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Porter M E Kramer M R 2011 Creating Shared Value Harvard Business Review 89 1 2 62 77

Unit 3 Assignment 2 A Summary of M.E. Porter and M. R. Kramer’s article “Creating Shared Value” Michael G. Castro Capella University MBA6008 – Global Economic Environment Professor Hidsell January 27, 2013 Creating shared value (CSV) is a powerful concept that many companies used, ultimately, being used as a strategy in developing the future market while also strengthening economies, the marketplace, communities and corporate funds. In reading this article, I initially thought this...

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Created Shared Value

University Creating Shared Value MBA 6008 Global Economic Environment The purpose of the corporation must be redefined as creating shared value, not just benefit perse. This will take the next wave of innovation and productivity growth in the global economy. It will also reshape capitalism and its relationship to society. Perhaps most important of all, learning how to build shared value is our best chance to legitimize business again (Porter & Kramer, 2011). Creating shared value incorporate...

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Creating Shared Value

Introduction This paper aims to present Kramer & Porter’s opinion as to why companies should take on a fresh new approach on Shared Value Creation. We’ll examine the authors’ arguments then discuss their validity as well introducing personal supporting facts related to this subject. The main idea of this article by Kramer & Porter is to call for companies & government agencies alike to reconnect with society by taking on a different approach to value creation; for they have the ability, the...

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Creating Shared Value

Essay on “Creating Shared Value”, by Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer The following is an essay of the article “Creating Shared Value” by Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer. The purpose of this article is about recreating capitalism. Companies only cared about profit maximization. This article discusses how businesses have separated themselves from social progress. The company’s focus in participation in creating shared value should be on health, nutrition and fair trade. According...

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Creating Shared Value

Creating Shared Value In the article creating shared value the authors, M. Kramer and M. Porter discuss the current state of business value creation; and the efforts that need to be taken to create shared values. Currently businesses primarily concern themselves with profits and view value creation in such a way that they do not fully take advantage of their full potential. Additionally, the government has implemented policies that have only exasperated the drive from shared value creation. “Shared...

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Summary Creating Shared Value

Creating Shared Value Michael E. Porter, Mark R. Kramer; Harvard Business Review Summary The article “Creating Shared Value“, written by Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer and published in the “Harvard Business Review“ in January 2011 deals with the idea of innovating the purpose of a corporation and their relationship to the government and social environment in order to identify unknown customer needs and expand the total pool of economic and social value. In the introduction the authors...

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Creating Shared Value: Lessening the Tension Between Society and the Economy by Utilizing Corporate Social Responsibility to Its Full Potential

Creating Shared Value: Lessening the Tension between Society and the Economy by Utilizing Corporate Social Responsibility to its full Potential PA 311 Introduction to Civic Engagement INTRODUCTION Commerce is an essential part of humanity. Without commerce man would most likely still be in an animalistic state relying on the hunter-gatherer life style. With business and trade, come economic prosperity and a higher standard of living. However, business can also...

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Literature Review - Business Schools Role in Society

Literature Review Role of Business Schools in Society The Importance of Actions of Business Schools in Pursue of Global Sustainability | Introduction Since 2007, the people of this planet have been living on 150 percent of its natural resource capacity (WWF, 2010). Increase in consumption does not show any signs of slowing down, as a consequence of emerging third world countries. The role that business schools play in this situation and its importance cannot be understated (Financial...

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Assigment Yr 3 Adv Ops Man (2)

Bibliography A., Ireland, R. D., & Lee, H. (2000). Technological learning, knowledge management, firm growth and performance: An introductory essay. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, 17, 231–246; Barney, J.B. (1991), "Firm resources and sustained competitive advantage", Journal of Management, Vol. 17, pp. 99-120 Barney, J. B. (1191) “Firm Resources and Sustained Competitive Advantage” Journal of Management, 17, pp.99-120 Barney, J. B. (2001) “Is the resource-based...

