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Privatization Of Insurance Sector In India

INTRODUCTION Life Insurance is a contract between two parties, an insurer and an insured, where the insurer agrees to pay a designated amount upon the death of the insured for a premium. HISTORY The history of life insurance industry dates back to year 1818, in which the first Indian Life Insurance company, Oriental Life Insurance Company was started. In 1928, the Government of India enacted the Indian Insurance Companies Act which was later modified in 1938 (Insurance Act, 1938) to protect...

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Implications of Fdi in Insurance Sector in India

Implications of FDI in Insurance To study the impact of FDI in insurance we first look at the how the Indian insurance sector has evolved over the years. Indian insurance sector has experienced different phases from being an open competitive market to being nationalized and back to deregulation. The Indian insurance story began in India in the year 1818 with the establishment of the Oriental Life Insurance Company in Kolkata. In the year 1912 the Indian Life Insurance Companies Act came into existence...

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Lpg in India Liberlization Privatization Globalization

LPG and its Impact on India Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) have become dominant forces shaping societies and economies the world over. These three processes are interrelated. Globalized economies are likely to be more privatized and liberalized economies. Rapid growth and poverty reduction in China, India, and other countries that were poor 20 years ago, has been a positive aspect of Liberalization Privatization and Globalization (LPG). India opened up the economy in...

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SERVICE SECTOR IN INDIA’ SUBMITTED TOSUBMITTED BY: MANASWINI ACHARYA SUSHMA (14PGDM013) SHRESHTHA (14PGDM053) DINESH GUPTA (14PGDM016) ANGAD SINGH (14PGDM003) Abstract: This paper presents an overview of how the service sector has risen in India. It speaks...

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Liberalisation of Insurance in India

government-owned Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) held a monopoly. It is only at the dawn of the twenty-first century that the sector was finally deregulated. Reforms were initiated with the passage of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Bill in Parliament in December 1999. The IRDA since its incorporation as a statutory body in April 2000 has regulated the opening up of the insurance sector, which has seen in total 23 life and 24 non-life private companies are operating in India.   In...

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Fdi in Insurance Sector

the future economic health of that particular country. There is clearly an intense global competition for FDI. India, for its part, has set up the “India Brand Equity Foundation” to try and attract that elusive FDI dollar. According to UNCTAD (2007), India has emerged as the second most attractive destination for FDI after China and ahead of the US, Russia and Brazil. While India has experienced a marked rise in FDI inflows in the last few years (doubling from an average of US$5-6 billion...

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Fdi in Insurance India

FDI in Insurance Introduction The insurance sector in India used to be dominated by the state-owned Life Insurance Corporation and the General Insurance Corporation and its four subsidiaries. But in 1999, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) Bill opened it up to private and foreign players, whose share in the insurance market has been rising. As a part of overall financial sector reforms, the Government set up the Committee for Reforms in the Insurance Sector in 1992. In...

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Insurance in India - History

PROFILE OF INSURANCE COMPANIES IN INDIA It was in 1818 when the first Life Insurance Company was established in India by private and foreign insurers. In the twentieth century many medium and large sized foreign as well as Indian Insurance companies cropped up with different objectives all across India. The Government of India issued an Ordinance in 1956 on nationalizing the Life Insurance sector and Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) came into existence in the same year. The Life Insurance Corporation...

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Insurance Sector in India

Discuss Insurance sector from different angles and discuss entry and exit of firms in insurance sector Discuss Insurance sector from different angles • TERM INSURANCE: Insurance may be described as a social device to reduce or eliminate risk of loss to life and property. Under the plan of insurance, a large number of people associate themselves by sharing risks attached to individuals. The risks which can be insured against include fire, the perils of sea, death and accidents and burglary...

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Future of Rural Insurance in India

FUTURE OF RURAL INSURANCE IN INDIA India is fast emerging on the world map as a strong economy and a global power. The country is going through a phase of rapid development and growth. All the vital industries and sectors of the country are registering growth and thus, luring foreign investors. And insurance sector is one of them. The rural market in India, constituting 742 million people, is by far the largest potential market in the world. The annual rural household income of Rs 56,630 (as per...

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Insurance Sector of India

solution - insurance and to provide with the knowledge of this insurance benefits to the customers, the Financial Consultant plays an important role in this field. To overcome these risks and uncertainties this project describes about various Insurance companies. How these companies provide benefits to policy holders is well explained by the Financial Consultant. Now days a lot is being done to create awareness among the insuring Public about the need and importance of insurance in the...

