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Oxana Malaya

The Wild Children Child: Oxana Malaya The definition of the word feral children is undomesticated children. It has been a proven case that young children cannot survive on their own in the wild they are merely adopted by animals that choose to love them and want to help the children and teach them their way of life. An animal can sense when they’re in danger but when these children pose no threat all they want is devotion, love, protection they didn’t receive from the parents or guardians...

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Feral Children

chronically institutionalized. Another feral study is that of the wild child Oxana Malaya, born in November 1983. In this case, medical records prove that the child was healthy, both physically and mentally. At the age of three, Malaya was abandoned by her alcoholic parents. She crawled into a kennel where the family kept their dogs and was forced to stay there for the next six years where there was warmth and food. Malaya essentially forgot what it was like to be a normal human. The language skills...

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Feral Children

behaviour is in the case of Oxana Malaya. Oxana Malaya was found at age eight in Ukraine. Her parents were alcoholics and were unable to take care of her. At a tender age of three, Oxana started living in a shed which was inhabited by dogs. Oxana learned their mannerisms and started imitating their behaviour. According to records, she growled, barked and walked on all fours. Anna Chalaya, an institute director, stated that Oxana had the ability to speak. However, Oxana thought that speaking was not...

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Feral Chrenild

Sounds of their host family, those that have lived on their own in the wild learn to adept, recognize and imitate the sounds of many different animals. In the Opt omen Television production Feral Children, Oxana Malaya can be seen running around on all fours and barking like a dog. Oxana Malaya a Russian girl (born November 1983) was found as an 8-year-old feral child in Ukraine in 1991, having lived most of her life in the company of dogs. She picked Up a number of dog-like habits and found...

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Hey, this is a title.

and has no experience of human care, loving or social behavior, and crucially, of human language. Website to start at for help: http://www.learnstuff.com/feral-children/ 1. Write about one child and their circumstances as a feral child. Oxana Malaya’s parents kept her in the kennels with several dogs, and she lived there until she was recued at age 8. 2. How do children who are raised by animals behave differently than others? It prevents the child from experiencing and learning human...

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Cambodian Jungle Girl and Boy Date

restless at night. In May 2010, Rochom P’ngieng has fled back to the jungle. Despite the searching they have not managed to recover her. Oxana Malaya, The Ukrainian Dog Girl Date found: 1991 Age when found: 8 Location: Blagoveshchenka, Ukraine Years in the wild: 5 Animals: dogs Not really either a feral child or a confined child, but rather a neglected one, Oxana Malaya spent much of her childhood between the ages of 3 and 8 living in a kennel in the back garden of the family home in Novaya Blagoveschenka...

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malaya union

THE Malayan Union, which the British Labour Government inaugurated in post-war Malaya on April 1, 1945, lasted slightly more than two years. Although it was a shortlived constitutional experiment, it led to dramatic political developments. In present-day Malaysian history textbooks, the Malayan Union is regarded as having awakened political activity, and heightened ethnic consciousness and nationalism among the peninsula’s different ethnic groups. For the Malays, their opposition to the Malayan...

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A Town Like Alice

hand has a completely different mind set. Jeans main priority and goal is to help the Malayan village and build them a well. The second part of the story is a flash back, in which Jean remembers her life changing experiences during the war. When Malaya was invaded, Jean had been working on her goal to build a well. As she was working the Japanese captured all the women and children in the area. She was taken captive with them. Jean speaks fluent Malay and tries to take a leader ship role and...

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History of Federation of Malaya

Introduction The Federation of Malaya (Malay: Persekutuan Tanah Melayu) is the name given to a federation of 11 states (nine Malay states and two of the British Straits Settlements, Penang and Malacca) that existed from 1 February 1948 until 16 September 1963. The Federation became independent on 31 August 1957. It was reconstituted as Malaysia with the addition in 1963 of Singapore, Sabah, and Sarawak. History After World War 2, the British came again to Malaya and Britain suggested the formation...

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and the Sultan of Perak. Signed on January 20, 1874, on the island of Pangkor off Perak, the treaty is significant in the history of the Malay states as it legitimized British control of the Malay rulers and paved the way for British imperialism in Malaya. Precedence: Perak was a major tin producer throughout the nineteenth century, leading the United Kingdom, which had already colonized Penang, Malacca and Singapore, to consider Perak of significant importance. However, local strife, collectively...

