• Pak Study- Hazrat Shah Waliullah
    HAZRAT SHAH WALLIULLAH Hazrat Shah Walliullah was born in Dehli on 21st of Feburary 1703 A.D. At the special age of 15, Hazrat Shah Waliullah had completed his education and then become disciple of his father who gave himspiritual training. Twice he performed the Hajj pilgrimage. On reachingDe
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  • Shah Waliullah Contribution in Religious
    SHAH WALIULLAH CONTRIBUTION IN RELIGIOUS Qutb-ud-Dīn Ahmad ibn 'Abdul Rahīm, better known as Shāh Walīullāh (1703 — 1762 CE / 1114 — 1176 AH) was an Islamic scholar, reformer and founder of modern Islamic thought who attempted to reassess Islamic theology in the light of modern changes.
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  • Shah Waliullah Muhaddith
    Imam Al-Ghazali’s Concept of Education Imam al-Ghazali is one of the greatest reformers Islam has produced. His multifaceted service for Din has been acclaimed by the academia through centuries. One of his masterpieces is the Ihya Ulum al-Din (the regeneration of sciences). ‘Ulama say that, s
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  • Shah Waliullah
    Shah Waliullah The efforts of Shah Waliullah for the spread of Islam were the first step towards the establishment of free Islamic Society as well as the establishment of Pakistan. Early Education. Shah Waliullah was a great saint, scholar and reformer. He was born in a pious family in Delh
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  • Shah Walliullah
    HAZRAT SHAH WALLIULLAH History itself stands evident to the fact that whenever Islam was in danger, by any agency or enemy, it was saved by such personalities who through their spiritual power not only saved it but also gave it a new life. The movement of Shah Wali Ullah was the first in the Subc
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  • Study of a Tariqa
    Choosing two contrasting case examples, identify and critically analyse how Sufi tariqas have adapted to a Western European context. In recent years spiritualty has become the alternative to organised mainstream religion for a growing number of people. Nonetheless, there has been a small but si
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  • Market Study
    1.0 Introduction 2.1 Definition of Market Study Market study is a process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting information about the market, about the products or services offered for sale on the market, and about the past, present and potential customers for your products or services
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  • “a Study on Service Industry in Bangladesh with Special Refers to Tourism Industry’’
    Southeast University Department of Business Administration Banani, Dhaka-1215 Assignment “A Study on Service Industry in Bangladesh with special refers to Tourism Industry’’ On Submitted To: Md. Khairul Islam Assistant Professor Dept. of Business Administration Southeast University
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  • Study Plan Pakistan Studies
    Prepared by: Altaf Ahmed Sheikh - CSS - 2011 Altafsheikh1988@gmail.com Composed by: Redmax! PAKISTAN AFFAIRS STUDY PLAN Study Area – I: Evolution of Muslim Society in the Sub-Continent 2007 – Critically evaluate the contribution made by missionaries in the growth of Muslim society in the
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  • Notes of Pak Studies
    MCQ’s FIRST SESSIONAL (PAK, STUDIES) 1. The Arab Muslims traders stepped on the Indian soil for the first time in the first hijra century. 2. The first Indian national to embrace Islam was the ruler of a small state known as ‘Kirning Noor’. 3. Muslims fought their first battle on t
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  • Tapal Tea (Pvt) Limited: Study Hr
    COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Sahiwal Campus Tapal Tea (Pvt) Limited ADVISOR: MR. MUZHAR JAVED
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  • A Comparative Study on Some Demographic Features of Bangladesh & Brahmanbaria Zila for the Periods 1981-2001
    A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON SOME DEMOGRAPHIC FEATURES OF BANGLADESH & BRAHMANBARIA ZILA FOR THE PERIODS 1981-2001 PREPARED BY Saleh Hossain Examination Roll No SH001 [pic] Supervised by Dr. Md. Humayun Kabir Professor I. S. R. T. University of Dhaka A Term Paper Submitted in Partial Ful
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  • Pak China Relation
    Š”’œŠ—   Ž•Š’˜—œ •Š— ›˜—œŠ ™ŽŒ’Š•’œ ’— ˜ž‘ œ’Š— Š’›œ Ž‹›žŠ›¢  Ž™˜› ˜› ˜—›Žœœ Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress ŽŒ’Ÿ›Ž ‘Œ›ŠŽœŽ •Š—˜’œœŽ›—˜ Ÿ˜ œ›Â
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  • Bangladesh Culture: a Study of the South Para of Village ‘Silimpur’
    1 Bangladesh Culture: A Study of the South Para of Village ‘Silimpur’ By Kamrun Nahar* Email:alorkona@yahoo.com Culture is called ‘the total way of life of a people’.1 John H. Bodley says, ‘Culture involves at least three components: what people think, what they do, and the materia
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  • Comparative Study of Stoning Punishment in the Religions of Islam and Judaism Sanaz Alasti* Volume 4 – No. 1 –Spring 2007 * Sanaz Alasti Is Currently a Ca S.J.D. (Scientiae Juridicae Doctor) Candidate, Golden Gate
    Comparative Study of Stoning Punishment in the Religions of Islam and Judaism Sanaz Alasti* Volume 4 – No. 1 –Spring 2007 * Sanaz Alasti is currently a CA S.J.D. (Scientiae Juridicae Doctor) Candidate, Golden Gate University School of Law, San Francisco, CA; LL.M, Tehran University, Teh
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  • Comparative Study of Pakistan & Chinese Cultures
    2013 Comparative study of Pakistan and Chinese Cultures Muhammad Rashid (ID:2012420078) This report has compared the two cultures namely the Chinese and Pakistani culture by considering different parameters. The material and non-material aspects of culture are expressed and comparative study of
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  • The Study Nsp as a National Rural Development Program
    A Detailed Introduction, Analysis, and Case Study on: National Solidarity Program as a Rural Development Program in Afghanistan A project submitted in partial fulfillment of the Degree of Executive Master of Business Administration (Development Studies) By: Mohammad S
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  • Midterm Study Guide
    The Hindu KushThe vast mountain range which divides Afghanistan into Southern and Northern. Significance: This treacherous feature not only limits transportation and economic activity between the north and the south (where the majority of the population is concentrated), it also provides...
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