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India Insurance Market- An Overview of the Insurance Products

India Online Insurance Outlook to 2019 – Driven by Internet Growth and Web Aggregator’s Industry” presents a comprehensive analysis of the online insurance industry covering aspects including market size by Direct Written Premium and number of policies sold. A detailed analysis of market segmentation along with the channels of distribution has been listed in the report. The report also entails a detailed description on the recent trends and developments, SWOT analysis; issues faced by online insurance...

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commercial banking sector in india

COMMERCIAL BANKING SECTOR SUMMARY: Banking industry is the blood vascular system of our economy. The banks have played substantial role in the growth of Indian economy. From the meagre start in 1860 the banks have come to long way. The total shape of banking system was changed in 1991 due to the introduction of financial sector reforms as part of the liberalisation process. These reforms were aimed at enhancing the viability and efficiency of our banking system. Although there is a sustainable...

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Pharma Sector Analysis India

Indian Pharmaceutical Sector Analysis Contents: * Introduction * Market Size & Growth Rates * Market Segmentation * Key Players in Pharma Industry * Market Drivers * Challenges for Pharma Industry * SWOT Analysis * References Introduction Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the success stories of modern India. The wide ranging capabilities in the complex field of drug manufacture & technology has established India as one of the major producer of...

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Growth of Insurance Industry Post Liberalisation

GROWTH OF INSURANCE INDUSTRY – POST LIBERALIZATION INTRODUCTION : The journey of insurance liberalization process in India is now several years old. The first major milestone in this journey has been the passing of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act, 1999. This along with amendments to the Insurance Act 1983, LIC and GIC Acts paves the way for the entry of private players and possibly the privatization of the hitherto public monopolies LIC and GIC. Opening up of insurance to private...

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Service Triangle for Insurance Sector

SERVICE TRIANGLE FOR INSURANCE SECTOR NTERNAL EXTERNAL MARKETING MARKETING “Enabling Promises” “Making Promises” PROVIDERS CUSTOMERS INTERACTIVE MARKETING “Keeping Promises” Services Marketing can be explained with the help of the Service Industry Triangle. There are three entities in the whole transaction process. They are explained as below: CUSTOMERS Customers refer to the persons who have certain needs, wants and desires. For the Insurance sector, the customers refer to...

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Agriculture Insurance in India , Problems and Prospectus

Agricultural Insurance in India Problems and Prospects Agriculture production and farm incomes in India are frequently affected by natural disasters such as droughts, floods, cyclones, storms, landslides and earthquakes. Susceptibility of agriculture to these disasters is compounded by the outbreak of epidemics and man-made disasters such as fire, sale of spurious seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, price crashes etc. All these events severely affect farmers through loss in production and farm...

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Fdi in Banking Sector

resources. India has sought to increase inflows of FDI with a much liberal policy since 1991 after decade's cautious attitude. The 1990's have witnessed a sustained rise in annual inflows to India. Basically, opening of the economy after 1991 does not live much choice but to attract the foreign investment, as an engine of dynamic growth especially in view of fast paced movement of the world forward Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization. Limits for FDI FDI in the banking sector has been...

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Privatization in India

PRIVATIZATION IN INDIA : ISSUES AND EVIDENCE (A doctoral dissertation proposal) T.T.Ram Mohan Visiting Faculty, Finance and Accounting Area Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India Abstract The proposed research is intended to survey the process of privatization in India and assess its impact on the Indian economy. The central issue we will address is the impact of privatization that has taken place so far on profitability and performance of PSUs. Going beyond this, we will attempt to understand...

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Risk Management in Insurance Sector

Risk Management in Insurance Sector Project Report By Mr. Prashant S. Chirputkar T. Y. B. Com. Banking and Insurance Semester VI Ms. Firdaus Quadri Project Guide The Department of Banking and Insurance Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, B – Road Churchgate, Mumbai – 400 020 2007-08 Declaration I Prashant S. Chirputkar student of T.Y.B.com (Banking & Insurance) Semester VI of Sydenham College of Commerce & Economics hereby declare that I have completed the project...

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The problems and benefits of privatization of public sector organizations Generally, privatization has been defined in provisions of the transfer of enterprise ownership from the public to the private sector. More generally, privatization refers to shifting the status of a business, service or industry from state, government or public to private ownership on control. Privatization can be strictly defined to include only cases of the sale of 100 percent, or at least a majority share of a Sale of...

