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Principal Speech On Annual Prize Distribution Function

On behalf of Umah’s Day Care, I heartily welcome all of you for this Annual Day Celebration! I could see a unique and talented mix of students and the parents who made this happen, have come to us from every corner of the city. In the coming days and weeks, you will start building lifelong friendships for those who are joining us; you will begin classes and you will start to explore ways to fill out your days and evenings - the less tangible part of your education here which are nothing but...

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Principal Speech

1 Principal’s School Report on Annual Speech Day dated 23 rd November 2007 Our guest of honour, Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, Mr.Chan King Luen, Reverend Brothers, Distinguished Guests, Parents, Old Boys, Teachers, Friends and Students, It is our greatest honor to have Professor Tsui , the Vice Chancellor of the University of Hong Kong to officiate at our Annual Speech Day 2007. We are also honored and very grateful for the presence of everyone here because you ought to be very busy at...

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Annual Prize Distribution

Annual prize distribution | | | |The program is about to commence. We need no musical interlude. Therefore you are requested to switch off your mobile phones. | | ...

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A Farewell Speech.

A FAREWELL SPEECH TO THE STUDENTS LEAVING 10TH STANDARD Respected Principal, Teachers and my dear friends. We have gathered here today to bid farewell to the students of standard 10th. I am indeed honoured to be given this opportunity to represent the students of standard 9th. Just when we start to get comfortable with a person, something comes to alter the recipe. In this context, I would like to mention that for the past few months, the students of standards 9th and 10th have indeed worked...

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Four Principal of Managerial Functions

Four principal of Managerial functions Sample article: Roberts, G 2013, Rio Tinto eyes huge growth, Australian Associated Press Pty Limited, accessed 23/3/2013, http://www.news.com.au/business/breaking-news/rio-tinto-lifts-iron-ore-production/story-e6frfkur-1226554420329 This essay is related to the Rio Tinto company and presents some of the management theories and ideas. They are the four principal of managerial functions, contingency theory of organisation, challenges for management in...

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Comparing for Annual Day.

Ladies and Gentle Men! This is yet another landmark in the history of St. Sebastian’s LP School when it celebrates its 19th Annual Day today. We wish a warm and thrilling afternoon/evening to all those who gathered here to share the joyous moments with us. It gives us immense pleasure to have all of you as our guests for this auspicious moment. Now, let’s fire up our function in the name of God. May the Almighty lord shower his love and blessings in abundance on each and everyone present here as we...

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Annual Function - Agps

Amb. (R) Shamshad Ahmad Former Foreign Secretary, Lahore Subject: Dear Sir, We are pleased to invite you as the Chief Guest to the Annual Prize Distribution Function and Parents’ Day of Aligarh Public School & College for Women, Gulberg III, to be held on Sat. 28th Jan. 2012. The timings shall be 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. Our parent body Tehzibul Akhlaq Trust (TAT) was founded in 1961 by the alumni of Aligarh Muslim University with the objective of carrying forward the mission of Sir...

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Functions and Types of Channels of Distribution

Functions and types of channels of distribution * Functions; reconcile the needs of producers and consumers, improving efficiency, improving accessibility and providing specialist services * Consumer Channels; producer direct to consumer, producer to retailer to consumer, producer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer, producer to agent to distributor to wholesaler to retailer to consumer * Industrial Channels; producer to industrial customers, producer to agent to industrial customer...

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No Title

Anchoring Script For Annual Function Annual Function is celebrated by many organisations (school/college/institute/university etc.) for completing a successful year. In this article complete information on anchoring script for Annual Function is provided. Welcome ceremony: To start the welcome ceremony first wish to all the present audience according to time i.e. Good morning/ good afternoon/ good evening to all of you; On the behalf of the ....Organisation....Name..... I ...First...Anchor...

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Annual Day speech

body.. I heartly welcome our Honorable Chief guest, Our Principal, Dear Teachers, and my fellow- friends... Its wonderful to see such amazing gathering once in a happy year.. today we all have gatherd here for the annual day celebration.. I wel-come everybody with all my pleasant greetings, and I wish the celebration makes you smile and cheer you up with full of joy and entertainment.. Thankyou I would like to call upon our respected Principal, the sculptor of human character, a seasoned scholar and...

