• Comparative Study of Pepsi and Coca-Cola (India)
    Consumer Behaviour Assignment CIA-II Topic: Comparative Study of Pepsi and Coca-cola [pic] The Battle of the Giants Soft Drink Industry The Soft Drink Industry consists of establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing non-alcoholic, carbonated beverages
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  • Pepsi
    Coca-Cola History "Coca-Cola enterprises Incorporated, employees 66,199 operates, 444 facilities, 47,235 vehicles, 1.9 million pieces of cold drink equipment and sold 3.8billion unit cases in 46 states in the united states, all 10 provinces of Canada and portions of Europe including
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  • The Joy of Pepsi
    "The Joy of Pepsi" Britney Spears. Everyone knows who she is. So, of course, Pepsi chose her to be their ticket to obtain more Pepsi drinkers. After all, it is the soft drink of the new generation, right? I choose this commercial because it is obviously overt in the sexual tones for men and inf
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  • Coca-Cola or Pepsi: the True King of Pop
    He lets out an ahhh of satisfaction as he sets down the cup. There is an excited silence to the crowd as they wait to hear the verdict. Will he choose Pepsi or will it be Coca-Cola? It is a question that many wonder about and can be a very tricky question. Both sides say that theirs taste's bett
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  • Why Crystal Pepsi and Others Failed
    Why Crystal Pepsi and Others Failed We live in a day and age where marketing and advertising is stronger then ever. It is essentially in our face every where we turn, from the clothes we wear to the music we listen to and even the device we use to listen to our music. Marketing and advertising
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  • Coca-Cola vs Pepsi
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Introduction Coca-Cola and Pepsi are the two greatest competitors in the soft drink industry. A brief introduction and history of the two companies will provide a basis for understanding how the companies have come to be where they are today and how they run their companies. Th
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  • Pepsi
    while Pepsi recently announced that it will start selling a berry flavored cola, Pepsi Blue, in August. With Vanilla Coke, the company seems to be banking on nostalgia. (John Travolta's character in "Pulp Fiction" ordered a Vanilla Coke at a 50's themed diner, for example.) Pepsi Blue, on the ot
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  • Swot, Pestle and Porter's 5 Forces Analysis of Pepsi Co
    SWOT, PESTLE and Porter's 5 forces analysis of Pepsi Co Please Read This Carefully First!!! The intended purpose of Our research papers is that they are used as models to assist in the preparation of Your own research papers. We neither endorse nor tolerate any form of plagiarism, whole or p
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  • Financials on Coke vs Pepsi
    In 1886, the Coca Cola Company was developed but it wasn't until 1898 that the fierce competitor Pepsi-Cola entered into the market. These 2 companies are the two major players that dominate the consumer beverage (soft-drink) industry. Coke and Pepsi have since been competing to rein the global mar
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  • Pepsi Blue Case Study
    PEPSI BLUE CASE STUDY: THE CHALLENGES INHERENT IN EXECUTING A GLOBAL RE-BRANDING CAMPAIGN During the 1990s, PepsiCo launched new products and engineered a global re-branding campaign in an effort to grow sales volume; reinvigorate their stagnant brand; and to close the increasingly large sales
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  • Pepsi vs Coce
    Case Overview At December 4th 2000, PepsiCo, Inc. announced the merger with the Quaker Oats company. With this merger, PepsiCo, Inc. have the access to Gatorade and control the sport drink market by 83,6%. Analysts estimated that PepsiCo would control 33 % of the U.S noncarbonated beverage market a
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  • Pepsi/Coke Market Conditions
    Current Market Conditions Paper Productivity Coca is always looking for ways to improve their productivity to stay a top notch competitive in the market of soft drinks. Currently Coca is introducing a new system call MC9000. Coca-Cola's deployment of Symbol's flagship MC9000 mobile
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  • Product and Service Design Pepsi
    Introduction The PepsiCo challenge is to keep up with archrival The Coca-Cola Company – never ends for the world's soft-drink maker. PepsiCo's soft drinks (including Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Slice) make up about one-quarter of its sales. (Bottling operations are run independently). Pepsi Co also
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  • Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi
    Introduction The carbonated soft drinks' (CSD's) sector is dominated by three major players: Coke is dominant company of the soft drink industry and boasts a global market share of around 44%, followed by PepsiCo at about 31%, and Cadbury Schweppes at 14.7% (Exhibit 3). Separately from these majo
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  • Pepsi Co
    PepsiCo gained entry to India in 1988 by creating a joint venture with the Punjab government-owned Punjab Agro Industrial Corporation (PAIC) and Voltas India Limited. This joint venture marketed and sold Lehar Pepsi until 1991 when the use of foreign brands was allowed; PepsiCo bought out its partne
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  • Coke Vc Pepsi Marketing Survey
    BRANDING 1. What's your view of the Coca-Cola brand? ? Very bad ? Bad ? Neutral ? Good ? Very Good 2. What's your view of the Pepsi-Cola brand? ? Very bad ? Bad ? Neutral ? Good ? Very Good 3. What do you associate the brand Coca-Cola with? Strongly disagree Disagree Neither Agre
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  • Pepsi
    General Company Description "We have absolute clarity about what we do ‘WE SELL HIGH QUALITY FOOD AND BEVERAGE PRODUCTS.' Our success will ensure: customers will build their business, employees build their futures, and shareholders build their wealth." Pepsi merged with Frito-Lay in 1965, Tro
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  • Pepsi V/S Coke
    Introduction: History of Coca-Cola (Coke): Coca-Cola was formulated by John S.Pemberton, originally as a cocawine called Pemberton's French Wine Coca, and originally sold as a patent medicine for five cents a glass at soda fountains, which were popular in America due to a contemporary view that so
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  • Case Study of There's a Syringe in My Pepsi Can!
    Case study of There's a Syringe in My Pepsi Can! Background Pepsi-Cola is a soft drink produced by PepsiCo. This soft drink was first introduced on August 28, 1898 by pharmacist Caleb Bradham. This paper is a case study of a hoax perpetrated on PepsiCo on June 9, 1993. It all began when an 82-ye
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  • Effective Communication Case Study Analysis: Case 9-1 Pepsi Syringe
    Effective Communication Case Study Analysis Case 9-1 Pepsi Syringe University of Phoenix Public Relations / MKT 438 Charles Bocage, Dean of Education, Apagy Technology Group, MBA, MSIS, TQM January 22, 2007 Effective Communication Case Study Analysis Case 9-1 There's a Syringe in My
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