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Pohela Boishakh

Pohela Boishakh is a Public festival of the Bengalis; it is celebrated among all Bengalis- irrespective of religious and regional differences. In Bangladesh, it is a national holiday celebrated around 14th April. The traditional greeting for Bengali New Year is "Shubhô Nôbobôrsho". Pohela Boishakh is also the beginning of all business activities. I am lucky enough that I am a Dhaka city dweller. Observance of Pohela Boishakh has become popular in Dhaka. People from all walks of life dressup in traditional...

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Assingment On Pahela Baisakh 1st Sem

Dhaka. 1 PAHELA BAISHAKH Bangla New Year or Pohela Boishakh marks the first day of the Bangla Calendar. Pohela Boishakh is celebrated with great fervour in the South Asian region of Bengal (Bangladesh and Indian/West Bengal) and among Bengali communities living in the Indian states of Tripura and Assam (Specially in Barak Valley). Pohela Boishakh coincides with the New Years in many other Southern Asian calendars. Bangla New Year or Pohela Boishakh connects all Ethnic Bengalis irrespective of religious...

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About Mask

traditional masks. In post-Independence Bangladesh, from the 1980s on to be precise, another type of mask that is increasingly gaining popularity is the mask of Pohela Boishakh, the first day of the Bengali calendar. It started from the grand rally (known as Mangolshobhajatra) brought out by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University. Pohela Boishakh is one of Bengal’s most loved festivals. We all celebrate this festival irrespective of our cultural or religious differences. White and red saris, panjabis...

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National culture

well as adaptations from writers of western origin. Jatra, that is folk drama is also a part of culture of Bangladesh . Pohela Boishakh Pohela Baishakh celebration in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Pôhela Boishakh is the first day of the Bengali calendar. It is usually celebrated on the 14th of April. Pohela Boishakh marks the start day of the crop season. Usually on Pôhela Boishakh, the home is thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned; people bathe early in the morning and dress in fine clothes. They spend much...

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Changes in Bangladesh

Celebration of days like Valentine’s Day, friendship day and many other occasions has been celebrated all over the country. People wearing different dress and exchanging gifts on this occasion. 4. Before the cultures we have for instant, ‘pohela boishakh’, ‘pohela falgun ‘ was celebrated in a usual manner but now it has become a greater event to rejoice. The celebration has covered the villages also. Language change: The British Empire ruled the Indian subcontinent for almost 200 years (from 1757–1947)...

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Culture of Bangladesh

languages and literature; philosophy and religion; festivals and celebrations; as well as in a distinct cuisine and culinary tradition. Contents 1 Music, dance, drama, and film 2 Festivals and celebrations 2.1 Eid ul-Fitr 2.2 Eid ul-Adha 2.3 Pohela Boishakh 2.4 Weddings 3 Architecture and heritage 4 Sports 5 Religion 6 Lifestyle 6.1 Cuisine 6.2 Dress 7 See also 8 External links Music, dance, drama, and film See also: Music of Bangladesh and Performing arts of Bangladesh Bangladeshi...

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Beauty of Bangladesh

newspaper. 1.1. Introduction 2.1.heritage sites 1. shat gambuj mosque 2. MohastanGor, Bogra 2.2. Country Of longest beach & World's Largest Mangrove Forest 2 Sundarban 3 Cox's Bazar 2.3.Cultural beauty 4 Pohela Boishakh 5 Lalon Akhra 2.4.Some Other Natural Beauty 7 River & River Side 8 paddy Field 9 Six Seasons are Six beauty 2.5. The Potential Travel Services 2.5.1 The potential of the tourism industry 2.5.2. Future tourist...

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Airtel Bangladesh

involved in corporate social responsibilities which are also a part of their promotion strategy. They become sponsors on concert in order to create a good brand value towards their target market especially on days like valentine day, friendship day, pohela boishakh, etc. Mir Nawabat Ali, Head of Marketing, who decides the strategy of Airtel joins at September 2011. Before joining Airtel he was Managing Director of Bakcell for two years ten months (December 2008 to September 2011), Head of Marketing Communication...

