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Reactions Of Simply Supported Beams


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simply supported beam

SIMPLY SUPPORTED FLANGED BEAM DESIGN SIMPLY SUPPORTED FLANGED BEAM bf 1) Load Analysis - N= 1.35gk + 1.5qk 2) SFD and BMD - consider type of load hf h *min diameter bar provided is 12mm *min diameter link provided is 8mm d d = h – Cnom – Ølink – Øbar/2 Neutral Axis Lies in Flange Design as a rectangular section Size of beam (bf X d) Z = d (0.5+(0.25 – (k/1.134))1/2 0.95 d, use 0.95d as z value Asreq = M/0.87fykZ Provide main reinforcement Asmin = 0.26fctmbd/fyk...

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Bending of a Beam Senior Freshman Engineering Laboratories Lab: 2E4A Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Bidisha Ghosh Demonstrator: Concept A transverse load is applied to a beam. The beam changes its shape and experiences bending moment. Internal stresses (bending stress) develop in the beam. In the bent or curved shape, the material on the inside of the curve experiences compression and material on the outside of the curve experiences tension. In pure bending, the transverse planes in the material...

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theory of beams

On the Large Deflections of a Class of Cantilever Beams Moses Frank Oduori, Ph.D., Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, The University of Nairobi. Abstract An equation for the determination of large deflections of beams is derived from first principles. Laboratory tests were carried out in order to validate the theory. The theoretical and experimental results were found to be in good agreement. Introduction In much of the study and practice of mechanical and structural...

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Cantilever Beam

CONTENTS Sl No Title Page no 1. Getting Started with ANSYS 10 03 2. General Steps 07 3. Simply Supported Beam 08 4. Cantilever Beam 10 5. Simply Supported Beam with Uniformly distributed load 12 6. Beam with angular loads, one end hinged and at other end roller support 14 7. Beam with moment and overhung 16 8. Simply Supported Beam with Uniformally varying load 18 9. Bars of Constant Cross-section Area 20 10. Stepped Bar 22 11. Bars of Tapered Cross section Area 24 12. Trusses 26 13...

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Beam Experiment

Equilibrium - BEAM Objective 1. To study the vertical equilibrium of (a) a simply supported beam 2. To determine the reactions of the beams by (a) the experimental set-up and (b) by using the principles of statics and method of consistent deformation Apparatus TecQuipment SM 104 Beam Apparatus Mk III Figure 1 Experimental Procedures 1. Set up the beam AC with a span of 675mm (as shown in Figure 1). 2. Place two hangers equidistant (100mm) from the mid-point of the beam. 3. Unlock...

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Shear Force Acting on Beams

ertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwert yuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyu By: M.ZIA UL HAQ MS&E- 04 Abstract: In this experiment we come to know how different amalgamation of loads and distances causes the variation of bending moments across the length of a beam. Another attribute of this report is that it envisage about the agreement of theoretical values calculated with those which are calculate during the experiment. The experiment was designed to foster creative thinking and to make the study of structural...

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Types of Beam

Structural Analysis Contents Introduction .…………………………3 Type of beam …….…………4, 5, 6 & 7 References……………………………8 Introduction A beam is a structural member which carried load. These loads are most often perpendicular to its longitudinal axis, but they can be varying types. A beam supporting any load develops internal stresses to resist applied loads. The types of beam is determined by the kind of support the beam has at its ends or anywhere along its length. This is because each type...

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The Report of Deflection of a Beam

The Report of Deflections of Beams and Cantilevers Summary: There are four parts in this big experiment, including deflection of a cantilever, deflection of a simply supported beam, the shape of a deflected beam, and circular bending. In these four parts, a same set of laboratory instrument and apparatus is used, concluding a bracket, a moveable digital dial test indicator, U-section channel, moveable knife-edge, and three material beams: brass, aluminum, and steel. The experiment methods, and...

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Deflections of Beams and Cantilevers

The Report of Deflections of Beams and Cantilevers Summary: There are four parts in this big experiment, including deflection of a cantilever, deflection of a simply supported beam, the shape of a deflected beam, and circular bending. In these four parts, a same set of laboratory instrument and apparatus is used, concluding a bracket, a moveable digital dial test indicator, U-section channel, moveable knife-edge, and three material beams: brass, aluminum, and steel. The experiment methods, and...

