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Olympia Machine Company

Thomas Edison, the great inventors self proclaimed best invention of all time the Phonograph, also known as "The Talking Machine" is invented 1877. It original intent was for office use, entertainment, business uses and the telephone. Edison decides to mass produce the product like guns and sewing machines in his own factory. The Edison Speaking Phonograph company is formed in 1878. The original phonograph turns out to be extremely hard to use, expensive to acquire and maintain. 1890 the factory...

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Country Music History

Talking Machine Company, Jimmie had just decided to take on a solo career. He took his chance with the Victor Talking Machine Company and recorded 2 songs known as "Sleep, Baby, Sleep" and "The Soldier's Sweetheart." both of which were released and became somewhat known. Nonetheless, this semi-fame life wasn’t enough for Jimmie and he made the decision to move to New York. He had wanted to seek out Ralph Peer the representative who had first recorded him with the Victor Talking Machine Company Peer...

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Project Report on Readymade Garments TIny Mfg Unit

stitching of different parts of the garments is carried out in sewing machine and overlock machine. The garments are labeled, pressed and then packed in polythene packets, followed by carton boxes for dispatch. (b) Production targets 4,800 Nos. (c) Utilities (power water fuel etc. per month) 2 KW 4. Details of plant and machinery 1. Foot operated sewing machine 3 Nos.@ Rs.3,000.00 - Rs.9,000.00 2. Over Lock Stitching Machine with 0.5 HP Motors and stand fitted on Table 1 No. @Rs.5,000.00...

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Sewing and Machine


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HAMPTON MACHINE TOOL COMPANY About The Company Hampton Machine Tool was established in 1915 and has been manufacturing machine tools since its foundation. Hampton company’s customer base is made up primarily of aircraft manufacturers and automobile manufactures in the St. Louis area. It experienced record production and profitability during the years. Sales and profitability declined in the mid-1970s with the withdrawal from Vietnam War and the oil embargo. However, the company had stabilized the...

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Pinnacle Machine Company

Question 1 (Statement of the Problem) Pinnacle Machine Tool Company is an example of an opportunity and a problem that needs to be examined. The CEO of Pinnacle, Don Anglos, has the opportunity to acquire Hoilman Inc. If Pinnacle Machine Tool Company acquires Hoilman Inc, they have the resources to develop software that transmits real-time information on its customers’ equipment. This advantage will enable the company to upgrade itself and be more sufficient to its customers. However, CFO and...

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Custom Machine Company Inc

Custom Machine Company Inc. Case Study The case shows that the Custom Machine Company Inc. (CMCI) want to advance to the information technology (IS) strategy, but it is facing problems with the current setups they are having. The company consists of two plants fort wane and Chicago plant. Both plants are facing problems with business process, workflow and Information system (IS) support, which being divided by the System Engineers (SE) group and the Management information System (MIS) group resulting...

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Hampton Machine Tool Company

Hampton Machine Tool Company On September 14, 1979, Mr. Jerry Eckwood, vice president of the St. Louis National Bank was considering a loan request from a customer located in a nearby city. The company, Hampton Machine Too] Company, had requested renewal of an existing $1 million loan originally due to be repaid on September 30. In addition to the renewal of the existin- loan, Hampton was asking for an additional loan of $350,000 for planned equipment purchases in October. Under the terms...

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Hampton Machine Tool Company

Hampton Machine Tool Company 1. Why can't a profitable firm like Hampton repay its loan on time and why does it need more bank financing? What major developments between November 1978 and August 1979 contributed to this situation? A/ Hampton Machine Tool Company was unable to repay its loan on time due to several factors. One of such factors is the fact that the stock repurchase, for which the loan was initially requested, was a major cash disbursement of $3 million. In the period between November...

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The Harnswell Sewing Machine Company

at Harnswell Sewing Machine Company (HSMC), in her intent to improve product quality in the company. In addition to analyzing production process data of half-inch cam rollers and explaining the results, this paper also gives advice on which actions Natalie should take and how she should approach the CEO and founder of her company. Phase 1 Based on the given description of the HSMC, points 1, 2 and 7 of Deming’s 14 points for management seem to be most lacking in the company. 1. Create constancy...