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The Big Idea: Creating Shared Value by Michael Porter and Mark Kramer

The Big Idea: Creating Shared Value by Michael EPorter and Mark RKramer The capitalist system is under siege. In recent years business increasingly has been viewed as a major cause of social, environmental, and economic problems. Companies are widely perceived to be prospering at the expense of the broader community. Even worse, the more business has begun to embrace corporate responsibility, the more it has been blamed for society’s failures. The legitimacy of business has fallen to levels not seen in recent history...

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M&a Case Study Progress

MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS AREA: FINANCE PROFESSOR: COURSE E24 SESSIONS: 8 JOSÉ ANTONIO LARRAZ E-mail: jalarraz@faculty.ie.edu José Antonio Larraz is a partner in Capital Alianza, a Spanish private equity management firm focused in the middle market. While at Capital Alianza, Mr. Larraz has been involved in several acquisition and divestment transactions and has actively participated in the management of different companies in the portfolio, being currently a board member of Iberchem. Prior to...

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strategy analysis of case 2

ASSESSMENT 2: Decision-making in a business scenario Introduction It is an analysis of case 3. Firstly Porter Generic Strategies will be used to confirm future strategy. Following this strategy and synergy effects, two criteria will be raised (including raising one framework which could be used to rate synergy effects). After rough screening, five force analysis will be made to test whether this cooperation would enhance any advantages. At last, two possible traps in process will be evaluated...

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Creating Shared Value

Executive Summary This article, by esteemed authors Michael Porter and Mark Kramer, examines the relationship between business and society, the deeper purpose of capitalism and its benefits towards identifying and meeting real societal needs. The authors believe that we have narrowed the scope of thinking how businesses can create economic value and they are thus increasingly being seen as the problem rather than the solution to building a better society. This phenomenon has lead governments to...

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Creating Shared Value

Assignment 2: Creating Shared Value Porter and Kramer (2011) believe that capitalism is being threatened by the new rising phenomenon that is Creating Shared Value (CSV). Creating shared value is the idea that the competitiveness of an organization and the well being of its local community are mutually dependent, with the latter being integral to the long-term heal of the company. If an organization wants to succeed long-term, it has to look toward helping its community flourish (Porter and Kramer, 2011)...

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Value Chain as Competitive Advantage

Value Chain as Competitive Advantage Unit 3 Assignment Bobby Young-Mentgen GB570 Managing the Value Chain Pricilla Aaltonen Kaplan University September 25, 2012 Value Chain as Competitive Advantage Customer-centric businesses focus on consistently delivering a differentiated experience designed to satisfy the customer. The ultimate goal is to sustain competitive advantage in the marketplace. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate why an effective value chain creates competitive advantage...

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New Trends in E-Business: E-Government and M-Commerce

structure, products and services and their flow. The consumer segmentation, values and behavior has been shifting constantly due to new technological advances in electronic commerce and mobile commerce. E-commerce has given consumers cheaper products and services, instant delivery, no sales tax and information availability. The changes in the Internet and World Wide Web technologies and services lead to new developments in the way E-government efforts provide services to citizens and businesses, and in...

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The Strategic Role of Human Resources Management in Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Organisations in Zimbabwe

THE STRATEGIC ROLE OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN PROMOTING CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN BUSINESS ORGANISATIONS IN ZIMBABWE 1. InTRODUCTION This study will critically analyse how industry in Zimbabwe is exploiting the strategic role of Human Resources Management in promoting Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in order to give their business organizations competitive advantage. This introduction presents a context of the research proposal and helps to clarify how fulfilment of...

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Shared Value Creation

have no idea but force to restructure the business, reduce the labor force and relocate the business to lower-cost regions. However, are they really helpful to maintain the competitive advantages and gain the sustainable profit? Michael Porter and Mark Kramer, in their January/ February 2011 Harvard Business Review article - Creating Shared Value (CSV) explains what a growing companies have come to recognize - companies can derive a great deal of economic value by addressing social needs. This new approach...

