• Impact of Fuel Price Deregulation in India
    Impact of Fuel Price Deregulation in India Introduction Empowered group of Ministers on Friday, 25th June 2010, took a decision to decontrol the petrol prices increasing it by 3.50 per litre & that of kerosene by Rs 3 a litre. While petrol is mainly used by the middle class for cars, kerosene is
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  • Food Price Rise in India
    MBA 617 Assignment 1 Food Price Rise in India Akshaya Pandey, Chandan Jha, Gyan Vikas, Tarun Rawat Food price rise in India Last couple of months have seen sharp increases in food prices in India. The inflation in prices of basic food materials has raised alarms for the government as well as for
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  • Food Price Inflation in India
      TABLE OF CONTENT 1. QUESTIONS…………………………………………………………………………………... 2. WHAT IS INFLATION………………………………………………………………………… 3. INFLATION IN INDIA………………………………â
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  • Price Rise in India
    Despite of continuous claims of curbing price rise making by the government, prices of commodities rose by more than 300 per cent in comparison with the per capita income in the past one year. The prices are soaring up more than the income in India. The middle class are being hit hardly with the
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  • Marketing in India, with Special Reference to Liberalisation
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  • Silk Industry in India and China - a Comparative Business Environment Analysis
     Silk Industry in India and China -A Comparative Business Environment Analysis 2/18/2009 Goa Institute of Management Submitted by- Kanishka Belani-2008017 Mariam Noronha – 2008021 Neha Gupta – 2008026 Parikshit Bhinde -2008028 Soutik Sarkar - 2008052 Silk Industry in India an
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  • China Price
    THE CHINA PRICE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Our thanks are due to prof. Gitali Sarkar and other faculty members under whose able guidance and support I could successfully complete my project work. We thank them for their continuous support and valuable inputs for this project. We thank our family for
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  • Equity Research on India Infoline
    [pic] EQUITY RESEARCH ON INDIA INFOLINE SIP project report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the PGDM Program Submitted by: Anirudh Sharma (2009006) Student Manager IMT Nagpur Supervisors: Mr. Harsh Monga AVP India Infoline Limited, (Company Guide) Dr.
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  • Capital Market in India
    Valuation of Stocks and Functioning of Indian Stock Market The work in this area can be classified into three broad strands: a) those dealing with functioning of securities markets and financial institutions operating in these markets, b) those pertaining to the investment decision making process o
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  • Capital Flows to India
    BIS Papers No 44 235 Capital flows to India Rakesh Mohan1 Introduction In most of the period since the mid-1990s, external sector developments in India have been marked by strong capital flows. Capital inflows, which were earlier mainly confined to smallscale official concessional finance, gai
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  • Price Hike
    What is leading Earning or Price Hike? By Ridhi Kukreja Even as India's economy is said to boom, millions of its citizens are groaning under soaring prices of vegetables and food grains. Price rise has sent family budgets haywire. From Chandigarh in the north, to Ranchi in the east and from B
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  • Prepaid Gsm Telecom Preference in India
    INDIAN TELECOM SECTOR Indian telecom market is currently the most attractive telecom market with a lot of interest being shown by foreign players. Since in India, the fixed line subscribers are not even 10% of the mobile subscriber base, in this article, I am going to talk about mobile subscriber
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  • Gold Price - Quarter 3 2010
    www.gold.org Gold Investment Digest October 2010 QUARTER 3 2010 Price trends The gold price continued its upward trend during Q3 2010, ending the quarter at US$1,307.00/oz, on the London PM fix, 5.1% higher quarter-on-quarter. Gold’s average volatility of 13.2% in Q3 was not only lower t
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  • Ikea India
    THE RETAILFORMULA FOR IKEA IN INDIA [pic][pic] Names and Relation numbers Group 12: Julian Hoffbauer: 86282 Anwar Mohi-ud-din: 66913 Sonja Bogacki: 83353 Susanne van Scherrenburg: 78940 Lecturer Mr. Oude Lohuis Mr. Boels Mrs. Wedrychowicz Mrs. Kooijenga Date
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  • Coal India
    Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management SUBMITTED BY:Vishal Rathor (09-F1-134)Shipra Jain(09-F1-127)Richa Prakash(09-F1-113)Irshan Ahuja(09-F1-107) | Project Report | Coal India Ltd (IPO) Valuation | TABLE OF CONTENT S.NO. | PARICULARS | PAGE NO. | 1 | Executive Summary | 3 | 2
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  • Pricing Strategies in India
    Background on India India and China cover nearly 40 percent of the world’s population and their cumulative output accounts for nearly 25 percent of the global GDP. India is today the second fastest growing economy in the world. The growth is being driven by domestic consumption and the expansion
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  • Retailing in India
    RETAIL INDUSTRY IN INDIA : THE PRESENT & FUTURE - S.Ravi Sastry* -Umesh Kumar.D.Mehtani* ABSTRACT: The growth rate of super market sales has been significant in recent years because greater numbers of higher income Indians prefer to shop at super markets due to higher standards of hygie
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  • Union Budget of India 2009
    Budget is generally a list of all planned expenses and revenues. It is a plan for saving and spending. In other terms, a budget is an organizational plan stated in monetary terms. In summ
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  • Drug Price Contros and Its Effect
    Drug Price Control and Its Effect By: Akash Jena Introduction: Price control is a very ancient concept which has been facing opposition from most economists who advocate for a market a based on competition but even this has never acted as a deterrent. Governments have been setting maximu
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  • Chocolate Industry in India
    Summary "An Analytical Study of Chocolate Industry in India with Special Reference to Cadbury's India" is a sweet CHOCOLATE story of chocolates in the hot and humid plains of INDIA, which enlightens us about the size & status of chocolate industry in India. The project gives information about th
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