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Prepared Yogurt Slide

40x and 100x oil immersion lenses, the bacteria specimens, along with fresh and prepared yogurt, demonstrated full visual optical views of their shapes and how the different types were displayed at different levels of magnification. Purpose The purpose of the experiment was to gain full knowledge and experience of operating a microscope while being able to successfully visualize different types of bacterial and yogurt specimen’s shapes and arrangements using several magnification techniques by way...

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YOGURT INTRODUCTION There are thousands of microorganisms present at almost every surface. Some of them are pathogenic which causes diseases but most of them are useful especially in the food industry (Lasztity, n.d.). Microorganisms have been used for preparing food products such as cheese, bread, yogurt, etc, for a long period of time without even knowing that the process involves fermentation of the starting material (Pai, 2003). Fermentation is the process of utilizing nutrients anaerobically...

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3.1 Introduction Before setting up a yogurt processing plant, it is important to identify the actual size of the factory use, and method of producing foods that are safe to eat under hygienic conditions that conform to local legislation in Malaysia Besides, as dairy products have a high public health risk, we would seek the advice from local universities, Public Health Authorities and local legislation. 3.2 Location As Dairy products (Yogurt) have a short expiry date (The shelf life of...

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Introduction of Yogurt Yogurts are fermented milk product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk with various ingredients that provide flavour and colour. According to Deeth and Tamime (1981) yogurt is considered as a functional food because of its lactic acid bacteria that provide significant therapeutic values during milk fermentation including the highly digestible nutrients and as well as the ability to produce various antimicrobial compounds, reduce serum cholesterol and alleviate lactose...

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Part 1: Viewing Prepared Slides of Common Bacterial Shapes

Bacterial Morphology Part 1: Viewing Prepared Slides of Common Bacterial Shapes Familiarize yourself with each morphological type to use as a comparative tool for the remainder of the activity. Record your observations. Part 2: Disinfecting Your Area to Use Live Organisms: Part 3: Viewing Live Organisms – Wet Mount Preparation Record your observations. Part 4: Direct Staining: Record your observations for each sample. Part 5: Indirect Staining: Examine the stained...

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YOGURT A custardlike food with a tart flavor, prepared from milk curdled by bacteria, especially Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, and often sweetened or flavored with fruit. Yogurt or yoghurt or yoghourt (/ˈjoʊɡərt/ or /ˈjɒɡərt/; other spellings listed below) is a dairy product (soy milk, nut milks, such as almond milk, and coconut milk can also be used) produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. The bacteria used to make yogurt are known as "yogurt cultures". Fermentation...

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Natureview Yogurt

Strengths * Natureview produces yogurt with a family recipe that uses completely natural ingredients and is also organic. Natureview does not use milk from cows that are artificially enhanced with hormones. * Natureview yogurt has an average shelf life of 50 days, which is significantly higher than the competition’s shelf life. * Natureview deploys low-cost guerilla marketing. * Natureview is the leader in market share for yogurt in the Natural Foods Channel, holding 24%...

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Lab 1

 Abstract: The objective of the experiment is to learn how to use a microscope while viewing various types of bacteria cultures. Prepared slides are used to view bacterial cultures under a microscope that would normally be invisible to the naked eye. Bacterial shapes and arrangements or morphology are observed in prepared slides and fresh yogurt culture. Purpose: The experiment is meant to determine the shapes of bacteria under different magnifications when using a microscope; 10X, 40X, and 100X...

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Be Well Prepared

Be Well Prepared For Your Future Life Thinking makes human beings different than others in our planet. Humans need to do thousands of decisions in their normal life, and of course some of these are right and some of these are wrong. People may think carefully before doing something to avoid some mistakes, or reflect after an action to make progresses next time. However, when is the best time for thinking, before or after? How should we be prepared for our unknown future life? In the article On Thinking...

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Observing Blood and Bacteria

focusing of the viewing field 5. Fine Adjustment knob: Used for the final focusing of the viewing field 6. Stage: holds the specimen or slide 7. Diaphragm: controls the volume of light reaching the specimen or slide 8. Inclination joint: tilts the microscope for angled viewing 9. Light source: a mirror, lamp, or bulb for illuminating slide work 10. Main Tube: connects the eyepiece lenses to the objective lenses 11. Nosepiece & Objective lenses: Holds the objective lenses...

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Aerobic Plate Count (Apc) and Total Coliform Count of Supplied Yogurt Sample.