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Literature Review

Literature Review With the growth of global market and the international labor division, international trade has been rapidly increased for hundreds of years. Meanwhile, since the middle of the 20th century, e-commerce appeared on the scene and has quickly grown. E-commerce is changing the mode of international business in a new way, impacting the cost, value and efficiency of trade (He, Li, Wu, Jiang, 2011, p.175). It has more and more influence on international trade that many scholars did specific...

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Coopers Business Case

 Contents: Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 2 Company Background 2 3 Company analysis- Porters five forces 3 4 Coopers Value Chain 6 5 Current Position 7 6 Future direction for Coopers 7 7 Appendixes 8 8 References 12 1. Introduction Coopers Brewery has had a successful journey from its humble beginnings to it third tier position in duopolistic competing market. Coopers has not existed without its share of disturbances and risk of been taken over by a larger global player...

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E-Business Outline

title: E-Business ------------------------------------------------- Module code: NBSLM26E Code | NBSLM26E-11 | Module Level | M | Title | E-Business | Module organiser | Alfonso Avila | Credit | 20 | Year | 2011/12 | Pre-requisites | NBSLM11D-11 | Coursework/exam ASSESSMENT WEIGHTINGS | CW1:30%CW: 50%PR: 20% | study time | 200 hours | (a) Module summary ------------------------------------------------- The module develops a knowledge and understanding of the nature of e-Business...

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The Perceived Benefits of E-Commerce & the Internet Adoption Strategies for Smes

Literature Review 1 The Perceived Benefits of E-Commerce & The Internet Adoption Strategies for SMEs Cheng Peng North Carolina State University Professor Mordzak FLE 101 Dec.2, 2011 Literature Review 2 Introduction Due to the popularity and rapid expansion of the Internet and network technology, electronic commerce (e-commerce) has become a major activity in contemporary business operations. Today, enormous business activities are conducted online. People go online to sell and buy both...

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Annotated BibliographyMeyer R M OBrienPallas L

Annotated Bibliography Meyer, R. M., & O'Brien-Pallas, L. L. (2010). Nursing services delivery theory: An open system approach. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 66(12), 2828-2838. This paper focuses on elucidating the how Nursing Services Delivery Theory can be derived from the application of open system theory in case of the large scale organization. The healthcare organizations are referred to the open systems which can be characterized by the transformation of energy, negative entropy, differentiation...

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Strategic Management and Harvard Business Review

 Module Outline for N13418 Strategic Management II 10 credits; Level 3, Semester 2 Module Convenor: John Richards, Honorary Professor, Location: B20, YANG Fujia Building Email Address: john.richards@nottingham.ac.uk Telephone No.: 07710796270 Availability Statement: Normally Tuesday 14.00-15.30; Friday 11.00-12.30 Other Teaching Staff: Jeannie Holstein ESRC Doctoral Researcher Email: lixjh@nottingham.ac.uk Mobile: 07785 378415 Availabiltiy: Mondays by request - arranged per...

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M&S Business Models

QUESTION 1: LIST THE BUSINESS MODELS USED BY M & S Product/ Service Customization Model M & S moderately or diligently aligns its products and ideas based on the dynamic or ever transforming market trends and fashion needs. According to the case study, M & S is highly concentrated in the fashion industry and its ever-growing demand for its exclusive garments and customized accessories. Hands-on approach is mostly utilised by modelling agencies to fulfil the industry’s standards, and in the process...

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Edith Kramer: Art As Therapy

E D I T H   K R A M E R :   A r t   a s   T h e r a p y                                                                                       1        EDITH KRAMER: Art as Therapy  Carolyn T. Tongco  World Education University        Author Note  Carolyn T. Tongco, Expressive Arts Therapy, World Education University  Carolyn T. Tongco is a student in Expressive Arts Therapy Course at World Education University.  She is also an Expressive Arts Meditation Facilitator at Artist Madhouse  ...