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Function of Speech Acts

Functions of Speech Acts in a Dialogue Introduction The dialogue analyzed in this paper is about two foreign students who have lunch in a restaurant. They sit next to each other at a counter and wait to be served. They do not know each other, but because the wait is too long they get bored. So, the older student, Maria, who is 19-year-old and comes from Venezuela, turns over the person sitting next to her and starts a conversation with a younger 18-year-old student, Ali, who comes from Saudi...

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speech on annual function

My role model We all know what role model means but for those whodon’t know: Role model can be any one, it could be a person, animal, bird etc. these are the one who completely changes the way of living of someone. They are extremely unique and have an extraordinary bond between each other. Who can be your role model? I know it is very difficult to decide our role model because many people in our life have done something special for us. It’s not so that everyone should have a role model in his...

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The Prize

The Prize: The Power Play for Oil The world has been forcibly changed by the discovery, invention or innovation of various things throughout history, as food items, weapons and even techniques have shaped world history. However, oil stands as perhaps the premier thing to ever shape history, as oil has remained a mainstay within the global power struggle for centuries. Daniel Yergin acknowledges the power and possibility made available by oil in his renowned book The Prize, where he explains...

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- To update and improve the services regards to the results. - To evaluate the current situation. Market research that handle the variables: Economic: -The results of these studies usually vary as a function of the time of evaluation (short, medium, or long term) and as a function of the developmental domain that is assessed (linguistic, cognitive, academic learning, social-emotional, and motor development) - The benefits and the results from the project. Social: (Education level, women...

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Prime Minister and Vice Principal Mam

competition and in the speech. The speech which i got was very good and very big also. On the next day Independence Day was celebrated.That day was celebrated in the assembly ground. The principal mam and the vice principal mam were sitting in the front. All the teachers and children were sitting at the back of the principal mam and vice principal mam. Then the children were asked to start telling their speech. And everybody spoke very well.Then my chance came to tell the speech and i also spoke very...

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Speech to Principal on Retirement

Why is she or he leaving? What do you think of it? Describe your feelings. 7. Wish her or him all the best for future successes. 8. State: We won't forget you, followed by: You won't forget us either. And tell why. 9. Conclude your farewell speech with presenting a gift. Hope this works Dave has spent his life delivering letters of congratulations and condolence. He has brought the news and the views of thousands of people to their relatives and friends. He has delivered examination results...

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Annual Day Speech

unity intact. Well done. The use of the original Shakespearean verse in the rhythms of modern speech was sophisticated and delightful theatre. Stage space was used brilliantly. I also loved the minimalism. The use of large potted plants to symbolically create the forest, simple props and a single accessory to denote costume was so refreshing. I do believe schools must invest in getting children trained in speech and drama because it contains a multitude of skills and spend less on elaborate sets and tailored...

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the work

in lChief Guest Speech for Primary School Annual Day A GIFT FROM GOD One day, when I was a freshman in high school, I saw a kid from my class was walking home from school. His name was Kyle. It looked like he was carrying all of his books. I thought to myself, "Why would anyone bring home all his books on a Friday? He must really be a nerd." I Premium882 Words4 Pages Welcome Speech of Annual Day Function On behalf of Umah’s Day Care, I heartily welcome all of you for this Annual Day Celebration...

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Opening Speech

dignitaries, parents and students from various schools to grace the very first (Maiden Edition) of her annual inter-house sports competition held at the U. J. Esuene sports stadium on the 12th of march 2010. The event started at about 11.00am with an opening prayer by Pst. Richard Ojong. This maiden event was graced by very important personalities including Mrs. Jennifer Bassey-Duke (Principal/CEO, AMMHS), Dr. Inemesit Akpan (P.T.A Chairman, AMMHS), Prof. Offiong E. Offiong (Hon. Comm. for Education...

