"Our Duty Towards Our Country" Essays and Research Papers

Our Duty Towards Our Country

Nicole Hicks-Pinkard Is Greed Destroying Our Country? Greed comes from the love of money and power, which are the roots for all evil. One major cause of greed comes from the government and corporate firms that contribute to their temptation to do wanted is needed for them to obtain wealth and power within their industry. One should ask themselves, is greed destroying our country? The answer would be “yes.” Greed is the fifth of the seven deadly sins, which allows an one to become obsessive...

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Nature and our responsibility towards it

Natural resources are things we depend in our everyday lives. Food, water, and clean air are three natural resources that we depend on constantly. We have a responsibility towards these resources and that’s to not deplete them. We have to stand up and take responsibility and save the resource before they are all gone. If we deplete these resources the human species will die out. First we have to take responsibility and not deplete our natural resources because they feed us. Animals eat natural...

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How to Help Our Country

HOW TO HELP OUR COUNTRY By Ramon J. Farolan Philippine Daily Inquirer Sunday, 31 July 2005     There’s a booklet making the rounds in Metro Manila ,that every Filipino who loves his country should get hold of and read, and hopefully put the points it raises into practice ,in order to help our nation. It doesn’t dwell on a shift to a parliamentary form of government or a federal system ,which are politicians are so fond of talking about as the answer tour problems, or as a way of providing a...

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Societal Problem in Our Country

WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD BE THE MOST SOCIETAL PROBLEM IN OUR COUNTRY? WHY? In my opinion, the most societal problem in our country is vandalism. It is because several factors and normally done by naughty and problematic teenagers at the age around 14 to early 20’s. According to dictionary, vandalism is wilful or malicious destruction of public or private property. The problems happens when there is behaviour or action done by people especially teenagers in spoiling the original functions of the...

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Our Attitude Toward Technology

Our Attitude Toward Technology and Analysis Thereof in Frankenstein The difference now is incredible. I mean look around, who, in the 19th century would have thought that I would be typing this paper on some thing called a computer, that used a device called a word processor, which showed me images of what I was writing on a monitor, and which also automatically printed on paper with out a human hand ever touching it? No one. That is an example of the difference between our technology and that...

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Our National Duties

benefits of these advancements however, have yet to reach the poor living in many countries across the world. Poverty is on the increase and we are sitting on millions of human landmines. The world today is passing through an environment full of tensions, violence, declining values, injustice, reduced tolerance and respect for human rights. The gun culture has already taken a dominant position in most of the developing countries, threatening the future of the youth who deserve a peaceful and better quality...

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Effects of Globalization Towards Our Culture

defined as process by which regional economies, societies and cultures have become integrated through a global network of communication, transportation and trade. Globalization also has made a vast change in every angle of humans life and one of it is, our cultural tradition could be affected due to globalization process. Culture is what people eat, how they dress , beliefs they hold and activities they practice. Globalization has joined different cultures and made it into something different. There are...

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Manila Solar City: What Our Country Needs

Manila Solar City: What Our Country Needs Manila, the capital city of the Philippines and one of the country’s most populous cities, is situated between Manila Bay and Laguna Bay that is why it is one of the main harbors of the country and the center of all the country’s commercial, economical, cultural and political activities. In 2006, Manila landed in Forbes magazine as the densest city in the world with a population of 1,581,000 and a density of 41,014 persons per square kilometer (Malone,...

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poverty in our country

and is the first line of defense from external factors. Environmental Field Studies Abroad SFS creates transformative study abroad experiences through field-based learning and research. Our educational programs explore the human and ecological dimensions of the complex environmental problems faced by our local partners, contributing to sustainable solutions in the places where we live and work. The SFS community is part of a growing network of individuals and institutions committed to environmental...

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Crime in Our Country

build new prisons. It is a step in the right direction but it is not likely to bring about a wholesale improvement in the country’s crime rates. Firstly, South Africa’s crime problem is largely a result of poverty and inequality. Although the country has had an outstandingly successful decade economically, little of this growth has benefited the poorest sections of South African society. Despite a five percent growth in GDP over the past year and significant government investment in housing and...

