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Power Train Ltd Case

5/26/13 IRCTC Ltd,Booked Ticket Printing IRCTCs e-Ticketing Service Electronic Reservation Slip (Personal User) This ticket will only be valid with an ID proof in original provided at the time of booking by the passenger (s). If found travelling without ID Proof, passenger (s) will be treated as without ticket and charged as per extant Railway rules. A t least one passenger should travel with his/her ID card in original which is indicated on the ERS/VRM. In case he/she is not travelling, all...

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Coverdrive Ltd Case Study

Coverdrive Ltd Case Study, Overhead Recovery When John Thistle, the management accountant, joined Coverdrive one of his early projects was a review of the treatment of production overhead and the impact of ABC – Activity Based Costing. Prior to John’s appointment a single overhead recovery rate had been used for the charging of production overhead to the company’s range of products. In a recent meeting with Steve Ambrose, the MD, John discussed the need for separate overhead recovery rates for each...

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Computer Power Group Case Analysis

Computer Power Group Case Analysis Evaluate CPG’s brand portfolio and architecture Founded in 1968, Computer Power Group (CPG) was Australia’s largest publicly listed information technology service company. In the mid - to late 1980s, CPG went beyond IT consulting and by incorporating many Australasian companies in the IT education, training, services, staffing, software, and resourcing domains. CPG made acquisitions in the Unites States, United Kingdom and other places through out the world...

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The Power of Mystery in Tissot's 'Waiting for the Train'

THE POWER OF MYSTERY IN JACQUES JOSEPH TISSOT’S WAITING FOR THE TRAIN (WILLESDEN JUNCTION) When creating a new work an artist carefully considers each decision they make. From the positioning of objects and the composition and framing to the hues of their colours, no decision is too small as each not only contributes to the overall meaning of the work but has great effect on how the work is received by the viewer. Closer inspection of the tools which an artist deploys to achieve their goals such...

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Maintrel Ltd. Case study analysis

Executive Summary The main issue that has been identified in this case study is a combination of a managers poor leadership and a highly valuable, up and coming employee's need for affiliation. Problem Statement The Engineering Manager, Jack Manning, prefers to avoid confrontation and has used his influence to have a report written by one of his top employees named Jack Rogers “literally thrown out the window” in order to avoid any confrontation that might arise as a result of inefficiencies...

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World Co Ltd Case Analysis

Supply Chain Management at World Co. Ltd. Facts of the Case Industry Facts: ▪ Specialty Retailing Sector -Women’s apparel industry in Japan ▪ seasonal industry ▪ products have short life cycles and extremely uncertain demand ▪ International Competition ▪ 3 Distribution Alternatives- company-owned stand alone stores, shops in fashion malls, and shops within department stores “store-within-a-store” Company Facts ▪ Operates in women’s apparel industry ▪ Company...

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Lessee Ltd.- Lease Case

| Lessee Ltd.- Lease Case | | | | | | 1. Was the junior accountant’s analysis correct? Why or why not? No, the junior accountant’s analysis is not correct in classifying the lease as an operating lease in accordance with IFRS. Whether or not a lease is classified as a finance or an operating lease depends on if all of the benefits as well as risks of ownership have been shifted from the lessor to the lessee. According to IAS 17-10(d), a lease must be classified as a finance...

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Case Study: Mcgregor's Ltd.

Group Discussion - McGregor’s Ltd. Department Store Step 1: Situational Analysis I. McGregor's department from its inception has laid a great emphasis on personal service of its clients. James McGregor, the current president doesn't want to destroy its old-world charm, which differentiates it from the other departmental stores. But at the same time he is worried that with an old-fashioned image, he will not be able to attract young customers and eventually would lead to over reliance on...

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Sport Obermeyer, Ltd. - Case

Introduction Sport Obermeyer, Ltd. presents a successful ski apparel company that is addressing logistics-related decisions that face many businesses today. Sport Obermeyer, founded in 1947 by Klaus Obermeyer, has continued to lead the ski apparel industry since that time through continuous product innovation and fashion-forward styles. Recently, the company has faced increased competition from other winter apparel makers, namely Columbia Sportswear. Exhibit 1 presents a SWOT analysis of Sport...

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Tempo LTD case

 Case 6-1 Tempo Ltd. In this case Fatih Terim is trying to decide whether or not to enter a barter trade with North Koreans in which he would send Turkish chemicals in exchange for kereste (Lumber). Because of trade sanctions between Turkey and North Korea this transaction would not be legitimate because there would be some bribing and other extracurricular activities to complete the deal. Terim tried to justify going through with the deal because he concluded that if he did not make the deal...