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flower business in bangladesh

Usage of flowers: Now-a-days flower is necessary for every kind of occasions. We use flower in 21st February (Vasha dibosh), 26th march (sadhinota dibosh), 16th December (Bijoy dibosh), 14th February (valentine day), 14th April (Pohela boishakh), Pohela falgun, New Year. And there are some more days like parent’s day, father’s day, mother’s day, birth day, friendship day, women day, earth day,0 marriage anniversary etc. we also use flower for the decoration of marriage, birthday decoration...

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Banoful Co. in Sylhet

120-150 kinds of sweets daily. The most necessary raw-materials are milk, sugar & butter. They collect milk from dairy firms, & sugar & butter from the market. Normal type of sweets has a high demand. On the occasions of results, Pohela Boishakh, birthday, & marriage, there is high demand of their sweet products in the market. On Other days in the year; such as- in rainy day, there is low demand of their sweet products in the market. ...

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Internship Report

service. Took part on market survey and made a detailed report and made a presentation on “Mobile-Banking”. Took part in the “Employee Referral Campaign” and encouraged the employees to take part in the contest. I gave the idea of the special “Pohela Boishakh” campaign. Learning Experiences: As I am currently working in the Marekting department of Citycell (PBTL), the experience will provide me the opportunity to gain real-world experience in the field of public relations and business...

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Traditional Bangladesh

Shalwar Kameez and Sharee they would like to wear, each particular fabric contributes to representing the culture overall. Weaving the fabric for these dresses is a traditional art in Bangladesh as are the colors they represent. For example on Pohela Boishakh everyone is usually seen in red and white whereas during Ekushey February everyone is seen wearing a combination of black/ white. Festivals Festivals have always played a significant role in the life of the people of Bangladesh. Those are...

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Cultural Diffusion: Scope or Threat

proud of them, who say after leaving few years in a foreign country, ‘I’ve totally forgotten bangla!’. We are even mixing our own culture with foreign culture. We are doing DJ parties with hindi and English songs on our very own occasions like pohela boishakh, independence day, 21st February etc. We are forgetting our own get ups and wearing foreign dresses. Bangladeshi people have to be conscious. They should be aware of their own rights and values. They should not allow such discrimination to...

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The Role of Youth in Realising the Dreams of Dr. Kalam

Jwalamukhi is worshipped on the day, while in Bihar, the Sun-god Surya is honoured.[1] It also celebrated out of India in Nepal and Sri Lanka. [edit] Names by region The festival is celebrated as: * Rongali Bihu in Assam, * Naba Barsha or Pohela Boishakh in Bengal and Tripura * Vishu in Kerala * Pongal ) in Tamil Nadu * Bikhu or Bikhauti in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand * Maha Vishuva Sankranti (or Pana Sankranti) in Odisha * Sinhalese New Year festival in Sri Lanka. ...

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Bangladesh's Cultures

national holidays. Pohela Boishakh, the Bengali new year, is the major festival of Bengali culture and sees widespread festivities. Of the major holidays celebrated in Bangladesh, only Pohela Boishakh comes without any preexisting expectations (specific religious identity, culture of gift-giving, etc.). Unlike holidays like Eid ul-Fitr, where dressing up in lavish clothes has become a norm, or Christmas where exchanging gifts has become an integral part of the holiday, Pohela Boishakh is really about...

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Event Management

plan for an event and also identify the key skills necessary to organise an event successfully. To prepare a plan for an event I have chosen a cultural festival which is known as Pohela Boisakh. The concept, objectives and detail description of this event are described below. Concept and Objective of the Event:” Pohela Boisakh “is the first day of Bengali New Year. People celebrate this event with the hope that this New Year will bring new hopes and opportunity in their life. Now a day this festival...

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Private University Culture in Bangladesh

organized a cultural program named “Borsho Boron” on the occasion of “Pohela Boishak-1419” on 14th April,2012 .The program began with a “Mongol Sovajatra” where Dr. Mohammed Farashuddin, President of the Board of Trustees of East West University, was present with other students, faculty members and administrative personnel of EWU. The celebration also included a cultural program that started traditionally with the chorus song “Esho he boishakh esho esho”. Then, a drama “Komolakanter jobanbondi” was staged...