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Privatization In Malaysia, privatization is generally defined as the transfer of ownership from a government public sector to a private sector. Privatization applies when there is a transition of business activities, service or industry from a publicly traded and owned company to a privately owned company. This type of company will be no longer trades publicly on a stock exchange because investors can no longer purchase a stake in that company when a publicly traded company becomes private. Privatization...

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Insurance Sector

Basics  of  Insurance                                     2   Contents:-  * Life insurance   * General insurance   * Insurance market scenario   * Emerging trends in insurance 3        Learning             Insurance  * What Is Insurance          Insurance is concerned with protection of economic value of assets.Tangible assets are human beings, house, furniture, motor cycle etc.Intangible assets are liabilities             4   History of Insurance    * It...

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Privatization in India

INDIA 45 3 Privatization in India* Privatization of public enterprises has generated much debate; developing economies, which had previously opted for planning as a strategy and system for national socio-economic development. Under the Five Year Plans, the Indian state took upon herself the responsibility to undertake investments in basic and strategic economic activities and to control and direct private sector through a network of regulatory institutions. After pursuance of planned development...

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Manufacturing Sector in India

ARTICLE ON MANUFACTURING SECTOR IN INDIA Manufacturing key to growth above 6.5%, says RBI http://www.tribuneindia.com/2012/20120806/biz.htm#1 India needs to focus more on manufacturing in order to achieve GDP growth more than 6.5 %, Reserve Bank of India has said. The manufacturing sector has the scope for creating jobs for millions of people who leave other sectors such as agriculture, RBI Governor D Subbarao said in his keynote address here at Centre for Economic and Social Studies...

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Operations Management in Insurance Sector

Management in INSURANCE SECTOR Q. How to measure operational efficiency in service industry? Ans-Insurance companies use KPI indicators to measure operational efficiency and ensure optimum standards. The secret to success for an insurance company is providing the right product, having the right people selling and managing risks associated with it. Insurance organizations use and act on metrics to avoid unnecessary risks. Following are the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that insurance companies use...

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Fdi in Indian Health Sector

INDIAN HEALTH SECTOR Healthcare sector has a great potential in the present globalized world. It is one of the world's largest industries with total revenues of approximately US$ 2.8 Trillion. Healthcare sector has been emerging as one of the largest service sector in India. Indian healthcare sector has estimated revenue of around $ 30 billion constituting 5% of GDP and offering employment to around 4 million people (CII Report 2011). According to Investment Commission of India, the sector has witnessed...

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Real Estate Sector in India

Real Estate Sector – The India Story Submitted by Miss Sonia Sahni Asst Manager Corporate and Investment Banking, ABN AMRO Bank Nariman Point Mumbai India 400021 Cell: +91 9833097087 soniasahni@gmail.com Prachi Phadnis Team Lead - IBM global services Email: prachiphadnis@gmail.com Real Estate Sector - The India Story Current Scenario of the Real Estate Market in India Commercial real estate sector is in boom in India. In the last fifteen years, post liberalization of...

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Telecom Sector in India

INDIAN TELECOM SECTOR: AN OVERVIEW At 110.01 million connections ' Indian Telecom Industry' is the fifth largest and fastest growing in the world. The subscriber base has grown by 40% in 2005 and is expected to reach 250 million in 2007. Over the last 3 years, two out of every three new telephone connections were wireless. Consequently, wireless now accounts for 54.6% of the total telephone subscriber base, as compared to only 40% in 2003. Wireless subscriber growth is expected to grow at 2...

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Comparison Between India and China on Service Sector

A COMPARITIVE STUDY ON BOOM OF SERVICE SECTOR IN INDIA AND CHINA BY, R.SRIRAM ABSRACT Service Sector in India today accounts for more than half of India's GDP. According to data for the financial year 2011-2012, the share of services, industry, and agriculture...

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Introduction Banking Sector In India

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION OF BANKING SECTOR IN INDIA Banking in India originated in the last decades of the 18th century. The first banks were The General Bank of India, which started in 1786, and Bank of Hindustan, which started in 1790; both are now defunct. The oldest bank in existence in India is the State Bank of India, which originated in the Bank of Calcutta in June 1806, which almost immediately became the Bank of Bengal. This was one of the three presidency banks, the other two being the Bank...

