• Future of democracy in pakistan
    The Future of Democracy in Pakistan Friday, August 17, 2007 (11:56 PST) Related Articles Constitution must be implemented in letter and spirit not in mere words Election 2008: Political Disintegration in Balochistan Elections 2008: Benazir Factor May Affect the Results Related News Govt ass
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  • New softdrink launch in pakistan
    Semester “Spring 2010” “Principles of Marketing (MGT301)” Assignment No. 2 – Product Plan Introduction: The higher management of XYZ Limited while assigning the task of new soft drink to the marketing manager, elaborated company’s broader strategy in line with company’s vis
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  • Brand audit of telenor pakistan
    Brand Audit and Planning Telenor Group Members: Syed M. Humair & Fahad Habib EMBA-2009-F-13 EMBA-2009-F-54 NUST BUSINESS SCHOOL Brand Management Submitted to: Zeenat Jabbar Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Brand Architecture 4 3. Brand Elements 5 3.1. Telenor L
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  • Patriotism
    Patriotism means love and regard for the country. It is a natural instinct that men loves the place where he gets birth and where he is brought up. It is one of the noblest passions of human nature. The love of country is natural and essential for every one. Man is a social animal. He cannot live al
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  • How can we improve the image of pakistan internationally?
    How can we improve the image of Pakistan internationally? WE CAN IMPROVE THE IMAGE OF PAKISTAN BY FOLLOWING ROUTE Through Media The first thing we must do is to establish a panel of advertising companies who will lead the effort to establish our image abroad. Let them then acquire the servi
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  • Patriotism in india's youth
    THE NATION celebrating its 63rd Independence Day. India’s struggle for Independence is a saga of those thousands of men, women and even children who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the nation. And so by celebrating Independence Day, a homage is paid to all those who fought to bring Indep
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  • Democracy in pakistan
    GOVERNANCE AND DEMOCRACY IN PAKISTAN: WEAKNESSES, STRENGTHS AND PROSPECTS Abstract Pakistan had no worthwhile civil society and hardly any middle class in 1947 due to rampant illiteracy and absence of an independent media. The masses were poor, the country was described an “economic desert” a
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  • Secp on insurance industry in pakistan
    Official Newsletter of SECP Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan The development of modern and efficient corporate sector and capital market, based on sound regulatory principles, that provide impetus for high economic growth and foster social harmony in the Country. vision Nov
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  • Minorities in pakistan
    [pic] Research Project International Human Rights Law | Topic | |Plight of Christians in Pakistan and | |Suggestions for their uplift
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  • Pakistanis show patriotism at border
    WAGAH, Pakistan June 21 — As the evening sun fades in the west, two smartly dressed Pakistani border guards lower their nation's flag. Then, scowling, they swing shut the gate that separates them from the enemy to the east: India. Behind them, hundreds of ordinary Pakistanis chant "Long live Pa
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  • Pakistan tobacco company
    Introduction Pakistan Tobacco Company Limited was incorporated in 1947 immediately after partition, when it took over the business of the Imperial Tobacco Company of India which had been operational in the subcontinent since 1905. PTC is the part of the trans-national British American Tobacco
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  • I don’t hate pakistan… i just hate what’s being done here…
    When something that began sometime ago completes, it feels good. I could’ve said “finished” here but the word “complete” has a completely different meaning. That’s what most of us don’t understand, comprehending and identifying the differences between things that are similar yet diffe
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  • Patriotism
    DEBATE Yes it is true that universal brotherhood is more valuable than patriotism! If in the country brotherhood is there than only people can think about patiotism the people in the country should help each other whenever needed, there should be equality in all then only patriotism comes. Hitl
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  • What patriotism means to me!..
    What Patriotism means to me!.. I wave the Pakistani flag! I am so patriotic! My heart is content and the world sees my gleaming teeth, I show pride. Following the regular way of life is our nature and endorsing it our second nature. Is waving a flag, standing up for an inherited national anthem our
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  • Youth of pakistan
    2012 2012 Youth of Pakistan: The Ultimate Resource to Shape Country’s Future Youth of Pakistan: The Ultimate Resource to Shape Country’s Future To inspire Youth of Pakistan: The Ultimate Resource to Shape Country’s Future Youth is the solution- Not the problem I was thinking, th
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  • All processions should be banned in pakistan
    All Processions should be banned in Pakistan Processions are meant to be peaceful and silent protests rather than resulting in violent activities. Processions may be an ideal platform to deliver your message effectively however; I believe processions may only be held within specific boundaries. It
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  • Pakistan 2020
    PAKISTAN 2020 A Vision for Building a Better Future BY HASSAN ABBAS A S I A S O C I E T Y PA K I S TA N 2 0 2 0 S T U D Y G R O U P R E P O R T PAKISTAN 2020 A Vision For Building a Better Future Hassan abbas May 2011 ASIA SOCIETY PAKISTAN 2020 STudY GrOuP rEPOrT AsiaSociety.or
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  • Patriotism is a dangerous emotion
    Patriotism is a dangerous emotion. Discuss Many a student of English would have studied the famous poem on Patriotism by Scott which begins this; 'Breathes there the man with soul so dead' and he concluded that such a person will not be honored nor recognized in his country. The feeling o
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  • Future of democracy in pakistan
    Pakistan was the result of a political and democratic struggle but democracy could not flourish during 62 years of its existence. The founder of Pakistan was a great democratic statesman who envisioned a democratic and progressive Pakistan. Unfortunately his illness couldn’t let him to contribute
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  • Youth and future of pakistan
    Youth all over the world through history, has been a revolutionary force. It is the precious asset and opulence that can revive a nation going through hard time. Youth of a nation can do wonders if availed, trained, educated and informed in an optimum fashion. Literally it refers to all the human fo
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