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Rabindra Jayanti

Ravindra Jayanti is the day which marks the birth anniversary of the great scholar and novelist Rabindranath Tagore. Birthday of the poet laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore is celebrated on 25th day of Baisakh. In Kolkatta it is popularly called Poncheeshe Boishakh and is celebrated ceremoniously and jauntiness all across West Bengal. According to Gregorian calendar Ravindra Jayanti is celebrated on 8th or 9th may every year in the month of May. Homage is paid to Rabindranath on this day. The celebration...

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Local, Global Interaction- a Study on the Student of Dhaka University

is the outcome of globalization. Chart-7 [pic] Moreover the impact of interactions has fallen on the celebrations of festivals. In the twenty first century people celebrate thirty first night and Valentine’s Day along with the Pahela Boishakh and Pahela Phalgoon. They like to celebrate the occasions with their friends more than their family and relatives which lessen their family bonding. People celebrate many festivals every year. Some like religion-based festival and some like others...

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community. Delivering on our commitments to shareholders. Things you didn't know Largest Retail Chain of the country. Throughout the year, Bata organises a number of brand & event promotional programs. Major promotional programs are - Back to School, Boishakh, Monsoon, Eid-ul-Fitre, Puja, Eid-ul-Azha, New Arrival, Special Offers, Big Sale etc. Patapata, Weinbrenner and B.first are a few names that testify to the momentous change towards branded shoe marketing in Bangladesh. Corporate Social Responsibility...

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Honesty is the best policy

major flow of foreign currency from non-resident Bangladeshis. The major holidays celebrated in Sylhet include Muslim festivals such as Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha. Cultural celebrations include the Language Movement Day, Victory Day and , and the Pohela Baishakh. Languages There are four major languages spoken in Sylhet. They are: Standard Bengali, Marginalised Bengali, English and Sylheti , which is commonly spoken by almost all the peoples of Greater Sylhet. Food Sylheti’s are mainly rice...

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Term Paper

reputation for our nation and country. Inspiration from DU programs The University of Dhaka is the center of the most major national celebrations in the capital and as well as in the country. Bengali New Year celebration in Dhaka, Bangladesh Pohela Boishakh, the colourful Bangla New Year's Day festival takes place in the University of Dhaka campus where a large number of people gather welcoming the new year. The ceremony is held at the Institute of Fine Arts. Students and teachers of the institute...

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Premier Sweet Retail Strategy

wedding: * PREMIUM ROSH MALAI * PREMIUM SAFFRON VOGH * FINEST PREMIUM CHAM CHAM * PREMIUM MAOWA LADDU * REMIUM KANCHA SANA * FINEST PREMIUM ROSH GOLLA * Festival Sweets : Celebration of Bangladeshi festival involves Pohela Boishakh, religious festivals, new year celebration etc. They offer the Bengal sweets that make every festival a grand celebration. The festivals reflect the vigor and life-style of its people.  They offer sweets for festivals of both Muslims &...

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”Rab and Law & Order: a Success-Failure Assessment in Bangladesh”

security on the occasion of Independence Day, victory day and international mother language day, besides ,on the occasion of religious festivals along with Biswa iztema. Apart from these, RAB carried the responsibility for the security of people in Pohela Boishakh, the month of Ramadan, SA games, and so on. Consequently it can easily be said that, there is now a dependable state agency in Bangladesh for maintaining internal security and law & order situation. It goes without saying that the all...

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available for the customers. Showroom will be very convenient for the customers because customers can choose from many products on their choice. * Order: We will take customers order for their convenient. In Bangladesh have many occasions like Pohela Baishak, Eid etc. that time customers want to different types of dress. So, we will take order of those customers who want the product on their choice. We will also provide other sort of order like reunion or any event that time customers want to...

