• Children Play Observation
    With increasing emphasis on early child development, play is without a doubt endangered in today's society. Academic development as we know is thought of as the key to success for a child, and the earlier the child is push to start, the more successful he will become. While this idea has completely
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  • Diverse Learning in the Classroom
    Sternberg, Gardner, and Diverse Learning in the Classroom Introduction If there has been one overarching theme in this course, it has been the theme of diversity. From examining the different ways that students develop physically in Module 2, to the different ways that they develop morally in Mod
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  • Parents Child Observation
    Parent Child Observation The setting is a home environment of a friend; the environment is clean, warm and sunny. It is not set up for children however, there are no toys, the child does not have other children to play with, and there are about eight other adults present for a get together. The
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  • Classroom Management Plan
    Nicolas Van Camp EXC 620 08/05 August 9, 2005 Classroom Management Plan General Description of Program and Classroom Description of Classroom Population Mr. Van Camp's class at The Country School is an academically oriented high school class primarily for High Functioning Autistic/Asp
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  • Observation
    Observation Experience Spending time in the four elementary classrooms was a great experience. Observing the students from the different grade levels taught me a lot on how a child can change over a couple year periods. Just by watching I learned a great deal about being in the pr
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  • The Observation of a 5 Year Old Boy
    The Observation of a 5 Year Old Boy Date: 3/19/04 Time observation started: 1:40 pm Time observation ended: 1:55 pm Name of child: Daiki Age of child: 5.6 Setting: The setting took place in a play area/corner in the classroom of the school where Daiki attends. Daiki is playing
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  • Child's Behavior in a Classroom
    1-October 10, 2006 at 10 o'clock in the morning, I observed a male student. The observation took place in a classroom, in P.S.249 third grade class, room 320 and the teacher's name is Mrs. Riggs. The child, Michael, was seating on the red square on the mat during reading time. The classroom has 7 de
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  • Observation
    Child Observation Report Robert Reitz Dev. Psych Dr. Trimble 4/13/00 Child Observation Report For this project, I observed my mother's preschool class for three hours, and three kids that she baby-sits on weekends for three hours. Most of the kids that are in the preschool class were three years
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  • Education in the Classroom
    Abstract Education today has truly evolved from its core concept of teaching people about themselves. Over one million immigrants come to the United States each year. Teachers today face many issues within the educational setting that challenge their ability to instruct each student. What issues
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  • Attachment Observation
    Attachment Observation I observed a 27 month old boy at the a day care center. There were 20 other students present during my observation. I observed this child for approximately one hour in the morning and thirty minutes later in the day. During both of the times I was observing the child he
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  • Temperment Observation Project
    Temp Obser Project EPS511 After our class about the temperamental types of I was able to go watch students with a better understanding of how they behave. I could see students different by their behavior I could say this students' temperamental is this and this students' temperamental is this.
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  • What Do Preschool Children Know About Number?
    Over the last few decades, developmental researchers have attempted to study mathematical cognition as they seek to understand cognitive changes from infancy to aging since mathematics poses a very interesting set of questions in terms of the fact that mathematical knowledge takes on several forms a
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  • Gesture and Its Role in Classroom Communication
    Critical Analysis Essay In the article Gesture and its role in classroom communication: an issue for the personalized learning agenda, Wall (2006) argues that even though there has been much research regarding interpersonal communication in the classroom, it has primarily focused on verbal interac
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  • Developing Strategies in Assessment, Classroom Management and Lesson Planning Using Cec Standards
    As a special education teacher it is important to understand the field of education as an evolving and changing discipline based on philosophies, evidence-based principles and theories, relevant laws and policies, diverse and historical points of view, and human issues influences that will continue
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  • Case 1: Jane Chambers: Early Childhood Teacher, Difficult Preschool Behavior
    Working with preschoolers can be fun and exciting but it can also be tiring and a challenge. They are at the age where they want to learn new things. They are full of energy and questions. At this age, they are a handful, and when you have a classroom full of preschoolers you better be prepared. In
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  • Preschool Teaching Activity: Poison Safety
    Two student nurses were given an assignment to visit American Lutheran Preschool and teach the preschoolers the safety of poisons. While planning this project they researched how a preschooler learns affectively “Children learn best by actively participating in learning,” and “Learning occurs
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  • Preschool Philosophy
    Preschool Philosophy Our preschool philosophy is based on the research that young children learn and develop best when they are actively involved in a loving and safe environment. It is important that in this environment children are given opportunities to learn about and experience new things. It
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  • A Literature Based Classroom Begins with Assessment
    High-quality reading instruction in a literature-based classroom begins with assessment. The need for assessment stems from the fact that children are not all identical. If all children were identical, instruction would be a whole lot easier. We could just figure out what lessons needed to be tau
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  • Teaching Strategy in the Classroom
    Teaching Strategies Applied Effectively in the Classroom In a classroom, the teacher is the leader. As such, they must take into account which teaching methods would be best to develop their students learning abilities. During my observations at New Hyde Park Memorial High School, I was able to
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  • Effectivity of Educational Gaming in Enhancing Classroom Learninig
    Preface The objective of this research paper is to describe more recent theories of learning in contrast with the traditional approach, explain the need for teaching aids, and then study in detail a recent addition to the educational market – educational computer programs - by looking into why
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