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Burns Meat Ltd. Case Study

women face each day along with a whole range of problems that could occur, including environmental matters, health issues, and product malfunctions, are why ethics plays such an important role in business. By thoroughly examining the case of “Union vs. Burns Meats Ltd”, it is evident that it was unethical for the company to pay the employees four dollars more than average to begin with, as the money could have been used to upgrade the packaging plant, their technology, and improving the labour-management...

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Train No | Train Name | Serial No | Date | Reservation Status | 12147 | NIZAMUDDIN EXP | 1 | 8- 1-2013 | WL 99/WL 74 | | Miraj to NZM | 2 | 15- 1-2013 | WL 92/WL 62 | | 10.20 to 5.05 evening | 3 | 22- 1-2013 | WL 15/WL 10 | | Hrs: 30.45 | 4 | 29- 1-2013 | WL 27/WL 16 | | | 5 | 5- 2-2013 | RAC24/RAC 18 | | | 6 | 12- 2-2013 | AVAILABLE 107 | | | | | | | | | | | 12629 | SAMPARK KRANTI | 1 | 9- 1-2013 | WL 71/WL 40 | | MIRAJ JN TO NZM | 2 | 11- 1-2013...

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a case aganist nuclear power

has led to renewed interest in nuclear energy. To simplify a nuclear energy facility or a nuclear reactor is very much like any other power plant except that it produces heat through a process called nuclear fission. The heat produced from the nuclear fission is done through a radioactive element called uranium. The heat created is turned into steam which then powers a turbine, to generate electricity. This process is purported to be carbon emission free compared to traditional non-renewable energy...

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Hy Dairy Ltd. Case Study

Name: Charles A. Ford____________________Case #: 1 2 3 Date:_14 Feb 2013__ 1. Skim the Case Key Person: Rochelle Beauport | Position: Assistant Brand Manager | Other People: Syd Gillman VP of Marketing | What: Rochelle believes women and minorities cannot hold a position in upper management | Why: Rochelle received a lateral position instead of a management position | When: The situation needs to be resolved Immediately | 2. Identify the issues and related OB concepts ...

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Barriers to Entry & Exit - A case study on Singapore Power

 Barriers to Entry & Exist: A case study on Singapore Power. Singapore Power was first created to take over the electricity and gas business of the state provider, the Public Utilities Board in 1995 and was once considered as the only electricity company in Singapore. However, in 2001, Singapore Government took further steps in industry reform: separation of the natural monopolies (i.e. grid) from the competitive domain (i.e. generation and retail) in order to encourage competition and drive...

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Case Study: Transact Insurance Ltd

Read the case study of Transact Insurance Ltd. Use one of the models in the chapter on culture or the prescribed articles to describe the culture of the organisation. Also identify the major influences on the evolution of that culture. Consider the changes in the South African environment (competition, globalisation, employment equity, downsizing, need for innovation, etc), and indicate the suitability of the organisational culture for the future objectives of the organisation. Case study: Transact...

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Maglev Trains

friendly, fast and safe, which was the start of the outbreak of maglev trains; trains that are levitated from the ground with the use of electromagnetism. This whole idea was mostly based on electromagnetic induction and creation of a current. Such trains are safe when even going to a speed of 400 miles per hour, leaving our transportation issues solved. Figure 1 (Shanghai Maglev Train) Figure 1 (Shanghai Maglev Train) Maglev trains are transportation methods that are levitated from the ground and...

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Shouldice Hospital, Ltd. Case

city in United States to decide where to invest new hospital. About the operation of new hospital, quality control is the most important issue to maintain our brand reputation. They should relocate some experienced doctor from Toronto to American to train and direct the local doctor. Moreover, they should utilize the successful process flow into the new hospital and make some change by considering the difference culture and condition. Finally, Shouldice Hospital should be marketing their service, while...

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Train Ticket

5/11/13 IRCTC Ltd,Booked Ticket Printing IRCTCs e-Ticketing Service Electronic Reservation Slip (Personal User) This ticket will only be valid with an ID proof in original provided at the time of booking by the passenger (s). If found travelling without ID Proof, passenger (s) will be treated as without ticket and charged as per extant Railway rules. A t least one passenger should travel with his/her ID card in original which is indicated on the ERS/VRM. In case he/she is not travelling, all...

