• Marketing Plan - Russia
    Introduction In modern Russia marketing only just begins to be developed. Conducting strategic investment policy and strategic marketing is hindered because of the general unsteady state of the economy, uncertainty of political situation, not realizing of sequential state investment policy. In co
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  • La Fitness Marketing Plan Phase Iii
    "LA Fitness grew out of three clubs, each owned by one of the founders. In 1990 Fred Turock, Jeremy Taylor and David Turner decided to get together to jointly manage these clubs, with the aim of building up a network of gyms with first class facilities. In 1996 they created the LA Fitness brand and
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  • Marketing Plan for an Existing Business
    Executive Summary Dragonfly Designs already offers custom-made items and now we would like to expand our product lines and offer do-it-yourself items. Our existing location can be renovated to add the space needed for this service. We would also like to build a new facility with a larger work ar
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  • New York Dog Care United Kingdom Marketing Plan
    Table of Contents 1.0 New York Dog Care / Company Background 2.0 Services Offered 3.0 Location 4.0 Target Consumers / Profile and Segmentation 5.0 International Marketing Strategy 5.1 Price (medium/low) 5.1.1 Price Strategy 5.1.2 Competitor pricing 5.1.3 Service Prices 5.2 Promotion 6.0 C
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  • Marketing Plan: Phase Iii
    iPod Freedom Paper III The "iPod Freedom" provides not only significant storage capacity to the tune of 90GB for downloading MP3s, but it also gives customers the power to listen to unlimited radio channels via a Satellite Radio subscription or a previously synchronized home media library set, whil
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  • Marketing Plan for a New Product
    Introduction In this assignment, I am going to invent a product, examine all the environmental aspects surrounding it and relate them to the micro and macro environments. I will then carry out a SWOT analysis and an environmental analysis and then draw a number of conclusions and recommendations
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  • Marketing Plan - New Nivea Product
    Executive Summary: Youth, timeless beauty and the pursuit of perfection seem to be on the forefront of everyone's agenda. From television portraying reality shows such as "Extreme Makeover" and fictional dramas such as "Nip and Tuck", it is no wonder Americans are obsessed with finding the ultima
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  • Coke Marketing Plan for Line Extension
    Coke Bubbler: A Line Extension Business Definition: The Coca-Cola Company "exists to benefit and refresh everyone it touches (The Coca-Cola Company 1, p. 1)." To achieve this goal, Coke continually brings to market new products that address consumer interests, emphasizing both quality of products a
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  • Marketing Plan
    The disposable Gillette Sensor 3 Razor with incorporated gel for men Gillette's $9.2 billion global business began on September, 1901 by the name of "American Safety Razor Company. In 1902 it was names Gillette Safety Razor Company. The Gillette Company today is the global market leader in nearly a
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  • Marketing Plan
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Village of Skokie is entering a new era as it begins to offer new ways of providing services to its constituents, its businesses, its vendors and other parties who transact with the Village whether frequently or infrequently. These offerings are based on desires expressed by
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  • Marketing Plan
    Marketing Analysis The target market of Dynamic Industries is the general population of personal computer companies world wide. We have marketed ourselves to those companies by presenting them with information about our product, followed by negotiating a deal with the companies to formulate a
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  • Marketing Plan
    Contents Contents 2 Introduction / Executive Summary 3 COMPETITOR ANALYSIS – Domestic: Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Blue 3 The components of competitor analysis 3 Assess competitors' current and future objectives 4 Assess competitors' current strategy: 4 Assess competitors' resource profile 4
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  • Marketing Plan: San Miguel Cigarettes
    Overview of the Industry With a smoking population of over 38 million strong (or 47% of the total Philippine population), the cigarette industry proves promising to enter into. Having one of the highest smoking prevalences among East Asia Pacific countries, the industry bears the contradiction
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  • Marketing Plan
    Game Days Have you ever been to a sports bar or restaurant and thought it could be so much more? At "Game Days" that is exactly what we are going to accomplish. Game Days is a sports bar combined with a restaurant that caters to the sports fan market meanwhile attracting non-sports fans because
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  • Marketing Plan
    ORGANISATION BEHAVIOUR - A Case Study on Personality, Perception & Decision Making in Zenup Software Inc 1. PERSONALITY Personality derives from the Latin word persona (mask) which refers to a set of distinctive personal characteristics which includes emotions, values, interests, attitudes a
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  • Marketing Plan Hair Oil
    DABUR AMLA OIL KARISHMA KAPOOR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN HANDLED BY OGILVY AND MATHER (O & M) A) OVERALL 1) How did the agency get the account? „« Ogilvy and Mather (O & M) have been handling the Dabur account for the past many years and for various Dabur products. Thus, they got the acco
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  • Z-Wing Marketing Plan
    Situation Analysis Market Summary There has been fierce competition brewing between Z-Wing and its nearest competitor, Janssen, for the past 10 years. Z-Wing has garnered 50% of the world's aviation market, but Janssen has recently captured 47% of the market. The global commercial aviation market
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  • Marketing Plan for Lonmin
    1. Introduction Lonmin Plc is the world's third largest primary platinum producer, with a primary listing on the London stock exchange. They have four mines located in South Africa, three in the Marikana area and one in Limpopo province. Lonmin process the concentrate from their mines thro
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  • Londonair Marketing Communications Plan
    Institute of Business Administration & Management Assignment Kensington College of Business Report on Londonair Marketing Communications Plan to Mr. Ian Pirie Manager Director Subject: Marketing Management Professor: Neil Jones (KCB) Student Registration Number: 9876786 Date Issued: 18th
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  • Maytag's Marketing Strategy Plan
    Maytag's Marketing Strategy Plan If asked what you know about Maytag's marketing program, the first thing to come to mind would probably be its "lonely repairman" ad campaigns. For 35 years, those ads have helped position Maytag as a reliable brand for major appliances. Gordon Jump, an actor wh
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