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Business Strategy for Competative Advantage

Porter set out to define a strategic model to which all companies conform. He maintained that failing to fit into one of his pre-defined categories “the firm stuck in the middle is almost guaranteed low profitability.” (Porter, 1980). The pre-defined categories are noted in appendix 1. Apple Inc. falls under a differentiation strategy, “Differentiation is the ability of the firm to provide unique and superior value to the buyer in terms of product quality, special features, or after-sale services”...

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Porters Five Forces Amazon

com start up case study (1995-2004) as an example, I intend to describe the online retain industry, with a view to starting a business in this arena. I intend to investigate competitive rivalry using ‘Porters Five Forces Framework’ to describe how each forces impacts business choices, either positively or negatively and therefore increasing/decreasing competitive rivalry. 1. The Threat of New Entrants The internet reduces barriers to entry such as the need for a sales force, access to channels...

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Ethics and Harvard Business School

too late.”1 The premise of Thornburgh’s statement is flawed because I believe WorldCom’s failure is a direct result of a culture created by a handful of top executives. Proper system of internal controls and corporate governance were never in place. “In addition to a culture of anything goes accounting, Ebbers was strongly against producing a corporate code of ethics. According to the SEC report, Ebbers described efforts to produce a corporate ethics code as a colossal waste of time.”2 Fraudulent...

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MBA6022 Unit 2, Assessment 2

be sent to Toyota. This problem began when the company started to rapidly grow. Toyota’s lack of communication led to the faulty gas pedal recall. According to Deming (1987), “Performance of management should be measured by potential to stay in business, to protect investment, to ensure future dividends and jobs through improvement of product and service for the future. The first step is to learn how to change” (p.8). Management must learn how to change their communication strategy. This will...

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Healthcare: Health Insurance and Fraud E. Ethical

Proactive Approach Course Project Outline Team A: The Prairie State Bulls Julie GIldemeister Elena Hallars Teresa O’Brien Latia Phelps Laura Wimberley HSM 546 Health Insurance and Managed Care Vernice Johnson-Warren Keller Graduate School of Business Management March 17, 2013 Synopsis We propose to discuss the problem of fraud, waste and abuse in Medicare and Medicaid from the viewpoint of a board of directors of a community healthcare system. We agree that a proactive course of action, while...

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Porter Five Forces 2

Scenario 2 1) Porter Five Force Porter five force analysis help understand the various power factors that influence the business operations and decision making. These five factors for SmartMart to produce bio-fuels partnering are as follows (Porter, 2008): Supplier Power: The two key producers controls the complete supply chain and can significantly influence the cost, revenue and holds all key controls for managing supply to the customers. The supplier power is key threat since any time they can...

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A Review of ‘Strategy as Stretch and Leverage

A Review of ‘Strategy as Stretch and Leverage’ – By Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad URN: 6029471 Word Count: 1647 A Review of ‘Strategy as Stretch and Leverage’ – By Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad This review will focus on the article ‘Strategy as Stretch and Leverage’ by Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad (1993). This review will identify the arguments made in the article and then place it within the context of one of the key debates in strategy academia. The review will then investigate the underlying...

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E-Commerce vs M-Commerce

E-COMMERCE & M-COMMERCE 1. Definition: - E-commerce: refers to commercial affairs which are conducted by using technological equipment such as computer, laptop, etc. over Internet, computer network or other electric systems. - M-commerce: refers to buying or selling process which is conducted through mobile network such as 3G, wireless, etc. in which mobile device: cellphone, smartphones, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), etc. are used. 2. Benefits and Drawbacks: Brief overview of e-commerce...