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Train Traffic Monitoring System

also automatically sets routes and controls the trains as the train diagrams received from traffic planning department. If case there is a delay of a train, it continues to recommend the best route and controls based on train diagrams accepted. OMS is been divided in 3 major category that is Tracking of the trains, train route control and sequence assessment. OMS communicates with all the departments and also sends the information of the trains to the required departments. We shall discuss how...

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Power has the potential to change the way we behave and the pattern in which we think. Especially found in leaders, positions of power allow for one person to represent a collection of people, ideas, or beliefs. In some cases power is the tool that leaders need to push their group to thrive, yet in others it is the poison that consumes leaders and causes the led group to crumble. The difference lies in morals, ethics, and standards. Power must be balanced by a set of moral and ethical standards that...

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Case Study of Nupath Foods Ltd

PART A CASE STUDY OF NUPATH FOODS LTD INTRODUCTION Denise Roberge, brand manager of Nupth Foods Ltd, had improved sales of her company product recently. Her superior, James Ornath, wanted to reward her by promoting her to the position of marketing research coordinator. This decision was not well-received by Roberge, who assumed that Ornath was following her previous employer's footsteps of sexist practices. She felt insecure about her current position and faced a dilemma as whether to change Ornath's...

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Case List

Case List – BUSL301 The following list is a guide only – the cases that are most likely to be mentioned in lectures are bolded – most of the cases in this list (or other cases that may be mentioned) will be referred to in one or both of your texts – it is very likely that in the normal course of your reading you will come across these cases – note that cases not on this list, particularly relevant recent cases, may also be discussed in class – how to use cases and what is expected of students in...

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Epicyclic Gear Train Experiment

Unit Title : : UEME3133 Mechanics of Machines Year/ : Semester Session : Lecturer : Experiment 1 : Epicyclic Gear Train 1. Objectives • • • • • • • To understand the working principle of epicyclic gear system. To calculate gear ratio of the epicyclic gear system. To determine the input power and output power of the epicyclic gear system. To determine the power loss of the epicyclic gear system. To measure the different stage epicyclic gear systems speed output. To measure the output torque...

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that “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely”. Give an example to argue your answer. (more or less 500 words) 2. How does media coverage of communal conflict in Indonesia recently influence your views on power and how power may be used to attain political objectives? Give example for your answer. (more or less 1000 words) Answer : 1. “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely” is a famous statement of Lord Acton. Power can be...

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Case Study Hy Dairies, Ltd

Case Study Hy Dairies, Ltd. 1. What symptoms exist to suggest that something has gone wrong? The sales volume and market share of Hy Dairies’ gourmet ice cream brand had picked up significantly over the past two quarters compared with the previous year. As the vice president of marketing at Hy Dairies, Syd Gilman credited this achievement to Rochelle Beauport, the assistant brand manager at the time, and decided to reward her with a newly vacated post of marketing research coordinator. Based...

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YakkaTech Ltd case study 2

 YakkaTech Ltd. By Steven L. McShane, The University of Western Australia YakkaTech Ltd. is an information technology services firm employing 1,500 people across Canada. YakkaTech has a consulting division, which mainly installs and upgrades enterprise software systems and related hardware on the client's site. YakkaTech also has a customer service division, which consists of four customer contact centres serving clients within each region. Each customer contact centre consists of a half-dozen...

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Short Case: Handles and Hinges Ltd

CHAPTER 17 Quality planning and control Short case: Handles and Hinges Ltd H&H was established in Birmingham, England, by two young entrepreneurs, Dave Philips and Chris Agnew, both experienced in the hardware trade. The business specialized in the ‘designer’ market for polished metal (brass or stainless steel) door handles, cupboard knobs, furniture fittings (mostly used in shop/office furniture) and hinges. Their company was successful, was based on H&H’s reputation for high-quality, unique...

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Assignment Cover Sheet School of Business Student name: | Alen Marcic | Student number: | 16737378 | Unit name and number: | Power Politics and Knowledge | Tutorial group: | EB.3.36 | Tutorial day and time: | Tuesday, 12:00-2:00 | Lecturer/Tutor: | | Title of assignment: | Reflective Response | Length: | 1553 | Date due: | Week 6, Tuesday | Date submitted: | Week 6, Thursday | Campus enrolment: | Parramatta | Declaration: I hold a copy of this assignment if the original...

