• Productive skills
    PRODUCTIVE SKILLS “Productive skills” is the term for speaking and writing, skills where students actually have to produce language themselves. Although the productive skills of writing and speaking are different in many ways, we can still provide a basic model for teaching and organizing th
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  • Developing language skills
    SUBJECT ASSIGNMENT DEVELOPING LANGUAGE SKILLS Names and surnames: Brandt, Lorena G./ De La Serna, Dolores Group: 26 Date: September 30th INDEX Introduction………………………………………………………….………………….. page 3 Productive skills: Speaking
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  • Intgration of skills
    Unit 12 Teaching Integrated Skills  Teaching Objectives: 1. The reasons why we should integrate the four skills; 2. The ways we integrate the four skills;3. The implications for teaching;4. The limitations of integrating the  four skills.  I. The reasons why we should integrate the four ski
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  • Assignment 3 language skills
    Assignment 3: Language Skills Rationale for using the authentic text The authentic teaching material I have chosen is ‘Welcome to London – information to start your visit’ for use in a Language Skills Lesson to the pre-intermediate level class. This material, produced by Visitlondon.com, i
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  • Celta assignment 2:skills -related task
    Cambridge CELTA Written Assignment Two Skills –related tasks Word count: 1082 I acknowledge that this paper is my own work. Trainee: Mileva Genadieva Signature: Date: 18.02.2013 Receptive skills: According to J. Harmer in his book The Practice of E
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  • Celta- language skills assignment
    17/05/10 Cambridge ESOL CELTA Written Assignment 1 Language Skills Assignment PART 1 For the purpose of English language teaching, teachers tend to refer to four particular skills- reading, writing, speaking and listening. (Harmer, 2007) Reading and listening are known as receptive skill
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  • Communication skills
    Communication Skills Effective communication is all about conveying your messages to other people clearly and unambiguously. It's also about receiving information that others are sending to you. Doing this involves effort from both the sender of the message and the receiver. And it's a process that
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  • Celta language skills written assignment
    CELTA assignment 1: LRST 1. TEXT AND RATIONALE: The text I am selecting is a description of a clown who works in a circus, and a description of his everyday life. I chose this text for the following reasons: -INTEREST: Recent research has indicated that how interesting a text is will a
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  • Language skills realted tasks
    CELTA Pre-Course Task Contents Introduction Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Learners and Teachers, and the Learning and Teaching Context Language Analysis and Awareness Language Skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing Planning and Resources Developing Teaching Skil
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  • Teaching of speaking skills at primary level in mardan
    Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Progress and advancement of the countries of the world are always related with the kind of education they offer to their people .Generally education is the concern of Government and public in democratic countries. Pakistan is a democratic country and democracy ca
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  • Tefl - the systems & language skills of english
    Module 3 ~ Essay 2 | The Systems; Language Skills of English | | | 1. Take a look at the list of items below. Decide which system these relate to: lexis, phonology, grammar or function. | | I went to London; I´ve been to London.grammar | | Lend me $5. Could you possibly lend me $5?F
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  • Influence of listening comprehension over speaking skills (literature review)
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  • Essential english skills through computers
    ESSENTIAL ENGLISH SKILLS IN ENGINEERING EDUCATION THROUGH COMPUTERS ABSTRACT Now a days it is essential for the engineering students to learn the language skills which are helpful to develop their career in a good company. According to the job requirements in the industries today, they are su
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    PRODUCTIVE VOCABULARY KNOWLEDGE AND EVALUATION OF ESL WRITING IN CORPUS-BASED LANGUAGE LEARNING Daehyeon Nam Submitted to the faculty of the University Graduate School in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Doctor of Philosophy in the Department Literacy,...
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  • CELTA skills related tasks
    Written Assignment Three: Skills Related Tasks Candidate name: Date: Assessment criteria: a correctly using terminology that relates to language skills and sub-skills b relating task design to language skills practice c accessing reference materials and...
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  • Communication skills
    Communication skills organization  The decision-making process begins when a problem is identified (step 1).  Problem identification can be challenging. Most problems do not come with neon identification signs.  Furthermore, the manager who identifies and solves the wrong problem is no b
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  • Reasons to develop a productive skill
    Reasons to develop a methodology to teach productive skills 1. To have ready our activities, time and material. In this way we prepare ourselves too. Not just the students study and learn at the moment they see a lesson, also the teacher does. So if we prepare our material, the students and us c
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  • English skills assessment of esl listeners at cefr a1 level
    1. Background This research presents the analysis of a listening assessment of a group of CEFR A1 Level adult learners of English in the UAE. 22 students participated in this study and consist of two groups at Elementary level – E2 and E4, with the latter being of a higher stage. Learners in th
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  • Soft skills
    1.0 Introduction Gone are the days when jobs came knocking at the door of prospective job seekers. In today’s world, only those who are really competent, talented, knowledgeable, proactive and technically qualified stand better chances of securing well-paid jobs in the private sectors, governm
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  • Language Skills Related Tasks’ Assignment
    Language Skills Related Tasks’ Assignment 1. Suitability of text for use with TP class ‘Does tourism ruin everything that it touches?’ – The text given to us as the assignment material, an article about the effects of mass tourism, can be responsibly chosen as a helpful, interesting...
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