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Malayan Union

and the Second World War ended. The period between the Japanese surrender and the return of the British to Malaya gave the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) the opportunity to take over the government in Malaya. History shows that the MCP got to control Malaya for 14 days. During that time and from time to time thereafter its members created trouble and chaos. Later, the British returned to Malaya in September 1945. To restore peace, the British Military Administration (BMA) was established. In the chaos...

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Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Secretariat Office, State Council Chamber, Post Office, Sanitary Board, Judicial Commissioner, Public Work Department and District Office. In 1948, when the Federation of Malaya was formed to replace Malayan Union, the building was renamed as Federal Secretariat. The building still retains its function after the independence of Malaya in 1957 and the formation of Malaysian in 1963. It is until 1974 where all of the State of Selangor Government offices were relocated to Shah Alam. The Federal Government...

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Compare and Contrast- Countries

worked hard, all the residents in Malaya also sacrificed a lot. For example, Malays were willing to accept jus soli which was to give citizenship to non-Malay. As for non-Malays, they were to admit the privilege of Malays (Awkhalid, 2010). At last, Malaya was granted independence on 31 August 1957. Similarly, Singapore was under British colonization in 1800s and Singapore wished to be independent too. Before 1961, Singapore was led by Lee Kwan Yew. During that time, Malaya was granted independence while...

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History of the Malaysian Constitution

British protection. Originally playing an advisory role, the function of the council was later extended to include both legislative and executive functions. This continued until 1948 when the Federation of Malaya was formed by two agreements, namely the State Agreement and the Federation of Malaya Agreement. The State Agreement was of great significance to Malaysia's constitutional development. By virtue of this agreement, the Malay Rulers with the advice and concurrence of the traditional chiefs...

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Malaysian Studies 3 Tutorial 1

To spread the Christian religion IV. To occupy the Malay archipelago trade route A. I and II B. I and III C. II and IV D. III and IV 3. Which of the following slogans was used by the Japanese to justify their occupation in Malaya? A. Asia for Asia B. Asia for Asians C. Malaya for Malayans D. Malaysia for Malaysians. 4. When did Singapore officially join Malaysia? A. 8th September 1957 B. 31st August 1957 C. 16th September 1963 D. 9th August 1965 1 LIMKOKWING UNIVERSITY OF CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY MPU...

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Tunku Abdul Rahman

Sir Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah was the Chief Minister of the Federation of Malaya from 1955 and became the country's first Prime Minister after its Independence in 1957. Born in a royal family in Kedah, Abdul Rahman was the son of 24th Sultan of Kedah and went to become the founding father of the independent Malaysia. Before attaining independence of the country, Abdul Rahman was also a member of the United Malays National Organization, an organization...

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Malaysian Studies

TREATY 1824? (4 marks) 5. The Japanese occupation was an important event in the history of Malaya. a) Discuss the reasons WHY Japanese military can conquer Malaya easily? (10 marks) b) Why British Army failed to defend Malaya from Japanese army attack? (5 marks) 6. Japanese occupied Malaya for three and a half years but they had a great impact on the country. a) Describes the Japanese attack in Malaya? (6 marks) b) What are the EFFECTS of the Japanese Invasion? (9 marks) 7. One of the most...

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Tunku Abdul Rahman

to the country. For his sacrifices in bringing Malaysia from colonialism to Independence, it is self-explanatory why Tunku Abdul Rahman is known as the Father of Independence. Tunku Abdul Rahman had become the first prime minister of the Federation Malaya from 1957 to 1963 and of Malaysia from 1963 to 1970. Thefamouspeople.com (n.d.) stated that, Abdul Rahman was born on 8 February 1903 in Istana Pelamin, Alor Star in Kedah to the 24th Sultan of Kedah Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah and his sixth...

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Malaysian Studies

The Federation of Malaya The British Government agreed to replace the Malayan union with a new form of government ,known as the Federation of Malaya. In July 1946, a Working Committee comprising representatives from the British Government, the Sultan and UMNO was set up to prepare new proposal. At the insistence of  UMNO, no other group were to be involved in the discussions. The Working Committee reached agreement by July 1947 and its proposals for a Federation Of Malaya were put into effect...

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Hari Merdaka

Hari Merdeka (Independence Day) is a national day of Malaysia commemorating the independence of the Federation of Malaya from British colonial rule, celebrated on August 31. In a wider context, it is to celebrate the formation of Malaysia. This year 2010, Malaysia will celebrate it’s 53rd Independence Day ( Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia ) on celebrated on Tuesday, 31 August 2010 with the theme 1 Malaysia Menjana Transformasi (1Malaysia Transforming the Nation) . The national independence celebration...