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PUTTING IT TOGETHER: Classifying Chemical Reactions Purpose: To observe and differentiate between the four different types of chemical reactions. Variables: The independent variables are the sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, magnesium,copper, copper (11) sulfate, silver nitrate, oxygen, lead(11) nitrate, sodium carbonate, copper (11) sulfate pentahydrate. The dependent variables are the chemical reactions that are being looked for. For example decomposition, synthesis, single displacement or double...

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Abstract: On this project we will try to design an ( I ) construction beam and find lightest weight material that can be used as an construction beam , currently we are taking strength of material course that helping us to learn more about construction beam’s design , we will be going over types of beams , types of loads and beams design , on our own we will research about the materials of beams and try to find the lightest beam’s material that we can use in construction according...

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Internal Forces in Beams

of the beam and in most cases are assumed to be equally or uniformly distributed. a- Uniformly distributed load. a- Uniformly varying load. Concept of Shear Force and Bending moment in beams: When the beam is loaded in some arbitrarily manner, the internal forces and moments are developed and the terms shear force and bending moments come into pictures which are helpful to analyze the beams further. Let us define these terms Now let us consider the beam as shown...

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Bending Moment

DETERMINATE BEAM AND FRAMEWORK Objective: 1. To Sketch diagram of influence line for reactions, shear force and moment for: a. Simply supported beam b. Simply supported beam with one end overhanging c. Simply supported beam with both ends overhanging. 2. To calculate shear force and moment using influence line 3. To determine maximum shear force and moment 4. Calculate Absolute Maximum Moment (MMM) 4.1 INTRODUCTIONS: Influence line is to: Analysis a structure due to moving load along the beam. Show...

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Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), and the Muslim separatist movement of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF). One of his first actions was to arrest opposition politicians in Congress and the Constitutional Convention. Initial public reaction to martial law was mostly favourable except in Muslim areas of the south, where a separatist rebellion, led by the MNLF, broke out in 1973. Despite half-hearted attempts to negotiate a cease-fire, the rebellion continued to claim thousands of military...

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reaction paper

A REACTION PAPER demonstrates comprehension of the assigned readings and contain a critical and thoughtful reaction to the reading.  Reaction should make up the majority of the Reaction Paper.  Make sure that your paper is in the form of an essay with an introduction, body and conclusion. a) Focus on an aspect of the reading that you will argue pertains to some issue or idea’ “Does the reading support, undermine or come into tension with previous issues or concepts?” Explain why it is significant...

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My Reaction Paper This is my reaction paper on a movie that I watched entitled “The Wizards Of Waverly Place: The Movie”. Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie follows the Russo family as they embark on a vacation to the Caribbean resort where Jerry and Theresa first met. Alex, upset that she was forced to accompany her family on the trip, conjures a spell that erases her parents' fateful first meeting and puts the Russo family’s very existence in peril. In order to reverse the spell, Alex...

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Static Equilibrium of Beam

Time : 15 October 2001, 20:15 to 21:30 Experiment No. 2 : Static Equilibrium of Beam Objective: 1. To study the vertical equilibrium of (a) a simply supported beam and (b) a two-span continuous beam when subjecting to loads. 2. To determine the reactions of the beams by (a) the experimental set-up and (b) by using the principles of static and method of consistent deformation. Apparatus: 1. Tec Quipment SM104 Beam Apparatus- S/N: CNB0104C01, Supply No.:CNB0104 (Issuing Voucher: 0203141 & Inventory...

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Bending Moment Intro

moment is simply defined as “the algebraic sum of the moments of all the forces which induces bending of an element” (1). The aim of this assignment is to work out the bending moment in a simply supported beam when different concentrated loads are applied to it. A simply supported beam is a structure, usually with a straight profile supported at the ends, often pinned on one side and simply supported or on a roller on the other. There will be three series of loads applied to this beam & the findings...

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1/2 Diene NMR on website Product NMR on server (note: Exp. # follows HawkID) Experiment #7: Wittig 2) 3) Next Week: Experiment #8: Grignard Repeat Wittig lecture Nov. 5 Nov. 8/9 Experiment #8: Grignard Reaction - Grignard reaction: carbonyl compound and Grignard reagent - useful reaction in organic synthesis: forms C-C bond R X R MgX Grignard reagent R = 1o, 2o, or 3o alkyl, aryl, vinylic X = Cl, Br, or I O C OH C 1. RMgX, ether 2. H3O+ + R HOMgX Mechanism O...

