• Peranan pemimpin menyukseskan proyek perubahan
    Peranan Pemimpin Menyukseskan Proyek Perubahan Berubah atau perubahan adalah sebuah keniscayaan di dunia yang dinamis ini dan suka atau tidak suka, hal tersebut harus dijalani. Perubahan adalah peralihan dari kondisi yang sudah diketahui (kondisi sekarang) ke kondisi baru yang mungkin masih tidak m
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  • Peranan
    PERANAN PROGRAM LATIHAN SUMBER MANUSIA DALAM MENINGKATKAN PRESTASI KERJA Abdul Halim Abdul Majid* Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad Rosni Abd. Wahid Peningkntan prestnsi kei-jci menipnkan sntii duripada hasrat kuitikal dalnin p enguwsan sLinz beu inan usin. Pet-bincnrzgnn m engenainyn telnh sekian lama di
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  • Ram mandir and babri masjid issue
    The Ayodhya issue is a political, historical and socio-religious debate. The controversial issue of Ram Janambhoomi and Babri Masjid has always been a big influence on Indian politics for several decades. The disputed land at Ayodhya in Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh has always played major r
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  • Babri masjid verdict
    Reactions to the Babri Masjid Verdict The decision of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) to take the Ayodhya battle to the Supreme Court has prompted one of the key Hindu parties, Nirmohi Akhara, to follow suit, almost ruling out any chance of an out-of-court settlement. "We have
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  • Peranan motivasi kerja karyawan
    BAB I PENDAHULUAN A. Latar Belakang Perusahaan merupakan suatu organisasi yang harus berproduksi dimana manusai sebagai tenaga penggerak untuk mewujudkan tujuan perusahaan yang telah ditetapkan sebelumnya. Jadi manusia merupakan unsur terpenting dalam perusahaan, karena manusia ( tenaga
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  • Babri masjid
    Babri Masjid Verdict History Brief History: The masjid was built on what is believed to be Lord Rama's birthplace by the then emperor Babur after demolishing a temple in the year 1527. There has been archaeological report and some idols being unearthed from that place in 1949 which is being contes
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  • Observations on maulana wahiduddin khan's article: babri masjid revisited in the times of india - by ghulam muhammed
    Post- Allahabad High Court ‘Ayodhya Verdict’, Indian media had a field day in plastering its pages and its colourful screens with what can be divided as a ‘Hindutva Narrative’ and a ‘Left liberal Narrative’. The glaring omission was that of a ‘Muslim Narrative’, which has always been
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  • Role of print media in conflict resolution: a comparative study of daily dawn & jang newspapers regarding the issue of lal masjid
    Role Of Print Media In Conflict Resolution: A Comparative Study Of Daily Dawn & Jang Newspapers Regarding The Issue Of Lal Masjid AEMEN KHALID Session: 2006 to 2008 Supervisor: Dr. Anjum Zia DEPARTMENT OF MASS COMMUNICATION LAHORE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN UNIVERSITY LAHORE 2008 ABSTRACT
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  • Babri masjid demolition
    What collapsed on December 1992 was the idea of India as an inclusive, pluralistic society. Seventeen years on…., the campaign of hate and division. Some events leave a permanent mark on the history of people. One such moment of iconic suffering was by a frenzied mob of a medieval mosque on Dec
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  • Jama masjid
    Jama Masjid is the largest mosque in India. Located in Old Delhi, the mosque has the capacity to accommodate 25000 devotees. Jama Masjid was completed in 1656 AD and it was again the great Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan behind this architectural masterpiece. Close to some 5000 craftsmen were involved in
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  • Masjid wilayah assignment
    Masjid Wilayah The building that our group choose for history and culture project will be Masjid Wilayah. Masjid Wilayah located at Kuala Lumpur. The mosque's design is a blend of Ottoman and Malay architectural styles, heavily influenced by the Blue Mosque inIstanbul, Turkey. It has 22 domes
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  • Masjid sabireen
    Durvesh 1 Alvina Durvesh Professor Curtis TH 12:05 to 1:30 November 14, 2012 Masjid-e-Sabireen Masjid-e-Sabireen is a beautiful mosque located in Sugarland. This mosque has breathtaking external. The outside is composed of soft brown brick pieces. It has about 50 pointed arches. They are beautif
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  • The laal masjid
    The Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) Operation was carried out by Pakistani armed forces against clerics and students of Lal Masjid, Islamabad, Pakistan in July of 2007. The operation divided opinions among Pakistanis at home and abroad. Very few people outside or inside of Pakistan received accurate inform
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  • Peranan corporate strategy dalam kesuksesan-kegagalan merger & akuisisi: suatu telaah literatur
    KINERJA, Volume 8, No. 1, Th. 2004: Hal. 70-81 PERANAN CORPORATE STRATEGY DALAM KESUKSESAN-KEGAGALAN MERGER & AKUISISI: SUATU TELAAH LITERATUR Andreas Lako Unika Soegijapranata Semarang Abstract Most empirical studies and literature reviews documented that the final results of the wave of mer
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  • The Role of Private Sector in Developing Human Capital Trough Education (Study Case: Masjid Terminal School Depok)
     UNIVERSITAS INDONESIA THE ROLE OF PRIVATE SECTOR IN DEVELOPING HUMAN CAPITAL TROUGH EDUCATION (Study Case: Masjid Terminal School Depok) PAPER Authorized by: Pyan Putro Surya A. M. 1206255854 Faculty of Economics Universitas Indonesia Depok 2013...
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  • the sacred masjid
    Khalil Karim 1/26/14 Imam Plemen Islamic Philosophy “A Sacred Place” A masjid, also known as a mosque, is a place of worship for followers of Islam. The first mosque in the world is often considered to be the area around the Kaaba in Mecca now known as the Masjid al-Haram....
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