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Japanese Occupation

Throughout much of World War II, British Malaya, North Borneo and Sarawak were under Japanese occupation. The Japanese Empire commenced the Pacific War with the invasion of Kota Bahru in Kelantan on 8 December 1941 at 00:25,[1] about 90 minutes before the Attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii at 07:48 on 7 December Hawaii time, or 01:48 on 8 December Malayan time. They then invaded the island of Borneo in mid December 1941, landing on the west coast near Miri in Sarawak;[2] invasion was completed by...

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Colonialism in Singapore

Colonialism in Singapore Asian Studies Grade 9 Singapore was colonized for quite a lot of years, from around 1819 until 1965. The British, Japan and Malaya colonized Singapore during 1819 to 1965. The British colonized Singapore from 1819 till 1963. But during these 144 years, Japan also colonized Singapore and colonized them for 3 years, in 1942 till 1945 during the World War II. The British only fully colonized Singapore in 1824. In that time the British did colonize Singapore...

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The New System That Replaced Malayan Union

Federation of Malaya Federation of Malaya is the new system that had replaced Malayan Union. The Federation of Malaya was formed on 1 February 1948 and existed until 16 September 1963. The Federation of Malaya is made up of 11 states, they are 9 Malay states; and 2 states of the British Straits Settlements, namely Penang and Melaka (excluded Singapore); that was formed on 1 February 1948 and existed until 16 September 1963. It was formed to replace the Malayan Union which met with strong opposition...

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Malaysian Studies

and is using to create unity and national integration. 2. Lists and briefly explain the interventionist factor of five peoples that struggle against the Colonialists. 3. Discuss the lessons and benefits of the 1948 to 1960 Emergency in Malaya. 4. Explain the problem of racial unity in the country prior to Independence. 5. Briefly explain the Federal Legislation Process. 6. Give the factors and reasons of the problems in unity and integration between races in Malaysia...

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Southeast Asia History

the masses with a singular call for nationalism. As such, this would hinder nationalist movements from successfully gathering mass support. This form of suppression was common in the Dutch and British. The formation of the Federated Malay States in Malaya strengthened the power of the British through virtues of treaties. In each state the Malay administrative hierarchy was preserved. However, the authority lay with the British Residents, undermining the authority and traditional rulers. The Dutch enclaves...

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Ethnic Relation Study in Malaysia

Reflection essay We are first year students from Faculty Science of University of Malaya. On regarding to Ethnics Relation studies we were asked to do a group assignment consist of 10 members with different ethnics. The assignment is about any ethnics in Malaysia. So, we decided to do research about Chitty communities in Gajah Berang, Malacca. On the second week, we started to do group discussions and meetings among ourselves on what aspect to be focused on. After few discussions, we decided to...

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Formation of Malaysia

the Merdeka Day. Malaysia day is the day to commemorate the formation of the establishment Malaysian Federation on 16th of September 1963. On this day, Malaya, North Borneo (now Sabah), Sarawak, and Singapore (Singapore left Malaysia in 9th of August 1965 to form a new state) joined together to form Malaysia. From this day onwards, Malaya was known as Malaysia. At first, the formation of Malaysia was arranged to be on 1st of June 1963 but was later postponed to 31st of August 1963 so that...

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Harold Mcmichael

prospect of granting citizenship to non-Malays was deemed unacceptable to the Malays. Opposition to Malayan Union and MacMichael's perceived highhanded ways in getting the Malay rulers consent led to the birth of Malay nationalism in then British Malaya Sir Edward Gent Life Sir Edward was born in 1895 was the son of John Gent (1844–1927) and Harriet Frankland Randall. His original name was Gerard Edward James Gent, but he changed it to Edward James Gent, the reasons for which were unknown...

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Malaysian Studies Assignment Guidelines


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first Malay who graduated from university in England . Reporter: Wow..that is really impressive Tunku.Then when you come back, what do you do? TAR: Before I came to Malaya I had dabbled in politics and established a young Malays Association of Great Britain in 1927 and later Malay Union of Great Britain. When I returned to Malaya I worked as a District Officer in the Civil Service . Then when the Japanese came I worked as Education Supervisor Kedah . After that I pursued my studies in law at the...

