• Swot & Pest Analysis on Hotel Industry
    INTRODUCTION OVERVIEW OF HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Hospitality is considered as a service industry, serving the guests with "feel-good-effect". "Athithi devo bhavha" (Guest is God) has been one of the major trends followed in Indian culture since decades. In India, the guest is treated with utmost warm
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  • The Tourism Industry in Malaysia
    ------------------------------------------------- Tourism From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 19th Century English tourists in the Roman Campagna, painting by Carl Spitzweg. "Tourist" redirects here. For other uses, see Tourist (disambiguation). Tourism is travel for recreational, l
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  • An Investigation Into Impacts of the Recent Financial Downturn and Economic Crisis at Tourism Industry of Malaysia; a Case Study of Penang
    Title: An investigation into impacts of the recent financial downturn and economic crisis at tourism industry of Malaysia; a case study of Penang. Introduction The growth of the tourism industry has significant effect on the economic development of related industries such as hospitality, leisure
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  • Tourism industry analysis in Sri Lanka
    Acknowledgement We would like to offer our special appreciation and thanks to our supervisor Mr. Shamal Fernando. His guidance and advises were priceless. Those guidance have facilitated us to complete our assignment successfully. We would also like to appreciate the commitment of staff...
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  • Pest Analysis
    PEST Analysis of Healthcare Industry Political / Legal environment In India Education has become a right (right to education act 2005) whereas health care or accesses to health assistant is an entitlement at the best. Developed nations and many developing nations have ensured wide health care cove
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  • Pest Analysis for a Company in the Tourism Industry :
    PEST Analysis for a Company in the Tourism Industry The Tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that in 2004 Travel and tourism is expected to generate * US$ 5,490.4 billion of economic activity * 10.4% of
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  • Pest Analysis for a Company in Tarvel Industry
    PEST Analysis for a Company in the Tourism Industry The Tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that in 2004 Travel and tourism is expected to generate * US$ 5,490.4 billion of economic activity * 10.4% of total
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  • Pest Analysis of Gucci in Malaysia
    External Environmental Analysis on PEST, PORTER’S FIVE ANALYSIS & SWOT Introduction The purpose of this report is to examine the external environment in Malaysia that affected Gucci, one of the Italian high fashion luxury brand. PEST analysis, competitive analysis and SWOT have been used b
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  • Pest Analysis
    INTRODUCTION This chapter identifies the main external influences on the UK market for private security and fire protection, using the four headings of a PEST analysis: political, economic, social and technological. Where such influences have more than one dimension, they are considered under t
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  • Entering Grooming Business in Hong Kong Pest Analysis
    Executive Summary The objective of this report is to provide comprehensive research and analysis on the political, economic, social and technological environment in Hong Kong. The research and analysis is then used to evaluate the market for potential in pet grooming service. “Hong Kong is su
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  • Pest Analysis
    Learning Outcomes: ▪ Understand a variety of international environmental influences on Business. ▪ Analysis the impact of uncertainty on International Business Behaviour. Objectives of the Assignment: ▪ To perform an environmental analysis of a country of your choice in compa
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  • Pest Analysis
    PEST Analysis Political Factor Political is the factor that can affect the business both positive and negative side. From the current situation, Thailand had face with political problem since 2006 till now. Unstable governments give an image of instability to control the country. Political risk
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  • Pest Analysis
    MAMEE-DOUBLE DECKER (M) SDN BHD ANALYSIS OF THE MARKETING PROGRAMMES A) PEST ANALYSIS PEST analysis is a useful strategic tool for understanding market growth or decline, business position, potential and direction for operations. In analyzing the macro-environment, it is important to id
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  • Pest Analysis (Air Asia)
    Introduction PEST Analysis is the Political, Economic, Social culture and Technology analysis that a company does to determine the overall business environment. A PEST analysis is a look at the external environment of a company or a business that plays an important role in managing and decision ma
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  • Pest Analysis of Ongc
    This Industry Risk Ratings report from IBISWorld evaluates the inherent risks associated with the Petrochemical Manufacturing in the US industry. Industry Risk is assumed to be 'the difficulty, or otherwise, of the business operating environment'. The report looks at the operational risk associat
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  • Tourism Industry
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  • Pest Analysis
    MODULE TITLE: BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT/ TRAVEL & TOURISM BUSINESS TOPIC : PEST ANALYSIS PEST ANALYSIS Introduction 3 History 3 Growth 3 PEST Analysis 4 Political Factors 4 Economic Factors 5 Social Factors 5 Technological Factors 6 Analyze your finding
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  • Pest Analysis Nokia
    PEST ANALYSIS   The market environment is a marketing term and it refers to all of the forces outside of marketing that affect marketing management's ability to build and maintain successful relationships with target customers. Company, its suppliers, distributors, and its competitors are also
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  • Pest Analysis
    (insert subject for PEST analysis - market, business, proposition, etc.) political • ecological/environmental issues • current legislation home market • future legislation • international legislation • regulatory bodies and processes • government policies • government term and
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  • The Palm Oil Industry in Malaysia: from Seed to Frying Pan
    THE PALM OIL INDUSTRY IN MALAYSIA From Seed to Frying Pan Prepared for WWF Switzerland by TEOH Cheng Hai, Hon. Advisor, Plantation Agriculture, WWF Malaysia, 49, Jalan SS 23/15. Taman SEA, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia November 2002 The Palm Oil Industry in Malaysia: From Seed to F
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