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private individual, group, organization or institution can be a partners in education. There are, however, basic qualifications of participants to the Program. A private entity that intends to participate should have credible track record to be supported by a certificate of recognition with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA). The private entity should have been in existence for at least a year. Furthermore, when a school is adopted,...

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Bending of Beam Lab Report

flat side of the beam is support and when the thin side is supported. In addition, try to find linear relationship between the load applied and the deflection of the beam and comparing the experimental deflection with the theoretical deflection. If the load is applied at the mid- length a=b=L/2 then mid span deflection is: δ = PL3/(48EI). Where P is the applied force, L is the length of beam, E is the modulus of elasticity of aluminum, and I is the moment of Inertia. For a beam of rectangular...

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Bending Moment Lab

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Beam Reactions OBJECT 1. To determine both the theoretical and actual support reactions of a simple vertically loaded beam, showing that the loadings on the supports are directly proportional to the distances of the loads from the supports; thus illustrating the principle of the moments of forces. 2. To determine the beam support reactions for a horizontal beam carrying vertical loads at positions across the span. APPARATUS Two support stands, beam of uniform round bar...

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product development, which includes designing, prototyping, packaging, labeling, and product/quality improvement; and * Consultancy Services. Providing expert advice on areas related to planning, development, management, and operation of MSMEs. Reaction Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program of 1988, also known as CARP, is a Philippine state policy that ensures and promotes welfare of landless farmers and farm workers, as well as elevation of social justice and equity among rural areas. CARP...

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Deflection Of Beams And Cantilevers

Ruben Perez  Kanstantsin Varennikau  Adrien Francois  04/13/15  Deflection of Beams and Cantilevers ​ (Lab 3)      Objectives:  In the first experiment, our objective was to examine the deflection of a cantilever that had an  increasing point load. In the second experiment, our objective was to examine the deflection of  simple supported beam that had an increasing point load.     Experimental Setup:  During the experiment we will be using a Test Frame machine to calculate the deflection of a  cantilever...

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has developed extensive links with scientists abroad (particularly in Australia and Japan), and is now the core of a large network of schools in the Philippines (more than 110 high schools as well as over 30 colleges and universities) which are supported by the Philippines’ Department of Science and Technology as the leadership group for improving science and engineering education in the country. Dr. Gregorio Y. Zara He was born on March 8, 1902 - October 15, 1978 is a renowned...

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Behavioral Reactions to Change

Name the four behavioral reactions to change. Describe the behavioral signs of each reaction, and identify an organizational strategy for dealing with each reaction. Change management is a set of processes employed to ensure that significant changes are implemented in a controlled and systematic manner. One of the goals of change management is the alignment of people and culture with strategic shifts in the organization, to overcome resistance to change in order to increase engagement and the...

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we find out that Nash is suffering from a severe illness which is schizophrenia. The movie ended with Nash as a passionate, patient elderly man winning the Nobel Prize and still battling against his inner demons together with his wife Alicia who supported him all through out his journey. II. 3 Significant Scenes When Alicia asked John “you want to know what’s real?” and she put his hand in her heart, and his hand on her face saying “… this is real.” Minds can lie but our hearts cannot. Even though...

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Ball and Beam

Control Systems Lab Project (Ball and Beam) Ball and Beam Abstract The ball and beam system can usually be found in most university control labs since it is relatively easy to build, model and control theoretically. The system includes a ball, a beam, a motor and several sensors. The basic idea is to use the torque generated from motor to the control the position of the ball on the beam. The ball rolls on the beam freely. By employing linear sensing techniques, the information from the sensor...

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Beam Deflection Experiment

1.0 BACKGROUND OF STUDY The deflections of a beam are an engineering concern as they can create an unstable structure if they are large. People don’t want to work in a building in which the floor beams deflect an excessive amount, even though it may be in no danger of failing. Consequently, limits are often placed upon the allowable deflections of a beam, as well as upon the stresses. When loads are applied to a beam their originally straight axes become curved. Displacements from the initial axes...

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Beam Bending and Superposition

5AH Stage 1 Laboratory Report Beam Bending and Superposition Author Tutor Prof. Menary Semester 1 Date 28/11/2011 Summary An investigation into beam bending and superposition. Being able to analyse how beams bend is an essential tool for all engineers. By using mathematics and material properties, engineers are able to compute structural deformation thus verifying a structures fitness for use. In this experiment a simply supported beam of aluminium is loaded with point...