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Report on Igloo

experience………a life long friendship It’s not just ice-cream ……. it’s a celebration of life…..memories forever Stress buster Family time Mon Kharaap Togetherness Lost childhood Igloo….. Indulgence… Experiences to Remember…. Pahela Boishakh Sharing with friends Celebration of Life Weekend Valentines Day Adda Baji Igloo must come of food category and be a lifestyle Product Broad Summery…… - Forces that influence the industry - Industry analysis…. Facts n Figures -...

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Marketing Plan

Opportunities: We have found some opportunities that Mojo can face in the market and can make more profit as well such as: I. Many event organizers wanting Mojo to sponsorship them: For many events like- concerts, reunion, wedding ceremony, Pohela Boishakh, or in tour, picnic. Many event organizers preferring Mojo more than any other local soft drinks. Because Mojo is relatively low in price and its quality is much negotiable. So it is a big opportunity for Mojo to do its best. II. Increasing...

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Promotion PRAN has already reached their goal by advertising on television, newspaper, billboards etc. Various types of traditional occasion is the main time of making and publishing new advertisement and promotion. (Like: in the EID time, pohela boishakh etc). ACI pure has a strong market in urban area comparing to the village market. They also have all types of media advertisement. In this section marketers list the most important channels provide an overview of each...

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Kay Kraft Bd

design. We came to know that for their clothing section they have 13 designers. The designers informed us that the designs are mainly based on occasions and climates. * During Eid the designers focus on Islamic designs. * In Puja or in Pohela boishakh they mainly focus on the traditional Bangladeshi music instruments and they prefer red and White color on these occasion. * During rainy season and summer they choose different seasoned flowers to design and light colors like: Sky blue, light...

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About DHAKA,Bangladesh.

Movement and the Bangladesh Liberation War. These occasions are observed with public ceremonies and rallies on public grounds. Many schools and colleges organise fairs, festivals and concerts in which citizens from all levels of society participate. Pohela Boishakh is the first day of the Bangla calendar. It is usually celebrated on the 14th of April. Fairs are arranged in Dhaka where various agricultural products, traditional handicrafts,  toys ,  cosmetics, as well as various kinds of food and sweets are...

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Women Entreperneur in Bd by Shadakalo

boutiques also displays household items like table runners, mats, bed covers, candles, ceramic mugs and innovative terra cotta and ceramic jewelers. Apart from these regular items they provide exclusive items made for special occasions such as Eid, Pohela Boishakh, etc. The prices of their items were set according to their demand, while also taking into consideration the fact that their target customers mostly consisted of people with moderate income. Cotton sarees range from Tk 800 to Tk 1,500, muslin...

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Sadakalo Fashion House Straytegic Concept

have also displayed household items like table runners, mats, bed covers, candles, ceramic mugs and innovative terra cotta and ceramic jewelry. Apart from these regular items they provide exclusive tems made for special occasions such as Eid, Pohela Boishakh, etc. Price: The prices of their items were set according to their demand, while also taking into consideration the fact that their target customers mostly consisted of people with moderate income. Cotton sarees range from Tk 800...

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Tourism Industry

attractive. The traditional programs of Dhaka city like Pohela Boishakh celebration is most eye catching. A part from that delicious foods made from different culture and tribes also attracts people around the world. 5. Traditional View Traditionally Bangladeshi people have a huge potential of being more serious about their origin and their way of leaving. Some events have become traditionally a part of life style. For example- Pohela Boishakh is one of them. Though it is a cultural event but still...

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Social Network Site

around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet. Reza Ahmed, a man of Netrakona who has a great vision to develop ...     pohela www.pohela.com/ Pohela - #1 Bangladeshi Portal (One Stop Shop For Bangladeshi Needs). Bangladesh marriage, media, social networking, chat, jobs, real estate, classifieds and more. Absolutely Free!...     mobie www.sptitu.mobie.in sptitu.mobie.in More...

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Pricing Strategies of Daffodil

Exchange rate of Bangladesh: It will affect the foreign students studying in DI * Recession * Interest rate * Labor cost * Unemployment level * Taxes and tariff 2.5. Socio cultural Factors: * Anti drugs campaign * Pohela boishakh day celebration * Independence day celebration * International mother language day celebration * Anti tobacco poster competition * Blood donation program 2.6. Technological Factors: Its needs no telling that today the world is...

