• One Malaysia
    ONE MALAYSIA Since Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak became the sixth Prime Minister, he introduced a concept of solidarity, which is One Malaysia. It is not a new concept. In fact, he states that it is the goal of national unity envisioned by past prime ministers of this nation with a different a
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  • One Malaysia
    1Malaysia is a concept to foster unity amongst the multi-ethnic rakyat of Malaysia, substantiated by key values that every Malaysian should observe. The approach is not independent of the Government’s policies thus far, instead it complements them to further reinforce our solidarity in order to gu
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  • One Malaysia
    The Pros and Cons of The Internet The Internet is an incredibly powerful tool. As long as we have a computer with Internet connection, we are connected to the world. As we all know, the Internet has many pros and cons. It depends on how we use it. For one thing, it is an internat
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  • Offshore Construction in Malaysia
    Offshore Construction in Malaysia Petroleum is essentially the most important commodity in the world today. In almost all form of transportation, oil or petrol, derived from crude petroleum, is used to move people and the importance of petrol is seen with the establishment of offshore drilling s
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  • Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished in Malaysia
    Capital punishment is a death sentence awarded for capital offences where in the criminal provisions consider such persons as a gross danger or threats to the existence of the society. As the merge of human rights associations, this punishment is strictly opposed for its cruelty and this has been a
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  • Why I Think Malaysia Will Be the Best Place to Live in the Next
    by: Woo Tai Kwan (First prize winner in the STAR 25th anniversary essay competition (Category C - adults) Should a fairy godmother suddenly appear before me with a crystal ball, a magic wand and a world atlas, and give me the liberty to select the country I'd
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  • Malaysia Country Report
    As the world prepares to move into the twenty-first century, many nations are rapidly developing their agricultural and manufacturing sectors. As these burgeoning industries become a larger part of the nation's economy, the nation finds its population restructuring and streaming to the areas of gro
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  • Malaysia and the Original People
    Malaysia and the "Original People" Neglecting aboriginal groups has been a common theme in the past when considering the advancement of developing countries. The United States had little to no regard for the Native Americans when developing a new nation. And now as Malaysia is a quickly develop
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  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Malaysia
    INTRODUCTION What is corporate social responsibility? It's also known as social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is when a company or an organization striking a balance between profitability and our contributions to the communities in which they operate and being obligated to
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  • Analysis on Healthcare in Malaysia: the Pharmaceutical Business
    The higher rate in infant mortality shows that the nation may has a serious problem in the health facility and accessibility and the economic development. The development in the country should also be measured by other variables other than GNP per capita. That variables are the health variables such
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  • A Comparative Analysis of Ghana and Malaysia with Respect to the U.K.
    Half a century ago, the Republic of Ghana and the Federation of Malaysia had a lot in common. Though in different parts of the world, they both had been colonies of the United Kingdom and neither gained their independence until 1957. While both nations possessed a mix of resources that should have b
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  • Telecommunication Industry in Malaysia
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY IJM begun its operation in 1983 under the name of Solidates Sdn. Bhd and later in 1989 renamed as IJM Corporation Berhad taking the first alphabets of the merged three well-run construction companies – IGB Construction Sdn. Bhd, Jurutama Sdn. Bhd and Mudajaya Sdn. Bhd. Construc
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  • Telekom Malaysia Expansion
    The Internet Infra-structure The internet usage is growing very rapidly in Malaysia in the recent years. The internet is well-known as JARING (Joint Advanced Research Networking) in Malaysia. Currently, MIMOS (Malaysian Institute of Microelectronics Systems), a governemt agency is overall mainta
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  • Opportunities and Challenges for Fdi in Tourism Industry in Malaysia
    Opportunities and Challenges for FDI in Tourism Industry in Malaysia CONTENTS 1 Introduction 2 2 Overview of the tourism industry in Malaysia 2 2.1 Arrivals and Receipts 2 2.2 Composition of visitor arrivals 4 2.3 Performance of sub-sectors and new investments 5 2.3.1 Hotels and Lodgings
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  • The Increasing Rate of Accidents in Malaysia: Should the Government Be Blamed?
    Road accident is ¡®a global tragedy¡¯ with ever-rising trend. Abdul Kareem (2003, p.31) has stated in his book that ¡®1.17 million deaths occur each year worldwide due to road accidents 70% of which occur in developing countries. 65% of deaths involve pedestrians, 35% of which are children¡¯
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  • How to Measure Social Culture and Organizational Culture of One Country
    Introduction How to measure social culture and organizational culture of one country is an important issue (Miroshnik, 2002). Culture can be defined as the way of life of the group of people, which includes beliefs, art, law, morals, customs, and any capabilities and habits acquired by a man as
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  • Starting, Running and Growing Business in Malaysia
    Starting, Running and Growing Business in Malaysia Meysam Safari, University Putra Malaysia 10/14/2007 Table of Content • Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 • Malaysia -----------------------------------------------
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  • Boer Goat Farming Project in University Putra Malaysia (Upm)
    Subject : Operational Management Boer Goat Farming Project in University Putra Malaysia (UPM) Operational Management students from MBA Group B 2007 semester 1 had a privilege to visit the project on the 5th of September 2007. The purpose of the visit is to observe in live the Boer goat-farmin
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  • Country Risk Analysis for Malaysia
    Introduction To establish a business in another country, you need to analyse different aspects of the country such as culture, economy, politics, demographic data, and financial. All this is to be able to learn more about the country and to find out if it is risky or safe enough. During the la
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  • Malaysia Contemporary Art Issues: Art as Idea-a View from Jalaini Abu Hassan
    Malaysia Contemporary Art Art as Idea A view from Jalaini Abu Hassan Introduction In this discussion, we will discuss on how the art act as an idea in Malaysia contemporary art scoop and Jalaini Abu Hassan is one of the Malaysia leading contemporary artist will be the panel for this sessio
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