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Luotang Power company analysis

 Macro Analysis The following case analysis discusses the macro and micro elements that influence Luotang Power. When viewed as a company among dozens of others in the same firm, Luotang does not have a great impact to the industry in China. Although Luotang Power has been claimed to be successful and grew rapidly when it was first opened for business, the 20-year Build Operate Transfer (“BOT”) contract with the government is due very soon; the plant will be given to the Hubei Provincial Government...

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Train Brakes Report

Title Page -------------- Tas Faculty Train Air Braking System Engineering Studies By -------- Teacher: ------------ Abstract The purpose of this report is to explain how air brakes in trains work and why they are there. Throughout this report there is information on the function of the Air Brake, the history and development of the brake, The component materials used in the brake, the environmental considerations of the brake, its safety features and social implications. The Air...

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resolution power to remove directors. Re Richborough Furniture [1996] 1 BCLC 507 ‘…clear evidence that he had been either the sole person directing the affairs of the company [or acting with others all equally lacking in a valid appointment…) or, if there were others who were true directors, that he was acting on an equal footing with the others in directing the affairs of the company’ Timothy Lloyd, QC, at p 524. De facto directors – ‘holding out’ test Re Hydrodam (Corby) Ltd [1994] 2 BCLC...

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At this time, many people have been aware about advantages of nuclear power that can mitigate global warming impact but they don’t notice the disadvantages of nuclear power. The advantages of nuclear power are the emission of green house is relatively low, this technology is readily available, it can produce high amount of electrical energy. Whereas the disadvantage are the problem of radioactive waste, high risk, not renewable energy, not sustainable energy, etc. From the above explanation, nuclear...

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Why the Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) Train Is Better Than Regular Trains

Levitating Trains The Maglev trains “A train is a connected series of rail vehicles propelled along a track to transport cargo or passengers.” -Wikipedia Trains now days are most commonly used for the transport of passengers across long distances, they are fast enough to reach a constant speed between 65 km/h to around 120km/h, although the record speed of a conventional train is of 575 km/h, held by the French TGV. It needed some modifications (shorter and higher voltage) and had passengers...

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Case List

LEGT 5512 LEGAL FOUNDATIONS FOR ACCOUNTANTS SESSION 2, 2010 CASE LIST This Case List is not intended to cite every case quoted in lectures and tutorials during the course. Its purpose is to give students a handy citation of a number of leading cases with brief statements to help identify them. This list may not be taken into the Final Examination. 1. 2. 3 Commonwealth v State of Tasmania (1983) 46 ALR 625 Federal and State powers Lee v Knapp [1967] 2 QB 442 “Stop after accident” – golden rule Smith...

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Case Study – Cunard Line, Ltd.

Case Study – Cunard Line, Ltd. Problem Cunard is facing a problem as to whether their marketing efforts should go towards tactical promotions or if they should be applied to marketing the overall brand while facing the effects of a recession. Analysis Overview Cunard Line Ltd. is a cruise line that represents luxury and class providing four to five star cruise ship options. Their overall target market is mature adults with mid to very high income-levels. A lot of the marketing efforts put forth...

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Case Study: a Power Play for Howard

Case Study A Power Play for Howard Student Name University SubjectCase Study: A Power Play for Howard As a sophomore during the 1995-96 NBA season, Juwan Howard posted superstar-like numbers for the Washington Bullets. The fifth pick in the 1994 NBA Rookie Draft was immediately courted by many teams as he was about to be a free agent in the 1996-1997 season. Although publicly stating he wanted to stay with the Bullets, Howard and his agent, David Falk, were not attracted to the team’s...

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Macbeth and lord of the flies essay Indeed power, justice, and greed are influencing factors that can alter the course of one’s life. These themes have been represented in the following texts, William Shakespeare Macbeth (play on stage) and William Golding’s lord of the flies (novel). The techniques employed are, symbolism, characterisation, language features, and violence/drama. Both authors employ a number of techniques to make both texts come to life vividly and more realistic and make the audience...

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Case Review: Criminal

FIRST CASE : Gray v Thames Trains Ltd and Another. This case is an appeal case. The plaintiff claim for compensation that he lost as a result of the PTSD. The claimant suffering 'Post Traumatic Stress Disorder' ("PTSD") following stress train crash. Effect of it, the claimant fatally stabbing a man. He pleading guilty to manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility. Claimant commencing proceedings in negligence against first and second defendant, as operator of the train and as entity responsible...

