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Problems Faced By Indian Farmers

An Open Letter to the Government: A Young Indian's Reaction to Farmer Suicides in India There is general saying that India’s future depends on the shoulder of youngsters. As a young and energetic citizen of India I would like to heed the attention of government of India in following areas through this letter. As we all know that India’s population is now about 1.06 billion (as per 2004 survey). Out of this 1.06 billion 65% of people solely depend on the agriculture for the livelihood & it...

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Major Problems Faced by Indian Agriculture

Major Problems Faced by Indian Agriculture The major problems confronting Indian agriculture are those of population pressure, small holdings, depleted soils, lack of modern technology and poor facilities for storage. (a) Population Pressure: India has a huge population of over one billion and it is increasing at a very fast rate. According to 2001 census figures the over all density of population is 324 persons per sq. km. This is likely to increase further in future. This has created great demand...

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Indian Problem

how did Indians respond to the government’s agenda to solve “the Indian Problem”? Where did they cooperate—and why—and where did they resist—and why? The “Indian Problem” was the “burden” that the United States Government faced throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries. The Government considered the Indians to be a “problem” due to the fact that native tribes were halting the expansionist policy popular in the 1800’s. The main aspects targeted and defined as the “Indian Problem” by the...

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Plight of Indian Farmers

Plight of Indian Farmers with Respect to current Credit Facilities Plight of the Indian Farmer India is an agrarian country and around 60% of its people directly or indirectly depend upon agriculture. Agriculture in India is often attributed as gambling with monsoons because of its almost exclusive dependency on precipitation from monsoons. The failure of these monsoons can lead to a series of droughts, lack of better prices, and exploitation of the farmers by middlemen, all of which have led...

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Problems faced by the sugar industry

Introduction What were the problems faced by the Sugar Industry affect the British West Indies? Labour Capital Technology Free Trade Conclusion Bibliography Area of Research Adjustments to Emancipation Research Topic and Question Topic: Problems faced by the Sugar Industry in the British West Indies specifically Jamaica. Research Question: The problems faced by the Sugar Industry affected the British West Indies during the period of 1838-1876. In light of those problems to what extent did this...

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Problems by Farmers and Immigrants in 1800's

11/3/09 There were many problems faced by both farmers and immigrants in the late 1800’s. The economy was very shaky, the government was not stepping up to help, and the immigrants faced harsh times in their coming to America. Eventually many groups were formed to help with these issues. Farmers faced many issues in the 1800’s. First off, debt was a huge issue for farmers. Falling crop prices, unpaid loans, and crashing banks all led to the huge debt of farmers. Because the crop prices were...

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Indian Railway Problems

Shri R. C. Jat  secyrb@rb.railnet.gov.in | Secretary | +91 11 23385227 ( Off.)  +91 11 23382068 (Fax) | | | Following are the some of the important Indian Railway Facts * The total distance covered by the 14,300 trains on the Indian Railways everyday, equals three & half times the distance to moon * The first train on Indian soil ran between Bombay and Thane on the 16th of April 1853 * IR has about 63,028 route kms. of track * IR employs about 1.55 million people *...

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HRM problem in Indian Airlines

Introduction The Indian Airline was set up under the Air Corporations Act, 1953 with an initial capital of Rs. 32 million and started operations on 1 August 1953. And it dominated the Indian aviation sector during the 80's and 90's. However the rules of monoploy were deregulated in 1994. Following which many carriers entered the market. However, only two strong competitors emerged during the 1990s which were the Jet Airways and Air Sahara. This competition from the new private carriers required...

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Problems Faced by Walmart

Problems faced by Walmart and the steps to overcome those problems Question:  What Are The Problems That Walmart Has Faced And What Has The Company Done To Address Them? Solution  This essay discusses the recent problems faced by Walmart and the steps taken to overcome these  problemsProblem faced by Walmart Walmart is a well known American market leader in the renewable energy sector. But the company has to face a lot of challenges from various parties who criticized Wal-Mart in various...

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Problem Faced by Gm

Discuss the problem faced by General Motor Corporation Based on Strategic management process General Motors Corporation (GM) is a multinational automobile manufacturer founded in 1908 and headquartered in the United States. GM is the world's largest automaker as measured by global industry sales and has been the global sales leader for the last 77 years. As of 2008, General Motors employs about 266,000 people around the world. It manufactures its cars and trucks in 35 different countries and sells...

