have learned, not only from the teachers but also from our experiences. Just like the experiences of the students in Mathematics from primary level to their secondary level of education. But the question is, how important for the freshmen engineering students in college to...
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  • Algebra
    a basic course in the study of Mathematics to all second year students, aims to improve their skills, to enhance understanding of mathematical concepts and to develop themselves in solving and analyzing problem. “Algebra has moreover become the hard and difficult subject that the high school students...
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  • Preface of Fundamental Numerical Method
    the day never arrives when the investigator no longer understands the nature of the analysis done by the machine. Unfortunately instruction in the uses and applicability of new methods of analysis rarely appears in the curriculum. This is no surprise as such courses in any discipline always are the...
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  • Hotchalk
    discussion of facts and principles in which the researcher’s study is related. The researchers get the related literature from books, articles and other publications. The related literature serves as the foundation of the researcher’s study. It helps the researchers to select and search for better problem...
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  • Application for Foundation
    Ref. No (For Office Use) UNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN Wholly owned by UTAR Education Foundation (Co. No. 578227 – M) Application Form – May 2011 Intake (Foundation Programmes for Admission to Bachelor Honours Degree Programmes) Section A: To be completed by applicant 1. Name (as in NRIC):...
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