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The Fall of Singapore

Fifth Army. On the 8th of December he launched the invasion of Malaya, from Japanese bases in French Indochina. During the battle of Singapore, Yamashita’s front-line of 30,000 soldiers captured 130,000 British, Indian and Australian troops, becoming the largest surrender of British-led personnel in history. Yamashita became famous for conquering the British Colonies of Malaya and Singapore and hence earnt the nickname “The Tiger of Malaya”. Arthur Percival was the Lieutenant-General for the British...

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Malaysia My Homeland

are among the top reason why many Malaysian are very proud to say Malaysia, my homeland! Boom! Boom! The eerie sounds of gunshots and bombs blowing up have always become the background of our grandparents’ night and days in the dark years of Tanah Malaya. Life was hard back then, my grandfather used to told me that the only food they have is tapioca or merely bananas. It is said that in 1948 during the ‘Curfew Era’, foods become so scarce that only 3 tins of rice are allowed for each family per week...

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History Seq Notes

had set up intelligence service in Malaya and Singapore to provide and obtain information of the british defence and readiness. The Japanese troops is also well trained in jungle warfare, they are used to the tropical conditions in Singapore, they also have well prepared medical to cure illnesss. As a result the Japanese had already planned on attacking Singapore and they were also well trained to fight thus they move swiftly by bicycle and tanks through Malaya and arrive in singaore quickly , this...

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how malaysia got its independance

the Japanese surrended.It gave the opportunity to Malaya Communist Party(MCP) to take over the government in Malaysia 14days, before the return of British.However,British returned to Malaya in September because the member of MCP caused troubles.British Military Administration (BMA) was set up but it did not last.So,British Parliament proposed Malayan Union on 10 October 1945.Its purposes were protecting the economic interests of British and for Malaya to get independence from British.The formation of...

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The Early History of Perak

was also continued until the arrival of the Japanese in Malaya in 194l that caused chaos. Perak State also suffered during the Japanese invasion of bitterness until l945. British scene after the Japanese surrender has not ended, but continued until the emergency occurred in 1948 caused by the Malayan Communist Party (MCP). Violence is rampant in the State in which the MCP is responsible about it. After the Japanese occupation in Malaya, the Malay states are not stable. British had to cope with...

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Impact Malayan Union

week once this formulate news from newspapers and magazine (daily, weekly, monthly), political pamphlets and book published in Malaya from 1945, post war second world. A big demonstration against the Malayan Union staged by 36,000 Kelantan Malays was reported by MAJLIS 9.2.1946. The Malays chose to call the White Paper as an “atomic bomb thrown by the British in Malaya”. SERUAN RA’AYAT 9.2.1946 gave the number of men who took part in the procession as 65,000. The demonstrators carried banners with...

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Briefly Explain the Historical Factors That Have Influenced the Malaysian Constitution

The Federal Constitution of Malaysia, which came into force in 1957, is the supreme law of Malaysia. The Federation was initially called the Federation of Malaya and it adopted its present name, Malaysia, when the States of Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore joined the Federation. The Constitution establishes the Federation as a constitutional monarchy having the Yang di-Pertuan Agong as the Head of State whose roles are largely ceremonial. It provides for the establishment and the organization of three...

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factor to a whole new system by growing crops like rubber , sugar cane , tobacco , and palm trees in estates own by the Europeans. Between year 1850 and 1874ical and economical order. This is a period of great political, social and economic flux as Malaya grappled with the gradual introduction of British induced capitalism. During this period western coastal Malay States of Perak, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan started to experience unprecedented influx of labour migrants , mainly Chinese and capital...

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Formation of Malaysia

the formation of Malaysia in 1963 1. Only Malaya was an independent nation while Singapore, Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak were still under British control. These territories were considered too small to be independent entities. It was felt that a merger with Malaya would bring early independence to these territories. 2. The British were agreeable to a merger of these territories and granting independence as there were many similarities between Malaya, Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei, in...

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History of Malaysia Law

Perak, Selangor, Pahang and Negeri Sembilan occurred in 1937 with the introduction of the Civil Law Enactment, 1937. The Unfederated Malay States, consisting the states of Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan, Terengganu and Johor, became part of the Federation of Malaya in 1948 and the Civil Law (Extension) Ordinance, 1951, extended the application of the Enactment to these states. Both enactments were replaced by the Civil Law Ordinance, 1956, which applied to all eleven states of the Federation. When Malaysia...