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Problems Faced by Rural Women

This is to focus on the problems faced by the rural muslim woman in the Kashmir Valley, their Aspirations and “Way Out ”, so that a bright, and a prosperous future is seen as a ‘REALITY’, which then can help in containing the ongoing crisis in the valley to some extent. “REMEMBER” Woman is a backbone of any strong society. She is a source of constant support and motivation to the entire family. She is timid, soft and sweet and bears more pains then men. Woman are more innovative and self reliant...

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Problems That Epiphone Faced

Gibson returned fire by increasing the body width of its existing models and introducing the king-size Super 400. Once Epiphone launched out a new product, Gibson would introduce another product to counterattack. We found that Apple Inc also faced the same problem with Epiphone. At the time Apple Inc launched out the iPhone 4S, it enjoyed to become the foreground of the public attention. Many people discussed about the iPhone 4S and awaited it imported into their country. However, the introduction of...

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Problems Faced by International Students

 Problems Faces by International Students in the UK Every year there are around 435,000 international students enrolled in universities around the UK (UKCISA). Studying abroad for a lot of these students is a privilege, however it can be a stressful experience for various reasons. There are plenty of challenges, other than language barrier, that these students face, like major culture shock, homesickness, and financial difficulties...

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Americans Are Faced With A Huge Problem

Americans are faced with a huge problem of violence in the streets, these streets have become a place where old people are beaten for their social security checks, where little women are attacked and raped, where teen aged thugs shoot it out for some turf to sell their illegal drugs, and finally where small children everyday are caught in the way of bullets during drive by shootings. We try to ignore the criminals in our society and how they hurt it, but we shouldn’t. We should take actions to stop...

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Livestock Farmer

Sagar Mepu Farmer 9841712815 Mr. Ram Prasad Timalsina Farmer 9849634637 Mr. Raj Kumar Subedi Farmer 9841576392 Ms. Roja Rijal Farmer 9843056475 Ms. Nirmala Timilsina Farmer 9841185401 Ms. Bhagawati Poudel Farmer Ms. Danda Kumari Thapa Farmer Ms. Sifa Subedi Farmer Mr. Lila Bdr. Tamang Farmer 9841973008 Mr. Ram Prasad Rijal Farmer 9849185680 Mr. Rana Bdr. Tamang Farmer 9851040756 Farmers’ view 1. Mr. Ram Prasad Timilsina: There is problems on livestock...

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How the Indians Solved the Problem of Living of Living on the Plains

How the Indians solved the problems of living on the plains The Plains Indians were a people who had to survive under harsh living conditions. They were faced with many problems and challenges and yet they survived for hundreds of years thanks to their way of life. Each tribe was accustomed to different methods of survival; some were nomads and some were settled in the same place, but they all had similar attributes on how to survive. The Native American Indians main source of food was hunting...

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Problems Faced by International Students

Discuss three problems faced by international students in the UK. Suggest and evaluate possible solutions to these problems. International students are the ones that are coming to study in a foreign country or foreign educational institutions. Andrade Snow defined the term “international student” applying to the UK as individual enrolled in institutions of higher education who are on temporary student visa and are non-native English speakers. However, Bamford gives a definition which...

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Problems Faced by Google in China

Course: MBA-I Batch: 2011-13 Subject: BUSINESS LEGAL ENVIRONMENT Subject code: MS-113 Topic of assignment: problem faced by Google in china Subject Teacher’s name: Mrs. Meenakshi singh Abstract US based Google the leading Internet search engine company in the world started providing its services in China in 2000. Though Google soon...

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Problems with Founding Fathers

Thomas Fogwell Mrs. Leister AP US History 10/26/10 Problems with the Fathers George Washington faced some few yet significant issues regarding the foreign affairs policy of the United States after becoming the first president of the United States of America. It had to do with the war between France and England that took place in the year 1793. The vinculum of the United States with the war was ineluctable as it was involved in trade relations with France. As a result, the British army had...

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Problems Faced in Oral Presentation and Ways to Overcome These Problems

QUESTION You are invited to give a speech titled, “Problems faced in oral presentation and ways to overcome these problems” to the Sales and Marketing staffs. 1. Write your speech based on the following headings: 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Problems 3.0 Ways of solving these problems 4.0 Conclusion 2. You can write using the guidelines below: • 1.0 Introduction – Problems identified in oral presentation o The...