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rural insurance

Rural Insurance in India the untapped waters The real source of marketing promise is not wealthy few in the developing world, or even the emerging middle income consumers. It is the billions of aspiring poor who are joining the market economy for the first time.                                                                                                                                             ---C.K.Prahlad Rural India is where the next ‘big’ opportunity is. Indian rural market constitutes...

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Banking Sector Reform in India

both in the industrial sector and the financial sector, released a variety of forces that propelled India into a new growth trajectory.2 In this paper, we are going to assess the role that the banks played in making this growth happen and the impact that these reforms had on banks. We start with a brief history of banking regulation in India. We then move on to outline some of the principal reforms that were implemented in the 1990s and their impact on the banking sector. Although this section ...

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History of Privatization in Pakistan

History of Privatization in Pakistan “Privatization is the act of reducing the role of government or incoming the role of private sector, in an activity or in the ownership of assets.” The policy of privatization has been used for improving the efficiency and profitability of improving enterprises, which are not performing well. The privatization of government owned enterprises is now a days a large-sale process for the transfer of state owned enterprises to the private sector. Privatization use as...

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Power Sector in India

contribution to power generation in india . Power generation sector is always a considering sector in india . India as being a developing country lags behind in the power generation to fulfil the demand supply ratio . But still there is always an increment in power generation year by year . Indian ministry of power have been building new policies to meet the expectation in energy generation by using conventional and nonconventional sources of energy . India is putting emphasis on making best...

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general insurance

Insurance Sector in India Last Updated: August 2013 Brief Introduction Currently India is a US$41 billion industry. Currently, in India only two million people (0.2% of the total population of 1 billion) are covered under Mediclaim, whereas in developed nations like USA about 75% of the total population are covered under some insurance scheme. A robust insurance sector is a boon to a country’s economy. The sector facilitates long-term funds for infrastructure development and simultaneously...

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Service Marketing in Health Sector of India

Title-Service Marketing in Health Sector of India Name-Kripal Singh Niranjan Introduction: - Services marketing typically refers to both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) services, and includes marketing of services like telecommunications services, financial services, all types of hospitality services, car rental services, air travel, health care services and professional services. The range of approaches and expressions of a marketing idea developed with the hope that...

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Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd: Functions and Services

PREFACE Private sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. After the Liberalization the Private industry still holds vast opportunities for young and experienced professionals. After Privatization, the PSU has been making efforts to improve efficiency and customer services. Among the financial services Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd. is the key player. The financial Sector is full of competition even if there area lot of opportunities to the job in SHCIL and it is the...

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Automobile Sector in India

AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY IN INDIA: CURRENT TRENDS. By: Apoorva Kumar S Y ‘B’ Roll no- 2069 Automobile industry in India: Current Trends The Automobile industry in India is one of the largest in the world and one of the fastest growing globally. India manufactures over 17.5 million vehicles (including 2 wheeled and 4 wheeled) and exports about 2.33 million every year. It is the world's second largest manufacturer of motorcycles, with annual sales...

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Management of Change in Banking Sector

Management of Change in banking sector Introduction:- Without a sound and effective banking system in India it cannot have a healthy economy. The banking system of India should not only be hassle free but it should be able to meet new challenges posed by the technology and any other external and internal factors. For the past three decades India's banking system has several outstanding achievements to its credit. The most striking is its extensive reach. It is no longer confined to only...

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Mergers in Aviation Sector in India

Mergers & Acquisition Assignment Mergers in Aviation Sector Table of Content Indian Aviation Industry: 3 Market size 4 Aviation - Market Players 5 Aerospace on a High 6 Jet–Sahara deal: 7 Viewpoint of Jet Airways: 7 SWOT ANALYSIS: 8 Viewpoint of Air Sahara: 9 Beneficial to both 10 References: 11 Indian Aviation Industry: The history of the aviation industry in India can be traced back to the year 1912 when the first air flight between Karachi and Delhi was...

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Mnc in India

PREM KUMAR.S VIGNESH .P MANOJ KUMAR .U SIVAPRASAD .P . V  Public sector enterprises  Objectives, organization  Pricing policy  Private sectorPrivatizations movement  Reason for privatization  Obstacles of privatization  Ways of privatization-disinvestment  Advantages/disadvantages  Conclusion Contents Public Sector A public enterprise is an organization which is i) Owned by public authorities including central state or local authorities to an extent of 50% or more...