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The Feasibility of Beam

Hospital has decided to investigate the possibility of acquiring BEAM technology for brain imaging. This equipment will significantly improve the physician’s ability to locate abnormalities of the brain. Because reimbursement is uncertain and major expenditures involved, the governing body would like to explore the options of buying, leasing, or sharing County Hospital’s recently purchased BEAM machine. Physicians think that BEAM is critical to their practices and would prefer to keep patients...

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Exothermic Reaction

High School Students’ Conceptions about Energy in Chemical Reactions (focusing only in exothermic and endothermic reactions). Aim The aim of this study is to investigate students’ understanding of the energy concept in chemical reactions particularly in endothermic-exothermic reactions. Both qualitative and quantitative methodology was used for this investigation. A twenty-item multiple choice test was developed about the topic to measure the students’ understandings. This concept test was...

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Simply, Me

actual porous vase made for the purpose may be difficult to acquire. It is used to prevent the quick mixing of various solutions, while permitting the exchange of ions. For our purposes you can adapt a terracotta pot of the type used in gardening simply by plugging the hole in the bottom with molten wax and allowing it to cool. Another even more economical answer lies in constructing a barrier of paper. As shown in figure 4, roll the paper to form a cylinder and glue it in place on the bottom of...

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Rates of Reaction

Rates of Reaction Affected By Concentrations of a Substrate. Darian Naill September 19, 2011 Swanson AP Biology Introduction An enzyme is a protein molecule that helps other organic molecules start chemical reactions with one another; however, the enzyme itself is not affected by the reaction. A substrate is the substance acted upon by the enzyme. In this lab, catalase is the enzyme and hydrogen peroxide is the substrate. Catalase is found in both plant and animal tissues, and is abundant...

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Rate of Reactions

RATE OF REACTIONS. The reaction rate (rate of reaction) or speed of reaction for a reactant or product in a particular reaction is intuitively defined as how fast or slow a reaction takes place. For example, the oxidative rusting of iron under the atmosphere is a slow reaction that can take many years, but the combustion of cellulose in a fire is a reaction that takes place in fractions of a second (right). Chemical kinetics is the part of physical chemistry that studies reaction rates. The concepts...

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Chemical Reactions

Chemical reactions are the heart of chemistry. People have always known that they exist. The Ancient Greeks were the firsts to speculate on the composition of matter. They thought that it was possible that individual particles made up matter. <br><br>Later, in the Seventeenth Century, a German chemist named Georg Ernst Stahl was the first to postulate on chemical reaction, specifically, combustion. He said that a substance called phlogiston escaped into the air from all substances during combustion...

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Projecting Beam

The Projecting Beam Purpose or Aim : To determine the relationship describing the effect of meter-stick projection (L) on the vertical depression (y) of the free end with constant load. Material & Apparatus: One 1 kg mass String Clamp Two Meter Sticks Tape Diagram: Procedure: First of all, gather all the materials that are required for the lab and setup accordingly for the lab. Place the ruler on the lab table so that 0 cm projects beyond the lab table...

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Enzyme Function Lab, explores the role of enzymes in chemical reactions

more mL of hydrogen peroxide, the reaction occurred again. Again, small bubbles formed; intensity of (1). The solution did not change in temperature. The reaction lasted about 15 minutes. 3. After adding more manganese dioxide, the reaction occurred again. This time, the bubbles being formed were larger; intensity of (4). The solution got a little warmer, but the difference in temperature was hardly distinguishable by simply touching the test tube. The reaction lasted about 10 minutes. 4. a) The...

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Bending of Beams Experiment Report

Report Experiment # 3 Bending of Beams Section # ThTh12 Group # 1 Ömer Ege Çalışkan Serhat Karakuz Noyan Uğur Renda Turgut Soydan 20.03.2013 Abstract In this experiment, a simply supported beam is used and the variations of deflection of a simply supported beam with load, beam thickness and material are investigated. It is found that the deflection of the beam changes linearly with the load and as the beam thickness increases, the beam deflection decreases. In addition, since...

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Beam Account

anindyajyotiroy@gmail.com TAX Total Remarks 4325866 Payment received-CHEQUE-43155242-1 3-MAY-13 Credit 1660.00 0.00 1660.00 Payment for subscriber 426144 PaymentsReceived : Total PaymentsReceived: 1. Cheques to be in favour of "M/s Beam Telecom Pvt Ltd". 2. We do not accept out station cheques and post dated cheques. 3. In case of cheque bounce, Rs.100/- penalty will be levied. 4. 18% interest will be levied on overdue payments 5. In case of overdue/ defaults, the right to deactivate...

