• Reflective Essay on Classroom Observation
    Danielle Moeller Professor Schilling Lit Block 4-22-07 Observation Reflection As I walked into the classroom for my first day of observations, I was greeted with a warm “Hello!” In fact, each time that I entered a new classroom I was given the same greeting. All of the teachers were more
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  • Report on Classroom Observation
    REPORT on CLASS OBSERVATION Introduction Internship teaching is the culminating experience of the first degree program in education. It provides the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge on pedagogies in the actual classroom setting and gain the experience. The internees are exposed to an
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  • Classroom Observation
    I did my observation at Horace Mann Elementary school 3nd grade classroom. When I entered the classroom, I felt very welcomed, Mrs.burns had all the students welcome me. It was a very colorful classroom covered with the children’s art work. The children seemed to feel very comfortable around each
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  • Classroom Observation
    Observation of a Spanish Class Room Arrangement Walking through the door, students are hit with vibrant colors on the walls, and posters with quotes. They feel safe and welcome wandering to their seats. They can see their classmates as they face each other and glance from wall to wall looking at p
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  • Classroom Observation
    Program Interview/Observation Project By: A. Williams Interview: Preschool: First United Methodist Church Teacher: Mrs. Laird Time: 10:25 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Date Observed: November 10, 2011 1. Who are the children who participate in this program? They are all local children and the
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  • Classroom Observation
    I had the opportunity to observe a 10th grade English “inclusion” class at the Greater Lowell Technical High School. I am performing my practicum experience at Greater Lowell Tech (GLT), and was astonished to learn that special education accounts for almost 25% of the student population! I hones
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  • Classroom Observation Critique
    La Consolacion College-Bacolod Graduate School Ma. Lourdes S. Alberto MAED-Engl/Lit TEACHING PRACTICUM (English 205) Assignment #1 Observation of Classroom Teaching Course Objectives At the end of the lesson, the students will ● explore the use of the think aloud...
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  • Classroom Observation
    Mrs. Cash’s 3rd grade classroom is a comfortable and safe environment for all of her 16 students. She has a very successful approach to education. Throughout the short amount of time I spent at Pelican Elementary, I was introduced to sheer creativeness.  During my observation time, I was...
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  • Observation and Reflection
    Running head: OBSERVATION AND REFLECTION Classroom Observation Paper Donielle E. Howard University of Phoenix MAT 531: Curriculum Constructs & Assessment: History/Social Science Jackie Mangieri, MED June 19, 2005 Observation and Reflection My observ
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  • Improving Teacher–Student Interaction in the English Classroom
    Title Improving teacher–student interaction in the English classroom Acknowledgement I would like to acknowledge all the students and the teachers from Newman Catholic College who helped and guided me to formulate my research topic, as well as, the process of carrying out the action plan. Abst
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  • Observation in Teaching
    Introduction Classroom observation is one of a repertoire of strategies which help staff gather information about the core work of Learning and Teaching. It should be carried out sensitively and professionally, and should involve teachers in consultation about the purposes and format of the exerci
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  • Observation
    Running head: Observation and Reflection Paper The Observation and Reflection Paper: A Reflection of Mrs. Bells’ Classroom KaJania S. Pratt THE ART AND SCIENCE OF TEACHING Instructor: Mr. Joel Slater University of Phoenix March 15, 2010 The Observation and
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  • My Ideal Classroom
    l Classroom COVER SHEET TO BE SUBMITTED WITH ASSIGNMENTS NAME | Sumera Baakza | STUDENT ID | | MODULE NO | 1 | DATE SUBMITTED | | By submitting this form electronically, you are agreeing to all the following statements. I have stayed within length specifications. The number of w
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  • Classroom Observations
    Running head: ESL CLASSROOM OBSERVATION ESL Classroom Observations # 1 & 2 Kimberly Moreno New Jersey City University: MCC 611/612 Observation #1 On February 20, 2013, I observed a sophomore advanced bilingual US History 1 class. The class is composed of 8 boys and 3 girls. The cl
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  • Observation
    Classroom Observation and Reflection Paper Nadya A. Carlisle SS 203 03 Historical & Cultural Foundations of Education November 26, 2012 Will Smith, Ph. D. Smithwill04@aim.com I observed Ms. Utroska’s first grade class at Durant Public School in Durant, Ms, where I am also employed. Wi
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  • Class Observation
    Crystal Kusey ESL Services at UT ELP Intermediate (Section 4B) Reading and Discussion October 27, 2009 Class Observation and Report Before I observed this particular class, I looked up information about the English Language Program (ELP) on-line. This program is designed for people who wish
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  • Observation Paper MTE:501
     Individual Assignment: Classroom Observation and Reflection MTE/501 Classroom Observation and Reflection I observed Mrs. Jessica Allred’s 2nd grade class at Paxson Elementary School. I observed the classroom from 9am to 12:15pm. The kids were in...
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  • Program Visit Reflection
    Reflection Summary In this essay I would be discussing my reflection from my observation at the Head Start school I choose to visit. I would also discuss what Head Start schools are and what changes I would have made in my visit. Head Start Programs are a boost for the children upcoming...
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  • reflection of the world
    UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHEASTERN PHILIPPINES COLLEGE OF TEACHER EDUCATION AND TECHNOLOGY TAGUM-MABINI CAMPUS APOKON, TAGUM CITY _________________________ FIELD STUDY 3 Micro-Teaching and the Use of Technology In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements...
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  • observation report
     TASK 2 CHECKLIST PRIMARY ESL CLASSROOM OBSERVATION REPORT INTRODUCTION The current curriculum is designed to meet the mission and vision of education philosophy in order to produce productive citizens which focusing on pupils in school as early as in primary...
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