• Judicial Accountability N Responsible Media- in India
    Judicial Accountability - an Illusion or a Reality In a ‘democratic republic’ power with accountability of the individual enjoying it, is essential to avert disaster for any democratic system. The accountability must be  comprehensive to include not only the politicians, but also the bureau
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  • Major Problems Facing Pakistan Today
    " MAJOR PROBLEMS FACING PAKISTAN TODAY" Introduction:- Pakistan was established in 1947 and since its inception, it has been surrounded by countless issues including but not limited to ill-formed/missing in
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  • Vedanta Mining a Political Analysis of Business Problems
    BICPAGE Group -4 Vedanta Resources: Mining in Niyamgiri Hills A Non Market Analysis Rangesh K S, Rasaal Dwivedi and Gaurav Darda INTRODCUTION: Vedanta Resources is a vast British listed company that is into the business of mining operations. The company has a long history of working in min
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  • E-Governance Strategy in India
    White Paper on E-Governance Strategy in India 1 White Paper on E-Governance Strategy in India The E-Governance Strategy White Paper discusses the broad issues surrounding the ereadiness for E-Governance in India. It looks into the relationship and application of information, knowledge, inform
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  • “the Impacts of Fdi on Local Telecommunications Companies in India: Case of Bharti Airtel”
    PREFACE The objective of this research is to examine the impacts of FDI on local telecom companies in India: case of Bharti Airtel in order to be able to understand the impacts that local telecom companies in India will face particularly after India opened its economy. Thus, it will be useful for e
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  • Co-Operative Banks in India
    INDEX 1. DEFINITION 2. FEATURES 3. HISTORY 4. ESTABLISHMENT 5. FUNCTIONS 6. TYPES 7. CLASSIFICATION 8. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS DEFINITION OF CO-OPERATIVE BANKS A co-operative bank is a financial entity which belongs to its members, who are at the same time the owners and th
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  • Rural Marketing of India
    RURAL MARKETING DEFINITION Market: ‘Market means not a particular market place in which things are bought and sold but the whole of any region in which buyers and sellers are in such a free intercourse with one another that the prices of the same goods tend to equality, easily and quickly.â
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  • Importance of Rural Marketing in India
    Why Rural Market is so Important? Rural market has following arrived and the following facts substantiate this. • 742 million people • Estimated annual size of the rural market • FMCG Rs 65,000 Crore • Durables Rs 5,000 Crore • Agri-inputs (incl. tractors) Rs 45,000 Crore • 2 / 4
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  • Tourism Report India
    INDIA TOURISM STATISTICS 2009 Government of India Ministry of Tourism Market Research Division OFFICERS OF MARKET RESEARCH DIVISION ASSOCIATED WITH THE PREPARATION OF INDIA TOURISM STATISTICS 2009 Dr. R.N. Pandey Additional Director General Shri K.K. Nath Shri S.V. Singh Miss. Neha Sriv
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  • Economic Reforms of India from 1990-2010
    CORPORATE INVESTMENTS What is the status of investment in corporate deposits by NRI's ? Corporate deposits by NRI's have to be made for minimum period of 3 years and a minimum amount of US$10,000 has to be invested. These deposits carry an interest of 14% and are repatriable depending on the d
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  • India – Eu Fta : an Insight
    India – EU FTA : An Insight ABOUT FTA COMMON UNION MONETARY UNION COMMON MARKET CUSTOMS UNION FREE TRADE AREA FTA which stands for Free Trade Agreement is the lowest level of a trade block
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  • India
    Journal of Industrial Relations http://jir.sagepub.com The Indian Industrial Relations System: Struggling to Address the Dynamics of a Globalizing Economy Elizabeth Hill JIR 2009; 51; 395 DOI: 10.1177/0022185609104305 The online version of this article can be found at: http://jir.sagepub.com/cgi/c
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  • Analysis on Microfinance in India
    “Analysis of Microfinance in India.” “Gaining an insight about the functionality of micro finance in Indian context, whether the beneficiaries are able to generate wealth & whether the introduction as well as involvement of financial inclusion for Indian population have been efficac
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  • Project on Problems of Ssi in Ulhasnagar
    CHAPTER NO. 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 INTRODUCTION OF INDUSTRY: Industry refers to the production of an economic good (either material or a service) within an economy. There are four key industrial economic sectors: the primary sector, largely raw material extraction industr
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  • Pwc India Media Outlook 2010
    Indian entertainment and media outlook 2010 2 Indian entertainment and media outlook 2010 Message To our clients and friends both in and beyond the entertainment and media industry : Welcome to the 2010 edition of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Indian Entertainment and Media (E&M) Outlook, co
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  • Equity Markets in India
    EQUITY MARKETS IN INDIA - AN OVERVIEW Equity Markets In India – An Overview 1 INDEX 1. Equity Market- Introduction 2. Developments In Equity Market 3. Equity As An Investment 4. Investing Principles 5. Primary Market 6. Methods Of Marketing In Primary Market 7.
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  • Performance of Development Financial Institutions in India
    PERFORMANCE OF DEVELOPMENT FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS IN INDIA EVOLUTION: After the end of World War-II there was great need for speedy industrial expansion in the whole world. Both winners and losers had to resurrect and to rebuild their economies from the ruins of war. Development Financial Inst
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  • Times of India Summer Internship Report
    SUMMER TRAINING REPORT AT TIMES OF INDIA On Submitted By: M.B.A. Sem III Submitted To Department of Business Administration PREFACE True learning is born out of experience and observation practical experience is one of the best types of leanings that one can remember throughout the
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  • Poverty and Hunger in India : a Socio Economic Analysis of Policies of Government
    “Poverty and hunger in India: A socio-economic analysis of policies of the government(s)” Meril Mathew Joy 2009/BALLB/028 IIIrd Semester ____________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION OF POVERTY AND HUNGER “Poverty”has reduced but still remains a major con
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  • Car Market in India
    [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] A RESEARCH REPORT ON Car Market and Buying Behavior- A study of Consumer Perception A report submitted to U.P. Technical University for the fulfillment of MBA Degree. SUBMITTED TO SUBMITTED BY Dr. S. K. Mishra
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