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Pariksha Nasti Tar

Tar Sands The majority of oil used by the United States as well as internationally soon may come from the tar sands in Alberta, Canada. Extracting oil from tar sands is an extremely costly and immensely dirty way of obtaining fuel. There is currently a plan to build a pipeline, the Keystone XL, which will run from the supply of tar sands in Albert down the western United States to refineries in Texas. There are two major concerns when dealing with the creation of this pipeline and the increased...

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Tar Sands

consumer of oil than any other country and a lot of our oil comes from foreign countries. An oil pipeline project has been proposed from TransCanada called “Keystone XL Pipeline”. It is a pipeline system that will transport the world’s dirtiest fuel tar sands oil to the U.S Gulf Coast and Midwest refineries. This pipeline would cross six states in the U.S which are Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. This project will provide jobs, strength America’s economy, and reduce “America’s...

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Tar Sands

Extract Tar Sands Ltd. Background information Extract Tar Sands is an extraction plant company located in Athabasca, Alberta. It is a leading extraction plant, and one of the worlds most global industries. Large investments are required but the future outcomes are unknown. Athabasca has the largest reservoir of crude bitumen in the world. The tar sands go through a refining process to separate the bitumen (black viscous oil) from the mixture of clay, sand and water. Extracting oil from tar sand is...

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Tar Creek

Tar Creek and the destruction of the Quapaw Nation This is a play to help us remember and learn. Written By: Kashia Whittle, Tammy Huffman and Stephanie Neely. Research by: Doug and Stephanie Neely and Ashley Sheldon Edited By: Laura Hunt and This play is set with a Quapaw elder sitting with children around a fire and telling them the story of their land and their people. Cast: Narrator one: Elder Narrator two: Elder Narrator three: Elder Narrator four: Elder Narrator five: Elder ...

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Tar Sands Essay

opinions on the issue of the “Tar sands” or “Oil sands” (I shall use both unambiguously) development. Environmentalists (like myself) and concerned citizens in Canada, as well as the international community, decry that the largest industrial energy project on the face of the planet is destroying future generation’s right to clean soil, water, air, biodiversity and most importantly a stable climate. As well as strong local economy, the current economic setup of the tar sands’ development is to focus...

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Alberta Tar Sands Essay

mining of the Alberta tar sands worthwhile, knowing its devastating effects on the environment? There are very valid points for both arguments, being them economical, political, environmental, or moral. The mining of bitumen is not something that is sustainable for the environment, or the companies involved. Although these open-pit mines produce much of the world’s oil, people should consider paying more at the pumps rather than destroying the only world we have to live in. The tar sands in Alberta essentially...

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La Brea Tar Pits

La Brea Tar Pits Introduction The La Brea tar pits have been well-known for over a century. Before the rise of European settlers, local Indian tribes used the tar to caulk canoes and waterproof tents. As the Industrial Revolution took off the early 1900s, the tar pits attracted oil men, as asphaltum is often associated with petroleum. Then, [w]hen W. W. Orcutt, the original organizer of the geological department of Union Oil of California, reexamined the area in 1901, he discovered "a vast...

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mechant ethos in pariksha guru

MERCHANT ETHOS IN “PARIKSHA GURU” ‘PARIKSHA GURU’ by Lala Srinivas Das is considered to be the first proper novel in Hindi. It was published in 1882. It talks about the extravagance of modern bankers and traders of India. The distinct characteristic of Parikshaguru is that for the first time it presents the realistic issues of life. It depicts the milieu of the traditional hindu elites, wealthy traders and bankers in the 19th century. It presents the story of a money-lender from Delhi, Madanmohan...

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Tar Sands of Alberta

underway for years now, seeks to suck out the remaining 170 billion barrels beneath the Boreal forest, of which huge swaths are destroyed to get to the oil underneath. Massive quantities of freshwater are used to "steam out" the viscous petrol from the tar-like sands. The Process turns the earth into toxic sludge and gives off vast amount of C02 gas. Transition – The reporter, Emmanual Raoul, spoke to locals (most of the Amerindian tribes) from the Fort Chipewyan A. Main Point One - Toxic Waste ...