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Harnswell Sewing Machine Company

Case Study Harnswell Sewing Machine Company IME 460 Case Study 2 Phase 1 Introduction Harnswell Sewing Machine Company is dedicated to the manufacture of industrial sewing machines, has an experience of over 50 years in the market, this factory is specialized in the manufacture of automatic machines engaged in the manufacture of shoes, accessories and belts security. Natalie York is the manager of operations management...

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Starnes-Brenner Machine Tool Company

Starnes-Brenner Machine Tool Company To Bribe or Not to Bribe Introduction       Case Summary Ethics Legality Similar Cases Real World Lessons Learned Case Summary    Starnes-Brenner Machine Tools Company  Wants more international presence Latino – Fictional South American Country Frank – 10 years of success  Retiring Replacing Frank  Bill – Young, motivated, rising star  Case Summary Cont.  Conflict between Frank & Bill  Frank...

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Hampton Machine Tool Company Case

RE: HAMPTON MACHINE TOOL COMPANY TO: Jerry Eckwood, Vice President of St. Louis National Bank SECTION I St. Louis National Bank has to decide whether or not to grant a loan renewal request by a local company, Hampton Tool Company. The existing loan is due to be repaid in fifteen days and the president of the company, Benjamin Cowins, is also requesting an additional loan of $350,000 for planned equipment purchases in October 1979. Until December 1978, Hampton Tools had maintained a capital...

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Imt Custom Machine Company, Inc.

Marvin M. Araño IT-312 IMT Custom Machine Company, Inc. Executive Summary: Custom Machine Company Inc. (CMCI), a subsidiary of International Machine & Tools, operates two plants in Ft. Wayne and Chicago. These plants have played a game of patch-up and catch-up with their information technology. Hardware and software developed for one specific purpose often ends up serving several other different uses. In late 1998, it became apparent that the information technology – specifically the...

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Body #1 Positive -Mr. Roboto -Mann + Machine -Humans 2.0 Body #2 Neg -Mr. Roboto -Mann + Machine -Humans 2.0 MAchiNe Society is in all shapes and forms a lie. Consumerism drives our economy, our government, and our lives. As a people we are amazed and enthralled by the new technology that has become available to us in recent years. From smart phones to 3-d televisions we have it all, technology may as well be an extention of our bodies at this rate, it is creeping in...

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Country Markets for German Companies Producing Spinning Machines

The analysis and choice of country markets for German companies producing spinning machines Criteria for assessing the prospects of a country market: 1. Market capacity (the volume of imports into the country); 2. The comparative competitive advantage (comparative share of imports); 3. The dynamics of market capacity. Table 1 Import-export matrix for spinning machines in 2002, EUR million Import | Export | The ranking list of importing countries | The ranking list of exporters...

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Olympia Sanctuary

period. The sanctuary of Olympia 1. Aerial view of Olympia (http://www.sunrise-greece.com/en-areaphotos.htm) * Location 2. Map of ancient Greece (http://www.olympia-greece.org/ancientgreecemap.html) The sanctuary of Olympia lies in the alluvial valley formed by the confluence of the rivers Kladeos and Adelpheos, bounded to the north by the wooded hill of Kronos. The sanctuary of Zeus is located in the northwest part of the Peloponnese. Olympia can be identified as a non-urban...

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Sewing Machine

History of the Sewing Machine Before the sewing machine appeared, making clothes was the main occupation of half of the human race. For over 20,000 years, countless hours were spent on making garments and other textiles to fulfill daily needs. The first sewing needles were made of bones and animal horns and the first thread was made of animal sinew (inventors.about.com, 4/16/06). The sewing machine, however, was a remarkable invention that was beneficial to all populations. More critical...

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Burger Machine

Burger Machine Holdings Corporation, more commonly known as Burger Machine , is one of the notable fastfood companies in the Philippines. It is a sub-company of the Gilmore Food Corporation. Unlike Jollibee and other burger chains, Burger Machine has always been retailing in outdoor stands instead of shops. History It was created in 1981 by Fe Esperanza S. Rodriguez and a sister who both planned to turn two old small buses into mobile stores, an idea they adapted from America. It was their fondness...

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Companies What Does the Company Provide? How many employees were hired out of how many applied? What Fringe Benefits are offered? What possibilities for advancements are there? What Is the average salary? What is the work environment/job satisfaction ranking? Google Inc. Google is a global company that develops technology including web browsers, smartphones, smart contact lenses and social media apps to help keep people connected.  Over the past year:1,267,959 people applied for a job at Google;...