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E-Business and E-Commerce - Its Emerging Trends

Journal of Intelligence Systems ISSN: 2229-7057 & E-ISSN: 2229-7065, Volume 2, Issue 1, 2012, pp.-14-16 Available online at http://www.bioinfo.in/contents.php?id=43 E-BUSINESS AND E-COMMERCE - ITS EMERGING TRENDS BHASKAR P.K.1, SINHA N.K.2, CHOUDHARY B.K.2* AND MISHRA S.K.2 1Department 2Department of MBA, Cambridge Institute of Technology, Tatisilwai, Ranchi- 835103, Jharkhand, India. of Applied Physics, Cambridge Institute of Technology, Tatisilwai, Ranchi- 835103, Jharkhand, India. *Corresponding...

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What Determines the Type of Strategy a Firm Adopts? Consider Both the Levels of Strategy (Corporate, Business and Functional) as Well as the Strategy Options in Your Answer and Provide Organisational Examples to Justify Your Answer?

advantage against its competitor and assist them to adapt themselves in the changing market. Therefore, the determinants of strategy are an important aspect to consider as they influence the type of strategy a firm adopts in different levels; corporate, business and functional of the organisation. There are many determinants that can affect the type of strategy an organisation adopts, but there are three important ones which firms emphasize heavily on in the strategic management process. The three determinants...

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Conduct a Study on Differences in Individual and Group Values and How They Will Affect Individual and Organisational Behaviour

Introduction: Values in individuals and organisations have been a topic of interest to researchers, social critics and practitioners and the public for many years, (Meglino & Ravlin, 1998). Despite many theories and attention from all the above mentioned, there is still a large amount of deliberation as to the definition of values and the effect on the organisations effectiveness. Values occupy place in the scientific and public at a number of levels. They are "among the very few social psychological...

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RESPONSIBLE COMPETITIVENESS: CSR AND CORE BUSINESS PROCESSES 2 ABSTRACT This paper explores the relationship between CSR and competitiveness. We conclude that there is a positive relationship instrumented through strategic, stakeholder and accountability management processes. Furthermore, we propose that this relation takes shape through learning and innovation, driven by corporate reputation. Finally, we argue that CSR should centre on managing three inherent paradoxes, advancing an ...

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Review of Core Competence

The review of “The Core Competence of the Corporation” Introduction When many corporations were struggling in unstable and unpredictable competitive environment in the 1990s, the proposition of the concept of core competence became the dominant framework in management theory (Liu, 2006). This essay will review the article entitled “the core competence of the corporation” by Prahalad and Hamel from three aspects. Initially the position of the article will be analyzed compared with the Porter’s...

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physics M & M lab

Purpose: To practice direct and indirect measurement Introduction: Do you think you could measure the average thickness of a sample of M&Ms without directly measuring selected M&Ms? The answer is "yes," and in this activity you will make direct and indirect measurements of the thickness of M&Ms. You will compare the results and evaluate the reliability of each method of measurement. Be sure to view the tutorial on the proper use of the vernier caliper. Please re-visit the information on when...

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BOA Org Paper 1

underserved low-and moderate-income communities and create sustainable practices for the long haul” (Bank of America 2011). Their key product lines include: Global Card Services, Global Banking, Global Markets, Global Wealth & Investment Management, Home Loans & Insurance and Deposits. As quoted from a top official with Bank of America: “We also made the decision to run a more integrated business. We’re different from almost anybody you’d compare us to in that our distribution channels — banking centers...

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Porter Five Forces Assist an Organisation in Their Strategic Planning

How does Porters Five Forces Model assist an organisation in their strategic planning? Before understanding “how” we must know “what” Porters Five Forces model really is (Michael E. Porter, 2008). Company strive to secure a competitive advantage over their rivals, I mean who doesn’t want to be the best? Although the intensity of rivalry varies within each industry and these differences can be important in the development of strategy, but rather the five forces (Porter, 2008) being a strategy of...

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Value Chain Competitive Advantage

Value Chain as Competitive Advantage Unit 3 Assignment Katherine Moore GB570 Managing the Value Chain Jerry Haenisch, PhD. Kaplan University December 27, 2012 Value Chain as Competitive Advantage Industries have in the earlier years concentrated on enhancing the supply chain activities in search of creating value. Nonetheless, optimizing these activities, only can lead to operative proficiency and not structural effectiveness. Contritely, when an organization, focus on growing...

