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Recent Trends In Marketing In India

RECENT TRENDS IN MARKETING IN HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY CLUB: READING CLUB LECTURER: PROF. SNEHAL LUNE SHRUTI INGLE (121) KRUTIKA SHELKE (155) SAGAR IRABATTI (122) KARAN BANGERA (103) ANKUR CHAUHAN (111) INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING According to Phillip Kotler, “The term Marketing is defined as a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering and exchanging products of value with others” Marketing is basically informing...

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Marketing Implications of Technology : Recent and Upcoming Trends

Recent and Emerging Trends in Impact of Technology on Marketing 1 Recent and Emerging Trends in Impact of Technology on Marketing MTCI Individual Assignment Sajith P Surendran 309/48 IIM Calcutta 2013 - MTCI Recent and Emerging Trends in Impact of Technology on Marketing 2 Contents Recent Technology Trends in Marketing .............................................................................................3 Personalized Marketing ........................................

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Trend in Marketing

BCOM March 23, 2011 Ms. Mary Doe Trends in Marketing By: Anonymous Dear Ms. Mary Doe, You asked me to write a report covering my current trends in my field of study. The following report that you requested will cover current trends in the field of marketing. I spent many hours researching and preparing this report. I found some main trends involving mobile marketing, green marketing, and social media marketing. I hope that the report is accurate to what you have asked of me. I hope you...

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Direct Marketing in India

Direct marketing in India For those who are considering tapping into the Indian marketplace, the author offers an update on the country's diverse population, its technological advances and its overall potential for marketers. India is a country which has a rich heritage. In the rich tapestry that is India, there is diversification among its individuals, languages, cultures, religions and castes. The population in India’s five major metros consists of a middle and upper class. The lifestyles and...

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Latest trends in marketing

The Recent and Latest Trends in Marketing Businesses usually succeed due to two basic factors and both relate to investments. Firstly, it is the capital that must be invested in order to get the returns. Secondly, it is the investments made on your advertising and marketing tactics that must be well planned, strategized, executed and implemented in order to ensure that your business flourishes. There are basically two methods of marketing a product. Using traditional marketing methods like advertising...

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Factors Affecting Sustainable Marketing in India

affecting Sustainable Marketing in India 1. Introduction 1.1. Central Question Stated in general terms, the central question the researcher intends to answer is: Which are the main factors and barriers affecting the implementation of sustainable marketing within large Indian textile companies? 1.2. Aims • Substantive aim: To understand the main factors and barriers affecting large Indian textile companies based in Ahmedabad in the implementation of sustainable marketing. • Theoretical Aim:...

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mobile marketing trends

writing 101 11 spetember 2014 Mobile marketing trends in India Marketing is the social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others. The marketing concept is a philosophy. It makes the customer, and the satisfaction of his or her needs, the focal point of all business activities. It is driven by senior managers, passionate about delighting their customers. Marketing is a main element for the successful sale...

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Future of Marketing: Recent Trends, Emerging Issues & Future Outlook

Future of Marketing: Recent Trends, Emerging Issues & Future Outlook | XXXXX | St. Petersburg College | | Marketing is all about the promotion of goods and services and as the options and outlets for doing so evolve so too does the way the marketer must look at their methods. This paper will discuss the impact of technology, content, the internet, co-marketing, product value, discounts and networking. The most recent trend in marketing is digital marketing. While companies continue...

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Recent Marketing Trends

The 10 Most Important Marketing Trends According To Sir Martin Sorrell What is Sir Martin Sorrell’s, CEO of the world’s largest advertising and marketing services company WPP take on the marketing Zeitgeist? 1. The Shift Toward The East and South: In addition to China in the East and India in South-East Asia, he referred to the Germany-Poland-Russian cluster in Eastern Europe, observing that as long oil stays above $100 a barrel Russia will continue to be a formidable economic power.  The...

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Digital Marketing in India


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Marketing Environment in India

environment is a marketing term and refers to all of the forces outside of marketing that affect marketing management’s ability to build and maintain successful relationships with target customers. The market environment consists of both the macro environment and the micro environment Demographic factors Study of human population in terms of size, density, location, age gender, race, occupation, other stats India’s demographic report findings * Estimated 1.1 billion people live in India, that makes...