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Alberta Tar Sands Sustainability Report

Alberta Tar Sands Sustainability Report Introduction Tar sands are a combination of clay, sand, water, and bitumen. As a type of unconventional petroleum deposit, tar sands are found in many places worldwide, the largest deposits are found in Alberta, Canada. The Alberta tar sand deposits contain more than 70.8% of the world's reserves of natural bitumen which representing 40% of the world’s combined extra-heavy crude oil and crude bitumen reserves. It is the only bitumen deposits that are economically...

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Tar Sands

Geography Debate Given the carbon costs the Athabasca Tar sands should not be allowed to continue production. Not only will the cost rise when there is little oil left but the tar sands also create a lot of pollution. If they are not careful the cost is going to get outrageously high because they will eventually have to pay for some of the damage they cause with all the pollution they make. If they continue it will ruin the environment around the oil sands and they will hurt the environment in...

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Tar and Feathering

as 1189, and was commonly used in the 1700s as a punishment for any wrongdoing. If this happened in the present people would regard it as bizarre and very cruel, but back then it was very common to see as a punishment. The colonists were so eager to tar and feather someone because they wanted to make an example of them, and to publically humiliate the wrongdoer. In the 1700s there was little to no patience for causing a disruption in public and they wanted everyone to know that. The tarring and feathering...

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China Coal Tar Market Analysis, Trends & Development Forecasts, 2014-2016

The report “China Coal Tar Industry Report, 2013-2016″ by Research in China is now available at chinamarketresearchreports.com. Contact sales@chinamarketresearchreports.com with “China Coal Tar Industry Report, 2013-2016” in subject line and your contact details to purchase this report or get your questions answered. Synopsis Amid China's economic slowdown in 2013, the coke price continued to fall and the coking industry remained weak, thus the situation of oversupply would not get changed in...

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Tar Creek Superfund Site

Tar Creek Superfund Site Tar Creek is considered one of the biggest environmental disasters in the history of the United States. This disaster was created from lead and zinc mining in Northeast Oklahoma. Lead and zinc leftover in chat piles would seep into groundwater, ponds, and lakes contaminating almost all water in the area. The people from small towns in the area such as Cardin and Picher are at high risk for lead poisoning, which can have long term health effects. Tar Creek has been pinpointed...

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Tar Sands in Alberta

political problems Canada could face due to the Alberta tar sands. Nikiforuk is a credited journalist who has won seven National Magazine awards and awards from the Association of Canadian Journalist. He writes passionately about the major effects that mining bitumen and long term consequences of the tar sands in Alberta. His articles has a bias and is written in a pessimistic tone against the tar sands, but is justified with concrete evidence. The tar sands in Alberta are land masses that are being mined...

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Computer Modeling of Slope Stability in Mining the Tar Sands of South Western Nigeria

STABILITY IN MINING THE TAR SAND OF DAHOMEY BASIN, SOUTHWESTERN NIGERIA David Afolayan ALAO and Mopa BASSAGI DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY AND MINERAL SCIENCES, UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN P.M.B. 1515, ILORIN, KWARA STATE, NIGERIA Abstract The need to have stable slopes in open pit mining of the tar sand deposit of the Dahomey Basin, Southwestern Nigeria is emphasized in this study. In the Loda village, Southwestern Nigeria, samples of the lateritic soil and alluvial sand which overlie the tar sand occurrence were...

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Environmental repercussions of the tar sands

production of oil 1,300,000 barrels per day (~6.5×107 t/a)[1] Estimated oil in place 133,000 million barrels (~1.81×1010 t)[2] Producing formations McMurray, Clearwater, Grand Rapids The Athabasca oil sands (also called the Athabasca tar sands or Alberta tar sands) are large deposits of bitumen or extremely heavy crude oil, located in northeastern Alberta, Canada – roughly centred on the boomtown of Fort McMurray. These oil sands, hosted in the McMurray Formation, consist of a mixture of crude...

