• Child sexual abuse: a precursor for recreational drug abuse among young adult women
    Child Sexual Abuse (CSA): A precursor for recreational drug abuse (alcohol and nicotine) | |among young adult women SHEEBA SHAMSUDEE
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  • Child abuse
    Clinical Forum Child Maltreatment: A Global Issue Carol E. Westby Albuquerque, NM bhild abuse, neglect, and trauma are global problems. Abuse has been defined as when "a person willfully or unreasonably does, or causes a child or young person to do, any act that endangers or is likely to end
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  • Alcohol education
    Shane Butler ALCOHOL AND DRUG EDUCATION IN IRELAND: AIMS, METHODS AND: DIFFICULTIES Shane Butler, M. Soc. Sc., C.O.S.W., is Lecturer in Social Work at Trinity College Dublin and Course Coordinator for TCD’s Diploma in Addiction Studies. He was previously employed as a social worker with the Ea
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  • Sex education in the family and its relationship to the prevalence of teenage pregnancies
    St. Michaels College Iligan City SY: 2011-2012 Introduction of Sex Education in the Family and Its relationship to the prevalence of teenage pregnancies in Barangay Suarez A thesis submitted in a partial fulfillment Of the requirements For the degree of Bachelor of Science in
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  • Teenage suicide
    Teenage Suicide Teenage suicide has been common in society, and still is today. Some teenagers feel that suicide is the only option for them when stress becomes what they believe to be too much. It’s not. In the year 2007 Georgia alone had a 7.9 suicide rate among adolescents aged 15-24 (American
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  • Causes and effects of verbal and non verbal abuse
    CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Bullying is a form of abuse. It comprises repeated acts over time and that involves a real or perceived imbalance of power with the more powerful individual or group abusing those who are less powerful. The power imbalance may be social po
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  • Child abuse
    Child Sexual Abuse: A Review of the Literature THE JOHN JAY COLLEGE RESEARCH TEAM KAREN J. TERRY, Ph.D. PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR JENNIFER TALLON PRIMARY RESEARCHER PART I – LITERATURE REVIEW This literature review provides the reader with an overview of major academic works concerning child
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  • Research issues in empirical inquiry on absenteeism (based on compiled literature)
    RESEARCH ISSUES IN EMPIRICAL INQUIRY ON ABSENTEEISM (Based on Compiled Literatures) By Jyoti Satpathy INTRODUCTION Absenteeism is a classical topic in the proposition agenda of Indian Organisation (Organisation, hereafter for this proposal) linkages. Since early years of organisation proble
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  • Research on child abuse
    ECHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction This chapter will cover the background of the study, problem statement and focus on the objectives and also the research question in order to get full findings of this study. It is also as the overview of what basically this study is all about. I
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  • Alcohol use disorder
    Alcohol use disorders are among the most prevalent mental disorders worldwide and rank high as a cause of disability burden in most regions of the world. (Grant et al., 2006)The following paper discusses the recent research findings and essential features based on the content of diagnosis, assessmen
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  • Youth gambling abuse: issues and challenges to counselling
    YOUTH GAMBLING ABUSE: ISSUES AND CHALLENGES TO COUNSELLING BY TOYOBO, O. M. Ph.D woltosix@yahoo.com & JIBOKU, A.O. (MRS) ajibolawemmy2003@yahoo.com Department of Educational Psychology, Tai Solarin College of Education, Omu-Ijebu, Ogun State. ABSRTACT In recent ti
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  • Teenage pregnancy
    My placement is based in a short term direct access hostel for homeless young people aged 16 to 21. The aim of the hostel is to provide short term accommodation to young people for up to 6 month, during that time each young person is provided with practical and therapeutic assistance to address and
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  • The social impact of drug abuse
    Num ber 2 THE SOCIAL IMPACT OF DRUG ABUSE This study was originally prepared by UNDCP as a position paper for the World Summit for Social Development (Copenhagen, 6-12 March 1995) Contents Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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  • Drug abuse in iran
    Abstract : purpose of this paper is to inform my classmates the rate of substance abuse for Iranian high school students. High school students who are either experienced being prison or awaiting a trial for a crime that they made, either with HIV or without it.This research has been done by me, Dr
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  • Alcohol affects
    Table of Content Overview of Project…………………………………………….. Literature Review……………………………………………….. Trends and Critiques……………………………………………. Conclusion……………………………â
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  • The impact of alcohol on prenatal and post-natal development
    . . . . . . The Impact of Alcohol on Prenatal and Post-natal Development . Psy. 6010 – Human Prenatal Development . Jermaine Long . 6-17-11 . Table of Contents Title Page………………………………………...............................1
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  • Teenage pregnancy
    Teen Abortion In America, there were pro-abortion and anti-abortion just like here in the Philippines. Parental consent is one of the more inflammatory policy issues in the area of birth control, especially in regard to providing abortion without parental consent. There are situation in which the
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  • The effects of drinking alcohol
    Alcoholism amongst teenagers is progressively getting worse with newer generations. In this essay, the discussion will be about the influences that parents and guardians have on the toll of their children’s drinking. Problems discusses will be related to the fact that parents who try to strictly e
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  • Alcohol addition and obsessive compulsive disorders
    Running Head: ALCOHOL ADDITION AND OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDERS Alcohol Addition and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Stephanie S. Greathouse HS 5108 Foundation of Addictive and Compulsive Behavior Intervention Design Capella University Table of Contents Introduction
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  • Effects of child abuse and neglect.docx
    Effects of child abuse and neglectAll types of child abuse and neglect leave lasting scars. Some of these scars might be physical, but emotional scarring has long lasting effects throughout life, damaging a child’s sense of self, ability to have healthy relationships, and ability to function at ho
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