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Selected Redox Reactions

SELECTED REDOX REACTIONS RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Oxidation-Reduction reaction also known as redox reaction is a process in which there’s a net movement of electrons between reacting species. These types of reactions involve two separate elementary reactions: one that loses electrons and another that gains the electrons that was lost. Gaining of electrons is referred to as Reduction reaction (the species that undergoes reduction is called as oxidizing agent) while losing of electrons is called...

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02. Aaron Beam and the HealthSouth Fraud

In reference to the Aaron Beam and the HealthSouth Fraud case in our text Velasquez (2012), the following questions from the text and my answers to these questions are provided as requested. 1. Which of the "obstacles to moral behavior do you see at work in Aaron Beam's behavior and thinking? In Scrushy's? The obstacles I see in Aaron Beam's behavior are "Rationalizing Our Actions and Displacement of Responsibility". Rationalizing his actions is supported by comments he made in reference...

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Grignard Reaction

| Reactions of Grignard Reagents with Carbonyls | | | Tuesday 1:30 | 2/28/2012 | | Introduction This experiment explores the reactivity pattern for the addition of Grignard reagents to three different carbonyl groups: a ketone, an ester, and a carbonate. Grignard reagents are organometallic compounds that have a carbon-metal bond, such as carbon-magnesium. Grignard reagents are formed from the reaction of an alkyl, cycloalkyl, or aryl halide and magnesium metal in dry ether...

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Second Moment of Area and Maximum Stress

(h) (i) (j) 2 2. A rectangular beam with a cross section 200 mm x 100 mm spans 6 metres and carries a uniform load of 2 kN/m. a) Calculate the reactions. b) Draw the shear force and bending moment diagrams. c) Calculate I for the cross section, about the axis of bending. d) Calculate the maximum compressive stress in the beam, and show where it occurs along the length, and on the cross section. e) Calculate the maximum tensile stress in the beam, and show where it occurs along the length...

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Reaction Toward Formation of Malaysia

REACTIONS TOWARDS THE FORMATION OF MALAYSIA The proposal for the formation of the federation of Malaysia aroused various reactions from various segments whitin each of the potential Member State as well as neighbouring countries. Within potential member states, the proposal stimulated the sudden rise in political activities. Within the next several month following the Tunku’s announcement, several political parties had be formed to cater to various stands that began to emerge. Among the neighbouring...

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Nacl Affects on Enzymatic Reaction

The Effects that 1%, 4%, and 16% Sodium Chloride (NaCl) Concentration Had on the Rate of Reaction of Catecholase Enzymes in a Potato (Solanum tuberosum). Abstract Enzymes are a key component of a cell. They make chemical reactions happen faster because they lower the activation energy to make the chemical reaction occur. Most of the time, it is best if enzymes produce as efficiently as possible, but in some cases it is better if they do not, when dealing with potatoes (Solanum tuberosum). ...

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redox reaction

Redox Reactions Reactions involving oxidation and reduction processes are very important in our everyday world. They make batteries work and cause metals to corrode (or help to prevent their corrosion). They enable us to obtain heat by burning fuels--in factories and in our bodies. Many redox reactions are complex. However, combustion and synthesis (from elements) are two ordinary examples which require very little description. Just a little more involved are the displacement reactions, with...

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Using Triple Beam Balance

e Slide Your Mass Over Learning and Applying the Skill of Using the Triple Beam Balance Section A – Skill Acquisition General Introduction to Skill A balance is generally used for weighing out small amounts of chemicals to use in solutions and determining the mass of different objects in physics in grams. Learning how to use a balance is important for collecting data or information and for ensuring accurate mass measurements. Curriculum Objectives • S2-0-5a Select...

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Beam Deflection

stiffness of two cantilevered beams composed of steel and aluminum while maintaining both beams at a constant thickness and cross sectional area. The experiment also investigated material properties and dimensions and their relationship to structural stiffness. The experiment was divided into two separate parts. The results for the first part of the experiment were obtained by clamping the beam at one end while applying different masses at a specified length across the beam and then measuring deflection...