(APC) and total coliform count of supplied yogurt sample. Purpose: To determine the aerobic plate count and total coliform count of the supplied yogurt sample. Principle: Yogurt squeezed or extracted from milks are more or less acidic, depending on the product, the pH generally ranges from about 2.4-4.2 and contain sugar (4.7g), fat (3.3g), carbohydrates (4.7g), and proteins (3.3g). Although molds can and do grow on the surface of yogurt if the yogurt are exposed to air, the high moisture contents...

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Observing Bacteria

active Streptobacillus bacteria in yogurt. Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to display knowledge of the use of a compound microscope with and without an oil immersion lens while observing and identifying various bacterial shapes and arrangements, including a self prepared yogurt culture. Procedure: Exercise 1: Viewing Prepared Slides 1. After setting up and cleaning all lenses, place the prepared e slide properly on the stage. 2. View the slide under the10x objective by moving...

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Prepared Environment

Outline – The Prepared Environment A) Definition: Prepared environment is one of the major foundation of our work. For any living organism is the environment that supports the development of the organism optimal potencial. Every living organsm has certain environmnet requirements. A human being is a living organism. A prepared evnironment for the child is an evnironment both physical and human that allows the child to reach his full human potencial. The prepared environment has to take into...

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Variance Slide

value and variance of Y=5X-3 for each distribution? (Hint: Use the ‘Summary of the Laws of Expected Value and Variance’ slide in the lecture notes.) Exercise 5.3. Now assume the manager receives a daily salary of $200 plus $85 per car sold. What is the expected value and standard deviation of her salary? (Hint: Use the ‘Summary of the Laws of Expected Value and Variance’ slide in the lecture notes.) Exercise 5.4. Now assume the company managing the network gets penalised $900 for each interruption...

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Nbc Slide

Slide 12 Entrepreneurial opportunities (definition) Those situations in which new goods, services, raw materials and organizing methods can be introduced and sold at greater than their cost of production. An entrepreneurial opportunity could stem from introducing an existing technological product used in one market to create a new market or it could be creating a new technological product for an existing market or creating a new product for a new market. 1. Because opportunities exist in...

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Observing Bacteria and Blood- Lab #1

correctly use a microscope and the oil immersion lens to be able to see the prepared slides. Also to learn how to prepare my own yogurt and blood slides. Procedure: First, set up the microscope. Clean the ocular lenses and objectives with lens paper. Then pace the prepared e slide on the stage and make adjustments. Turn the rotating nosepiece until the 10x objective is above the ring of light coming through the slide. Move the slide using the X and Y stage knobs until the specimen is within the view....

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obeserving bacteris and blood

specimens (yogurt and blood). Procedures: Exercise 1: Observation of prepared slides using the microscope. The observation of the 8 prepared slides was performed by making adjustments to the microscope (focus, condenser, light) in order to establish a clear image of the specimen. The slide was viewed through the 10x, 40x, and 100x objectives and all observations were recorded in the tables below. Exercise 2&3: Observationof yogurt and blood. The yogurt and blood slides were prepared as described...

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44 0249 00 01 RPT Observing Bacteria an

needed, and data tables that should be addressed in a formal lab report. The intent is to facilitate students’ writing of lab reports by providing this information in an editable file which can be sent to an instructor. Exercise 1: Viewing Prepared Slides Questions A. Identify the following parts of the microscope and describe the function of each. A - EYEPIECES B – MAIN TUBE C –...

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The Prepared Environment

THE PREPARED ENVIRONMENT Montessori classrooms provide a prepared environment where children are free to respond to their natural tendency to work. In a Montessori Infant/Toddler room, the prepared environment is very important. It is designed to meet these goals: * Be attractive, welcoming, and conducive to learning * Have a space large enough to accommodate all the children, providing them with free and comfortable movement * Provide areas for all the activities each day *...

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Parts Of The Microscope

clusters. Exercise 2: observing Bacteria cultures in yogurt questions 1. Describe your observations of the fresh yogurt slide. From observation of fresh yogurt slide I was able to see some rod shaped and some round or spherical bacteria. 2. Were there observable differences between your fresh yogurt slide and the prepared yogurt slide? If so, explain. There were small observable differences in the fresh and prepared yogurt slides. The prepared slide seemed to be a little clearer as far as being able...