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Principles of Insurance

Page 1: Insurance Page 2: Lloyds contribution Lloyd's of London (also known simply as Lloyd's) is an insurance market located in London's primary financial district, the City of London. It serves as a partially mutualised marketplace where multiple financial backers, known as underwriters, or "members", both individuals (traditionally known as "Names") and corporations, come together to pool and spread risk. Page 3: Unlike most of its competitors in the industry, it is not a company but it is...

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Travel Insurance Guide in India

are thinking of heading off for a vacation, business or studies abroad and are confused whether to buy travel insurance or not, you have reached the right page.What is travel insurance and is it really a necessity while travelling abroad? What are the necessary terms and conditions and what are the benefits and exclusions? Read on to find out all you ever wanted to know. Travel insurance covers you against unforeseen events which can occur when travelling abroad. It could be as small and minor as...

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Sectors of Economy

 SECTORS OF ECONOMY The three-sector theory is an economictheory which divides economies into three sectors of activity: extraction of raw materials (primary), manufacturing (secondary), and services (tertiary). It was developed by Colin Clark and Jean Fourastié. According to the theory, the main focus of aneconomy's activity shifts from the primary, through the secondary and finally to the tertiary sector. Fourastié saw the process as essentially positive, and in The Great Hope of the Twentieth...

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Insurance Sector

Time Indian Insurance Sector Innovate Now Or Stagnate fasfdor December 2011 www.deloitte.com/in Contents Indian Insurance sector poised for its next stage of growth The puzzle of untapped potential Redefining Customer Value Proposition Improving Operational Performance Key challenges in leveraging Innovation Improving the Innovation Quotient Conclusion Contacts 1 2 3 6 7 8 12 13 Indian Insurance sector poised for its next stage of growth The insurance sector in India has grown at...

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TELECOM sector in india

1. TELECOM INDUSTRY IN INDIA Presented By:Submitted To:Dr. Sandhir Sharma Group 10Chitkara Business School Gagandeep Singh Mohit Sharma Aman Mahajan Karun Sharma Kanika Dhawan Ashima Gupta 2. Well Postal means of communication wasthe only mean communication until theyear 1850. In 1850 experimental electric TELECOM INDUSTRYtelegraph started for first time in Indiabetween Calcutta (Kolkata) and DiamondIN INDIAHarbor (southern suburbs of Kolkata, onthe banks of the Hooghly River).In 1851, it was...

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Relience Insurance

Reliance Insurance Company, now officially known as Reliance Insurance Company [in Liquidation], was founded in Philadelphia in 1817. In October 2005, Reliance Insurance Company had taken place in India. Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited is an associate company of reliance - Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. Reliance Capital Limited is one of India’s leading private sectors. Reliance capital has interests in an asset management and mutual funds, stock broking, life and general insurance’ proprietary...

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Monsoon Insurance

OF INDEX MONSOON INSURANCE IN INDIA Literature review • AGRICULTURAL INSURANCE IN INDIA-A PERSPECTIVE By Dr. A. Amarender Reddy Scientist (Agricultural Economics) Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Kanpur-208024. Abstract Background the paper reviewed the innovative techniques in agricultural/rural insurance, which overcome some of the disadvantages of yield based group insurance and suggests rainfall (weather) index insurance as a better alternative/complement...

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Risk Management: New Challenges and Opportunities for Insurance Sectors

Risk management: new challenges and opportunities for insurance sectors Dr. S.Manimaran B.E.,MBA, M.Phil.,Ph.D., Head of Department of Management Studies, Professor and PSNACET.Dindigul. V.RAMESH. MBA, Executive engineer. Neyveli lignite corporation ltd. Neyveli Risk management Risk management can be described as like the other management procedures of identification, assessment and prioritization of risk. Actually risk management is very much equal to walking on the rope. As defined in ISO...

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Agriculture Sector in India: Trends, Issues and Challenges

Agriculture Sector in Economic Growth in India - Trends, Issues and Challenges | | | Submitted to - | Prof. Rudra Sensarma | | Submitted By – Ajanta Nag - EEPGM-11C-001Ashish Katariya - EPGP-04C-017Debangshu Datta - EPGP-04C-029Hari Akkavajhula - EPGP-04C-037Rajesh Solanki - EPGP-04C-076Tarun Kumar - EPGP-04C-103 | Table of Contents Introduction 2 Objective 3 Performance of agriculture sector in india 3 Government policies in agriculture sector 6 suggestions–new...