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10 Unique Features of Malaysia

of light, known as Deepavali or Diwali are celebrated by Hindus in Malaysia while Thaipusam is a celebration where pilgrims gather at Batu Caves from nationwide. Vaisakhi is the most important New Year for the Sikh besides Lodi and Gurpurab. Pohela Boishakh of the Bengalis and Songkram, which is also the water festival are celebrated around the same time by other Indian and Indochinese communities. Wesak is also a public holiday where the Buddhist commemorates Buddha’s birth. The most notable holidays...

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The Impacts of Mncs in the Economy of Bangladesh

29th of February, 2008 at China Bangladesh Friendship Convention Centre. This is the third and last installment of this program. Famous artists from Bangladesh and India performed in this event. BENGALI NEW YEAR 1415 HSBC staff celebrated Pohela Boishakh on the first working day of Bengali New Year 1415. Staff wore traditional Bengali Dress and were also entertained with traditional Bengali food for lunch. HSBC staff also donated BDT 20K to provide lunch to over 200 street children through the...

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Business Pizza Hut Term Paper

satisfy the Bangladeshi customers. Other than this basic function Pizza Hut is also giving other facilities to their customers to differentiate their restaurant from other ones. • They have different offers in different festivals like Pohela Boishakh, Valentines Day, and for Ramadan which encourages their regular customers to feel Pizza Hut as their own. • Pizza hut wish their customers over phone on birthday occasion. Pizza Hut arranges birthday parties, where their mascot, 'Pooch'...

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the product should be stronger. All the places that are covered by the targeted customers should be distributed with the packet milk products. • To spread the product awareness RD should go for special campaigns in special occasions like Pohela Boishakh, Independence Day, Victory Day, 21st Feb-The International Mother Language day, Eids around the year etc. In these days they can promote their product with special ads in the media, sponsoring programs in TV and Radio, sponsoring concerts held...

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Speech on Indian Cuisine

mixed with onion, green chilli, salt and mustard oil. Panta Ilish—a traditional platter of Panta bhat with fried ilish slice, supplemented with dried fish (shutki), pickles (achar), dal, green chillies, and onion—is a popular dish for the Pohela Boishakh festival. Assamese cuisine is a mixture of different indigenous styles, with considerable regional variation and some external influences. Although it is known for its limited use of spices,[36] Assamese cuisine has strong flavors from its use...

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Term Paper on Sadakalo Fashion House

is to put together Black and White collection of top designers. Sadakalo got remediable response from designers in this concept and successfully launched this showroom with 10 top designers. We have launched our fifth outlet at uttara from pahela boishakh in 1415(14th April 2008). 8. SADAKALO TRIED TO WORK WITH THEME BASED CONCEPT In 2004 rids Saciakalo introduced identical dresses for Kids the theme 'TUMi AR Ami Ak CHiMIT'. Renowned Magician Jewel Aich, actress Shampa Reza, Singer...

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Culture of Bangladesh

culmination of the hajj or holy pilgrimage. Other significant days include Shab-e-Barat, Jamaat-ul-Wida, Shab-e-Qudr, and Muharram (Ashura).  Pawhela Boishakh : Much of the traditioanal festivities in Bangladesh revolve around the Bengali Year, the most important of them being the Bengali New Year orPawhela Boishakh celebrations. The day is celebrated with much pomp and funfair. The picture to your left depicts a colorful rally in Dhaka City on that day. The Bengali New Year begins...

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Analysis on Cocacola Market

be the first preference of the consumers. So, they are not involving in any sort of extra activities to cope up with market demand that can boost their sales. For example: in Bangladesh there are many cultural and religious occasions such as Pohela Boishakh (Bengali New Year), Eid, Puja etc. where there is high demand for beverage and a good opportunity to increase the volume of sales. They are also not taking any advantage of the long summer season where they can increase their sales through intensive...