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Functions of Speech Communication

FUNCTIONS OF SPEECH COMMUNICATION Communication caters to 'change'. It is through the involvement with and the development of communication that, along the periods of ages, human beings evolved from the caves of the stone age to the present world of sophistication and glamour. The changes brought about by communication to the human society can be explained with reference to the functions of communication propounded by Seal MacBride. INFORMATION: The accessibility to the information brought about...

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Text Analysis About John Steinbeck’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech

Text analysis about John Steinbeck’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech Summary The text is John Steinbeck’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech. In his speech he speaks about what literature means to him. In his great love for literature, he sees how people don’t appreciate it as much as they used to. He also mentions William Faulkner, his predecessor, who believed that a tragedy of physical fear, has sustained so long, that there are no more problems of the human spirit and only heart, with conflict...

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School Annual Day Welcome Speech

ANNUAL EXAMINATION – 2010 PHYSICS; CLASS - VII NAME: _________________________ Date: 26 – 02 – 10 (1st sit) Roll. No. ___________ F.M: 75 SECTION A (Answer all questions) QUESTION - 1. Fill in the blanks. (5) i) Making one complete round of a circular path of radius r, the net displacement is ___________________. ii) If a body is dropped from a certain height, its velocity increases due to __________. iii) The force of friction is always equal...

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Distribution Boards in CircuitsL: Types and Functions

DISTRIBUTION BOARDS 1. SCOPE: This Specification covers the design, material selection, and constructional features, manufacture, inspection and testing at the manufacturer’s works, packing, transportation, delivery, testing and commissioning of Distribution boards. 2. REFERENCE CODES & STANDARDS Distribution boards shall be TP & N type for 415 volts, 3 phases, A.C. supply or 230V single-phase A.C. supply as required. The specifications hereinafter described shall...

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Illegal Drug Trade and Meter Race

given prizes by the principal. First of all the was the 800 meter race. The signal for starting it was given by a pistol shot. One teacher was noting the time with a stop watch. There were many other races like the 200 and 100 meter race. The hurdle race was especially interesting. After the races finished high jump and long jump started. After this there was the tug of war which was a highly exciting event. The other teams cheered continuously to the competing teams. After this the prize distribution...

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The Principal

 The Principal Victor Public School Delhi Re:- PROFESSIONAL TENNIS / SPORTS COACHING Dear Sir, The Nash Sports Management believes that each child is a GEM – rare and unique and must be allowed to shine in his own natural brilliance. The programme aims to provide opportunities a sporting envirement which enhances the student’s instrinsic talent to allow them to maximize their full potential within their individual capabilities so that they can be best they can be! “People say that campions...

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Specimen Speech

Chief Guest Speech on the occasion of Annual Day of Panchanabettu Higher Elementary School ; Mr president, Head master Mrs Jayanti, and other dignitaries on the dias. I have been made as a guest for todays function. But I feel I would not be an appropriate person for this post. First of all I would like to clarify that I can not be a guest for any functions of this school nor of this Panchanabettu village. Because I born and brought up here and this school is like my home. I am one of the member...

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School annual day

This is a sample speech on annual day for school and college students. Just like sports and games held all the year round culminate into the sports day, all the co-curricular activities held all through the year crystallize into the Annual Day. The Annual Day is highly awaited as it is the day is highly awaited as it is the day when even the parents are invited to watch proudly their children participating in various activities or working hard on the stage. One can say that the preparation...

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Speech is the expression of or the ability to express thoughts and feelings by articulate sounds. It is the spoken expression of ideas. It is also defined as our ability to speak or the power of expressing or communicating thoughts by speaking. We often use speech to interact with other people. Social Interaction is the means and ability of two or more social beings to come into contact, communicate or acknowledge one another while each being is aware of the others. This is the way people talk and...

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 Distribution & Pricing Dartaine Phifer BA181 Foundations of Marketing Instructor: Bell, Faith A manager’s job is never ending, if you want to be successful in this business. Denny McKnight stated, “We think of best practices as doing all the right things with the right tools and getting the right results” (Harps, Best Practices in Todays Distribution). One of the marketing plans, distribution plays a key role to how products are exposed, stored and delivered, another key factor is the...