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Future of Marketing: Recent Trends, Emerging Issues & Future Outlook

Future of Marketing: Recent Trends, Emerging Issues & Future Outlook Student St. Petersburg College Marketing decisions are an important part of the management practice. Large-scale databases and applications are methods that have increased tremendously over the years. “In the twenty-first century we expect that marketing managers will increasingly customize products and services and the supporting marketing programs.” (Leeflang & Wittnk, 2000) There have been several areas that...

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Recent Trends in Indain Banking Sector

we want to express our views to explore how this sector can work in harmony with the real sector to achieve the desired objectives. the b Banking sector has been immensely benefited from the implementation of superior technology during the recent past, almost in every nation in the world. Productivity enhancement, innovative products, speedy transactions seamless transfer of funds, real time information system, and efficient risk management are some of the advantage derived through the technology...

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Rural Marketing in India

RURAL MARKETING IN INDIA: In a market where life has revolved around deep rooted community values, joint families, and social customs and taboos (women, for example, are not allowed to wear trousers), marketers realize that the traditional routes of market entry and brand building employed in urban India are often not feasible. As Adi Godrej, Chairman of the Godrej Group, says, “The challenge [for brands] is to understand the [psyche] of the rural consumer, create better distribution, and [appreciate]...

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National Income Trend in India

ANALYSIS OF INDIA (1950-2013) India is home to 1.24 billion people, which is about 17.5 per cent of the global population. The Indian economy is the 12th largest in USD exchange rate terms. India is the second fastest growing economy in the world. However, it accounts for only 2.98 per cent of world GDP in US dollar terms and 5.0 per cent in purchasing power parity (ppp) terms. Hence, there exists a huge potential for catch up. The global welfare too is linked to progress in India as reflected...

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Current Trends in Internet Marketing

Internet marketing involves the usage of the Internet to market and sell goods or services. In this thesis we wished to seek answers for the following questions with the help of web, email surveys taking into consideration consumer perspective, company perspective and 3rd party internet marketing agency perspective. Our survey sample was based on a small set of companies, consumers and internet marketing agencies. The survey results helped us in predicting the trends in internet marketing. We were...

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Trends of E Commerce in India

2013 trends for a maturing E-commerce space in India 2012 was an exciting year for Indian e-commerce, which capped off an incredible 5 years of exponential growth, from approximately $1.75 Bn in 2007, to over $14Bn by 2012. A lot is being written about 2013 as a year of possible consolidation for the industry. But regardless of how things develop in this sphere, 2013 will see more interesting trends and more interesting innovations in the Indian e-commerce, as the market matures. The rise of M-Commerce ...

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Marketing Solutions: Volkswagen India

Marketing Solutions Volkswagen India Case Study Innovative campaign inspires 2,700 car recommendations in 4 weeks Volkswagen (VW) is one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers and the largest carmaker in Europe. As Volkswagen pursues its goal of becoming the number one automaker in the world by 2018, India has become a key component of its strategy. India is currently the world’s second fastest growing car market, with shipments expected to more than double by 2018.1 As a relatively...

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Volkswagen India- Marketing Strategy in India

 Audi and Volkswagen brands launched in 2007.  Two group companies – Volkswagen India & VGSIPL.  Volkswagen India Volkswagen branded cars.  VGSIPL – Audi and Skoda.  Marketing strategy in India – Product, Place, Price, Promotion. ISSUES  Caters mainly to luxury segment.  Higher price range – except Skoda Fabia.  Lack of brand awareness among Indian consumers. Lack of aggressive marketing in earlier phases. Lesser sales than BMW, Mercedez, etc (SIAM).  Lack of consumer...

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Service Marketing in Health Sector of India

Title-Service Marketing in Health Sector of India Name-Kripal Singh Niranjan Introduction: - Services marketing typically refers to both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) services, and includes marketing of services like telecommunications services, financial services, all types of hospitality services, car rental services, air travel, health care services and professional services. The range of approaches and expressions of a marketing idea developed with the hope that...

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Air India Marketing Strategy

Air India Marketing Strategy Name: Harsha Sinha Enrollment No. 11BSPHH010328 Section – B Seat No. - 2 AirIndia is a state-owned flag carrier, the oldest airline of India. It is part of the Indian government-owned AI Limited.  The airline operates a fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircrafts. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), by its latest estimates, India will contribute significantly to air travel, which is to grow from US$ 5.1billion to US$ 5.6billion. Market...