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12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country

12 LITTLE THINGS EVERY FILIPINO CAN DO TO HELP OUR COUNTRY ~book review 2050—a year that people have hoped to be the best, didn’t turn out to be as good as they have dreamed. For centuries, mankind has hoped to generate the best generation of leaders that they can have in order to sustain its existence. They have hoped, prayed and crafted the best scientist, politician, businessman and citizen that have ever walked down the deteriorating ground of earth. All of their dreams and aspirations have...

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Our Teacher, Our Hero

Our Teacher, Our Hero “Hu-hu-hu …Ma’am, Carl hit me on my face with his ruler…huhuhu…” “I didn’t intend it to happen…it’s an accident Ma’am…” “No Ma’am…he really hit me…” “You two, Rey & Carl…There you go again…What are you doing with your rulers? You are not supposed to play now because you’re having your cleaning time…” “We’re sorry Ma’am…We’ll stop playing now…Chris, sorry…It’s an accident…” “Haaaaaaay…you always give me a headache…You are now grown-ups & you must remember that your not...

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our language our identity

language you speak is a part of your culture, and your culture is what defines a person the most. Living in a country that is seen to be melting pot of many cultures and heritages, you are bound to encounter someone of another culture but that doesn’t mean we suppress their ability to represent who they are because of their lack of knowledge pertaining to the primary language used in this country. Immigrants use language to preserve their culture heritage and identity in a foreign land but fear of judgment...

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Our Decisions Determine Our Destiny

Our Decisions Determine Our Destiny Our whole life is based on the decisions we make, whether it is big decisions like if we choose to go to college, get married, or have kids, or even smaller decisions such as if we decide to turn left or right on a walk. All of these decisions that we make in life can change our future, and of course we all want to make the right decisions so that we have a good future. God is so wonderful that he equipped us with moral law, which provides ways to tell the difference...

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Our Heroes!

Our Heroes–Men of Steel Faiza Zahid ..and if we don’t come back tell them we have sacrificed our today for their tomorrow… Being daughter of a soldier means that the passion for patriotism runs with the blood in the veins. You are brought up with a sense of responsibility and the aim of protecting the motherland no matter what. During childhood, the sheer dedication and devotion for the country was beyond my apprehension. I could not understand how someone can love the country more than his...

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Duties and Rules of Students

come upto our expectations simply because they are led astray and their vigor is drained away, the radiance of our hopes is likely to be dimmed. It is essential, therefore, that students should realize this and make full preparations for playing their proper role in society and answering the call of the time to come. Duties of students: This leads us to the consideration of the duties which the students should discharge in order to become good citizens of tomorrow. When we talk of duties, the terms...

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What Is Illegal Immigration Doing to Our Country?

What is Illegal Immigration Doing to Our Country? Illegal immigration is a controversial topic discussed in our country everyday. An illegal immigrant is anyone who has illegally crossed some kind of border whether it is by land, water, or air. These people are undocumented, unauthorized and unnaturalized people. In America’s case, these immigrants usually come from the south where the neighboring countries such as Cuba and Mexico reside. Some also come from Canada, but it is not too common. Should...

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Duty Honor Country

this medallion. For all eyes and for all time, it is an expression of the ethics of the American soldier. That I should be integrated in this way with so noble an ideal arouses a sense of pride and yet of humility which will be with me always Duty, Honor, Country: Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be. They are your rallying points: to build courage when courage seems to fail; to regain faith when there seems to be little cause for faith;...

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Our Secrets

society be anti-Semitic? Can an entire society coincidentally be that ignorant? But really, it is these people that we must remember so that a massive destructive event like the Holocaust does not occur ever again in history. Susan Griffin’s essay Our Secret looks at the minds of various people, focusing the most on Heinrich Himmler. It is hard to deny that he is an awful man for what he did, but it is so easy for people to simply judge without knowing the facts behind his madness. Many may not realize...

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Our Time


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Our Food Is Our Choice

Our Food is our Choice Genetically modified foods or GMOs (genetically modified organisms) resulted from “genetic engineering where scientists alter the genes of plant and animal DNAs for the desired specific traits” (Ackerman). In this case, GMOs have changes in their genomes and we cannot certainly tell how these changes can affect the consumers especially their health. In fact, according to Environment Canada, “Canada is the third largest producer of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in...