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Basic Economics with Tar

First of all, before I will discuss this article, I will define first what is Economics and its kinds. Economics is the study of how the forces of supply and demand allocate scarce resources. Subdivided into microeconomics, which examines the behavior of firms, consumers and the role of government; and macroeconomics, which looks at inflation, unemployment, industrial production, and the role of government. In this news paper article, it talks about the condition of the consumer with the inflation...

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Fuel or Fire: Alberta Tar Sands

successor, Alexander Mackenzie, discovered the layers of tar sands—later to be named the McMuarry Formation—cut into the steep Athabasca River banks in 1776. Both men had been on expeditions for the North West Company, the rival to the Hudson’s Bay Company during the height of the competitive Canadian fur trade industry. Mackenzie had even traded a precious flask of whiskey with aboriginal tribes of the area to purchase some of this “molasses-like tar substance” to repair his canoe. Presently, the...

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Re Report

learn throughdekhana aur jananna (watch and learn). PARIKSHA (assessment) In the traditional context, the form of assessment was not through examination but more practical based. Pariksha was carried out by enabling the shikshaks to perform the tasks themselves while the guru would monitor them. If an individual fails to perform the task taught to them, he would be grouped with the women, children and aged members of the community. Thus, pariksha was not only used in evaluating but also in ranking...

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Case: Sarawak Properties Sdn Bhd V the Director General of Inland Revenue

property development activities regarding the two projects, namely the shop house project and the TAR Centre. FACTS OF THE CASE: • The appellant become the sole developer of the TAR Centre project after it had acquired Tamasa Holding’s share for a cash consideration of RM 572758. • The development expenses and costs relating to the two projects such as shop house project and the TAR Centre, were capitalised in the development accounts of the appellant. • The income of RM 35914865...

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Introducing the C. Palmer and His Art for Culturally Responsive Instruction

experiences and perspective as a Black man in America. Consistently, the themes that are addressed in his paintings are economic, social, political, gender and racial issues within the context of the United States. In his most recent exhibition “What is Your Tar Baby? ” these themes are represented through the depiction of historic and contemporary icons. Entertainers and politicians such as Dave Chappelle, Josephine Baker, Marilyn Monroe, Abraham Lincoln, and President Barrack Obama are brought to the forefront...

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Digital Persona

Tar Heel Capital Lo C AT I o n Restaurant Franchisee Case Study Fraudulent Activity Challenge Wendy’s franchisee owner, Tar Heel Capital, was challenged with controlling cash register shrink and inflated payroll costs. Like many quick service restaurant operators, Tar Heel Capital used swipe cards for manager voids and overrides, but these cards were easily shared and therefore did not provide transaction accountability. Keypads were used for time and attendance tracking. However, this led...

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A Look at the Keystone Pipeline

pipeline is a $7 billion project to bring heavy, sour crude oil from tar sands production in Alberta, Canada to Port Arthur, Texas for refining. It has sparked an ongoing struggle as advocates and opponents of the project make their case in various ways to the Obama Administration (Anonymous, 2011, Keystone XL Exposed). But is this pipeline ethically the right thing to do? Final Project The Tar Sands Keystone XL pipeline is a topic that some support, other oppose...

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Basic Linux Command

owner> <file> Change file group chgrp <new group> <file> Compress/uncompress files/directories tar tar -xvf file.tar -- uncompress a file 'file.tar' tar -xzvf file.tar.gz -- uncompress a file 'file.tar.gz' tar -xjvf file.tar.bz2 -- uncompress a file 'file.tar.bz2' tar -cvf file.tar file -- compress the file 'file' to 'file.tar' tar -czvf file.tar.gz file -- compress the file 'file' to file.tar.gz tar -cjvf file.tar.bz2 file -- compress the file 'file' to file.tar.bz2 ...