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TRENDS OF URBANIZATION IN INDIA AND PACE OF URBANISATION IN DIFFERENT STATES -KARTIK UCHIL (35) Basic Feature and Pattern of India's Urbanization Basic feature of urbanization in India can be highlighted as: 1. Lopsided urbanization induces growth of class I cities. 2. Urbanization occurs without industrialization and strong economic base 3. Urbanization is mainly a product of demographic explosion and poverty induced rural - urban migration. 4. Rapid urbanization leads to massive growth of slum...

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Being Green Trend in India

Being Green: Trends in India chillibreeze writer — Impuri Ngayawon * | Through the ages, Darwin’s theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ has impacted the lives of the human species. Not many thought that the great scientist was prophesying the future of generations to come. During his State of the Union address last week, President Obama said ‘The nation that leads the clean energy economy will be the nation that leads the global economy, and America must be that nation.’ The much awaited global...

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Meeting and Event Marketing Trends

1163 – Course Project Marketing Event Trends Gravatt, Frankye Event and experiential marketing is playing a critical role in the rapidly evolving media and marketing industry. The key trends noted in Event Track 2012 were: * Event and Experiential Marketing is a strong growth industry – expecting budgets to grow by 7.8% and brands that measure their event programs are seeing a higher increase in budgets (12.5% vs. 4.8% in those that don’t measure) * Event Marketing is Effective *...

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Retail Marketing in India

THE INDIA RETAIL SECTOR REPORT 2013 Retail Specialists in retail service recruitment www.michaelpage.co.in Contents Introduction Talent Pool Availability How Michael Page Can Help 3 5 6 2 Retail Specialists in retail service recruitment www.michaelpage.co.in THE INDIA RETAIL SECTOR Introduction The Indian retail market is estimated to exceed US$ 750 billion by 2015, according to the India Retail Report 2013 (IRIS Research), presenting a strong potential for foreign retailers...

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Advances in the Nutraceutical Market: Global Trends for India

" Advances In The Nutraceutical Market: The Global Trends For The Indian Scenario," ----DR. AMITA B. KARNIK, DIRECTOR, OPTIMAL NUTRIENTS INDIA. The growth of the top performing products in the estimated $50-60 billion U.S. dietary supplement market is rising at double-digit rates thanks to increased consumer focus on health, better industry regulation, and trends geared toward greater globalization In the Indian scenario, the A-to-Z nutrients, like multivitamins, will stay as usual...

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A Study on Recent Trends in Selection and Recruitment in Private Sectors

TITLE OF THE STUDY: A study on recent trends in selection and recruitment in private sectors INTRODUCTION: Recruitment and Selection are simultaneous process and are incomplete without each other. They are important components of the organization and are different from each other. It also contains addresses of various and top placement consultants and the pricelist of advertisements in the magazine. Recruitment is the process of attracting job candidates with the right characteristics...

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Recent Trends in Marketing of Hospital Services


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How Do Trend in the Marketing Industry, Such as Integrated Marketing, Affect Advertising?

1. How do trend in the marketing industry, such as integrated marketing, affect advertising? Nowadays, there are too many trends in the marketing industry which we can see all over the places. These trends do not only give implication to the industry itself, it also affects the advertising field as well. Internet Marketing is an all-inclusive term for marketing products and/or services online – and like many all-inclusive terms, Internet marketing means different things to different...

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Analyze the Cause of Recent Trends in Autralia's Balance of Payments

Analyze the Causes of the Recent Trends in the Performance of Australia’s Balance Of Payments. The balance of Payments is a systematic record of all economic transactions that Australia has with the rest of the world over a set period of time. It consists of the Current Account and Capital/Financial Account. Whereas the current account reflects a nation’s net income, the capital/financial account reflects net change in national ownership of assets. Therefore, theoretically the BOP should be zero...

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Current Marketing Trends of Adidas

Table of Contents Introduction and Marketing Trends 4 SWOT Analysis 4 Strengths 4 Weaknesses 4 Opportunities 4 Threats 4 Branding, Brand Identity, USP, Target Market and Customer Expectations 5 Brand Identity 5 Unique Selling Point 5 Target Market and Customer Expectations 6 Marketing Mix 6 Product 6 Price 6 Place 6 Promotion 7 Ethical Policies and the Corporate Social Responsibility 7 Conclusion and Recommendations 7 References 8 Abstract Adidas is among the renowned...