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Is Our Knowledge Dependent of Our Culture?

of our culture? Counterclaim: All knowledge is based on our culture, without culture there is no knowledge. Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts. Since we come into the world, we become part of a culture. Our parents and guardians slowly push us into it, they teach us about values, traditions, religion and everything else that can be called culture. We first attain culture by our guardians...

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Duty of Children toward Their Parents

now that they are old and helpless or just generally finding it difficult to get around, you should be caring for them. As children, we are definitely responsible for the care of our elderly parents. Children have a moral obligation to make sure their parents are well taken care of. Didn't they do that for us? Our parents clothed, fed and made sure we did not have to go through the trials and tribulations they went through during their youth. Now is the time to repay all that parents have done...

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Our generation

Throughout the past couple of centuries, our world has changed over a period of time. Everything has changed; generations, the way we live, nature and so much more. History is created every day, and at every moment without even realizing it. Our culture is a huge part of our everyday environment that we do not realize how incredibly significant they influence our lives. There are many important elements that have changed American society; for example the television. Television can be used as a tool...

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youth our future

“YOUTH IS OUR FUTURE HOPE” Youth are the building blocks of a nation. It is a fact that the more stronger the youth, the more developed the nation is. The role of the youth in the nation-building occupies the central place. The countries which utilize their youth in as right direction are more developed. The energy and brightness of minds of youth act as torch-bearer for a nation. On the contrary, the countries which fail to realize the importance of the youth lag behind in every department of...

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Our Town

The Life of Love and Choices I. Thesis Statement In Our Town, the play emphasizes quantities of life, which leads to appreciating everyday occurrences we go through. II. Overview 1. The name of the play is called, Our Town 2. The author is Thornton Wilder 3. SFSU Department of Theatre Arts 4. Little Theatre 5. Watched the play on March 17th, at 2:00pm 6. Ticket price cost $12.00, purchased through online website 7. Sat in Row D, Seat 2. Front right section of theatre 8. Shared experience...

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Sport-the Ways of to Improve the Standard of Sport in Our Country.

Ways of to improve the standard of SPORT in our country. Sports can be defined as physical activities in which people compete against each other to win. In some countries, sports arena seemed to be dull and extremely limited when most of the athletes or sportspersons failed to show the true colors of theirs in most of the championships. That’s why we need to follow a few reachable steps in order to revive Malaysian sports. In this manner, our sports can be enhanced gradually and be better...

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Various Holidays We Celebrate in Our Country

UNIVERSITY OF ARID AGRICULTURE The Effect Of Corruption On Taxtation System” Introduction: The Federal government to collect taxes on income other than agriculture income, taxes on capital value, custom, excise duties and sale taxes. In the modern age, corruption is found in almost all the countries of the world. It has been found in all the ages, like an incurable diseases. It has a great crime against the member of the society. Corruption in the tax administration is a two way process. For each corrupt...

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How to Stop Drug Trafficking in Our Country

Stop Drug Trafficking In Our Country By: Gerald K. Wiley English 122 Ashford University Teacher: Elizabeth Hoyle March 25, 2011 The paper is to open people eyes about drug trafficking in our country. Where do you think the drugs are coming in from? Some say from Cuba. Others say from Mexico. I believe that the majority of drugs come from Mexico. It is okay to say that we cannot track down where all of the drugs are coming from but we can try to prevent our children, the next generation...

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Save Our Mother Earth

Let’s save our ‘Mother Earth’ It is the only planet in our solar system on which life exists with incredible biodiversity. People all over the world celebrate this grand event to protect flora and fauna and to clean up the earth on which we live. The noble ‘Earth’ has bestowed the human beings with incredible and beautiful nature in the form of mountains, rivers, forests and various natural resources that helped human beings to survive and initiated our evolution. So, now it’s our time to save...