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Colombo Soft Yogurt

Colombo Soft-serve Frozen Yogurt 1) Colombo Yogurt Company faces competition in two different channels, namely the independent yogurt shops and impulse shops that sell other products besides yogurt. During the early 90s, Colombo’s competitive environment consists mainly of franchise operations like TCBY and Freshens. The size of these franchise companies that account for most of the independent yogurt stores pose a serious competition to Colombo and by the early 90s, the yogurt stores have added distinctive...

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Lab Module 1

E. Stage - holds the object to be viewed F. Diaphragm – controls the amount of light reaching the slide G. Light source – a mirror, lamp, or bulb for illuminating slide work. H. Course adjustment – used for the initial focusing of field I. Fine adjustment – used for the final focusing of field J. Arm – connects base to the viewing tube K. Stage knobs or clips – secures and adjusts the slides position on the stage L. Base – connects the arm and provides stability B. Define the following...

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Marketing and Greek Yogurt

for his first cups of Greek yogurt and (b) what was his initial "4Ps" marketing strategy? (a) Hamdi Ulukaya was targeting Americans as he was convinced that Americans would like the Greek yogurt if they gave it a try. In more detail you could say that Mr. Ulukaya used the differentiation focus strategy, as he was creating a superior product that was geared towards Americans. He was more focused on selling his yogurt to a narrow target audience. His first cup of yogurt appeared on shelves of a small...

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Microbiology Lab Chap 1

needed, and data tables that should be addressed in a formal lab report. The intent is to facilitate students’ writing of lab reports by providing this information in an editable file which can be sent to an instructor. Exercise 1: Viewing Prepared Slides Questions A. Identify the following parts of the microscope and describe the function of each. A=Ocular Lens-...

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Lab Assignment

with lens paper and nine different slides were chosen upon inspection, two of which were fresh. Each slide was carefully observed at each magnification (4x, 10x, 40x). Observations were reported in table and drawings of my findings. Table 1 Specimens | “e” slide | Penicillium with conidia | Bacteria, bacillus form | yeast | Bacteria, coccus form | Bacteria, spirillium form | Prepared yogurt slide | Fresh blood smear | Fresh yogurt slide – 24 hours old | Observations ...

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Observing Bacteria and Blood

Lens: Provides different focal lengths E- Stage: Holds the specimen or slide F- Diaphragm: Controls the volume of light reaching the specimen or slide G- Light Source: illuminates slide work H- Course Adjustment: For initial focusing of the viewing field I- Fine Adjustment: For final focusing of the viewing field J- Arm: Connects the base to the main tube; provides upright stability K- Stage Knobs or Clips: Adjust the slides position on the stage L- Base: Provides lateral stability for viewing ...

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Colombo Frozen Yogurt Case

Frozen Yogurt In 1994, General Mills Incorporated, a $6 billion consumer goods company, acquired Colombo Frozen Yogurt. General Mills Inc. (GMI) believed they could add Colombo frozen yogurt to their existing product lineup to increase net sales with little addition in marketing cost. Frozen yogurt is sold through two distinct segments – independent shops and impulse locations such as cafeterias, colleges, and buffets. Frozen yogurt is the main business for the shops whereas yogurt is incremental...

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The Prepared Environment

Prepared Environment Montessori classrooms provide a prepared environment where children are free to respond to their natural tendency to work. The prepared environment offers the essential elements for optimal development. The key components comprise the children, teacher and physical surroundings including the specifically designed Montessori educational material. “When we turn to man, we see that rather than adapting to the environment, he creates an environment to suit himself. Man lives...

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for financial market participants Behavioral Finance lecture #1 - Oct. 08, 2012 4. Behavioral Finance and markets 5. Selected Market Anomolies and Trading Strategies 9 0 – Organization General information about the course Slides for the lectures: - downloadable from the website of the course - available before the lecture - preparation recommended - occasionally supplemental material after the lecture Note: The downloads are only accessible by students and employees...

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Yogurt Frozen Case

Part Four Project Redesigning Business Processes for Healthlite Yogurt Company 599 Healthlite Yogurt Company, a U.S. market leader in yogurt and related health products, is experiencing sharp growing pains. Healthlite’s sales have tripled over the past five years. However, new local competitors, offering fast delivery from local production centers and lower prices, are challenging Healthlite for retail shelf space with a bevy of new products. Healthlite needs to justify its share of shelf...