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FDI recent trend in india

  CONCEPT OF GLOBALIZATION   "Globalization means the production and distribution of products and services of a homogeneous type and quality on a world wide basis”. Globalization also means globalizing the marketing, production, investment, technology and other activities. How do these happen? Globalization does not take place in singly instance. It takes place gradually through and evolutionary approach. FEATURES OF GLOBALIZATION Operating and planning to expand business throughout the...

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Amway India Marketing Mix

QUE.- Suggest a Marketing Mix for Amway with specific reference to Product P of the 4 Ps. You will have to justify your ansAmwayr with market based facts in which Amway is operating in India. ANS. – Amway Working in India as… Amway promotes individual entrepreneurship through its innovative direct selling approach of world class consumer products. Amway India is the country’s leading direct selling FMCG-company which manufactures and sells world-class consumer products...

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Tuborg India Marketing

Tuborg India Marketing: A Cut Above the Rest! Author: Ashwani Grewal, Ashwani.gr13@fms.edu The rejuvenating revamp of the Tuborg brand and its spunky Surrogate Marketing campaign through TV ads and social media has quickly established a strong connect with the premium segment customer in the country. With an innovative approach in designing the marketing mix, the brand seems well positioned to give the established players a run for their money. Tuborg is...

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The Rising Trend of Marketing Green

The Rising Trend of “Marketing Green” Abstract Eighty-five percent of the industrialized world’s citizens believe that the environment is the number one public issue. The concern about the environment has produced a new kind of consumer who requires a new brand of marketing. This research paper will give an overview of the rise in the number of companies stepping into the arena of Green Marketing. The paper will discuss what the benefits are regarding advertizing with the Green customer...

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Company and Product • Company Vision and Mission • Company product and service • Marketability 3) Marketing strategy  Company and product research (strengths and weaknesses)  Industry Research ( opportunities and threats)  Alternative Strategies 4) Marketing Objectives • Research • Market Segmentation • Target Market/ Customer Profile 5) Marketing Goals • Goals based on target market • Specific timeline for goals • Ways to reach target market Executive...

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Marketing Environment of India Automotive Industry

SUBMITTTED BY ABHILASH VISWANATHAN REG NO: 09095101 S2 MBA ICM POOJAPPURA SUBMITTED TO: SIVAPRAKASH CS | MARKETING ENVIRONMENT OF INDIAN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY | | | | | | MARKETING ENVIRONMENT OF INDIAN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY Introduction Forty years since India's independence from the British in 1947, the Indian car market was dominated by two localized versions of ancient European designs - the Morris Oxford, known as the Ambassador, and a old Fiat. This lack of...

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Kfc's Marketing Strategy in India

Keswani, Director, KFC Marketing, says the vegetarian menu in India came about when KFC found the country had about 35 per cent vegetarians, and in metros such as Delhi and Mumbai, almost 50 per cent. The non-vegetarian is the obvious target customer because, as Ms. Sharanita points out, Bangalore and the rest of south India have over 70 per cent non-vegetarians. But she also observes that chicken is KFC's strength. KFC's vegetarian menu is almost exclusive to India and is the most extensive...

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PESTLE Analysis of India 2012

Brochure More information from http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/2329976/ PESTLE Analysis of India 2012 Description: India has experienced a steady GDP growth rate of 8% during the last five years. The subcontinent’s economy is expected to continue its growth momentum over the next five years. Strong domestic demand and a burgeoning middle class are expected to continue driving the Indian economy to new heights during the forecast period of 2012-2017. Lucintel, a leading global management...

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Recent trends in HRM

MOST RECENT TECHNIQUES IN HRM Innovative techniques are developed to improve the work culture, so that the employees are motivated to give in their best to the organization. There is tough competition everywhere & to survive with grace, one will have to accept the changes in this modern world and adopt the latest human resources practices. The latest techniques in the field of Human Resource Management are: 1. Employees For Lease:  Sometimes the organizations depend upon consultancy agencies or...