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Education and Chief Guest

623 Words Essay on The School Annual Day  One of the most anxiously awaited occasions in any school is its annual day. Great excitement and hurried activities are visible all around. The prize-winners and those who are participating in the cultural programme to be presented on that day are especially elated. Even those who are not actively, involved are excited to have a study-free day in school, filled with fun, frolic and amusement. The preparations for the annual day begin much ahead of the day...

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your own opinions and knowledge? Supporting materials are the materials used to support a speaker’s ideas. The three major kinds are examples, statistics and testimony. Strong supporting evidence is needed to get the listeners to believe what your speech is about. 2. Define brief examples, extended examples, and hypothetical examples and give an example of each kind. Brief examples is a specific case referred to in passing to illustrate a point. One example given was how Roger Charter lost...

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to generate awareness among the customers. Communication is also helpful in providing every type of information to the customers about the functions of scooters. On the other hand, communication is sometimes ineffective, if the executive do not have to skills to influence the intermediaries. Improper communication channel creates disturbance in the distribution programming model. Effective Work Teams: Organization has to develop the effective work teams in order give tough competition to the rivalry...

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Annual Implementation Plan

Region III Division of Bulacan Paombong Central School San Roque, Paombong, Bulacan ANNUAL IMPLEMENTATION PLAN 2012-2013 |PROJECTS ...

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Annual Day Speech of Bhartiya Vidhya Mandir

Draft Speech for  Annual Prize Giving Day on the 22nd November, 2004 at Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan My dear children, parents, Sri B. K. Chakraborty, Commissioner Education, Sri N. K. Dutta, Executive Vice Chairman, Sri K. Kalaichelvan Principal and dear friends   I am grateful to Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan to have invited me today to this Annual day & Prize Giving ceremony. It is always a pleasure to be able to address young minds.   Children are our tomorrow - our future. Bright faces that I see...

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stereotype is that they are perceived to be so. The confidence level cannot be high unless one knows his job well and able to command and get the work done from his subordinates. Shear seniority of age was able to accomplish many of these managerial functions which the young Executive find it difficult to drive. This unenviable position of Banks needs to be corrected quickly through appropriate training and executive coaching. We can even consider it as a damage control measure since this measure...

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Welcome Speech

Welcome speech Good Evening/Afternoon everybody! I am extremely honoured to have the chance to address you in this prestigious moment when our institution, VC Kumaran Memorial School celebrates its 33rd Annual Day today. This is so precious moment for us because aside from the fact this function underlines our school’s successful back-to-back 33 years in its realm of imparting education, this dais is also going to witness the showcasing of talents of the young-buds of this school and the...

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High School and Chief Guest

Patel was the chief guest. He hoisted the national flag. Then the national song “Jan gan man” was sung and salute was given to the flag. The chief guest gave the speech on the day and remembered our freedom fighters. The principal also gave a good speech. Then students presented patriotic drama, dance and songs. The students were given the prizes at the hand of the chief guest. At the end sweets were given to everybody. Thus everybody enjoyed the celebration. How great the celebration of the Independence...

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welcome Speech

WELCOME SPEECH By Anjani Sinha, MD & CEO, National Spot Exchange I welcome Shri B.C.Khtua, IAS, Hon’ble Chief Guest, who has agreed to be the Chief Guest of Pulses Meet -2008. Mr. Khatua has been instrumental in effectively regulating the commodity derivatives market in the country and also in providing regulatory support to the derivatives market, which has helped growth of this market. I welcome Dr. S.K. Goel, Principal Secretary, Agriculture & Co operation, Government of Maharashtra,...

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3 Parts of Speech

тео­рия частей речи.  Key terms: part of speech, classes of words (subclasses, supra-classes), semantic features (categorial meaning), formal features, functional features, homogeneous (monodifferential) classification, heterogeneous (polydifferential) classification, syntactico-distributional classification, notional parts of speech, functional parts of speech, substitutional part of speech, openness/closedness of word classes The traditional term “parts of speech” was developed in Ancient Greek linguistics...

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Exponential Functions in Business

Exponential Functions in Business Turgenbayeva Aiida ID 20092726 Variant 2 Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research MSC1101 Mathematics for Business and Economics Instructor: Dilyara Nartova Section #2 Summer-I 2009 Abstract This project reflects my knowledge and understanding of the interest rate, its types, formula and its evaluation in order to determine the most profitable type of investment scheme for National Bank wishing to increase...