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Young And Prepared

Sara Sanchez Fierro Young and Prepared, Well, Sort Of! When I first came to America I saw a lot of different and shocking things, some good and some bad. The one that affected me the most was the “teen mom” effect. I noticed that in this country, where freedom is valued as one of the most important pillars of society, a lot of young people are chained by the responsibility of being young parents. As I started making more American friends, I started seeing that around thirty percent of them...

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Instructions: Typography and Slide Backgrounds

design, font, and color themes. You will also change font colors, bullet symbols, and slide backgrounds. Instructions: For the purpose of grading of the project you are required to perform the following tasks: Step Instructions Points Possible 1 Start PowerPoint. Download and open the file named Skills_p02_Grader_EOC.pptx. 0 2 On Slide 1, type Opening Ceremony in the subtitle placeholder. On Slide 2, type Event Activities in the title placeholder. 4 3 Apply the Urban theme to...

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i am prepared to die

Based on the speech " I am prepared to die " by Nelson Mandela to be an insider or an outsider is to experience both worlds of oppression in South Africa . "The lack of human dignity experienced by Africans is the direct result of the policy of white supremacy " this quote shows that to be an outsider in a heavy population of white Africans does not receive equality factors due to that human. Whites tend to regard Africans as a separate breed : hard labor or small things such as cleaning things....

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Lab 1 Week 1

One side is white, the other is black. It can be flipped around depending on the coloration of your specimen. C. Describe your observations from fresh yogurt slide you prepared in Part III. Several cells majority Bacillus and cocci cells. D. Were there observable differences between your fresh yogurt slide and the prepared yogurt slide? If so, describe them. Only perhaps that there was far more Cocci cells then Bacillus E. Describe the four main bacterial shapes 1. Cocci - Spherical...

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Health Care and Slide

Five Outline Team “C” Slide 1: Title Page/Linda Slide 2: Introduction/Linda Slide 3: Technology/ Identify the challenges faced by the health care organization in the case study. Qiana      a. Electronic medical records transformation/purchasing program b. Learning how the program works c. Training staff on how to use program d. Notifying patience of changes e. Converting practice and old medical records f. Backing the system up Slide 4&5: Identify strategies...

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Healthlite Yogurt Company

INTRODUCTION Healthlite Yogurt Company is a fast growing producer of yogurt based-products, such as, low-fat yogurt and other related products. The company has its corporate headquarters in Danbury, Connecticut with processing plants across the United States in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, and California. It operates in 20 sales regions, each with its own regional sales manager and roughly 30 sales representatives. Healthlite Yogurt Company has experienced...

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INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Syarikat Muda Osman (SMO) was establishing by late Haji Muda Osman in early 1939. Starting with the retail, wholesale and distribution of various types of books and stationery, the company has been involved in distribution and marketing of cigarettes in the vicinity of Pasir Mas district. Its mission is to become Book and Stationary Shop Sequence were easy to visit, and having a shop near to you. Its vision is to become a Comfortable Book and Stationary Shop...

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Question Explain how the role of research in business, describe why entrepreneurs need to understand research method, identify the managerial values of business research and how business research helps managers to plan strategies. Specify various types of research, describe and give an example of each type. There are at least 6 stages of research process, identify and explain all of the stage. Define research topic, formulate attributes of a good research topic, and give examples of research...

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[pic] UNIVERSITI UTARA MALAYSIA COLLEGE OF BUSINESS COURSE CODE : BKAF2043 COURSE : FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING AND REPORTING I RESEARCH PAPER GUIDELINES This guideline is intended to help you in your project assignment and is divided into five (5) sections: I. Objective of the project assignment. II. General guidelines. III. Example of journals/periodicals IV. Words of reminder. V. Peer review I. OBJECTIVE OF PROJECT ASSIGNMENT The...

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Clover Valley Yogurt Market Analysis

Clover Valley Dairy Yogurt Market Analysis  Dear Charles Krieger, I have read your letter taking great time and consideration on your suggestions of how we should conduct a marketing consumer survey. Your ideas are very useful but I think we will make small changes to what you have suggested. Within this letter, I will explain what I think will be the best for Clover Valley Dairy’s new yogurt packaging. I hope that you will agree with me that this is the best way for us to conduct a consumer...