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Emerging trends in Rural Areas & Effective marketing strategy for Rural Marketing

Marketing in Rural India What is market? Answer to this question is, According to Philip Kotler “Market is a set of existing and potential customers” and “Marketing is meeting needs profitability”. To do it effectively and efficiently one must need to identify target market on the basis of segmentation, targeting & positioning. In this recent scenario Rural India is emerging as a big hit target market. Total rural population in India as per latest analysis is 839082548.2 which contributes 70%...

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Pantaloon Retail India Ltd

PRIL from a small garment manufacturer to the #1 retailer in India by the early 21st century. It examines the evolution and growth of PRIL until the mid 1990s, and then traces the rationale behind the launch of its first retail format Pantaloons, a family departmental store. It discusses in detail the marketing and promotional efforts undertaken by PRIL for Pantaloons, which made the store one of the most successful lifestyle stores in India in the early 2000s. The case then examines the reasons for...

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recent trends in teaching and learning process

 RECENT TRENDS IN TEACHING AND LEARNING PROCESS SUB TITLE: NEW TRENDS AND UTILISATION OF TECHNOLOGY IN TEACHING AND LEARNING PROCESS U. RADHIYA M.ED STUDENT INDIAN COLLEGE OF EDUCATION KATPADI, VELLORE. ABSTRACT: Technology involves use of scientific knowledge and skills to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the teaching and learning process. It is a systems approach aimed at optimization of learning. It implies a behavioral science approach to teaching and...

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Discuss the significance and recent trends in operations management

needed, andeffective in terms of meeting customer requirements. It is concerned with managing theprocess that converts inputs (in the forms of materials, labor and energy) intooutputs (in the form of goods and services). significance and recent trends in operations management Operations traditionally refers to the production of goods and services separately,although the distinction between these two main types of operations is increasinglydifficult to make as manufacturers tend to merge...

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Trends in Retailing

on changing itself with the emerging trends. There are various elements that are working as the forces for retail dynamics. One such force is Rural retail. The retail business in India accounts for Rs 7400 billion with about 1200 million retailers.90percent of retail shops are kirana stores .Rural India has about 3.7 million shops spread over 063 million villages , with an average of six shops per village with an average sale of Rs 5000 only. In recent years, rural markets have acquired significance...

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 Marketing Plan Strategic marketing Shashidhar Reddy .A , MBA CCT [Pick the date] Table of Contents 1) Company overview 2) About 4P’s 3) About the Product 4) Current market 5) Distribution 6) SWOT Analysis 7) Strategy 8) Marketing Strategy with 4P’s 9) References COMPANY OVERVIEW Tata Motors is one of the leading automotive vehicle manufacturing companies in India. The company is engaged in the development, design...

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Soft Drinks India

drinks in India – Huge Potential Ahead According to the ‘Product Insights: Soft Drinks in India’ report, The global soft drinks market grew at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.45% from 2005 to 2009 and was valued at $494.5 billion in 2009. New product launches in the global soft drinks market increased by 8.59% in 2009. The US was the top country by retail sales as well as by number of new product launches, followed by Japan which ranked second in both categories. Globally, India ranked 25th...

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Attrition Trend in india

employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers – and today they are leaving more often than ever. According to recent Department of Labor statics, the average tenure of an employee in the U.S. is now only 1.5 years. What do these numbers mean? Are managers doing that bad of a job engaging and retaining their people. Is this churn and burn dynamic the new norm? Wherever the macro trends are headed, the ability to engage and retain talented employees is a critical skill for managers. Here are six...

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Radio History in India and Trends

to estimates, there are radio sets in about 105 million households in the country. History of Indian Radio  For more than 4 decades, the Government of India did not permit private radio stations to broadcast in India. Then history changed its course. In 1993, the Government allowed private FM operators to 'buy' blocks (chunks) on All India Radio, prepare programming content, book commercials from advertisers and broadcast the whole lot. Within 4 years, (1997-98), the FM Radio advertising and...

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Strategies for Luxury Marketing in India

Strategies for Luxury Marketing in India To be successful in India, it is both necessary to gauge the financial potential as well as the mindset of the Indian luxury consumer. This will help in bringing forth the right product offerings to the Indian consumer as well as targeting them better. There are conventional foundations for ensuring success of a brand and they are listed below in brief: * The brand must be “expansive” - Which means it should be full of innovation opportunities for the...