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Bk3 Ch23 Sug Ans E

carboxyhaemoglobin. 1m Hb has greater affinity for CO. / CO irreversibly reduces the oxygen carrying ability of blood. 1m OR Tar 0.5m Tar accumulates in the lungs. 1m Tar increases the diffusion barrier. 1m Tar is carcinogenic. 1m Tar paralyses / damages cilia. 1m Tar increases mucus production. 1m Tar can lead to the production of scar tissue. 1m Tar reduces elasticity of the airway. 1m OR Carcinogen 0.5m It causes cancer. 1m It changes DNA. / It causes mutation. 1m It...

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Keystone XL Pipeline

add to the number of pipelines already established in the U.S. and continue to convey the tar sands, a compound of clay, sand, water, and bitumen that its lead producer manufactures. The debate of whether or not the construction of this conduit should actually take place has been a hot topic for many politicians and environmentalists. Should the United States authorize the Keystone XL Pipeline to import tar sand oil from Canada? Given the amount of friends turned foes and vice versa that America...

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An interview with Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj. Repoter: Asalamualaikum and a very good morning to Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj.Thanks you for accepting our invitation to interview Tunku today. TAR: It is my pleasure. Reporter: Ok Tunku, where were you study? TAR: During high school I learned the English Government high school, then I moved to Densirinder School, Bangkok, Thailand, then I moved back to Kedah and studies in Penang Free School in 1915. In 1919 , I pursued his studies at...

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The Keystone Xl Pipeline Project

the Keystone XL Pipeline are “the dirty tar sands oil, the water waste, indigenous populations, refining tar sands oil and don’t forget the inevitable; pipeline spills.” And these are just some of the environmental issues, not too mention how building this thing from Canada to Texas; 2,100 miles to be exact, is affecting the people and their land, as stated “this isn’t a little tiny pipeline, this is a pipeline that cuts our country in half.” The dirty tar sands oil is just one of the environmental...

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Standard Deviation and Random Sample

company indicates that the relative frequency distribution of tar content of its newly developed low-tar cigarette has a mean equal to 3.9 milligrams of tar per cigarette and a standard deviation equal to 1.0 milligram. Suppose a sample of 100 low-tar cigarettes is randomly selected from a day’s production and the tar content is measured in each. Assuming that the tobacco company’s claim is true, what is the probability that the mean tar content of the sample is greater than 4.15 milligrams? ...

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The Keystone Pipeline

(C)Since this extension was disapproved, there was no building date set. (G)This pipeline was set to hold tar sands oil which is one of the world’s dirtiest fuels. The pipeline would move this fuel throughout the United States to oil refineries. (B)This expansion was proposed because of giant oil corporation that invested in Canada’s tar sands greatly needed a profitable way to extract tar sands oil for their corporations. This pipeline would greatly increase, in fact, double, the imports of the...

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keystone pipeline Canada to U.S

constructed the pipeline known as Keystone XL will carry one of the dirtiest fuels tar sands oil. Along its route from Alberta to Texas this pipeline could devastate ecosystem, pollute waste resources and jeopardize public health. Giant oil corporations invested in Canadas tar sands are counting on the Keystone XL pipeline t make the expansion of oil extraction operations there profitable. The pipeline would double the imports of tar sands oil into the United States and transport it to the refineries on the...

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Bp vs. Exxon

current regulatory requirements and strengthen the oversight of contractors. A lot of different dirty oily thing was all over the beaches. Tar balls washed onto Gulf of Mexico beaches from Tropical Storm Lee shows that oil left over from 2 year's BP spill isn't breaking down as quickly as some scientists thought it would. Auburn University experts who studied tar samples at the request of coastal leaders said the latest wave of gooey balls and chunks appeared really fresh, smelled strongly and were...