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Latin America Drinking Yogurt Market Forecast to 2019

Research Reports, MarketReportsStore.com publishes report on “Drinking Yogurt Market in Latin America to 2019: Market Guide”. Synopsis Canadean's, "Drinking Yogurt Market in Latin America to 2019: Market Guide" provides a snapshot of the Drinking Yogurt consumption in Latin America. The quantitative data in the report provides historic and forecast consumption data of the market by country, giving a simple overview of the Drinking Yogurt market trends in the region in an easy to use format. The report...

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Montessori Prepared Environment.

The Montessori prepared environment. In Montessori philosophy there are three leading factors that make up the methodology: the environment, including all the materials; the directress, and the child. The prepared environment will be the focus of discussion and will underline: the principles of the prepared environment, how to set up the environment; and its importance in childhood development. There are five basic principles that must be adhered to in any Montessori environment these are: ...

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Calculator and Slide Rule

does away with thinking, and therein lies a potential compromise. Before cheap electronic calculator became commonplace, students used the slide rule. And before the slide rule there was the abacus. To benefit from the technology of these calculators, however, students still had to think. To use an abacus, you had to keep in mind the number system; to use a slide rule you had to estimate and think in terms of logarithms and decimal places. For students who want to avoid “mindless” computations, I wholeheartedly...

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Master s Prepared Interview

MASTER’S PREPARED NURSE INTERVIEW 1 Master’s Prepared Nurse Interview Tammy Henderson Grand Canyon University: NUR 502 October 29, 2014 MASTER’S PREPARED NURSE INTERVIEW 2 Introduction The Master of Science in Nursing with an emphasis in nursing education can be understood in further detail by an...

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Difference in Competencies of Nurses Prepared

 Difference in Competencies of Nurses Prepared by Associate degree vs. Baccalaureate degree Grand Canyon University November 14, 2014 A “nurse is a nurse” right? Wrong! Nurses are prepared at different levels. Each level offers its own advantage that can be taken into the nursing career to serve patients and create individualized care to ensure the best outcomes. However, each degree does not prepare future nurses in the same way. A Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing or...

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Small Scale Production of Yogurt

PRODUCTION OF YOGURT Yogurt is a sour milk product. Its sour taste is attributed to the presence of lactic acid yielded by bacteria through fermentation. Bacteria that are commonly used in yoghurt production are Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. These bacteria have the ability to break down sugars in the milk producing lactate or lactic acid as by-product. Below is a step-by-step procedure in the production of yogurt. Find out from the procedure why yogurt has low fat...

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Master's prepared nurse interview

Master’s Prepared Nurse Interview Stephanie Bakker Grand Canyon University: NUR 502 October 15, 2014 Master’s Prepared Nurse Interview Introduction Due to the demands of an evolving health care system and an emphasis in health and wellness, Master’s prepared nurses are in demand. What does a Master’s prepared nurse entails? According to the American Association College of Nursing, Master’s prepared nurses obtain a higher level of learning as well as key competencies and skills. The ultimate...

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Case 1 Columbo Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt

 Case 5-2 Columbo Soft-Serve Frozen Yogurt In 1994 General Mills Incorporated (GMI) acquired Columbo Frozen Yogurt in an attempt to expand their existing product lineup as well as increase net sales while keeping marking costs relatively the same. Colombo Yogurt Company has a long history of producing frozen yogurt having been in the business since the early 1980’s. Sales of their frozen yogurt is typically sold through two separate and distinct segments, independent shops that cater specifically...

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Differences in Competenties Between Nurses Prepared at

Differences in Competencies Between Nurses Prepared at the Associates Degree Level Versus the Baccalaureate Level in Nursing. Michelle Parker Grand Canyon University Differences in Competencies Between Nurses Prepared with a Associates Degree Versus the Baccalaureate Dregree. There are many differences in the competencies between nurses prepared at the associate’s degree level versus the baccalaureate level in nursing. The differences in competencies can be seen in the leadership ladder...

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Music of Seville, Spain Powerpoint Slides

SLIDE 1 The ancient city of Seville, together with Jerez, Granada and other locations, is one of the cradles of flamenco. The city is swarming with flamenco clubs (peñas), nightclubs (tablaos), dance schools, record labels, booking agencies, and performers. There is a fantastic flamenco biennale (Bienal de Flamenco) and an annual flamenco trade show, Feria Mundial del Flamenco. But there is more than traditional flamenco in the area. The Andalusian capital has produced numerous bands that create...