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P V M Cantilever Beam Triangular Distributed Load

The cantilever beam has a linearly varying distributed loading, w = w(x). A. Find the shearing force and bending moment as a function of distance along the beam: V = V(x) and M = M(x). B. Draw the shear force and bending moment diagrams. Solution First draw the free body diagram and solve for the reaction force and moment. wo L  Fvertical  2  VA 0 wo L VA  2  w o L  L  M   M     0  A A  2  3  w o L2 MA  6 To find the shear force and bending moment at any point along the...

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Hardness Testing and Elastic/Plastic Deformation of Cantilever Beam

Hardness Testing and Elastic/Plastic Deformation of Cantilever Beam February 9, 2012 Abstract This experiment examined the effect of a load placed on the end of a cantilever beam as well as the hardness of three different metals using the QV-700 Universal Hardness Tester. Introduction The overall purpose of this experiment is to become more familiar with experimental processes which will be used continuously throughout the semester. The first process was indentation hardness testing...

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Simply Wrong

 Simply Wrong Simply Wrong In the paradigm of what is truly right or wrong we have the obligation to confide the truths for the sovereignty of humanity. In the never ending battle we are faced with the relativisms of each generation. Even through the spiraling curtails of each passing generation the ideal of preservation of personhood is the underlying goal. Goodman gives reasonable concerns on a universal level for personhood. Taking a look at her work I believe there...

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Chemical Reactions and Their Classifications

Chemical Reactions and their Classifications 26 October 2012 Abstract: Ordinary laboratory ware was used to determine how many of what type of chemical reactions occurred. This yielded three decomposition reactions, four substitution reactions, and three metathesis reactions. Introduction There are many different types of chemical reactions in the study of chemistry; A composition reaction (also known as synthesis) is defined as the reaction that occurs when two single compounds combine in...

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Shear Force

shearing force (SF) at any section of a beam represents the tendency for the portion of the beam on one side of the section to slide or shear laterally relative to the other portion. The diagram shows a beam carrying loads . It is simply supported at two points where the reactions are  Assume that the beam is divided into two parts by a section XX The resultant of the loads and reaction acting on the left of AA is F vertically upwards and since the whole beam is in equilibrium, the resultant force...

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Beam Deflection

Three: Parallam Beam Deflection Lab Group - 1st Mondays, Late: Jesse Bertrand, Ryan Carmichael, Anne Krikorian, Noah Marks, Ann Murray Report by Ryan Carmichael and Anne Krikorian E6 Laboratory Report – Submitted 12 May 2008 Department of Engineering, Swarthmore College Abstract: In this laboratory, we determined six different values for the Elastic Flexural Modulus of a 4-by10 (100” x 3.50” x 9.46”) Parallam wood-composite test beam. To accomplish this, we loaded the beam at 1/3 span with...

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reaction paper

 Each and every one of us has their own reaction about the third State of the Nation Address of President Benigno “NoyNoy” Aquino III. There’s always a negative and positive reaction. We always have comments in every part of the SONA especially the topics and issues that the president have mentioned, even the language that the president used. Most of the issues in our country were mentioned by PNoy like the billions wasted by PAGCOR for coffee. I agreed with what PNoy said, wondering if the people...

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Introduction to Chemical Reactions

Introduction to Chemical Reactions Introduction This laboratory will introduce you to a variety of chemical reactions. You will observe precipitation reactions, acid-base reactions, oxidation-reduction reactions and reactions in which complex ions are formed. You will gather information about known compounds to help you deduce the identity of an unknown compound. In precipitation reactions, two substances, one insoluble...

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Sn1 Sn2 Reactions

Experiment 15 &amp; 16: Preparation of 1-bromobutane, an SN2 reaction Preparation of 2-chloro-2-methylbutane, an SN1 reaction Introduction The purpose of this experiment is to synthesize 1-bromobutane from 1-butanol and sodium bromide. In order for this reaction to reach completion there are four major operations that need to be performed. The four major operations include refluxing, simple distillation, separation, and drying. To begin, in order for the compounds to react they will be dissolved...

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Human and Animal Reaction Time

life, both human and animal, reaction time can mean the difference between life and death. Reaction time is defined as “the time it takes to react to a stimuli (Norman, 2011).” In humans, hand dominance (left-handed vs. right-handed) can further impact this reaction time. In this case a simple study of reaction time and hand dominance is being used to illustrate the practical application of the scientific method in the laboratory. Observation Human reaction times vary person to person and...

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