• history essay
    questions of "Who?", "What?", "Where?", "Why?" and "When?" Identify the main theme or learning point of the particular text. R = Read Now read the chapter carefully, with these questions in mind. Your mind will be actively looking for answers as you read. Work with a pen and paper, make brief...
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  • Wot Lagi Hai Kahtam Karo Bhai
    answer but that the time had not yet come for me to know the answer. Why do I rate the Prashna Kandam as a mind-boggling matter? Because it is natural for anyone to answer a question when asked. But here in the case of the Naadi the answer is already recorded. How could anyone imagine as to what...
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  • Celta: Pre-Course Task
    some learner groups. Task 37 1. Not very successful – although the learner uses correct grammar, the speaker doesn’t know what the listener wants. 2. Successful – the grammar is not correct, but the message is clear. 3. Successful – the same as 2. 4. Not very successful – the answer is ambiguous...
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  • Celta Pre Interview Task
    : a. Teacher instructs “Read the text on Page 4 and answer question 1, 2, and 3”. b. Learners read and answer the questions. c. Teacher instructs “Compare your answers with the person next to you.” d. Learners compare answers. e. Teacher instructs “Write a short...
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  • An Intorduction of Research Culture
    apparent truths instead of active pursuers of knowledge. That's unacceptable; after all, don't "inquiring minds want to know"? So while personal experience, intuition, authority, appeals to tradition, custom, and faith, and magic, superstition, and mysticism may be good starting points for the...
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  • The Good Study Guide
    classmate Kate. Activity 10.10 Read the essay by Kate that follows (you can download a copy from the Good Study Guide website at www.goodstudyguide.co.uk, if you want to write on it). Then answer these questions: 1 Is Kate’s essay stronger or weaker than Lewis’s or Erin’s? 2 Do you think that Kate...
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  • How to Study
    use what you already know to arrive at the answers to the questions about what you don’t know. 63 HOW TO STUDY Choose one paragraph from a book you are studying now. Write down the following in your notebook, or record it onto your audiotape: • • • • • Identify what you know for sure by...
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  • Nasserali
    emotion that you know the reader experiences. 20 EIGHT SURE-FIRE HEADLINES 1) Ask a Question. "Are you worried about becoming fat and flabby?" A question headline forces the reader to answer in his mind. You mechanically get the reader involved in your message. 2) Begin your headline with How To...
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  • Study Skills
    - understanding the answers can help you to structure the information in your own mind. READ: Now read the document. Read through useful sections in detail, taking care to understand all the points that are relevant. In the case of some texts this reading may be very slow. This will particularly be the...
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  • Chiiiiiiii
    Scottish High School. (During introductions) 8 I am busy now. Don’t disturb me now. (When a stranger makes an inquiry at a new workplace.) 9 Yes, this is my first visit. Have you visited here before? (During introductions) 10 I’ve come to meet Mr. Ashok. (Inquiring about a person...
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  • Celta Pre Course Key
    include complicated language ‘I wonder if you’d mind just’ is difficult and longwinded. The teacher needs to simplify the language: Read question 4 and answer it or maybe even Answer question 4. 3. Too many instructions are given at one time. The instructions would be more effective if they were...
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  • Practical Reseach Plan
    , to speculate, to ask questions. And by asking questions, we strike the first spark igniting a chain reaction that leads to the research process. An inquisitive mind is the beginning of research; as one popular tabloid puts it, “Inquiring minds want to know!” Look around you. Consider the unresolved...
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  • The Consulting Bible
    quantitative, ambiguous and precise. To ace them and to ace any case thrown your way, here are the 5 case study principles that you must know: Structure is everything, in any and all answers. Use signaling phrases such as “The 3 areas I’d want to investigate” or “The 4 explanations that come to mind...
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  • Gmat Gyan
    the pesticide affects a bee’s nervous system, I’ll immediately know that I can find that detail in paragraph 2. I won’t have any idea how to answer the question yet; I’ll have to read that detail now to see whether I can figure it out. Note: did you hit a word you don’t know? Skip it. Is some...
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  • Effective Communication
    audience from time to time. - Stay within the allotted presentation time. When you are answering questions, - Remain friendly, cool-headed and confident. - Answer only the questions asked and do so as succinctly and clearly as possible. - Remember that you do not always have to know everything. You...
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  • Pyschology
    . 22 Study Guide to accompany Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding, 2nd Edition AFTER YOU READ . . . PRACTICE TEST ANSWER KEYS Practice Test 1. Practice Test 2. 1. c (p. 4) 2. a (p. 6) 3. b (p. 7) 4. b (p. 8) 5. d (p. 11) 6. b (p. 11) 7. c (p. 13) 8. d (p. 14) 9. a (p. 15) 10. a...
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  • Exam Tips
    question. 3. Read the instructions Make sure that you read the instructions carefully: know from the start how many questions you're supposed to answer and how long your answers are expected to be. For standardized tests such as the SAT or the ACT, make sure that you visit the test websites well...
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  • Better Writing Right Now
    subject and direction words. (Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers to these questions.) Check your response against the answer key at the back of the book. Getting Started LESSON 1 BETTER WRITING RIGHT NOW! 5 1. Identify the vectors involved in the transmission of rabies from dogs to...
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  • Fast and Furious
 2. Transferring
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  • Why Do I Need Ielts
    THREE WORDS Also, look at the note It tells you that X means there is no in- formation given for this box, so you know that you will not hear what problems Olaf has with lectures step 2—read the questions and study how you have to answer What you can...
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