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problems faced by students while studying

over the world face a number of problems which dishearten them. It leads to sheer desperation among the student community giving rise to student unrest. Student life has probably become more difficult than at any time before. There are so many issues they have to deal with - study, time, money, relationships, job hopes, and more. Parents previous experience and education does not always equip them in dealing with such pressures. Many students will not admit their problems due to various reasons and this...

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Problems Faced by Female Teachers

minority of characteristics where there are consistent psychological differences between men and women, and these relate directly to experiences grounded in biological difference. However, there are also some psychological differences in regard to how problems are dealt with and emotional perceptions and reactions that may relate to hormones and the successful characteristics of each gender during longstanding roles in past primitive lifestyles. In the developing countries like Nepal, gender discrimination...

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problems faced by women

The effects of the Irish recession on the manner in which people are managed at work and on how they are represented by trade unions is the subject of this study. This study examines how human resource managers and unions (where they are found) have faced the challenges. First of all, the impact of the international financial and economic crisis on the Irish labor market is assessed. Then, the Irish economic crisis is placed in a comparative European context to get a sense of the extent to which the...

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Problems Faced by Kfc

gravy as "sludge" with a "wallpaper taste".[55] In May 2007, KFC (Great Britain) requested that Tan Hill Inn, in the Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire, UK refrain from using the term 'Family Feast' to describe its Christmas menu,[56] although this problem was quickly resolved with the pub being allowed to continue use of the term.[57] Wages and working conditions Balmoral KFC workers and allies picketing the store In New Zealand, KFC youth workers earn NZ$10.13 an hour. Staff at the Balmoral...

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Russia problems faced

What Problems did Russia face between 1914 and 1916 When war broke out in Europe, in August 1914, it brought an end to industrial unrest in Russia. The country united behind the Tsar and his government in an atmosphere of patriotism. Although Russia invaded eastern Germany and eastern Austrian Hungary, by the en of 1916 the Russian army was in retreat. The war also had a major effect on the position of the Tsar and his family. Under the influence of Rasputin, an unpopular adviser, the Tsarina...

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Farmers Revolt

save rural America, the Populist Party was formed by mainly Southern and Western farmers. The main goal for this party was to try and solve the problems which plagued most of the farmers around the country. In the election of 1896, the Populists almost captured the seat in the oval office, but were unsuccessful. In the end they failed. The farmers in the late nineteenth century were plagued with many different problems which the Populist Party sought to resolve but in the end by not gaining control...

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The Problem Faced Beginning Online Learner

The Problem Faced By Beginning Online Learner Introduction Distance learning is a process of creating and provides access to learning when the source of information and the learner are separate by distance and time. Green Berg (1998) defines contemporary distance learning as “a planned teaching/learning experience that uses a wide spectrum of technologies to reach learners at a distance and is designed to encourage learner interaction and certification of learning. Desmond Keegan (1995) gives the...

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Indian Farmers

The Indian farmer Agriculture is as much important, if not more, as the industry in a country. Thus here lies the importance of our farmer. An Indian fanner is the backbone of the society. His importance in the economy of the country cannot be over-emphasized. He grows vegetables and fruits for our food and cotton for our clothes. The Indian farmer is a hardworking man. He works from morning till evening in the scorching heat and biting cold. Early in the morning he drives his oxen to the fields...

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Agriculture Problems in Pakistan

Agriculture Problems in Pakistan And Their Solutions Posted March 8, 2010 by sappk in 2010, Poor Farmers. 7 Comments [pic]Post Source: http://www.einfopedia.com By Mohsin Ali [pic] Economy of every state depends on three sectors i.e agriculture, industry and commerce. These three are interrelated with each other as the progress or retrogress of one sector effects the other two. Pakistan is an agricultural state thus agriculture gains are of much importance than any other sector. Importance of...

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The Problems Faced by International Students in the UK

Language is not the only problem faced by international students in UK. Nowadays with the growth of global economy, rising people are aware of the importance of education as well.  As stated by Coughlan, there are a significant increasing number of students who are studying abroad in countries like UK where people think that they can receive high-quality education. Meanwhile, their study career in UK, although language probably will be a principal problem for international students to face, there...