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Our Secrets

definition is the state of being identified, which means the characteristics and feature that set you aside from everyone else. Question is: What makes an identity? Is it the heritage of our parents? The people we interact with? Or how about the decisions we make on a daily basis? Each of these are components to our identities in different manners though they each have different levels of impact upon us. Depending on the person, everyone has different opinions as to how important their identity...

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Are We Giving Real Value to Our Hard Earned Freedom?

has achieved much in the last 60 years. From being a hungry, starving nation to an exporter of food items; from being a nation of the uneducated, unemployed to being one of the largest talent pools and the world's back-office; from a third world country to one of the three super powers of the future; India has earned it all. As a blossoming republic, India has emerged from the shadow of colonialism to evolve as one of the fastest growing world economies, transforming millions of lives in her wake...

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Our Guys

The novel Our Guys, written by Bernard Lefkowitz, is a very dynamic story about the heinous actions of a dozen middle-class athletes, from a small New York suburb, against a defenseless mentally handicapped girl. Lefkowitz describes a brutal gang rape involving a baseball bat and broomhandle, which took place in this unsuspecting town, by these upstanding young group of boys, as the town would describe them. Lefkowitz looks at the incident which took place and then examines the "jock clique" sub-culture...

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The Destruction of Our Environment

comport their existence to the animals and plants that they rely on for food, energy, and maintenance. It is by this process of comporting to the environment that becomes the predication on which a species' evolutionary track progresses, towards prosperity and towards stagnancy. It has been refuted by many, but accepted by most that it is due to a harmonious and contemporaneous existence between the environment and those who depend on the environment that results in the prolonged existence and evolution...

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GMOS In Our Food

GMOs in Our Food I never paid much attention to all the controversy going viral about GMOs until I started reading articles about this. America has brought forth the attention of eating healthy and staying fit in order to live a longer, healthier life. However, in order to do so, we need to know what we are putting into our bodies. GMOS stand for genetically modified organisms. What are these and are they safe to consume? Why doesn't the United States label these GMOs in our food products...

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Our Town

Ryan Merinyo Theatre: Our Town Professor Waalic 6/10/13 “Our Town” Describe: “Outline the plot of this play with regards to Exposition, Complication, Denouement, Discovery, Reversal, Protagonist and Antagonist.” With regards to the play, Thornton Wilder elaborately creates a complex theatric story about a fictional town in New Hampshire called Grover’s Town in May 7, 1901. The theatric play opens with a stage manager who spends a great deal of time introducing town by describing the setting...

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Our Affect on the Enviornment

Christian Lopez English 1A Mr. Ahearn May 20, 2014 Semester Draft Kankake Island “Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children's children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.” – Theodore Roosevelt. In my own words I think Theodore Roosevelt implies that we need to be grateful for the natural wonders...

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Our Vanishing Night

Our Vanishing Night Most city skies have become virtually empty of stars. By Verlyn Klinkenborg If humans were truly at home under the light of the moon and stars, we would go in darkness happily, the midnight world as visible to us as it is to the vast number of nocturnal species on this planet. Instead, we are diurnal creatures, with eyes adapted to living in the sun's light. This is a basic evolutionary fact, even though most of us don't think of ourselves as diurnal beings any more than we think...

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What Is Duty

WHAT IS DUTY? It is necessary in the study of Karma-Yoga to know what duty is. If I have to do something I must first know that it is my duty, and then I can do it. The idea of duty again is different in different nations. The Mohammedan says what is written in his book, the Koran, is his duty; the Hindu says what is in the Vedas is his duty; and the Christian says what is in the Bible is his duty. We find that there are varied ideas of duty, differing according to different states in life, different...

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Our Declining Education System

Our Declining Education System According to "A Nation at Risk", the American education system has declined due to a " rising tide of mediocrity" in our schools. States such as New York have responded to the findings and recommendations of the report by implementing such strategies as the "Regents Action Plan" and the "New Compact for Learning". In the early 1980's, President Regan ordered a national commission to study our education system. The findings of this commission were that, compared...