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The Company

1. Excecutive Summary 1.0 Introduction FRANKROJEIAN Snack House start-up a small bakery that rent in 1.1 The Company FRANKROJEIAN Snack House is a Partnership business, this will be under supevision of the five partners as the owner of the business. The business wiill be renting a space at the Sienna building Alunan Avenue near government offices, schools and private sectors. 1.2 The Products and Servies FRANKROJEIAN Snack House offers the following food and beverages to customers • Cakes...

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Washing Machines

Washing Machines With the dawn of technology, a lot of innovations were discovered and each of them in one way or the other has continued to improve the living standard of the human race. Every aspect of our lives has been affected positively or negatively. One of such contribution is the invention of a washing machine. The use of a washing machine is a convenient way of washing clothes. It not only saves time but also saves body energy. It is a stress free way to do laundry. With the electric...

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Burger Machine

BURGER MACHINE INTRODUCTION Trying out Burgers at Burger machine is really easy; they are almost available in most common places where there are big places for a stall along highways and main roads around metro manila. Burger machine offers the cheapest alternatives to Fast food burgers. Their product is much cheaper, and you can sort of customize your burgers. The burgers they offer are in a hamburger bun (more commonly found in local bakeries or pastry shops) and their burgers are a bit thinner...

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Virtual Machine

Samuel Tan Parallels Workstation 2.2 is an OS virtualization software developed by the company Parallels. This software has 2 versions one is for Windows and the other is for Linux. The windows version has primary OS support for the following versions: • Windows Vista Home Basic • Windows Vista Home Premium • Windows Vista Business • Windows Vista Enterprise • Windows Vista Ultimate • Windows 2003 Standard Edition SP0, SP1 • Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition SP0, SP1 • Windows 2003 Web Edition...

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Rotor Machines

Rotor machine From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Rotor machines) Jump to: navigation, search A series of three rotors from an Enigma machine, used by Germany during World War II In cryptography, a rotor machine is an electro-mechanical device used for encrypting and decrypting secret messages. Rotor machines were the cryptographic state-of-the-art for a brief but prominent period of history; they were in widespread use in the 1930s–1950s. The most famous example is...

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Trurl's Machine

Stanislaw Lem’s “Trurl’s Machine” is the story an inventor who makes an eight-story thinking machine with a major flaw. The story is an attempt to portray the censorship of the people by a communist regime. Lem does this through the use of character, plot and C. The characters in “Trurl’s Machine” have very different personalities. First, we meet Trurl, the constructor. He is a scientist and an inventor, but he has an artistic side. This he shows by giving the machine face. He has a quick temper...

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Externalizing Machines

Joel Bakan argues that corporation are “externalizing machines”. Based on The Corporation, develop and defend a thesis/idea concerning the ethical consequences of companies externalizing costs. The corporation is an assembly of many members into one body, a legal personality, working toward achievement of a special goal. It is an entity with its own rights and liabilities distinct from those of its members. Corporations, as seen throughout the business history, always try to accomplish...

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Trenton Company

Exercise 1:  On January 1, 2010, Trenton Company purchased a machine costing $50,000. Trenton also incurred the following costs: transportation, $1,000; installation, $2,000; and sales tax, $3,000. Prepare the journal entry to record the machine acquisition assuming cash was paid.     Exercise 2:  Hi-Crest Company purchased a machine on January 1, 2010, for $300,000. The machine has an estimated useful life of 5 years and a $10,000 residual value. Calculate depreciation expense and the year-end book...

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Envelope Machine

1. Envelope machine FCI is deciding on whether to buy a machine that makes envelopes for their cards. The cost of envelopes is one of FCI’s largest cost components. Referring to Ms. Beaumont’s estimations the project would generate $218 000 increase in profit after taxes every year during its eight year economic life. Cost of acquiring the machine is 500,000. If we suppose that FCI is able to convince banks to loan $500,000 to invest in the envelope machine, we can first use FCI’s normal interest...

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Hampton Machine Tools Company

Executive Summary Hampton Machine Tool Company (HMTC) was founded in 1915 to produce machine tools. Machine tools manufacturing business is highly prone to economic fluctuations. Therefore, success of HMTC depends upon success of other related industries. The major customers of the company are aircraft manufacturers and automobile manufacturers. Sales of HTMC boomed during 1960s, decreased in the mid 70s and started to recover around 1978 due to the increase in demand of military aircrafts, a stable...