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ISS 418 Lab 7 and 8

source tar ball to determine whether the integrity and contents of the package are what you expect before executing or installing it • Use and leverage MD5Sum to verify the integrity of a downloaded software tar ball • Use wget to acquire and install third party software onto the Linux system from the Internet Overview In this lab, the students will review all installed software packages and applications in the kernel. From this list, demonstration will show how to verify the source tar ball...

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Keystone Pipeline

ever wondered how toxic sludge is transported from where it was created to where it is disposed of? Well, this has become a hot button issue in the White House. Apparently, there are enormous pipes buried in ground right now transporting barrels of tar sands oil in America’s mid-west. The purpose of these pipes is to move crude oil from one place to another. Another reason for the Pipelines is to meet the needs of the American consumers. Texas has one of the largest oil manufacturing industries in...

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Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison The issue of abandonment and the will that it takes to survive the hardship of it is a reoccurring theme in Toni Morrison's writing. Tar Baby, Sula and Paradise all deal with the issue of abandonment and how it relates to the characters in her stories. "Through her fiction, Toni Morrison intends to present problems, not their answers" (Moon). Her stated aim is to show "how to survive whole in a world where we are all of us, in some measure, victims of something." (Morrison) Morrison's...

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smoking ban

harmful substances that help contribute to the forming of cancer in the human body. Some of those substances are nicotine, black tar, and carbon monoxide. Nicotine is the drug that helps the body to become addicted. Black tar sticks to the lining of the lungs and makes it hard to breathe. Carbon monoxide and other chemicals help poison the lungs (Keyishian, 14). When black tar sticks to the lining of the lungs. While making it harder for the smoker to breathe, it also causes for the heart to work harder...

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The Keystone XL Pipeline

that is building the Keystone pipeline. The pipeline pumps tar sands oil out of Canada. According to Foe.org (2014): Tar sands are found underneath Canada’s great boreal forest and consist of heavy crude oil trapped in a mixture of sand and clay. To extract oil from tar sands, companies must destroy fragile forest ecosystems and then use a very energy-intensive upgrading and refining process to turn that sludge into transportation fuel. Tar sands oil extraction and production emits three times more...

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risk paper 1

below. There was a major oil spill earlier this year in Arkansas. A sample was taken from the tar sands oil spill which detected several highly toxic chemicals. “A single sample of tar sands oil included chemicals that cause cancer in humans and produce serious and permanent birth defects in children,” said EWG’s director of research, Renée Sharp. Among the chemicals detected in the sample of the tar sands oil from the March 29, 2013 rupture of an ExxonMobil pipeline in Mayflower, Ark., were: benzene...

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True Cost of Oil

the devastating destruction that the Alberta Tar Sands are causing on Canada’s ecosystem and the lifestyle of the native peoples of the Athabasca. The Alberta Tar Sands are large deposits of crude oil, also known as bitumen. The Athabasca deposit is the largest known reservoir of crude bitumen in the world. The Alberta Tar Sands are unique in the fact that it is the only oil reserve that is suitable for surface mining. That being said, the Alberta Tar Sands are causing irrevocable damage to Canada’s...

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Tarc Bus Services

are able to enjoy various facilities and the environment is very conducive for study and for relaxation. However, there is an efficient internal shuttle bus service for TAR College students. 1.2.1 Students : Then and Now 20 years ago, almost all the students walked or took public transport to attend classes in TAR College. Ten years ago, the college started to provide bus service to students. The statistics today shows that more than 50% of the students take college bus to college...

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Dino Dig

Angeles: The La Brea Tar Pits. Check out this site to learn about bones that have been preserved, not in layers of sediment, but in bubbling oil. The video explains the excavation process. http://www.tarpits.org/la-brea-tar-pits/excavation-101 1. What kind of tool does the researcher in the La Brea video use to remove soft matrix from the bone? DENTAL PICK 2. What is the age of the fossils found in the La Brea Tar Pits? 3. What kind of fossils are found in the La Brea Tar Pits? SABERTOOTH...

