• Effects of Media Exposure on the Knowledge Level on Political Issues of Lipa City Residents
    CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM Introduction The current Philippine political issues have been the life of the country, which keeps everyday’s life moving just like flow of the river. Mostly the news that an ordinary person might encounter tackled the present condition of the political aspects of t
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  • The Political Environment of the Philippines
    The Political Environment of the Philippines Historical Facts: The Philippines overcame many obstacles in history that reshaped the political environment of modern times. The Philippine islands have a strong Spanish influence. Records in history date back to 1521 where Ferdinand Magellan c
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  • An Analysis on the Effects Between Standard of Living and Selected Social Issues in the Philippines
    CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM This chapter of the study introduces the research problem. It also discusses the significance of the study as well as its scope and limitations. Introduction The standard of living is a measure of the material welfare of the inhabitants of a country. The baseline measur
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  • Philippine Social and Political Issues
    ABSTRACT Political and Social Apathy, there are two faces of apathy. The first considers apathy as a choice and participation in public life a consequence of one's affirmative use of freedom. The second face of apathy arises when citizens are led to believe that their personal needs are not
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  • Political Issues ,
     Political and Social Apathy, there are two faces of apathy. The first considers apathy as a choice and participation in public life a consequence of one's affirmative use of freedom. The second face of apathy arises when citizens are led to believe that their personal needs are not part of the pol
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  • social issues in the philippines
    Social Issues in the Philippines Falling Income The Philippine GDP per capita shrank to US$990 in 2000 from US$1,129 in 1997 while the GNP per capita contracted to US$1,033 from US$1,197. This was a result of the Asian financial crisis, which caught up with the Philippines in 1998. ...
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  • Political Dynasties Reign in the Philippines
    A Reflection on Philippine Politics “Political Dynasties Reign in the Philippines” According to Renaldo Mendoza, executive director of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Policy Center, “political dynasties continue to monopolize political power in many local governments like province
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  • Poverty in the Philippines
    poverty in the philippines always been aware of the gap that exists between theory and practice. Way back in my grad student days, Big Theory was the rule (see Reflections on Globalization for an example of the syndrome). Indeed, I suppose I was somewhat unusual in that I made the transition from th
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  • Charging Regulations for Cellular Phone Companies in the Philippines
    Incentives of Charging Regulations to Cellphone Mobile Telephone Companies in the Philippines In partial fulfillment of the requirements in SPECTO 3 Submitted by: Cameron Cabanlig on April 08, 2010 De La Salle University- Manila I. INTRODUCTION In the Philippines, there are di
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  • Ethnic Conflict in the Philippines
    Autonomy…Again? Foreword This paper summarizes the historical background, causes, and a possible solution to end the ongoing ethnic conflict in The Philippines. The Muslim Filipinos of Mindanao and the Christian Filipinos have been fighting the second oldest internal ethnic dispute in the world. O
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  • Political Campaigns: Finance and Corruption
    Controversy has already erupted over the financing of the 2008 presidential campaign with experts projecting costs to exceed $1 billion (Sciffman). Candidate Hillary Clinton raised $8.5 million during only three events, surpassing the old record set in 2004 by John Edwards, who collected $7.4 milli
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  • About the Philippines
    History Main article: History of the Philippines Prior to 2010, the earliest known human remains found in the Philippines were those of the pre-Mongoloid Tabon Man of Palawan, carbon-dated to around 24,000 years ago,[16][17] In 2010, however, a metatarsal of Callao Man (possibly Negrito in physi
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  • Political Humor and the Creation of Joke Work
    READING GLORIA­GARCI JOKES: THE SEMANTIC SCRIPT  THEORY OF HUMOR/GENERAL THEORY OF VERBAL HUMOR  AND FILIPINO POLITICAL HUMOR Maria Rhodora G. Ancheta, PhD Department of English and Comparative Literature University of the Philippines Diliman 1.0  Political Hum
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  • Philippines
    The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands in the South China Sea located between Taiwan to the north and Borneo to the south. Just 2,000 of its islands are inhabited and only 500 are larger than a kilometer square. The nine largest islands of Luzon, Mindanao, Palawan, Panay, Mindoro, Samar,
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  • The Armed Forces of the Philippines in the Politics of Today
    The Armed Forces of the Philippines in the Politics of Today “Now the general is the bulwark of the State; if the bulwark is complete at all points; the State will be strong; if the bulwark is defective, the State will be weak” - Sun Tzu (Giles, 1910).
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  • Philippine Political Parties, Electoral System and Political Reform
    Philippine Political Parties, Electoral System and Political Reform The most important characteristic of Philippine political parties is that they are parties of the elite. In some senses, parties anywhere in the world are elite formations whether one defines elite in functional terms as those who
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  • Sad Bank of the Philippines
    Bank of the Philippine Islands - Company Profile, Information, Business Description, History, Background Information on Bank of the Philippine Islands [pic] [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic]Ads by Google Foreclosed Properties For Sale - Foreclosed Properties For Sale At AyosDito - Phils.' Marke
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  • Political Turncoatism
    Introduction To be a party to an organization is to be identified to that organization and renunciation of the other party. However, in the Philippine case politicians freely and gracefully shift from one party to another, the other changed his mind and do the same. Party- switching had been a com
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  • Asean: Issues on Terrorism
    CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Since the September 11, 2001 tragic event in the United States, the scenario concerning security around the globe has changed. The focus is now on the non-traditional security threat which has suddenly developed into a sophisticated activity
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  • Philippines Underdevelopment
    CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION For more than years, Philippine is saddled with huge challenges on how to find a concrete strategy to cope up economic depression, mainly the main reason that analysts could see is the drastic population density that leads to various implications like poverty (the main symp
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