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Astral Records Ltd Case Report

Analysis ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Critical Review ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Astral Records Ltd ------------------------------------------------- Ewelina Łaguna 23200 ------------------------------------------------- Joanna Czechowicz 23155 ------------------------------------------------- Yue Jingtong 23275 ------------------------------------------------- ...

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Build and Run Maglev Train in Austrelia

BUILD AND RUN MAGLEV TRAIN IN AUSTRELIA Aims and Objectives: The main objective of my research is to know what exactly the barrier in developing a MAGLEV train system in Australia? What are the innovative ideas by the rail industries in the world? Also very important to know why is the need for such innovation in the country like Australia? Rationale: According to Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Australia is the sixth largest country in the world having land area of 7,686,850 km2. Australia...

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Power Play for Howard - Case Study

Case Study: "Power Play for Howard" Derek W. Griffin MGT/445 November 1, 2012 Juan Mobley Case Study: "Power Play for Howard" The need for a championship is a powerful force in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Anytime a star player becomes a free agent the negotiations begin. So was the case for Juwan Howard. Coming off all an All-Star year with the Washington Bullets and All-Rookie honors the year before, Juwan Howard was a free agent who was desperately sought out by the Miami...

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Maglev train

Magnetic levitated trains are abbreviated to maglev trains. Maglev trains do not have engine to pull the train cars rather they use the basic principles of electromagnets. What are electromagnets? Any current carrying conductor (e.g. wire) has a magnetic field around it. It loses its magnetism when the current is turned OFF. Electromagnet is a coil of wire. It is usually wound on an iron core with many turns lying side by side. This is done because; the strength of the magnetic force produced...

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Train to Pakistan

Fenech Honors India February 15, 2013 Book Review: Train to Pakistan Khushwant Singh opens his novel Train to Pakistan in a seemingly peaceful village on the countryside of Punjabi. Although the small village is fictional, it is important to note the historical significance this village, its people, and the time period represent in the novel. Revered as a one of the finest and best-known renditions of the Indian tragedy of partition, Train to Pakistan embodies more than a fictitious community...

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Impact of European train

for all operators. In the long train trip that passengers need transit to other train’s line, the passengers don’t have to waste the time buying the new ticket for other rail operator that they are going to use. The collaboration of Europe’s rail operators make the train ticket covers all usage. Comparing to the air transportation mode, the passengers don’t have to go through any security screens. They can arrive at the train station in a few minutes before the train leaves. In the winter, the...

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Power and Personality

Power and Personality Change Being considered one of the more experienced Military Training Instructors at my squadron I have seen Air Force Basic Military Training completely change in the past two years. I have seen Commanders relieved of their duties, MTI`s on trial and constant rule changes. This class hit the nail on the head when it came to the problem in BMT. The amount of power that we hold as MTI`s is ridiculous. When the hours were long and leadership was not around there were times...

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Case 1: Mandatory Retirement 1. Professor Dobson is 65 and, under the mandatory retirement policy of his university, must retire next July 1. He does not wish to do so. 

 A) Discuss whether he can bring a Charter action against the university. 
 B) Assuming he can bring a Charter action against the university, what would his argument be, and how would the university answer it?  A. Professor Dobson is able to bring a Charter action against the university on the grounds that the Charter of Rights...

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Maglev Trains

ELECTROMAGNET THE MAGLEV TRAIN:- We all know that the fastest mode of transport for humans are aero planes as they travels thousands of miles per hour. Suppose if someone miss a plane and need to travel such a distance in same at least some minimum amount of time then there is no alternative for that man as busses, trains cars takes more time to travel. But now-a-days a new mode of transportation is invented. A few countries are using powerful ELECTROMAGNETS to develop high-speed trains .Those are called...

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Eia Case Study of Wind Power Plant in Korea

EIA Case Study of Wind Power Plant in Korea Abstract Wind power plant as a renewable energy is getting popular, so there is social conflict on the site selection of wind power plant. As over 70% of Korea is composed of mountainous landscape, many wind power plants are proposed to be built on mountain ridge and are expected to cause serious environmental problems. The operating wind power plant and the proposed EIA cases of wind power plant show the examples of the expected environmental problems...