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Fall of Singapore 1942

Explain the misconceptions of the power struggle in the conflict of Singapore that led to its fall in 1942. The Fall of Singapore By January 31, 1942, Japanese forces had pushed the British Empire Forces from the Malaya peninsula onto Singapore island. On February 8, the Japanese landed on the north west side of the island and within six days, they were on the outskirts of Singapore city, constantly sending air attacks. Their invasion started with amphibious landings on the north-west side...

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Independence For Malaysia

countless of difficulties during their fight. To name a few, our Sultans lost their full power over their position as the ruler of Malaya, citizens have been exploited and forced to work under the colonist and the country’s economy was monopolized by the British. The British also implemented a new administrative system which was Malayan Union but the citizens of Tanah Malaya In addition, our country had been colonized by other country and also by the communists which were much more cruel and violent...

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Penang History

Remarkably, many of George Town’s historic building were virtually unscathed by the allied bombings. After World War II, the Straight Settlements were dissolved and Penang became part of Malayan Union, before it became part of Federation of Malaya in 1948. Malaya gained independence in August 31, 1957 and Penang was one of its 13 component states. Penang was officially known as Negeri Pulau Pinang. George Town, which has the oldest municipal history in the country, was accorded City status by Queen...

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British Intervention

Resident General (as if he is the true ruler of FMS) Power Decentralisation • 1920’s, world economic recession • 1925, British began decentralisation of power : a. to cut cost (economic motive) b. as a strategy to establish Federation of Malaya • To attract non-FMS which only have British advisor (not resident). Whereby the sultan may or may not follow his advice • To expand power in non-FMS. • States have own law implemented by British Officers. • 1939, all except Police, Customs...

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British Administrative System in Malaya

Between 18th and 20th Centuries, a set of states on Malay Peninsula and Singapore was named as British Malaya which was British’s territories. During occupation of British in British Malaya, British government placed all the states under 3 different administrative system, which is Straits Settlement, the Federated Malay States and Un-federated Malay States. Strait Settlement been founded in 1826 when after British secured Singapore from Dutch through a treaty called “Anglo-Dutch Treaty 1824”...

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List the lesson that we learn from colonization Malaysia was once a colonized land. It also classified as one of the Commonwealth countries that is a former British colony. The Portuguese, Dutch, British, Japanese and even Siamese had colonized Malaya before. But only the British and Japanese succeeded in colonizing almost the whole country and left the impact on the people. PORTUGUESE AND DUTCH COLONIZATION In 1511 under the lead of Alfonso de Albuquerque, Portuguese colonized Malacca. Their...

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Major Effects of the Japanese Occupation of Malaya

Japanese occupation Under cover of darkness on the night of 8 December 1941, the Japanese army invaded Malaya, landing in South Thailand and pushing into Kedah, and at Kota Bharu in Kelantan. The invasion, which took place an hour before the attack on Pearl Harbor, took the Allies in Malaya and 'Fortress' Singapore completely by surprise. The Japanese forces had air, land and sea superiority and quickly overwhelmed the Commonwealth troops on the Peninsula. Militarily, it was a brilliant campaign...

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Factors That Led to the Failure of the Malayan Union

non-Malays. The non-Malays did not show much interest because British postponed the enforcement of citizenship rights. They not interested in political developments in Malaya. They still showed allegiance towards country of origin. They also not ready for drastic change yet. Felt British should concentrate on improving conditions in Malaya. Malaya was not stable politically, economically and socially. They still have strong communal feelings. Not happy too because union did not include Singapore. The...

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Our National Day

the 31st of August to commemorate the momentous occasion when the Federation of Malaya achieved independence from British rule in 1957. On the 30th of August, Malaysia’s then Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman took to the Royal Selangor Club Padang, now known as the Merdeka square at 11.58pm and observed two minutes of darkness. At the stroke of midnight, the Union Jack was lowered and raised with the Flag of Malaya. The morning after, Tunku Abdul Rahman read aloud the Proclaimation of Independence...

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Choosing a Great Leader: Ungku Abdul Aziz

1988. But, his tremendous work was not to be forgotten. The list of his contribution to the country is so meaningful and continuous until now. He is a “guru” in the economic and education sector. A great leader he was, it was quoted by the University Malaya staff that he’d give them all his attentions and help when it was a legitimate concern. A great leader is always there to motivate and drives people forward. The particular leader has the ability to persuade others to follow his vision, and there...