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Foundry will establish a common framework to build DNA by using an automated robotic system. With a common framework for creating DNA in place, synthetic biologists will be able to scale up the volumes of DNA produced to more easily test their new function. The new DNA Synthesis and Construction Foundry will streamline and automate the 'writing' of DNA at an industrial scale so that tens of thousands of designed DNA constructions can be built and tested. We ultimately want this to become as straightforward...

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Alfred Nobel: the Man Behind the Prize.

Nobel: The Man behind the Prize. Alfred Nobel is known for starting the Nobel Prize. This prize is given every year to some of the greatest minds in the world who through their work, help to better society. In opposition to the improvement of society, is the fact that Nobel's other known inventions brought much death and destruction to the world (Frost). This combination of inventions helps to pose the question who was Alfred Nobel, and why did Nobel create this prize to help the world. In this...

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Winston Churchill Speech, Blood Toil Tears and Sweat Blood, Sweat and Tears speech by Sir Winston Churchill May 13th 1940 On Friday evening last I received from His Majesty the mission to form a new administration. It was the evident will of' Parliament and the nation that this should be conceived on the broadest possible basis and that it should include all parties. I have already completed the most important part of this task. A war cabinet has been formed of five members, representing...

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Distribution Channel

Distribution channel plays an important part in the supply chain. Distribution channel, as defined by Coughlan et al. (2006), is a set of independent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available for consumption. It serves as the connecting link between the producer and consumer by adding value to products or services (Kim and Frazier, 1996) and multiplies selling opportunities through network of intermediaries. These independent organizations are usually made of...

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Nobel Prize

Topic: This year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine This year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine is won by two scientists. They are Sir John B. Gurdon from United Kingdom and Prof. Shina Yamanaka from Japan. They both contribute to develop human cell studying. Official Nobel Prize announced that the Prize motivation is "for the discovery that mature cells can be reprogrammed to become pluripotent". They discover that mature cells can be converted to stem cells. Sir John B. Gurdon was born in Dippenhall in 1933...

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Completeness and Annual Function

Anchoring Script for Annual Function Annual Function is celebrated by many organisations (school/college/institute/university etc.) for completing a successful year. In this article complete information on anchoring script for Annual Function is provided. Welcome ceremony: To start (school/college/institute/university etc.) for completing a successful year. In this article complete information on anchoring script...

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Report on Arrangement of the Exhibition

Report on Arrangement of The Exhibition & Display The Prepared Items. The D.T.Ed Teaching Aid Exhibition followed by the Annual day celebration was held on the 28th of April 2012 at St.Teresa’s Junior College of Education. It was a successful event conducted by the combined efforts of our Principal Sr.Louella, the D.T.Ed Teacher trainers, students of the F.Y.D.T.Ed, S.Y.D.T.Ed & not forgetting the non-teaching staff too played an important till the finale! But the preparations for this...

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SPEECH You are the president of the robotic Club in your school. You would like to present a speech entitled: ‘Keeping Robot Pet Is More Practical than Raising Real Pets’ at school assembly and compare the two types of pets. Good Morning to the Principal , teachers and fellow students. My name is Rose Benitar and as the president of the Robotics Club, I would like to present a speech entitled ‘Keeping Robot Pets Is More Practical than Raising Real Pets’. I am sure many...

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School Captain and Principal Sir

MY FAREWELL SPEECH – 1994/95 Principal Sir, my loving teachers, and my fellow Tenacians: Words don’t come easy to me when it comes to speaking on an occasion like this. All throughout my school life, I’ve seen batches of students being bade farewell by the school and in all those times, I’ve feared the day when I’ll be among those stepping out of the doors of this institution for ever. Today, the time seems to have come for me too to make a transition from present to history. I don’t know...

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DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT 1) Distribution: Distribution is one of the four elements of the marketing mix. Distribution is the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by a consumer or business user, using direct means, or using indirect means with intermediaries. 2) Distribution management: The management of resources and processes used to deliver a product from a production location to the point-of-sale,including storage at warehousing locations or delivery to retail distribution points...