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The Indian Cuisine

and is consumed as a refreshing drink. Assam [pic] Panta Ilish—a traditional platter of Panta bhat with fried ilish slice, supplemented with dried fish (shutki), pickles (achar), dal, green chillies, and onion—is a popular dish for the Pohela Boishakh festival. Assamese cuisine is a mixture of different indigenous styles, with considerable regional variation and some external influences. Although it is known for its limited use of spices, Assamese cuisine has strong flavours from its use of...

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the brand image. So Seaview goes for different press releases, branding, or becoming hospitality partners in different occasions. During the festivals Seaview hotel goes for huge promotional activities like Ramadan, Eid, Christmas, New Year, Pohela Boishakh, Puja and all the other traditional festivals. During the festivals Seaview offers many special offers and discounts and also they promote different types of food festivals. Common Activities of Sales & Marketing Department Morning Briefing ...

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Selection Process of Hsbc Bangladesh

29th of February 2008, at China Bangladesh Friendship Convention Centre. This is the third and last installment of this program. Famous artists from Bangladesh and India performed in this event. Bengali New Year 1415 HSBC staff celebrated Pohela Boishakh on the first working day of Bengali New Year 1415. Staffs wore traditional Bengali Dress and were also entertained with traditional Bengali food for lunch. HSBC staff also donated BDT 20K to provide lunch to over 200 street children through the...

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Project Report on Nescafe Bangladesh

sponsored a unique musical event – UNPLUGGED – where only invitees were allowed entrance and the program was aired live on TV. Beside regular promotional activities Nescafé has adopted some creative Below The Line ideas as well like free coffee at Pohela Boishakh, dispensing leaflets from Chopper etc. It has shown its creativity in TV medium promotion by making and broadcasting a 5 minute long music video for the first time to promote a consumer good. Distribution: To ensure product availability...

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Flower Business in Bangladesh

as Gada, rose, rajanigondha. 4.7. Cultural Events The people of our country are very culture oriented. Nowadays we celebrate different types of cultural programmes in our country such as pahela boishakh, pahelafalgun, Valentine’s Day, fathers’ day, and mothers’ day and so on. In pahela boishakh we use many flowers such as. In pahela falgun we use mainly gada besides we use. Valentine’s Day is one of the most joyful, bright and romantic holidays all over the world. We also celebrate Valentine’s...

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Sme Business Plan

lounge will stay open till 12 AM. Saturday and Sunday we will serve brunch between 11 AM - 3 PM. We will be open on large holidays such as Ramadan & EID offer, Valentine's Day, Victory day celebration, Independent day celebration, New Years Eve party, Pohela Boishak day celebration, Special cultural food nights, Chrisms day & Puja. These are three big weekends 'down the shore' that brings many tourists to the area. The restaurant will have paintings and drawings from some of the areas most notable new...

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Cultural Change of Bangladesh

Monument) in Dhaka. Shadheenata Dibash, or Independence Day (26 March), marks the day when Bangladesh declared itself separate from Pakistan. The event is marked with military parades and political speeches. Poila Boishakh, the Bengali New Year, is celebrated on the first day of the month of Boishakh (generally in April). Poetry readings and musical events take place. May Day (1 May) celebrates labor and workers with speeches and cultural events. Bijoy Dibosh, or Victory Day (16 December), commemorates the...

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Business Environment

the end of the month. The company knows the culture upholds the nation’s pride. On the day of different cultural activities, the company encourages their employees to wear festival outfits. On the Valentine’s Day, every employee was wearing red. On Pohela Falgun, the male employees were wearing Panjabi’s whereas the female employees were wearing sarees. The Business environment is divided into two parts:- 1. Internal environment 2. External environments 1. Internal environment- It is within...

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Internee Report

Natun Bazar and Kuril to Bishawa Road Railgate, Khilkhet. 7. Different Social and Cultural Programs As a responsible corporate citizen, Bank Asia regularly arranges and participates in different social and cultural programs like celebration of Pohela Boishakh, International Mother Language Day, Independence Day, Victory Day, etc. Besides, Bank Asia also arranges Ifter Party and Doa Mahfill during holy Ramadan at different branches. People from different social levels participate there. Bank also organized...