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Power and its Power

 POWER AND ITS POWERS: The Supremacy of Power Frank Chodorov, an American writer and libertarian once said “The State acquires power and because of its insatiable lust for power it is incapable of giving up any of it. The State never abdicates.” When I was in my high school, I always dreamed for Utopia, a perfect state wherein there is no poverty and starvation. Power is delegated in every people and there’s equality, justice and freedom. Utopia sometime refers for World peace, this may sounds...

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maglev trains

Maglev Trains in Japan and not the United States The 21st century has brought us all kinds of new technologies, but one could out do the rest. Just like the airplane did in 20th century, Maglev trains could very well be the new airplane. Countries like Japan and China are already having these built and could possibly trade with the U.S. one day. Maglev Trains use electromagnets to develop high-speeds. Its how magnets work, and runs on a wire from a battery. If this is taken away, the magnetic...

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Otis Trains Case Analysis

 Bassem Basta Supply Chain 20th January 2015 Case Analysis Otis Toy Train Case Analysis The Background of Otis, it was a landmark Toy Train Company in early 20th century. In 1950’s gained major popularity among children, 1960’s-1980’s was the company’s peak. In 1990’s customer preference changed to gaming consuls, so Otis Trains had to change their target market. In response changed their product. Otis faced some problems, for instance, they didn’t adapt to advancements in technology:...

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the concept of "power is essentially contested, because there are different definitions of what power 'is' and therefore how it appears or is exercised."(Axford and Browning et al., 2002). Power is spoken about and depended on in todays society, but nobody truly understands it. (Nye, 2004). Power is exercised completely different throughout the world, as each country has its own laws, morals, attitudes, beliefs, government and military interference. As a world wide definition 'Power' can be defined...

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Maglev trains

Essay Thesis: Maglev trains will be the future of transportation providing benefits for the environment, society, and economic benefits. In our world today we have many problems. Problems that we are facing are environmental, social, and economic issues. This is due to the fact that traveling to work has become a hassle and when your using your car it also causes environmental damage. When people travel in their cars they have to fill it up with gas, which we have seen, gas prices increasing...

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Soft Power Without Hard Power Is No Power.

Soft power without hard power is no power. In the early 1990s, Joseph Nye’s book Bound to Lead: The Changing Nature Of American Power ignited a huge discussion among society of the need to transition from America’s traditional use of hard power to something more benign which he termed soft power. Before looking at the two branches of power, we first define power as the ability to do something or act in a certain way. As Nye had pointed out, nations can wield power in two forms, soft and hard power...

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Will to Power

The "Will to Power" Nietzsche believed the will to power to be the fundamental causal power in the world, the driving force of all natural phenomena and the dynamic to which all other causal powers could be reduced. I believe Nietzsche in part hoped the will to power could be a theory of everything, providing the ultimate foundations for explanations of everything from whole societies, to individual organisms, down to simple lumps of matter. The will to power cannot be known. It must be understood...

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Gsm Based Power Theft Intimation

ELECTRIC POWER UTILISATION AND ENERGY AUDITING UNIT – I ILLUMINATION, HEATING AND WELDING Nature-of radiation –definition – laws photometry – polar curves – lighting calculationsdesign of illumination systems (for residential, industrial, commercial and street lightings) - types of lamps-energy efficiency lamps. Methods of heating requirement of heating material-design of heating element-furnaces – Welding generator-welding transformer and its characteristics UNIT - II ELECTRIC TRACTION ...

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Case study 3.1, HY DAIRIES, Ltd.

Case study 3.1, HY DAIRIES, Ltd.   Abstract Success relies on the choices or decisions we make, the right decisions can bring success and wrong decisions can cause disaster. Perception plays a very important role in the decisions everyone makes. People make decisions every day based on the perceptions they interpret. We perceive people, situations, and so forth with our own senses. However, what one perceives is not always accurate. People's perceptions can be misleading...

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Influence is the essence of leadership. To be effective as a leader, it is necessary to influence people to carry out requests, support proposals, and implement decisions. Power- The concept of "power" is useful for understanding how people are able to influence each other in organizations. Power involves the capacity of one party (the "agent") to influence another party (the "target"). Authority involves the rights, obligations, and duties associated with particular positions in an organization...

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Maglev Trains

MAGLEV TRAINS TRAINS THAT FLY ON AIR 5/16/2011 IEC-CET UTTAM JALAN SEMINAR REPORT on “MAGLEV TRAINS:TRAINS THAT FLY ON AIR ” Submitted for partial fulfillment of award of the degree of Bachelor of Technology In Electrical Engineering Submitted By UTTAM JALAN ...

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