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Functions of Social Institutions

Price TVCC Five Functions of Social Institutions To understand the function of a social institution, one should first understand how the function fits into the concept of social institution. One can find it easy to confuse current function with the intended purpose. When considering this prompt, it can be theorized that social institutions do not have inherent functions, because it is the people of a society on a large scale filling roles that function comes from. Function is how the people...

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Physical Distribution

perform a distribution function. The distribution function is vital to the economic well-being of society because it provides the goods and services desired by the consumer. Economists often describe the value of distribution in terms of ownership, place, and time utility. The marketer contributes to the product's value by getting it to the right place at the time the consumer wants to buy it and by providing the mechanism for transferring ownership. Firms that do not perform the distribution function...

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distribution in banking

DISTRIBUTION IN BANKING BUSINESS Distribution in financial services marketing is concerned with how the service is delivered to the customer, making sure that it is available in a place, at a time and in a format that is appropriate and convenient for the customer. In a growing number of countries, the expansion of the financial services sector has been accompanied by a significant blurring of lines between different institutional types with, for instance, retail banks offering insurance products...

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Distribution Automation

DISTRIBUTION AUTOMATION Abstract— This White Paper on, “Power systems” addresses the working process, benefits and challenges of implementing Distribution Automation in electrical power distribution sector. The demand for electrical energy is increasing every day. Today over 24% of total electrical energy generated in India is lost in transmission (6%) and distribution (18%). The electrical power deficit in country is currently about 18%. Therefore reduction in distribution...

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Peel's Principals

Early Roots of Policing: Sir Robert Peel's Twelve Principals of Policing For over a century police departments in the United States and across the world have been following Sir Robert Peel's twelve principals of policing. Almost nothing or very little has changed since these principals were first implemented in England's "Scotland Yard". Many of these principals are behind today's investigating and policing practices. THE POLICE MUST BE STABLE, EFFICIENT, AND ORGANIZED ALONG MILITARY LINES...

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Speech Assignment Five Type of speech: Persuasive Persuasive type: Question of policy Time limits: 6-7 minutes Visual aid: Required Typed outline: Required Bibliography: Required Copy of Sources Used: 4 Required Assignment Synopsis: This is the most important speech of the semester. Start early and work really hard on this one. Students are to present a 6-7 minute persuasive speech on a current, controversial topic of state, regional, national, or international...

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prepare for your fi rst speech and as a checklist for all the speeches you give in your public speaking class. You can also use the guide as a handy reference for speeches you give aft er college. Presenting a speech involves six basic stages: 1. Determining your purpose and topic (Chapter 4) 2. Adapting to your audience (Chapter 5) 3. Researching your topic (Chapter 6) 4. Organizing your ideas (Chapter 8) 5. Practicing your speech (Chapter 12) 6. Presenting your speech (Chapter 12) Th ese...

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Prize giving

Prize Giving Ceremony – Announcing Procedures It is recommended to have a good announcer (speaking in English) who can announce the teams and presentations as they are happening. The announcements might be translated to the local language. It is furthermore recommended to have two people making the presentation (not including a host/hostess who will hold the award until the time for the VIP to make the presentation), this allows more VIP’s to be involved and also speeds up the process for...

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Distribution Management

at least three parties. The first party is the principal, the one with the need. The second party is the agent, who represents the principal. The third party is the one with which the agent conducts business on behalf of the principal. The purchasing manager is an agent for the firm. The terms purchasing manager, buyer, and purchasing agent will be used interchangeably. The purchasing manager administers the purchasing function. The purchasing function consists of many tasks within the business entity...

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Random Variable and Probability Distribution Function

Exercise Chapter 3 Probability Distributions 1. Based on recent records, the manager of a car painting center has determined the following probability distribution for the number of customers per day. Suppose the center has the capacity to serve two customers per day. |x |P(X = x) | |0 |0.05 | |1 |0.20 | |2 |0.30 | |3 |0.25 | |4 |0.15 | |5 |0.05 | a. What is the probability...

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