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Yogurt Fermentation

Yogurt Fermentation Yogurt is made by lactic acid fermentation. The main (starter) cultures in yogurt are Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. The function of the starter cultures is to ferment lactose (milk sugar) to produce lactic acid. The increase in lactic acid decreases pH and causes the milk to clot, or form the soft gel that is characteristic of yogurt. The fermentation of lactose also produces the flavor compounds that are characteristic of yogurt. Lactobacillus...

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Business Redesign for Healthlite Yogurt Company

processing plants that are located in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, and California. Healthlite Yogurt Company has 20 sales regions, each with approximately 30 sales representatives. Healthlite has a 12 person in marketing division at corporate headquarters. Products Yogurt and related health products and new yogurt based products which would include frozen desserts and low-fat salad dressings. Major Business Processes for Sales The following...

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Yogurt as Healthy Choice

Yogurt Etymology and Spelling * The word is derived from Turkish: yoğurt, and is related to the obsolete verb yoğmak "to be curdled or coagulated; to thicken". The letter ğ was traditionally rendered as "gh" in transliterations of Turkish prior to 1928. In older Turkish, the letter denoted a voiced velar fricative /ɣ/, but this sound is elided between back vowels in modern Turkish, in which the word is pronounced [joˈuɾt]. * In English, there are several variations of the spelling of the...

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Is Caricom Prepared for Globalization

Karl Wiggins Is CARICOM prepared for globalization? CARICOM or the Caribbean community has been the subject of heavy debate across the region as it relates to its success, relevance and the fulfillment of its intended mandate. The Caricom organization was established in the wake of the dissolution of the West Indies Federation and aimed primarily at bridging the gap between English speaking Caribbean countries and the wider world as well as promoting integration between its member states in terms...

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Chobani Making Greek Yogurt a Household Name

chapter. (a) Whom did HamdiUlukaya identify as the target for his first cups of Greek yogurt and (b) what was his initial "4Ps" marketing strategy? Hamdi Ulukaya envisioned a yogurt with pure, authentic and all natural taste, just the one he used to eat in his home country, Turkey. He wasn’t satisfied at all at how yogurt tasted in the U.S and believed there was a big potential in the market for a new kind of yogurt. His target was to successfully hit the mass market of the American consumers so...

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Master's prepared nurse interview

Master's-Prepared Nurse Interview Introduction I had the privilege to work for many years with couple of master’s prepared nurses and they always inspired me to join master’s level program. I interviewed one of my friends [S.V] who is a colleague at the hospital where I work as a requirement for the course and also to get a broader depth and understanding of the Masters in nursing program. That helped me to get more information about the program...

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Master's Prepared Nurse Interview

face-to-face interview was performed of a Masters prepared nurse, Mrs. H., to seek new knowledge about a role desired from the interviewer. Taking information from a practicing Masters prepared nurse will help the interviewer develop an understanding of opportunities, career advancement and the practice of someone in the Master in Science of Nursing (MSN) role. Review of the educational preparation, personal experience, and accomplishments of a Masters prepared nurse will be discussed. Mrs. H, describes...

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Master prepared nurse interview

Master's Prepared Nurse Interview Interview This is an interview of a Master’s- prepared nurse who has recently assumed an Assistant Director of Nursing position. The intend of the interview is to show how a graduate of a Master of Science in Nursing would adequately prepare a nurse to assume a higher role in the field of nursing practice, education or administration. This achievement offers the individual with many opportunities for growth and opens the door to different career possibilities...

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5- 2 Colombo Soft-Serve Frozen Yogurt

5- 2 Colombo Soft-Serve Frozen Yogurt 1. Briefly summarize Colombo’s competitive environment and General Mills’ strategy in response to that environment. • Competitive environment: o franchise operations such as TCBY and Freshens streamlined frozen yogurt business causing it to be:  more efficient to operate  easier marketing  cost effective o Foodservice operators (Impulse locations) began offering soft-serve yogurt o Caused independent yogurt shops (Colombo Soft-Serve primary clientele...

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The Slide in the value of the indian rupee

THE SLIDE IN THE VALUE OF THE INDIAN RUPEE In the midst of India’s current slow down in growth, India is said to be the third largest economy in the world. We are a developing economy that has now hit a set back with the strengthening of the dollar. Few years back, India stood tall on both her feet, as USA was struggling. Americans pumped their dollars into other nations as their currency was weakening and they wanted to protect the value of their investment portfolios. This was due to the...

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