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Marketing Mix

Q1 Explain Marketing Mix for these Products and Service industries with suitable example of a company. 1) FMCG 2) Telecom 3) Education Answer : Marketing Mix of FMGC Product : Colgate[ Sensitive toothpaste ] : Product: " Colgate sensitive toothpaste is toothpaste which provides relief to sensitive teeth. " Some people's teeth's are normally sensitive towards special kind of conditions like when coming into contact with hot or cold substances. " Here this toothpaste provide relief...

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Colgate Hinterland Marketing in India

Colgate Marketing Oral hygiene in the hinterlands Colgate Colgate. The world’s most recognizable oral care brand, it belongs to the Colgate-Palmolive Company. Colgate was the first toothpaste in a collapsible tube, introduced in 1896. It is a worldwide household name and synonymous with the product itself in various regions. Colgate-Palmolive has its presence in about 200 countries. Colgate in India Present in India since the 1930s, Colgate is almost synonymous with toothpaste in the Indian...

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the marketplace. No singlecompetitive strategy is best for all companies. f. Publics A public is any group that has an actual or potential interest in or impact on an organization’sability to achieve its objectives. A company should prepare a marketing plan for all of their major publics as well as their customer markets. Generally, publics can be identified as being:1). Financial publics--influence the company’s ability to obtain funds.2). Media publics--carry news, features, and editorial opinion...

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A Study on the Strategic Growth & Future Prospect of E -Marketing in India

Strategic growth & future prospect of E -Marketing in India Introduction As per research title ‘e-Marketing – The Strategic Growth & Future Prospect in India’ is concerned, it can be stated, that ‘this research work is an attempt of contemporary overview of changing face of Marketing in India. E-Marketing is the new face of these changing phenomena...

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and they go about their marketing activities. Tesco as an organisation is renowned for their constant market monitoring, in other to identify new trends on timely basis. They also ensure that they keep up with the increasing expectation of their customer and changing taste. The environment in which Tesco exist is a very competitive one; many factors including customers, Supplier and the government put the company on its toes at all times. Task one The organisation marketing environment The environment...

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Failed Marketing Strategy of General Motors in India

Research Title “A research on failed marketing strategy of General Motors in India; and recommendation for successful strategy implementation”. Research Aim and objectives This research aims to find out the failure reason of General Motors Marketing strategy in India and recommend suitable strategy for successful implementation. Objectives To review the extant theoretical frame works and conceptual models related to Marketing strategies in developing countries. To investigate the failure...

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Issue 1 Subway has not only developed as a brand in Australia but also in its marketing strategy due to the early integration of a digital strategy. This has allowed the Subway brand to further own the ‘Healthy Alternative’ position in the fast food industry as is evident in the recent market research reults (Sprout Research, 2013). Subway is a worldwide franchising company and is entirely franchise owned. Subway provides a healthy alternative to fast food by allowing customers to build their...

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Comparative Study of the Marketing Strategies of Fortis Healthcare Limited, Apollo Hospitals and Max Healthcare Institute in Indian Healthcare Industry

COMPARATIVE STUDY OF THE MARKETING STRATEGIES OF FORTIS HEALTHCARE LIMITED, APOLLO HOSPITALS AND MAX HEALTHCARE INSTITUTE IN INDIAN HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY ABSTRACT The rate of growth of the health care industry in India is moving ahead neck to neck with the pharmaceutical industry and the software industry of the country. Much has been said and done in the health care sector for bringing about improvement. Till date, approximately 12% of the scope offered by the health care industry in India has been tapped...

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Global Marketing

Culture is one of the most important considerations in today’s global world (based on Lee and Carter 2012). Critically appraise how marketers can manage both the local and global (glocal) cultures when planning their marketing operations. Consider the macro environment as well as the impact of culture on buyer behaviour. A country’s culture is a part of it, which has been there through generations. Today, we are able to communicate and share our cultures through travel and trade. The world...

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Kfc Marketing Mix in India

1997 when that company was spunoff from PepsiCo.KFC primarily sells chicken in form of pieces, wraps,salads and sandwiches. While its primary focus is friedchicken, KFC also offers a line of roasted chickenproducts, side dishes and desserts. The marketing mix is generally acceptedas the use and specification of the 'four Ps'describing the strategic position of aproduct in the marketplace.ProductPricePlacePromotion Product Anything that can be offered to a market tosatisfy a want or need.KFC's...

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