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The History of the Singer Sewing Machine

| The Singer Sewing Machine | Historical Project Research | | Sarah Clark | 9/12/2010 | Engineering 1000 Instructor: Dr. Tzu-Yu Wang | The sewing machine is basically a textile machine. It is used for stitching together things such as fabric, paper, card, or other material with some type of thread. The sewing machine needed to be something that was functional and compact. It would need to be something that was simple to use and be able to sew faster and more efficiently...

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Ljb Company

LJB Company: Internal Controls LJB Company: Internal Controls Contents Introduction 3 Internal Control Requirements 2 Strengths and Recommendations 2 Violations 3 Conclusion 4 Works Cited 4 Introduction LJB Company has asked the accounting firm to evaluate their system of internal controls because of the plan to go public in the near future. The president wants to be aware of any new regulations required of his company if they go public. The current system of internal controls...

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Street Food and Burger Machine

Burger Machine SWOT Analysis Strengths: Brand Power As said in the paragraph above, Burger Machine’s brand name is its main “trump card” in the burger stall market nowadays. When Filipinos think of affordable burgers from burger stalls, they would most likely think of Burger Machine. This increases their chances for repeat and impulse buyers, which sets them apart from their competitors. Taste Aside from the company’s strong brand power, the unforgettable taste of its burgers should be considered...

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Burger Machine VC138

COMPANY BACKGROUND Burger Machine is the market leader of the burger-on-wheels segment of Philippine’s Food Industry of 90”s, because it is the first burger stand in the Philippines it earned it’s “the National Burger Stand of the Philippines”. Burger Machine is not the resto type, it has been consistent in identifying itself as 'the-burger-next-door'; you can see it everywhere, in every block, and in every corner possible. It is open 24 hours, and it called itself as "the burger that never sleeps"...

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Standard Machines Pricing

I. Who should take the blame for getting Standard Machines Corp into the crisis it faces vis-à-vis closing on a major sale with an established account? The blame for Standard Machine Corp can be directed in one of three ways: Industry: One could argue that innovation in the machine tool equipment industry has been stagnant and resulting caused customers to view machines as commodities and compete on price. Another thought is that the industry allowed a low cost player to enter and therefore...

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Eagle Machine Company

EAGLE MACHINE COMPANY The Eagle Machine Company has fallen on bad times. Eagle, a maker of specialty restaurant equipment, has sales totaling $72 million, but sales are declining while costs continue to increase. If things continue in this direction, Eagle soon may have to close its doors. At a special management meeting, the president lays it on the line! He demands that the firm break even in the remaining quarter of the year. For next year, he calls for profits of 5 percent, a 20 percent increase...

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Hampton Machine Tool Case

 Hampton Machine Tool Case Group 5: Laura Lafitte, Joe Loden, Chris Ingham, Keenen Leake, and Humberto Maldonado Hampton Machine Tool Company was founded in 1915 and began supplying parts to military and automobile companies. Beginning in the 1960’s, heavy increases in defense spending prompted by the Vietnam War in conjunction with a blossoming automobile industry allowed Hampton Machine Tool Company to experience a period of high growth and increased profitability. By the mid-1970’s, defense...

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History of the Sewing Machine

Wiesenthal, took out a patent for a needle to be used for mechanical sewing. There was no mention of a machine to go with it, and another 34 years were to pass before Englishman Thomas Saint invented what is generally considered to be the first real sewing machine. Charles Wiesenthal first patent in 1758 John Adams Doge 1818 The English, Thomas Saint was issued the first patent for a complete machine in 1790. The patent describes an awl that punched a hole in leather and passed a needle through...

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Ethical Company

Ethical Company Paper IBM (International Business Machines) is the world’s largest information technology Company in terms of revenue and by most other measures, a position it has held for about the past 50 years. IBM manufactures and sells computer, hardware and software, and it offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. IBM derives revenue from a range of consulting and outsourcing services. With the advent of the...

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Marketing for Washing Machine

those laws are enacted, when they are still being formed, or are in dispute’(Baines, Fill &Page, 2008:67).The marketing of washing machines are affected by political changes. However, it is hard to say how the political and legal affect the specific type of washing machines such as Zanussi ZWH6160P because the factor has influence on the whole washing machine market, not for the specific one. Economic: Nowadays, because during a recession, consumers tend to purchase fewer goods and increase...

