• Jimmy Santiago Baca
    It can be extremely difficult to focus on things that one may want to do in order for them to change their life. Life is full of surprises that sometimes we find ourselves becoming the person we never imagined to be. The memoir A Place to Stand by Jimmy Santiago Baca, a story about a man who was aba
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  • Jimmy Santiago Baca
    Jimmy Santiago Baca is a well-known American poet and writer. He became one of the best American poet after he discover his passion of poetry during the time he spent in prison. Baca has published his remarkable poetry books collections such as Black Mesa Poems (1995), Poems Taken from My Yard (1986
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  • Jimmy Santiago Baca
    Kurtis Wong L. Muller IDST 36 April 6, 2011 Teaching Proposal The poet that I am willing to grasp the knowledge of is Jimmy Santiago. Santiago, a former inmate of a maximum security prison altered his life through the power of poetry and writing. The reason why I chose to delve into his philo
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  • Baca Malcolm X
    Brandin Harvell English 112/ 11am Elizabeth Carter April 25th, 2013 Malcolm X vs. Santiago Baca The black militant leader Malcolm X was the founder of the Muslim Mosque Inc and the Organization of Afro American Unity. He was a major part of the Civil Rights Movement, and often educated African
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  • Santiago Sierra
    Santiago Sierra Santiago Sierra (Madrid, 1966) is one of the most controversial artists in the international art scene. He has become famous for his critique of the contractual economy through a series of remunerated actions where people – typically immigrants, casual workers, or even homeless wa
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  • Slave Oppression
    Slave Oppression During the 19th century, slavery was an extremely dehumanizing period. The complete control over another human being’s life brought many hardships and disappointments. Families were separated and, for African-Americans, the slave era was extremely depressing. Slaves were often be
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  • Jimmy Carter and the Panama Canal
    Before assuming the presidency, Jimmy Carter had been a one-term governor of a southern state with no national or international experience. However, he did have various foreign policy goals of his own. Carter was also a believer in the rule of law when it came to international affairs and in the pri
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