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Problems Faced by Big Pharma and Their Solutions

Since 2000 the Stock market valuation of the ‘Big Pharma’ companies has dropped sharply. Discuss the causes of the pharmaceutical industry’s current problems and steps that companies are taking to tackle them. By Ali Asgar Kagzi In 1990s, pharmaceutical companies were one of the leading shareholder value creators at the stock market. By 1998 the P/E ratio of the Big Pharma companies was twice that of the global stock market and there was a sudden rush among the investors to have a share of...

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Ronald Takaki Indian Question

the 19th century, the Indian way of life had begun to be disturbed through advancements into the West in many ways, the most important of which was the construction of the transcontinental railroad. Railroads pierced through the heart of the continent while slashing through Indian lands dividing the once open ranges of the Great Plains and splicing the economies of the East and West. The Indians had faced many battles and suffered great losses, but the fate of the Plains Indians was to be determined...

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Impact of Fdi to Farmers in India

IMPACT OF FDI TO FARMERS IN INDIA Shanmuga sundaram.S (MBA 1st year student Garden City College) ABSTRACT The goal of this paper is to examine the opportunities, challenges, responsibilities and recommendations for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) impact on farmers in India. Since last two decades India is the attractive and profit oriented market for the investment to developed countries. FDI is an easy path to enter the market of developing countries as India...

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What Is the Relationship of Indian Tribes to Their Environment, and How Is It Changed?

Claire Wendel #20- What is the relationship of Indian tribes to their environment, and how is it changed? Native Americans have long had an immediate relationship with their physical environment. They defined themselves by their land and by the sacred places that bounded and shaped their world. Most lived in lived in relatively small units close to the earth, living off of its rhythms and resources. They recognize a unity in their physical and spiritual universe. Land (its loss, location, and...

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Language is not the only problem faced by students

they encounter an array of obstacles. Apart from the problem of language being a communication barrier, international students also suffer from hindrances such as integrating into another culture, adapting to climate changes, and even the unfortunate case of racial discrimination. This essay will explore the financial difficulties experienced by some students, culture shock, and lastly, the sense of alienation of the students. The first problem for many international students is to understand the...

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Language is not only the problem faced by International students in the Uk.

oversea student. In fact, there are numerous problems they have to solve for a meaningful oversea study experience. When referring to this topic, language has always been mentioned as an unavoidable issue for these students who are far away from their motherland. But language is not the only problem faced by international students in the UK. There are many difficulties such as differences in learning and homesickness. Language can be the main problem for all the international students even if the...

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Indian Macroeconomics

Transforming Macroeconomic growth into all round Economic Development of every Indian through achieving positiveness of ‘Balance of Trade’ coupled with tamed inflation. Problems to be addressed Achievable in short term Achievable in long term Achievable in far future Increasing international competitiveness if service sector Increase in contribution of agriculture to GDP Improvement of infrastructure Improvement in sectors allied to agricultural sector Improvement in public service...

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Problem Faced in Oral Presentation and Ways to Overcome These Problem

inform, persuade, motivate and entertain. You need to capture your audience's attention and maintain their interest thorough the entire oral presentation by defining the purpose clearly.People should identify what is the problem in oral communication and how to solve the problem. Profiling the audience could be difficult but it may be worth your time to make the effort. There are many advantages that we will gain when we know the real skills on how to give the perfect oral communication. When we...

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Indian Suffrage

Indian Suffrage Before the English arrived in the New world and began creating colonies, the American Indians lived in harmony and peace with natures. The American Indians were skilled hunters, farmers and used everything in their environment for survival or for essential necessities. They shared the land together and moved about freely in search of food. The American Indians never considered the lands their property because it's belong to God and no one have the right to buy, sell, nor own...

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Farmers Suicide

has failed for especially the weaker parts of Indian society ie agricultural labourers, marginal and small farmers. It already boasts one of the highest unemployment rates, and despite its agricultural success, farmers livelihoods have been declining resulting in a record number of farmer suicides. The various reasons, for suicides among Punjab farmers is perturbing enough to warrant a serious study. In the present case, suicide among Punjab farmers have by all means become a public issue as these...