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Stereotypes : ( Harmful) for Our Society

Stereotypes :( harmful) for our society There are different kinds of people living around us. Not all of them stereotype others, but some of them do. May be I too stereotype at times. We are not born with a stereotypical mind. Our society and situation teach us stereotypes. Robert Heilbroner also writes in his essay about stereotyping people. Often stereotypical behavior harms Muslim people’s feelings. Also because of stereotypes black people are judged wrongly by their color, and females...

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Our Town

each of our minds once in a while, through his play, Our Town. In Our Town, he exemplified his view of life and what it truly means by not only reflecting upon life, but also, death. Through death, we learn what life really is, and what life has to offer us. It is not the grand and fine things in life, but the minor everyday things in life that truly make life worth living. When speaking of Our Town he said, “It is an attempt to find value above all price, for the smallest events in our daily life...

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"Exchanging Our Country Marks" by Michael Gomez.

In Exchanging Our Country Marks, Michael Gomez brings together various strands of the historical record in a stunning fusion that points the way to a definitive history of American Slavery. In this fusion of history, anthropology, and sociology, Gomez has made expert use of primary sources, including newspapers ads for runaway slaves in colonial America. Slave runaway accounts from newspapers are combined with personal diaries, church records, and former slave narratives to provide a firsthand account...

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Roles in Our Everyday Life

ROLES IN OUR EVERYDAY LIFE In our everyday life, every person plays or carries more than one role. Our lives have become demanding. One role would not accomplish our goals from day to day. Carrying different roles also will mold us into stronger, more independent individuals. Each role is different and carries its challenges. Three roles that I carry are a parent, a wife, and a child. I would say out of these three roles being a mother is the most difficult and challenging. ...

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being the future of my  country hinges upon me; that if I die many will exult and that,  therefore, many will long for my perdition. But what shall I do? I  have duties to my conscience above all; I have obligations to the  families who suffer, to my aged parents, whose sighs pierce my heart.  I know that I alone, even with my death, can make them happy by  returning them to their country and to the tranquility of their  home. I have only my parents, but my country has yet many sons who  can...

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Have We Outgrown Our Government?

Outgrown Our Government? Given the current government shutdown, the crisis and anxiety that the country is now facing has now brought to light a question that many do not take into consideration in our current day. Is the current United States government efficient enough to run our prosperous and quite large country? Although many people believe that our government is a Democracy, they would be surprised to learn that our government, in essence, is actually a constitutional republic. Our government...

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Role of Student in Development of Our Nation

Role of Student in Development of Our Nation Our national development agenda has its focus on rural development. Most of India dwells in rural areas and therefore the national development agenda rightly seeks justice for those who often live in poverty, in the state of hunger and malnutrition and deprived of clean environment, sanitation and medical facilities. Rural scenarios are generally represented by agriculture, which involves all the land-related activities, such as cropping, forestry,...

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Training Our Children for a Bright Future

alarm to most of us. A lot of questions arise regarding the kind of the world our earth is heading up to. Reading II Timothy 3:1-10 and Matthew 24 makes us aware that this world, apart from God, is heading towards turmoil! How then can we give hope and assure ourselves that our children will have a brighter future? My purpose in bringing this message is to reinforce to you, as parents, regarding your privilege and duty in molding the young lives of your children; and for the children-the determination...

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the death of his father as a young child. “At the age of nineteen, he received a scholarship to study at Cornell University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, and later at Columbia University, where he worked towards a doctorate”1. Hu Shi returned to his country in 1917, “He joined the Beijing University faculty.”2 As the return of Hu Shi, it was the rise in intellectuals to engage one another in a high prioritized debate on the culture, history and philosophy unclosing associated...

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Is Democracy Still Relevant in Our Society?

: Research Paper Topic : Is Democracy Still Relevant in Our Society? Declaration I hereby declare that this assignment is personal work, and does not involve plagiarism or collusion. MOHD RAFIQ MOHAMAD MAZLAN …………………………………………. Date: 05 APRIL 2013 Is Democracy Still Relevant in Our Society? 1.0 INTRODUCTION Recently, there are many political issues and problems that happened in some countries where the democracy system is applied. One such example is in Egypt...