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Telecommunication Sector in India: Policies & Regulations

TELECOMMUNICATION SECTOR IN INDIA: POLICIES & REGULATIONS Telecommunication Industry in India: The Indian telecommunication sector has seen something of a swansong in the past decade. It has been one of the fastest growing sectors in India and has grown to become the second biggest telecommunication industry in the world, second only to China. It now has a subscriber base of almost 937.7 million as of September 2012 and is expected to service over 1 billion people by 2014. The present cellular...

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Aviva Life Insurance Report

Aviva Life Insurance is a joint venture between Dabur and Aviva. Aviva has 26% stake and Dabur 74% stake in the JV partnership. Aviva India employs close to 5000 people, over 20,000 Financial Advisers with 159 branches across the country. In 1999 the government opened the insurance sector by permitting FDI from private companies of up to 26%. The largest life-insurance company in India is still owned by the government (LIC). Insurance is also listed as the seventh Schedule to the Constitution of...

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AFFAIRS LEGAL ISSUES ON FOREIGN INVESTMENTS IN INDIA As a result of various policy initiatives taken, the Indian economy has been rapidly changing from a restrictive regime to a liberal one. The present legal framework allows an easy entry to a foreign investor in India. The liberalization of the foreign investment regime in India commenced in 1991 and thereafter has been gradually liberalized by successive governments. Deregulation, privatization and easing of restrictions on foreign investments...

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Privatization of Public Sector

Privatization is presented as being the only alternative to an inefficient, corrupt state. In fact, it is not a choice at all... it is a mutually profitable business contract between the private company (preferably foreign) and the ruling elite of the Third World” Arundhati Roy ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has lost an unbelievably high amount, more than Rs8,500 billion (Rs8.5 trillion or US$94 billion)...

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Rural Insurance

India’s life insurance firms have exceeded expectations in terms of growing their business in rural India, both among the rural wealthy and the not-so-wealthy, and most firms in the business are actually ahead of targets laid down by the sector’s regulator, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, or Irda. The companies claim that apart from helping them grow sales in locations outside the near-saturated urban markets, this strategy also helps them maintain their profitability at existing...

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Auto Sector India - 2 Wheelers

Auto Sector India (Two Wheelers) Summary for Microeconomics Project Submitted by:- Section A Group 8 Sarabjot Singh 12P043 Saurabh Mishra 12P044 Vineet Gupta 12P045 Sheth Swapnil Jayant 12P046 Shrey Tandon 12P047 Shrimoy Tripathy 12P048 Overview: Automobiles are categorized as luxury goods in India and the auto sector can be said to be cyclical. Thus, the auto sector, in a way, represents the economic condition of the country. Auto sector is divided into following segments: a...

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Insurance Sector

INDEX * EXCECUTIVE SUMMARY OF INSURANCE SECTOR * INTRODUCTION * HISTORY OF INSURANCE SECTOR * TYPES OF INSURANCE * PRINCIPLES OF INSURANCE SECTOR * STRATEGIC MANAGER * ROLE OF INSURANCE SECTOR * CONCLUSION * BIBLOGRAPHY. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ON INSURANCE SECTOR : Insurance sector in India is one of the booming sectors of the economy and is growing at the rate of 15-20 per cent annum. Together with banking services, it contributes to about 7...

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Building a Market Economy in India

BUILDING A MARKET ECONOMY IN INDIA & THE RISE OF ISLAMIC BANKING IN PAKISTAN Prepared for: Prof. Dr. Masud Rahman Prepared by: Gazi Md. Ali Zafar Roll-1003013 BANGLADESH UNIVERSITY OF PROFESSIONALS Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216 BUILDING A MARKET ECONOMY IN INDIA 1. What were the features of pre reform India and what were the justifications of that? Answer: The features of pre reform India were as following: a) The economic system that developed in India after 1947 was mixed economy...

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widely practiced around the state. There are certain government services in which it is impractical to create a free competitive market. For others, it is almost impossible to predict the potential success or failure of privatization. These unclear predictions make privatization a very complicated issue for local governments. The combination of rapidly rising service costs and slowly increasing revenues has led officials in some cities and counties to use non-traditional income services to fund...

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