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Swisher Mower And Machine Company

Problem In 1996, Swisher Mower and Machine Company (SMC) was faced with a situation which would have the biggest impact on its company since founder Max Swisher received his patent on the gearbox drive assembly. A certified letter from a major national retail merchandise chain outlined a proposal for a two-year contract to provide a private branding business agreement with SMC and its line of riding lawn mowers. In recent years, SMC?s sales and profit figures had reached a plateau far below its all...

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History of the Answering Machine

  ANSWERING MACHINE       1              The History of the Answering Machine  Luke Thomas  Tell City Jr­Sr High School  English 11 Honors  Mr. Hall  March 20, 2014                  ANSWERING MACHINE       2  Abstract    Today, over half of America doesn’t have a landline telephone or if they do, they don’t  use it. So how are products made for the telephone, such as the answering machine  doing? With voicemail being so well integrated into the telephone and cellphone, people  seem to for...

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Hampton Machine Tool

Hampton Machine Tool Company -Case Write-up Summary: On September 12, 1979, Hampton Machine Tool Company requested from St. Louis National Bank a renewal to their loan of $1,000,000 due to be repaid on September 30, 1979 and also to be given an additional loan of $350,000 for new equipment purchases in October 1979. Both loans were to be repaid on December 31, 1979. Hampton M.T. Company wrote a letter to the St. Louis National Bank stating the reasons for the extension of the loan and the need...

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Wilkerson Company

Assessment 2 – Individual By – Andrew Chan WILKERSON COMPANY Overview Wilkerson Company is facing a decline in profits and has attributed this to a severe price cutting exercise in their Pumps line of products, dropping the company’s pre-tax margin to less than 3%, far below the historically healthy 10% margins. It appears that gross margins on pump sales in the latest month had fallen below 20%, well below the budgeted gross margin of 35%. Although a recent increase to Flow Controllers...

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Abc Company

ABC Company is a manufacturing firm that specializes in making cedar roofing and siding shingles. The company currently has annual sales of around $1.2 million, a 25% increase from the previous year. The company has an aggressive growth target of reaching $3 million annual sales within the next 3 years. The CEO has been trying to find additional products that can leverage the current ABC employee skill set as well as the manufacturing facilities. ABC Company's current financial information (before/without...

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Cases Hampton Machine Tool Company

Zachary Duffy Hampton Machine Tool Company From the point of view as the bank creditor, Jerry Eckwood, a determination must be made of whether Hampton Machine Tool Company should receive an extension of their original loan of $1 million, as well as an additional loan of $350,000. After research and careful consideration and extraneous research and forecasting, we, St. Louis National Bank, as well as myself, Jerry Eckwood, have determined to reject Hampton Machine Tool Company’s loan request,...

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Analysis of a Primary Source Olympia

Source) Riefenstahl, Leni. Olympia: Festival of the People. 1938. 112 minutes 2. (Primary Source) Riefenstahl, Leni. Olympia: Festival of Beauty. 1938. 91 minutes. When assessing the film Olympia from a seemingly naïve glance, it can easily be perceived as a film successful in capturing the beauty and spirit of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. Without taking into consideration the political context of the time, it is easy to assume that Leni Riefenstahl’s film Olympia is merely a work of art focused...

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Karaoke Machine

was a no show. It is said that the patrons became restless and from this karaoke was born. In the same decade Daisuke Inoue invented the first coin operated karaoke machine. He made a business out of it and started renting his karaoke machines out to restaurants and bars. It is from this very first machine that the modern karaoke machine was developed (Wu). Today karaoke can be found as a way to entertain people everywhere from a local bar down the street, to weddings, birthday parties, and even...

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Hampton Machine Tool

Hampton Machine Tool Company 1. Hampton Machine Tool Company was founded in 1915 and was based out of the St. Louis area. It was a manufacturing firm serving the automobile and aircraft industries. Due to the strong automobile market and defense spending for the Vietnam war, the company was seeing record production and profits through the 60’s and early 70’s. After that, the Arab oil embargo, the increase in the price of Gasoline and the then recession was taking its toll on the Company’s financials...

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The Morrison Company

two quite different industries – pharmaceutical and retail. In addition, there are longer-range concerns about capacity constraints in the face of rapidly growing demand. 1. Identify and assess the operations problems occurring at The Morrison company. o Significant increases in sales and shortage of available raw material cause problems in the production process o There are inefficiencies that are caused by a shortage of materials, especially in ICs, because the producers reduced their stock...

