• Pro Gay Marriage
    There has been a major debate over gay marriage for many years. Everyone has their own issues and opinions of gay marriage. Some people are for the Pro-Gay Marriage Movement and some are for the Anti-Gay Marriage Movement. Personally, I am for the Pro-Gay Marriage Movement. I feel as though everyone
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  • Pro Gay Marriage
    Gay marriage The controversy over gay marriage has become highly publicized. However, this issue is not a new debate. Society has voiced its opinions on the subject for many years. Everyone knows that people are able to choose, according to their body and instinct, their sexuality; most of the t
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  • Gay Marriage
    The idea of gay marriage is what I would call a recent phenomenon. I say recent because it has only been in the past few years that activists in the country have become extremely vocal about legalizing gay marriage. What got the ball rolling was the first legally gay marriage in the United States
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  • Gay Marriage: Social, Political and Financial Issue
    Gay Marriage: Social, Political and Financial Issue Daniela Chirinos Peralta Pre-Degree Ilene Sova December 14th, 2009 The second article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights clearly states: “Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without
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  • Gay Marriage
    Today is a time when what is right and what is wrong is overshadowed by what seems right and what seems wrong. Controversial issues deepen the difficulty for each one of us as we determine what we believe and why we believe it. As soon as we establish our foundation, the storms of others' opinions
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  • A Debate on Gay Marriage
    “A Debate on Gay Marriage” Same-sex marriages or “homosexuality” as it is commonly known has become one of the most argumentative topics in society. It all initiates when one portion of our population are pro “homosexuality”, while the other half strongly disagrees with the sexual o
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  • Gay Marriage: Constitutional or Not?
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. This is probably one of the most famous quotes involved in the Declaration of Indepe
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  • Gay Marriage Should Be Legalized
    Your Name Course Name Course Instructor Date of Submission Gay Marriage Should be Legalized The union between two individuals of the same biological sex has been legally accepted in some countries since the year 2001 despite constant criticism from society and religious leaders especially the
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  • Gay Marriage
    Marriage Equality in America: It Goes Beyond Having the Right to Say “I Do”. The first records of marriage predate written history. Marriage in western cultures has evolved from women once being considered the man’s property to today as being an equal partner. Forty-four years ago, non-
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  • Gay Marriage
    Gay Marriage from a Biblical Stand Point Cynthia Davis SOC 120 Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility April 11, 2011 Instructor: Robert Borger Gay Marriage from a Biblical Stand Point My topic for this paper is gay marriage. I will look at some of the different points that our socie
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  • Gay Marriage Right or Wrong
    Gay Marriage: Right or Wrong? Kristina Waltmire SOC 120 Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility June 13, 2011 Dr. Eva M. Ananiewicz Ashford University Abstract This paper will give a look into the religious, social ethics, and rights of a gay couple wanting to get married. Gay ma
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  • Gay Marriage
    No one likes to be told what he or she can or cannot do. Parents do it to protect their children; bosses do it to direct people with their jobs. However, why are some people so focused and driven to control others they don't even know? People who oppose gay marriages fit into this category. Peo
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  • Gay Marriage
    AFTER GAY MARRIAGE, what will become of marriage itself? Will same-sex matrimony extend marriage's stabilizing effects to homosexuals? Will gay marriage undermine family life? A lot is riding on the answers to these questions. But the media's reflexive labeling of doubts about gay marriage as homoph
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  • Gay Marriage
    A large majority of people in the United States will say that they are in favor of equal rights for homosexuals. They will all agree that homosexuals should have the same rights in housing, jobs, public accommodations, and should have equal access to government benefits, equal protection of the law,
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  • Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?
    Should gay marriage be legal? Gay marriage should be legal because as woman and man, all individuals have the same right in society; because same-sex couples can constitute a good based family; because it is just a way to make official a common union nowadays, even with the religious issue;
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  • Gay Marriage
    The Case for Same-Sex Marriage The United States is known world wide for its civil rights and freedoms. Many Americans are appalled by the idea of same-sex marriages. What's wrong with the idea of two people who care greatly for one another wanting to spend their lives together? The gay communit
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  • Gay Marriage Exploratory
    Exploratory Paper: Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legal? The proposed legalization of same-sex marriage is one of the most significant issues in contemporary American family law. As a heavily campaigned development currently discussed in law assessment; these extremely confrontational and debatable
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  • Is Gay Marriage Ruining the "Sanctity" of the Institution?
    Is Gay Marriage Ruining the "Sanctity" of the Institution? Marriage is traditionally viewed as the legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife. However, what happens when those two people are two men or two women? This topic of gay marriage has been a major issue in the United States over
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  • Gay Marriage
    There are a number of reasons opponents to gay marriage argue that it should not be legalized. First, certain religious interpretations maintain that gay marriage is sinful. Fortunately, our country is not a theocracy and public policy should not be based on any religion's values. If a person's r
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  • Why Black Churches Oppose Gay Marriage
    The topic that Keith Boykin brings up is the issue that the Black community, black ministers and churches specifically, do not support same sex marriages. He addresses the hypocrisy he sees in this, as the black community was once the group fighting for equality. According to Boykin, blacks don't su
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