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Critical Analysis on Huckleberry Finn

and yelling, and banging tin pans and blowing horns; and we jumped to one side to let them go by; and as they went by, I see they had the king and the dike astraddle of a rail--that is I knowed it was the king and the duke, thought was all over tar and Feathers, and didn't look like nothing in the world that was human--just looking like a couple of monstrous big soldier-plumes. Well, it made me sick to see it; and I was sorry for them poor pitiful rascals, it seemed like I couldn't never feel...

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Week 4 Assignment 4.1

only occurs if z &lt; -1.96 or z &gt; 1.96). Confidence interval approach: Reject Ho if 0 is not within the confidence interval. Task 2: Solve the following problems: The mean tar content of a simple random sample of 25 unfiltered king-size cigarettes is 21.1 mg, with a standard deviation of 3.2 mg. The mean tar content of a simple random sample of 25 filtered 100 mm cigarettes is 13.2 mg with a standard deviation of 3.7 mg. Assume that the two samples are independent, simple, random samples...

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Raw by scott monk

The most important item of the Iceman’s equipment is his copper-bladed axe. The carefully smoothed yew haft is around 60 cm long. At the top of the haft there is a forked shaft into which the blade was fixed with birch tar and tightly bound with thin leather straps to keep it in place.The 9.5 cm blade is trapezoidal in shape and made of almost pure copper. The narrow end was produced by cold-hammering after the blade was cast. It allowed the blade, which shows clear signs of use, to be fixed...

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more like powdered milk. The most commonly heroin in the U.S. is brown heroin. The lowest grade of heroin is Tar. It’s called Tar heroin because it looks like black tar. Usually a powder containing heroin (diacetylmorphine) hydrochloride and some kind of filler. This can be snorted or injected, sometimes it is heated on foil to create vapors to inhale, rarely it is eaten. Black tar or tar heroin is a less refined form of heroin hydrochloride that is sticky like opium. You can smoke heroin or inject...

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Cigarette Smoking

found in dry cleaning fluids. Acetone (nail polish remover) • Fragrant volatile liquid ketone, used as a solvent, for example, nail polish remover • Found in cigarette smoke. Tar • Particulate matter drawn into lungs when you inhale on a lighted cigarette. Once inhaled, smoke condenses and about 70 per cent of the tar in the smoke is deposited in the smoker's lungs. Nicotine (insecticide/addictive drug) • One of the most addictive substances known to man, a powerful and fast-acting medical and...

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Black People

Tar Baby by Toni Morrison 7. What is the symbolic function of the African woman who spits at Jadine? Tar Baby Toni Morrison’s novel might for some be a novel of cultural awakening. One also might at their first reading and perhaps also by reading the different studies made on Tar Baby, restricted to an interpretation that sees Jadine, Morrison’s protagonist, as woman who has, consciously or unconsciously, lost her “ancient properties” (305) and internalized the values of a white culture. Jadine...

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Hydrogen Production from Biomass by the process of gasification

controlled by heat transfer. A considerable variation in the structure as well as the physical and thermal properties of the feed material occurs as feed material pass through this zone. The products from the devolatilization zone are gases, liquid (tars and oil), and char. The production of liquids should be controlled in gasifiers in which their production is undesirable. Oxidition zone In oxidation zone, no physical and chemical changes occur as oxygen carriers which is mostly air is introduced...

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Faith Ringgold

The content caught my attention to Ringgold’s image Tar Beach (pg.1166). The image is acrylic on canvas paper, bordered with printed, painted, quilted and pieced cloth, 741/4 x 681/2”. The subject of the story quilt illustrates a Depression era girl's imaginative foray to heights from which she can see and therefore claim her world. Picnicking on the roof of her family's Harlem apartment building - a "tar beach" to which they bring fried chicken and roasted peanuts,...