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“Telenor & Its Operation as Grameenphone in Bangladesh’’ by: Abhijit Bhattacharjee, Bba 18th Batch, Metropolitan University.

for the advertisement of its different offerings it has used emotional basis rather than being rational. In addition Grameenphone has taken prime initiative in celebrating key cultural and national occasions like Independence Day, Victory Day, Pohela Boishakh etc. Role of GrmeenPhone Ltd. in the economy of Bangladesh: Privatization of the telecommunications sector began in 1989, when Sheba and BRTA were awarded 25-year licenses to install and operate fixed-wire lines and wireless services in...

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Hrm Practices in Bangladesh

firecrackers. Major Hindu festivals are Durga Puja, Kali Puja and Saraswati Puja. Buddha Purnima, which marks the birth of Gautama Buddha, and Christmas, called Bôŗodin (Great day), are both national holidays. The most important secular festival is Pohela Baishakh or Bengali New Year, the beginning of the Bengali calendar. Other festivities include Nobanno, Poush parbon (festival of Poush) and observance of national days like Shohid Dibosh and Victory Day. ❖ Economic and business scenario in Bangladesh: ...

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Captains World

food for schools of autistic children and arranges programs for them. In 2011 then arranged a fair in a school for autistic kids named “Proyash”. To promote nationalism and our cultural values they decorate their restaurants during Independents day, Pohela Baishak and other events like these. Voluntary Actions: Management of captain’s world specially pays attention to helping autistics people. The have arranged programs for several organizations like these. One of its examples can be: they have appointed...

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Term paper of bata shoe ompany

part of daily activities from school to work. Ultimately making Bata the best partner shoes for active lifestyles. Throughout the year, Bata organizes a number of brand & event promotional programs. Major promotional programs are - Back to School, Boishakh, Monsoon, Eid-ul-Fitre, Puja, Eid-ul-Azha, New Arrival, Special Offers, and Big Sale etc. Market Penetration: The company has gained a reputable name in South Asian countries including Bangladesh. The main strategy here is the price arrangements...

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Branding Bangladesh

sweets. The most colourful New Year's Day festival takes place in Dhaka. Large numbers of people gather early in the morning under the banyan tree at Ramna Park where Chhayanat artists open the day with Rabindranath Tagore's famous song, Esho, he Boishakh, Eshoesho (Come, year, come, come). A similar ceremony welcoming the new year is also held at the Institute of Fine Arts (Dhaka) and University of Dhaka. Students and teachers of the institute take out a colourful procession and parade to round the...

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Episode of Employee's Careers Developmentycx

Lump-Sum Bonus: BRAC Bank pays onetime bonus or sometimes gives opportunity to buy shares of the bank based on the competitive performance of the employee. Festival Bonus: BRAC bank offers festival bonus twice a year during EID UL FITR, EID UL AZHA, Pohela Boishak, Durga Puja and on other different occasions. Loan Facilities: BRAC bank also proves Car loan, Housing loan and also other certain allowances such as car allowance, mobile and free transport service. Cost of Living Adjustments: They also...

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Boutic House

Victory day - 16th December is the day of pride and joy of Bangladesh. The passion of language, culture and the freedom war is the inspiration of our nation. Inspired by that spirit, Sadakalo tried to bring that image in their products. ❖ Pohela Baishakh is the one of the most eventful occasion for Bengalis. Here all non-communal Bengalis meet ignoring the status, class and religion and celebrate this occasion in their own cultural way and tradition. Sadakalo also celebrates this day in the...

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Western Culture

instating of regional language people have been used to English especially in urban areas youngsters. It had started get fixing with western clothing, western languages, western mannerisms and everything else westernized. Beside, the festival of Pohela Baishak, people is now celebrating like other western cultural festivals especially in young groupsuch as- •         Valentine’s Day, •         Friendship Day, •         Mother’s day, •         Father’s day. •         And other international...

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