• Top 10 Skills
    Expert Reference Series of White Papers Top 10 Skills in Demand in 2010 1-800-COURSES www.globalknowledge.com Top 10 Skills in Demand in 2010 Linda Leung Introduction In the Global Knowledge/TechRepublic 2010 Salary Survey, conducted at that end of last year, one of the questions p
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  • Top 10 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs
    Top 10 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs Top 10 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs If you are looking to become that next successful entrepreneur, consider what other entrepreneurs have found as they worked through their transformation into a successful business person. Not every entrepreneur
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  • Today's Top 10 Talent-Management Challenges
    Today's Top 10 Talent-Management Challenges Tammy Erickson on the dilemmas and problems managers and companies must contend with by Tammy Erickson Related Items • Visit HarvardBusiness.org • Subscribe to Harvard Business Review • Visit Harvard Business Review Online
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  • Top 10 Marketing Mistakes
    Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Software Companies Make? Marketing should be about telling targeted buyers what you have to offer them and why they should buy it; the only real mistake in marketing is the one we don't learn from   Love it or dread it; right brain or left; waste of money or revenue g
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  • Good Leaders - Skills, Abilities
    GOOD LEADERS WHY BAD DECISIONS Neuroscience reveals what distorts a leader’s judgment. Here’s how you can keep your own judgment clear. MAKE BY ANDREW CAMPBELL, JO WHITEHEAD, AND SYDNEY FINKELSTEIN DECISION MAKING lies at the heart of our personal and professional lives. Every d
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  • Top 10 Tips on Stop Smoking
    Top 10 Tips on Stopping Smoking 1. Start with some pre-preparation by ensuring that you really do want to quit smoking cigarettes and understanding why you smoke. Are these reasons powerful enough to motivate you when you are faced with those tricky situations? Write down your reasons for q
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  • Top 10 Essay Writing Tips
    Top 10 Essay Tips 10. Start early and budget your time. You've heard this a million times, but it can be too easy to let time slip away when you must juggle class assignments, work and party time. But starting early can mean simply thinking through and budgeting your time. If there is reading and r
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  • Top 10 International Marketing Mistakes
    Top 10 International Marketing Mistakes The best reason for exporting a product or service is to globalize your company and prosper in the millennium. It can happen for you, but you will probably need to evolve a whole new set of business attitudes and assumptions. If you want to achieve success wi
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  • Top 10 Mis Features to Consider
    Top 10 MIS features to consider 10. OVERALL SOFTWARE INTELLIGENCE The MIS solution should support your sales, service, planning, management and production teams with software intelligence designed to eliminate steps, improve accuracy, reduce waste and speed production. This should include, for e
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  • The Top 10 Mobile Handset Manufacturers
    The Top 10 Mobile Handset Manufacturers Global industry outlook and key player analysis Reference Code: BI00052-001 Publication Date: January 2011 1 Disclaimer Copyright © 2010 Business Insights Ltd This report is published by Business Insights (the Publisher). This report contains info
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  • Why Good Leaders Make Bad Decisions by Andrew Campbell, Jo Whitefield & Sydney Finkelstein
    4. HBR Issue: February 2009 Article Title: Why Good Leaders Make Bad Decisions by Andrew Campbell, Jo Whitehead and Sydney Finkelstein. Question: Leaders make quick decisions through unconscious processes by recognizing patterns in situations. This approach can lead to errors of judgment. In thi
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  • Top 10 World Richest
    Top 10 World’s Richest Persons – 2011 #1. Carlos Slim Helu Net Worth: $74 billion (up from $53.5 billion in 2010) Age: 71 Fortune: Self made Source: Telecom Country of Citizenship: Mexico Residence: Mexico City, Mexico Industry: Communications Marital Status: widowed, 6 children
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  • Top 10 Recipients of United States Foreign Aid
    Top 10 Recipients of United States Foreign Aid The faltering U.S. economy has led to more scrutiny of government spending. Foreign aid has come under attack from both budget hawks and even mayors who claim money should be spent on infrastructure in America and not Afghanistan. In fiscal year 2010,
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  • Top 10 Websites Becky Brandon Would Use
    Top 10 Websites Rebecca Brandon Would Visit: 1) ebay.com I chose ebay as one of Becky’s sites because you can buy clothes and other miscellaneous things off this website. Rebecca loves to shop, she is the Shopaholic. 2) google.com Google is very useful, clearly. Becky could use it for a
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  • Top 10 Pollyuted Rivers
    World’s top 10 rivers at risk World’s top 10 rivers at risk Wong, CM, Williams, CE, Pittock, J, Collier, U and P Schelle. March 2007. World’s top 10 rivers at risk. WWF International. Gland, Switzerland. This report was designed by The Clarion Portfolio. Cover image: Fisherman on Zha
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  • Top 10 Reasons to Work at Google
    Top 10 Reasons to Work at Google |1. |Lend a helping hand. With millions of visitors every month, Google has become an essential part of everyday life—like a good friend—connecting people with the information they need to live great lives. |
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  • Top 10 Biggest Scams of India
    TOP 10 Biggest Indian Scams Of All Times 1. Ramalinga Raju The biggest corporate scam in Indias come from one of the most respected businessmen. Satyam founder Byrraju Ramalinga Raju resigned as its chairman after admitting to cooking up the account books. His efforts to fill the "fictitious a
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  • Top 10 Most Spoken Languages
    http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-most-spoken-languages.php Top 10 Most Spoken Languages The development of spoken languages is probably the most significant development in communications in the history of the world. Since mankind first developed language, languages have developed into a multitude of
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  • Phed Essay Top 10 Stressors
    PHED160 Top 10 Stressors 1.Parents Expectations I think my parents’ expectation on me gave me most stress now. They always keep telling me that what kind of person they want me to become and I have to achieve that for them. However, their goal is very challenging for me and is not exactly wh
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  • Top 10 Basic Cooking
    Top 10 Basic Cooking Tricks This is a first for the List Universe – a cooking topic. This list will teach you 10 very basic cooking tips to guarantee restaurant level perfection every time. The basis for most of these methods is from the French technique. 1. How to boil an egg   The perfec
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