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Keystone Pipeline

be able to spur the nation's economy to a certain extent by providing a limited amount of jobs and slightly decreasing our dependency on foreign oil, but it will also aid in the destruction of our environment through carbon emissions and the risk of tar sand spillage. Due to the extension of the Keystone Pipeline, TransCanada predicts that thousands of jobs will arise in order to construct the pipeline. The Keystone XL stretches for approximately 1,700 miles through Canada and the United States....

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or also known as Chronic Bronchitis or Emphysema is a disease that happens in the lungs of people who smoke. It blocks the airflow to the lungs with black tar / black carbon. Some symptoms are excessive coughing and continuously out of breath. To ease the symptoms you could you use inhalers, steroids, antibiotics or just more oxygen. This disease will slowly kill you because it affects your respiratory system...

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Cigarette Smoke and Diseases of the Lungs

These structures can't grow back, so once they are destroyed Constituents of Cigarette Smoke Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. These include nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT. Nicotine Nicotine is the addictive substance in tobacco that causes smokers to continue their smoking habit. Along with nicotine, smokers also inhale about...

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Marlboro Business Proposal

competitors are from Japan Tobacco International which has 20% market share. This puts us in a driver’s seat and our new concept of Marlboro Switch will be well accepted in Singapore market. Innovation The new ‘Marlboro Switch’ contains less Tar and Nicotine, compared to other competitors. This shall drastically reduce the odor and smoke emitted. It is available in three distinct flavors. The reason for it being called ‘switch’ is that the flavor of the cigarette switches to Clove, Cinnamon...

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Why Not to Smoke

a cigarette, the smoke floats around, being inhaled by everyone around you. There are nine main chemicals in cigarette smoke: Benzene (Petrol Additive) Formaldehyde (Embalming Fluid) Ammonia (Toilet Cleaner) Acetone (Nail Polish Remover) Tar Nicotine (Insecticide/Addictive drug) Carbon Monoxide (CO) (Car Exhaust Fumes) Arsenic (Rat Poison) Hydrogen Cyanide (Gas Chamber Poison) All of the above are highly addictive, and none the less, lethal. Those who are inhaling YOUR cigarette...

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Rhetorical Analysisfinal draft

Wilfried Akakpovi Professor Joel Hawkes English 135 8 June 7, 2015 word count: 849 Rhetorical Analysis: The article “Tarmageddon”, written by Andrew Nikiforuk, elaborates about the negative effects of the tar sands on Canada. In his essay, Nikiforuk mainly makes use of the logos appeal repeatedly to get his point across to the reader. The author also makes use of the other two rhetorical appeals to get to the reader. While the author uses logos in the essay to appeal to the audience, he missuses...

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Water and Air Pollution

fields in Canada and especially in Alberta ( e.g.: each field must be less than 3km square in size and apart from any other field by a radius distance of 200 Km). For instance, the Athabascan tar sands is the size of Florida, what is called “The world’s most destructive project” (The Environmental Defense Fund). Tar sands oil is one of the hardest to mine and refine and it is one of the dirtiest. “Sands oil extractions produce three times more greenhouse gases than the conventional oil” (Yes! Magazine)...

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Coal Forming

as coal gas, coal tar, ammoniacal liquor and coke. This process is called the destructive distillation of coal. Ø Products of Destructive Distillation of Coal: Coal gas – It is a mixture of hydrogen, methane and carbon monoxide • gases. It is a good fuel with a high calorific value. Coal gas finds its use as cooking gas and for lights. Because of the presence of hydrogen it is used for many chemical and metallurgical processes to create reducing atmosphere. Coal tar – The residue left...

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Itc Ciggaretes

compared with Gold for the quality and purity of experience. Today, the cigarette has a place in premium as well as economy category and its target market has shifted from just adults to both adults and youth of all. The GoldFlake sold in India has more tar content, of 15mg, as against less than 8mg for international brands. It is being sold in India in 3 varients : • Gold Flake Premium FT -45 /49 (49 in Rajasthan) • Gold Flake Kings - 58 • Gold Flake Kings Lights -58 COMPETITIVE MARKET OF GOLDFLAKE: ...

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