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Real-Life Problem Faced by the Body Shop

1.0 INTRODUCTION This report is to address the real-life problem faced by The Body Shop and how the problem can be solved based on the functions of management. According to the information provided by The Body Shop website, The Body Shop has successfully created an image of being a caring company that is in helping to protect the third world workers and indigenous peoples. But behind the cuddly image lies the reality The Body Shop's operations, the Body Shop does not help the dilemma of the...

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Problem Faced by Blue Nile Company

Problems There are several problems that Blue Nile needs to deal with if they wish to remain on top such as: ❖ One of the major problem with web based marketing is maintaining and driving consumer toward the website which will pose blue Nile’s major challenge going into the 21st century so how to attract new consumers. ❖ How should Blue Nile Inc increase consumer awareness and confidence purchasing high value luxury jewelry online? ❖ Blue Nile has very little presence outside...

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Western Farmers Dbq

From 1880-1906, western farmers were affected by multiple issues that they saw as threats to their way of life. The main threats to the farmers were railroads, trusts, and the government, because these institutions all had the power to drastically affect the ability of the farmers to make profits. Therefore, the farmers were not wrong to feel frustration toward those institutions when the institutions caused the farmers to live lives of increasingly extreme poverty. The main source of agrarian...

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Food Problems

FOOD PROBLEMS IN THE DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: 1 imports of foodgrains—no solution. 3. Problem not so much natural as human. 4. Inordinate growth of population— the major contributory factor. 5. Low productivity and the factors responsible for it. 6. Administrative inefficiency and organisational weakness. 7. Artificial scarcity and price rise created by the tradesmen. 8. Grow more or produce more is not the only solution. 9. Change in mode of food consumption and other effective measures to...

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Problems Faced by Teenagers in Hong Kong

curriculum. -according to a survey conducted by Hong Kong University , about 80% students think that they need to face a lot of challenges about their examinations . -the survey also reveals that Chinese, English and mathematics are their main problems. They think that these are very difficult to manage. -for form 5 and 7 students, they need to face HKCEE and HKAL examination which can influence their future. 2) Peer pressure - Peers influence your life, even if you don't realize it, just...

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Problems Faced in Group Interaction and over Come the Problem

most fruitful and enjoyable event. The emphasis in this question is thus on the oral communication skills which group members who need to interact in group should have in order to work effectively in groups. One problem might be having your reality amended by the person in the group that the majority give away their power to. Group interaction is very difficult for an individual to negotiate. Group interaction is the study of groups, and also a general term for group...

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Summary of “‘Indians’: Textualism, Morality, and the Problem of History”

Summary of "'Indians': Textualism, Morality, and the Problem of History" In the essay "'Indians': Textualism, Morality, and the Problem of History" written by Jane Tompkins, an English professor at Duke University, the author criticized the history writers and described the issue of problems that are often created by different perspectives from the history on the topic, European -Indian relation, that cannot be determined from right or wrong. Many problems contain one main fact behind it. However...

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Bahari Farmer

During my Bahari farmer simulation I encountered many different things. It took me a couple attempts to survive more that 10 seasons. The simulation involves several implications portraying the life of Bahari farmers during the Green Revolution, including ethical, environmental, and social issues. These issues all suggest changes in policy are in order to ultimately benefit the lives of Bahari farmers. My first family was only able to survive for five years. It seemed like every time things were...

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Tsar Nicholas II and Problems He Faced

How serious were the problems facing the Tsar, Nicholas II from 1894-1905? Alongside the other serious problems the Tsar encountered, one main concerning battle was with himself, which many concurred with by the end of 1905. Nicholas II fell into the notion that the throne was reserved for him by the will of god, thus thought he didn’t have to take measures to politically modernise, and establish Russia in general. This deluded perception brought about many serious problems itself. Nicholas II,...

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The Tragedy of Farmers’ Suicides in Vidarbha:

THE GRAVITY OF THE PROBLEM AND BACKDROP This section deals with the entire issue in general. What is the problem? Where is problem enacted? 2.1 WHAT DO THE SUICIDE STATISTICS SAY? IS THERE AN ISSUE? Is the scenario of suicides as bleak as it is made out to be in the press? Some of the data reflected in the YASHADA study report compels us to think that the suicide problem in Vidarbha region is not as grim as is the case in Kerala. What do the actual numbers show? ...