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Milk Vending Machine

An Innovative Milk Vending Machine for India’s Dairy Sector In March 2006, four friends and alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras connected from different parts of the globe and started talking. Ajit Narayanan worked as a storage engineer with American Megatrends Inc. In California, Aswin Chandrasekaran was an analyst managing product strategy for Capital One Financial Services Inc. in Washington DC. Adib Ibrahim was doing technology consulting at KPMG in Dubai. And Preetham...

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Safety on Machine Guarding

Machine Guarding—An Overview Overview Of Topic Machine operators who understand a machine’s hazards and how to control them will have a reduced risk of injury. Proper operation of the machine, including the machine guards, can improve productivity as well as safety. There are five general techniques for safeguarding machine operation, but all guards must be able to prevent contact, must be secured in place or be otherwise tamper-proof, must create no new hazards, should allow for lubrication...

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Donner Company

Central Issues When looking at the Donner Company in 1987, there are some initial concerns. The company as a whole does not have a true sense of how long it takes them to do what they do, and their process flow table is made up of "guesstimates", as throughput time at individual processes have not been formally taken. The company appears to be operating below capacity based on their need to rework their products often, find things for people to do, and meet deadlines that are based on fuzzy estimates...

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Oranization Machine vs Mind

it compares items of deferent characteristic showing similarities but not differences. Metaphors can be numerous, teacher as metaphor, leader as metaphor, and software as metaphor. Two major types of metaphors are machine and mind A) Organisation as a machine Organisations as machine have strict processes and chains of command with a hierarchical, top down style of management. Organisation has number of departments which does specific type of functions, defined jobs and responsibilities. Management...

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LBJ company

Case Study 2 Internal Control of Ljb Company |Case study : 2 | |Internal Control Evaluation | |LJB Company | | | To whom to be submitted: Prof. Kim Chung By whom to be submitted: Md.Tanvir Apon Submission Date: 02/09/2014 Table of Contents |S/L. |Description |Page No. | |1. |Preface |3 | |2. |LGB Company: Internal Control Evaluation |4-6 | |3. |References |7 | ...

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Hampton Machine Tool

Hampton Machine Tool Company, a machine tool manufacturer, was founded in 1915. Hampton's customer base is made up primarily of military aircraft manufactures and automobile manufactures in the St. Louis area. Hampton felt the boom in the 1960s with record setting profits in the mid to late 1960s. Hampton slowed down in the 1970s with the withdrawal from Vietnam War and the oil embargo. Hampton stabilized by the late 1970s and now has a larger market share as other competitors were unable to...

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Case #1 CAINSBORO MACHINE TOOLS CORPORATE Question 1. What risks does the firm face? What is the limit of Exhibit 8 in terms of the risk analysis? From the article, there are two major risks the company face. First, the company’s financial condition is not very good. From 2003 to 2004, the gross profit declined from 314,522 thousands to 257,759 thousands. This leads the company suffer from an operating loss in 2004. For the first quarters of 2005, the board declared no dividend. This...

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Vending Machine Sri Lanka

Silent Salesman: Vending Machine Technology adaptation in Sri Lanka 1. Introduction A Vending Machine is a coin or note operated machine selling products ranging from fast moving consumer goods up to selected electronic items. Vending machine has been considered as the best automated retail solution that with one swipe, eliminating the wonder through retail shops and super markets, thus ensures the round the clock convenience and exclusivity and impulse purchases for all customers. At present...

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Classic Pen Company

Principles of Managerial Accounting 70-255-04 Classic Pen Company: Developing an ABC Model Submitted to: Peter Roth Submitted by: Jessica Bodnar 104042988 October 21st, 2014 Classic Pen Company are a low-cost producer of traditional blue and black pens. By adding red and purple pens they could add a 3% and 10% premium, respectively. Making the red and purple inks were more complicated but seemed more profitable, however their overall profit margins were going down...

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Machine Tools

TOPIC: MACHINE TOOLS India stands 13th in the production and 6th in the consumption of machine tools in the world. The country is set to become a key player in the global machine tools industry with substantial increase in manufacturing of high end machine tools. The Indian machine tool industry has approximately 1000 units in production of machine tools, accessories/attachments, sub-systems and parts. Threefourth of machine tool producers in India are ISO certified. The market for machine tools...

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