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Anglo Dutch Treaty

crown colony. The settlements survived in this form for nearly 80 years, until they were finally dismantled in 1946 as part of the reorganisation of Malaya after World War II. This left Singapore as a separate crown colony, while Penang and Melaka were absorbed into the ill-fated Malayan Union and later into its successor, the Federation of Malaya. As part of the Straits Settlements Penang was involved in a variety of relationships, sometimes symbiotic, sometimes competitive: internally with...

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Saidatina Khadijah

So on August 31 1957 the first prime minister of Malaysia Allahyarham Tunku Abdul Rahman proudly declared the independence of Malaya by shouting out “Merdeka” seven times at the Merdeka Stadium. In 1956, the Prime Minister of Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj led a delegation to London to hold talks with the British Government concerning independence for Malaya. The Malayan delegation, comprising of four representatives of the Malay Rulers and four Alliance representatives, convinced the...

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| |1946 |The Malayan Union was established to replace the Peninsular Malaya | |1948 |The Federation of Malaya was established to replace the Malayan Union. | |1957 |Malaya achieved independence | Table 2.3:...

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the time Malaysia was planned to the time it was formed. b.) Discuss objectively and in a matured manner the scenario in singapore after the country became a member of Malaysia up to the time it  seperated from Malaysia. ~ 4.a) Features of Malaya Union ~ 1. Mode of the 9 Malay states, Penang and Malacca. 2. The chief adminstrator was the Bristish Governor in K.L and assisted by the Executive and Logislative Councils. 3. The malay rulers only advised the Governor and their sovereignty...

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Cabinet system

Identify form of administration implemented in the country before independence 4. Analyze the processes involved in obtaining independence for Malaya 3.0 List of Topics 3.1 The Bloodshed Struggle 3.2 The Struggle without Bloodshed (through literature and negotiations) 3.3 The Malayan Union and Peoples’ Reaction to it 3.4 The Federation of Malaya 3.5 The Growth of Political Parties 3.6 The Negotiations for Independence 4.0 Terminologies 4.1 Bloodshed Struggle Struggle...

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Malaysian Studies

8 MALAYSIAN STUDIES (4 marks) 5. Japanese occupied Malaya for only three and a half years , from 15 February 1942 to 15 August 1945 a. Discuss the reasons WHY Japanese military can conquer Malaya easily? (6 marks) b. How Japanese army attack Malaya? (4 marks) 6. Emergency period closely related with the development and activities of Communist party of Malaya a. Discuss on the activities of Communist Party Of Malaya (4 marks) b. Explain any three strategies used by British in...

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What Is the Chronology of the Formation of Malaysia?

nation that path way to formation of Independence of Malaya. However, many local objected the motion as it expells all the 9 states monarchy Sultanes roll in political issues and excludes singapore from the union. 1947 - After seeing the uprising and riots among the Malays, British decided to replace the motion with the establishment of The Federation of Malaya but the talks on the Chinese and Indian immigrants continues. 1948 - Malaya entered the State Of Emergency period due to the uprising...

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Law 016

Question 22: Compare the features of Malayan Union with the Federation of Malaya 1948. Answer: Malayan Union is a federation that brings a lot of protest among the Malayan citizens that be form on January 1948. The purpose of this federation is to simply the administration and as it unifies Malaya Peninsula under one government, it make easier for the British to rule. This idea was first brought by British on October 1945 to end indirect rule in the Malay States by uniting all the states into...

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Battle of Jitra

invasion forces, the fate of Asia will be played out on the field nearby a town called Jitra. 2. The Battle of Jitra which lasted less than two days will ultimately foretell the density that waits that the British and combined Commonwealth Forces in Malaya. The battle deserves a place in modern military history as it represent the first time ever an Asian power has subdued white troops in ground combat. It was also the first time that the Allies witnessed the explosive and penetrative power of a combined...

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Decolonisation of Singapore

independence and expulsion from the Federation of Malaysia in 1965. Tunku Abdul Rahman, Prime Minister of Malaya, and then Malaysia, from 1957 to 1970 15 placed the needs of his nation before the needs of the merged Federation. He outlined in 1958 that if Singapore wanted to merge with what was Malaya at that point, then “… they [Singapore] must be ready to serve, ready to die if need be, for Malaya and Malaya alone.”16 Nations surrounding Singapore and Malaysia were consequently adamant that the merger was...

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