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Indian Democracy

fifty-three years there have been regular elections to the Parliament and state legislatures. This reflects the maturity and wisdom of the Indian electorate, in whom the ultimate power and sovereignty rests. With the passage of time, Indian voters have become more assertive and active as regards their participation in the process of democracy. The turnout of Indian voters has significantly increased during the past elections. It was about 52% only during the Lok Sabha elections of 1952 which increased...

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Pawnee Indians

History Assignment – The Pawnee Indians. Adele Moore, Mr Tsomis’ class. 1. Provide a brief outline of your tribe’s way of life before the arrival of the Europeans. 300 words. The Pawnee Indian tribe lived in central Nebraska and northern Kansas; they were a semi sedentary tribe (only partly move around) they would move to follow the buffalo one half of the year and the other half of the year they would harvest corn and other foods. They were historically one of the largest and most prominent Plains...

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Economic Problems of Pakistan since 1947

Economic Problems of Pakistan since 1947 1. The duration  of economic coordination  in 1947-1953 2. The duration of planning board 1953-1958 3. The duration of powerful planning commission in1958-1968 4. The duration of decline of planning commission in 1968-1980 5. Attempt at revival of planning commission. PERIOD OF ECONOMIC COORDINATION (1947-1953): First of all economic planning development was established in1948. In order to Act as clearing house and to establish economic coordination...

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Farmers Suicide in Maharashtra: Causes & Remedies by Kishor N. Choudhary

Farmers Suicide in Maharashtra: Causes & Remedies Prof. Kishor N. Choudhary Abstract: The villages epitomize the soul of India. Income from the Agriculture production is the main source for Indian economy. Agriculture sector is the only livelihood for more than 72% of the Indian population which gives employment to the 57% of work force and is a raw material source to large number of industries. Despite of portrayal of farming as a healthy and happy way of life, agriculture sector experiences...

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India Problems

India should stop obsessing about how to become one of the world's great powers and focus on solving its biggest problems to become a great nation, Sundeep Wasleka, the president of Strategic Foresight Group, writes in this month's Forbes India. At present, regardless of the hype, India is failing, Wasleka suggests. Politicians and business leaders are always thumping their chests over India's rising importance in the G20 and lobby for a new G10 (the G8 plus India and China). But 200 out of the...

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Indian Act and Canadian Treaties

Conflicts through Agreements: The Indian Act and Canadian Treaties In modern society the question of why the aboriginal population receives benefits often arises. Much of today’s youth does not understand that the Native American people were often stripped of their rights in the past in order to gain these advantages. Two main incidents were established in the Aboriginal history, the first was the treaties that spread across Canada and the second incident was the Indian Act of 1876. The main difference...

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Problem Description

HINTS TO MBA STUDENTS ON HOW TO DEFINE THE PROBLEM – FOR ONLINE SUBMISSION PROBLEM DEFINITION: The problem definition is a very brief DESCRIPTION (not more than 255 characters) about the problem you are going to solve in your project work. The members of the review committee must have clear view of the nature o f problem you are going to work on. This will help in the speedy approval of your project proposal. Listed below are some examples of problem definitions (submitted in the past) that have ...

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Indian Democracy

‘Is Indian Democracy Alive and Kicking?’ “As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master.” This was the idea of Abraham Lincoln’s about democracy. Though very true in its basic form, does this idea hold true In the Indian context? After completing 62 years of being a ‘sovereign, socialist, secular and democratic republic’ and currently being in the 65th year of its independence, we can definitely call India a successful democracy for sustaining all the ups and downs in these years. The political...

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The Unstructured Problem Usually Faced by the Upper Level Manager

The unstructured problem usually faced by the upper level manager. This happen because the lower level manager handle the routine decision themselves and let the upper level manager deal with the decision they find unusual or difficult. The table below will shows us the different between programmed and non-programmed decisions. Characteristic Programmed Decision Nonprogrammed Decision Type of problem Structured Unstructured Managerial level Lower level Upper level Frequency Repetitive, routine...

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The indian and the horse

it remains well documented the first inhabitants of what was known as the New World were the American Indians. What may have been viewed by outsiders as a simple way of life was much rather a complicated oneness with the land which was shared by all of the different tribes. This lifestyle, however, was greatly changed with the arrival of the Europeans. Many new things where introduced to the Indians. It can be disputed that theses "new things" may have, in the long run, done more harm than good. Three...

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