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World Hunger and Our Responsibilities

Morality," Peter Singer persuades people to help the people in need around the world. He explains that the wealthy people spend a great amount of money on trivial possessions, and this money could help to save lives. Singer explains, "If it is in our power to prevent something bad from happening, without thereby sacrificing anything of comparable moral importance, we ought, morally, to do it (Singer 836)." Consequently, John Arthur argues that we have rights in "World Hunger and Moral Obligation...

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Our Universe

Our Universe Our universe was created billions of years ago and no one is exactly sure of how. What will come of it in the future? Religions, beliefs, and scientists all have different perspectives of what will happen in the future to our earth and universe and they all have different views of how it all started. Once we know definitely how the earth was created, then we will find out most of the mysteries of the planets evolution. There are many different thoughts of what is to come of our earth...

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Managing Our Solid Waste

Managing our Solid Waste: An Overview of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act Much had been written about the worsening problem of solid waste in Metro Manila and other urban centers in the country. Even more were fora, seminars and conferences conducted to discuss ways of solving the problem. For how long would it take us to attain a zero waste economy, no one knows. But, one thing is sure - time is running out and WE need to act NOW! Why WE? The answer is simple, but at the same time...

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Food and our Youth

Kyle Hooczko Mr. Lerma English 1A 11/6/2013 Word Count: 1127 “What are the effects of big corporations marketing their products to children? Should consumers be active in changing this?” Food and our Youth Have you ever opened up a box a cereal, ate a little bit, then you couldn’t stop eating it? This is caused by a natural reaction called the “Bliss Point”. It causes us to crave foods with sugar. With this discovery by Monell, many companies today target children’s ‘bliss point’ to sell...

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The Essence of Our Legal System

The Essence of Our Legal System Spending time in the courtroom is definitely not like spending time in front of the television set watching Law and Order. In fact, the two are really nothing alike. A room full of observers and people invested in the case usually does not present itself in the actual courtroom. The attorneys are not amazing orators who know just what to say to change the entire outcome of the case. Media personnel are no where to be found. Sometimes one may even think that the...

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Our Town

Our Town “Our Town”, by Thorton Wilder tells a story about life and the people of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire.  The choice of Grover’s Corners is meant to typify every small town or community in America. Grover’s Corner is Anytown , U.S.A.  It is a simple place and this reflected in the physical setting of the play. Basically, Our Town is about Grover’s Corners and its people, particularly the Gibbs and Webb families. It takes the audience through the stages of life, in a simple way...

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Flag of Our Fathers

Flags of Our Fathers In the book Flags of Our Fathers by James Bradley is a novel about the brave men in the past wars. "From a guy who is proud he's a Marine and in his country's service" (Ira Hayes, 77). Is a quote showing how proud the soldiers and marines are for serving our country. John Bradley kept to himself regarding his memories of Iwo Jima, the flag raising and what followed. As a result, in order to write this book, his son, James, set out to research the lives of his own father...

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Our Time

Erika Burk Professor Hall English 102 John Edgar Wideman’s “Our Time” John Edgar Wideman’s piece, “Our Time,” is very similar to another piece we have read, “Our Secrets,” by Susan Griffin. Much like “Our Secret”, Wideman uses his writing to demonstrate that there is more to the world than what meets the eye. In contrast to Griffin’s seemingly unrelated stories about people in the past, Wideman uses examples from his own family and personal experience. Wideman focuses on his brother, Robby, and...

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Impact of Globalization on Our Culture

IMPACT OF GLOBALIZATION ON YOUR CULTURE Globalization can be defined as the removing of borders and barriers to facilitate easy exchange of ideas, resources and knowledge between countries. Communication is the essence of Globalization. Without communication, globalization is not possible. Globalization was introduced to India in 1991, when the Indian government introduced a set of reforms for the ailing Indian economy to prevent it from going to further crisis. These reforms were...

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Our Angels Seminary

Polytechnic University of the Philippines Mabini Campus, Sta. Mesa Manila OUR LADY OF ANGELS SEMINARY: GRACE OF ORIGINS Submitted by: Bernardino, Michelle C. Malubay, Lea A. BSA 1-9 Submitted to: Prof. Fe Lina Salting English Professor ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We have taken efforts in this project. However, it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals and organization...

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