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Mobile Commerce: Literature Review

Commerce: Literature Review Dr. Sudha Singh ( Associate Professor, PG Department of Computer Science and Engineering, BCET, Durgapur.) The m-commerce (MC) is an evolving, dynamic, unique and rapidly changing business opportunity with its own characteristics and concept (Lindsay, 2000). Many industry experts believe that m-commerce is a sleeping giant whose time has yet to come (Buhan, 2002). E-commerce benefited many organizations by reducing supplier cost and increasing profit. E-commerce is used...

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1. Define Strategy and Define Marketing Strategy. Is Strategy Important for Marketers?

1. Define strategy and define marketing strategy. Is strategy important for marketers? Support with examples and references. Due 5 August (10%) The term strategy has been succinctly defined by Walker, Boyd, Mullins, Lareche 2003 as a pattern of planned objectives, resources deployments and interactions in an organization with markets, competitors and other environmental factors. Mike Rukstad 2008, identified three critical components of a good strategy statement which are objective, scope, and...

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Corporate Venture and Greg Stamboulidis: How a Start-Up Became a Big Business

1. Characterise the development of the entrepreneur’s corporate venture from the start up of the business to the present day. Grey developed his business through innovative management of value chain activities. In 1985, at the first place, Grey Stamboulidis was working as a food product seller to school canteens and fish shops in Melbourne, Australia. Then Greg decided to develop his business by focusing on the development of value chain which are the activities in the organization...

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M&M Lab

Table 1 - Indirect Measurement | Trial | Volume (CM3) | Diameter (CM) | Radius (CM) | M&M Thickness (CM) | 1 | 75 | 11.34 | 5.67 | 0.722 | 2 | 83 | 12.68 | 6.34 | 0.658 | Table 2 - Direct Measurement | Trial | M&M Thickness (CM) | 1 | 0.642 | 2 | 0.741 | 3 | 0.683 | Table 3 - Calculated Averages | Method | Calculated Average Thickness (cm) | Indirect (from Table 1) | 0.700 | Direct (from Table 2) | 0.689 | Questions: 1. When you performed Step 2 of the...

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Corporate Social Responsibility Versus Profit Maximization

and negative effects on the public to a great extent. As a consequence, today, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) draws much more public attention. Social responsibility goes beyond profit making and social obligation. CSR is a business intention focusing on minimizing the harmful effects and maximizing the benefit for the society (Mohr, Webb and Harris, 2001, p. 47). According to the Triple Bottom Line Concept of Elkington (1997), a company should be responsible for its social...

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SmartMart: Strategic Analysis

friendly line of products to add value to all its stakeholders. Its mission is to create a sustainable future by providing value for all its stakeholders and customers, while contributing towards a greener environment and having a strong financial return. Exceptional customer services, environmental friendly organic products and innovative management style are SmartMart’s core competence. SmartMart is at a strategic watershed moment and is reassessing its existing business model. Big players such as Big-Box...

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Management Control of H&M

1) Identify and discuss the control alternatives used in the selected company. Is each form of control loose or tight? What is the overall impression of the selected company’s Management Control System? Why? 1- People Controls a) Personnel controls: Selection: Personality is the most important asset that H&M employees have. H&M believes that people who are allowed to be themselves do a better job, which is why H&M welcomes diversity and personal style. H&M believes...

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Harvard Business Review Reflection How

Harvard Business Review Reflection   Course name: Introduction to International Business Group number: 7 Lecturer: Dr. M.M. Wilhelm Date of submission: 14th of November 2012   Subject matter:   How to win in emerging markets: Lessons from Japan written by Shigeki Ichii, Susumu Hattori and David Michael was published in the Harvard Business Review of May 2012. The article is about the fact that big firms like Sony, Toyota and Honda were big exporters to developed countries the last decades. But...

