• Literary Analysis on Midsummer by Manuel Arguilla
    Set in a very hot summer day, Manuel Arguilla’s Midsummer is a story with a very short and simple plot. It is basically a story of a man meeting a very beautiful Filipina woman by the well in a sizzling summer day. It starts off with the man and his cart tied to his bull on a long dry road when he
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  • Midsummer
    Midsummer by Manuel E. Arguilla The story’s plot (if there is any) was light. It was just about a guy (Manong) who took care of a bull and eventually met a girl (Aning) on the road. It was obvious that Manong was attracted to Aning mainly because of her figure, “The underpart of her arm is wh
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  • Midsummer
    MIDSUMMER Author: Manuel Arguilla • Ilokano • 1911-1944 • Graduate of Education in University of the Philippines • President of UP Writer’s Club • Editor of Literary Aprentice • In October 1944, he was captured by the Japanese Army, sent to Fort Bonifacio where he was tortured a
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