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Porters Theory

DIAMOND THEORY.APPLY IT TO EXPLAIN THE INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVENESS OF AN INDUSTRY OF YOUR HOME COUNTRY. Overview of Porter’s theoretical perspective The theory of Porter is a study which works as a tradition that is related to the neo-classical economics with the nature of self adjusting nature of markets. The theory of Porter places innovation and industrialisation of geographic which is one of the number of theories for competitive advantages which aims at the process and development (O’Connell...

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Application of Porter Stremmer Algorithm

Using of Porter Stremmer Algorithm Overview The Porter Stemmer is a conflation Stemmer developed by Martin Porter at the University of Cambridge in 1980. The stemmer is a context sensitive suffix removal algorithm. It is the most widely used of all the stemmers and implementations in many languages are available. This native functor creates a module that exports a function which performs stemming by means of the Porter stemming algorithm. Quoting Martin Porter himself: The Porter stemming algorithm...

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The Innovation Value Chain of Outbound Open Innovation

The Innovation Value Chain of Outbound Open Innovation Yan Ailing1, Jiang Hong2 School of Business Administration, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Hangzhou, China. E-mail: alyan@foxmail.com. 2 Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China. 1 Abstract Open innovation is the focus of academic attention. As one type of open innovation, outbound open innovation is central to the survival and growth of firms, and ultimately to the health of the economies of which they...

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Marketing and Harvard Business Review

a startup or a large company, whether you sell products or services, and whether your customers are individual consumers or companies. We structure our learning around the following basic steps of the innovation process: 1. Opportunity identification / Idea generation 2. Design 3. Testing 4. Launch Project We will take on the challenge of trying to develop a new product during the week! You will apply the tools and framework covered in the course to progress through the new product development...

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wk1 Review the Final Research Paper instructions in Week Five, and identify three potential research topics. I have chosen obesity, smoking, or underage drinking for my research topics. •Describe methods that may be helpful in identifying and narrowing your research paper topic. For the topic Obesity I will start out by defining what it is what cause and how to prevent it. For the topic smoking I would tell what smoking can do to you and why it’s not good. For the topic underage drinking I would...

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Media Summary Analysis - Economic Environment

to decline. Application of Concepts By reporting the reduction of profits as a result of the low demands of the Chinese economy, this links to the economic environment, in particular the free market forces of supply and demand. According to Yi (2011) and Gârleanu, Pedersen and Poteshman (2009), the prices of raw materials are often determined by consumer demand, or the company’s ability to supply the product. Due to the low demand of metals in China, this has a negative impact on Rio Tinto as...

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Business Models for the Enhancement of Telemedicine Implementation Projects in the Rural Parts of South Africa

Business models for the enhancement of telemedicine implementation projects in the rural parts of South Africa Overall aim and research objectives The overall aim of this project is to enhance the success rate of telemedicine implementation projects in rural parts of South Africa in order to contribute to the sustainable efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of public healthcare services and education within a rural context. The objectives of this study is firstly to determine why certain...

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Strategy Innovation Business Essay

------------------------------------------------- Strategy Innovation Business Essay “Strategy innovation is the capacity to re-conceive the existing industry model in ways that create new value for customers, wrong-foot competitors, and produce new wealth for all stakeholders.” (Hamel, 1998) This quote is used by Schoenberg to highlight the importance he places on strategy innovation, and the main two drivers of strategic innovation he cites: industry factors and firm factors. However, although...

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Value Chain

Value Chain Analysis-Costco Corporation                            Brief on the Organization Costco is among the leading global retailers which provide customers a wide range of merchandise, ranging from small to well-known brands. The company began operations in 1983. Over the years, Costco has been a retailer in low cost membership-only leader, in warehouse club of merchandise. Moreover, Costco does not offer frills warehouse business models as its competitors do.  Costco’s major competitors...

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