• Office Administration - Cxc School Based Assessment
    An investigation into the documents used in the accounts office at an organization in Kingston. Name: Alex Ellis School: Oberlin High Territory: Jamaica Registration #: 100086 Teacher: Ms Gray Centre #: 100086 Date: February 2009 An investigation into the documents used
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  • Office Administration
    Advertising in a Company A School – Based Assessment Project (General Proficiency) Presented to: Kingston College Business Department December 8, 2006 In Partial Fulfillment for Certification in Office Administration by CXC Submitted By: Registration no. Table of Content
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  • Sba for Office Administration
    Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate Office Administration
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  • Office Administration
    Student Name: Karina Francis Student Number: Center Number: 100121 School: Titchfield High School Territory: Jamaica Date Submitted: January 23, 2012 Teacher: Mrs. P. Thompson – Flemmings Topic:
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  • Office Administration
    Mastering the school-based assessment (Office – Administration) February 10, 2010 at 1:05 am (O.A Lessons) The format of your examination will be as follows: • Paper 1 – Multiple Choice • Paper 2 – An essay paper divided into two sections (section I – four compulsory questions, cov
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  • Analyze Funding Opportunities for Small Businesses, Including the Role of the Small Business Administration (Sba). Then, Evaluate the Effectiveness of These Funding Opportunities in Light of the Current Economy
    Analyze funding opportunities for small businesses, including the role of the Small Business Administration (SBA). Then, evaluate the effectiveness of these funding opportunities in light of the current economy. In this time of economic challenges, suggest two ways that the SBA might be of assis
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  • Office Administration
    Functions of the relevant department 1. Liaising with advertising entities internal and external to the office. 2. Advertising and publishing. Aims of the project * The Aim of the project is to analyse the importance of the marketing department within t
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  • Office Admin Sba
    TITLE OF THE PROJECT “The researcher seeks to find out the purchasing procedures used at Ammars in the Purchasing Department” AIMS 1. To identify the different purchasing procedures used in the business 2. To examine how the different purchasing procedures are used to dete
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  • Office Administration
    REPORT ON CANDIDATES’ WORK IN THE SECONDARY EDUCATION CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION JANUARY 2008 OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Copyright © 2008 Caribbean Examinations Council ® St Michael Barbados All rights reservedGENERAL COMMENTS Paper 01 – Multiple Choice Paper 02 – Short Answer Paper 03/2 â€
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  • office administration project
     On How effective is communication in the human resource department Name: D’Andre Smith School: Bridgeport High School Teacher: Ms. Blackhood Territory: Jamaica Candidate #: TABLE OF CONTENT CRITERIA 1 Page Number Title Page...
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  • office adminstration sba
     Candidate Name: Okino T. Martin Teacher: Mr. Marshall School: Calabar High School Candidate No.: School Centre No.: 100013_ Territory: Jamaica Contents Page #...
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  • Office Admintration Sba
    An investigation into the impact Of technology on personnel and Equipment in the accounts office Of Red Strip Beer Co. Ltd. Name: Abigail Palmer Registration Number: School: Jonathan Grant High School Teacher: Miss Cole-McNeil Centre Number: 100164 Territory: J
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  • Office Admin. Sba
    I am extremely grateful for all the assistance that has been given to me in order for this study to be completed. I would firstly like to thank my family for all the support that they have given throughout the duration of this study. I am also extremely grateful to the management and staff of the H
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  • Office Add Sba
    Abstract This research engineers an examination on the types of documents and equipment used in the accounts office. It is completed in three parts: Criteria One – Preparation Criteria Two – Gathering Data Criteria Three – Presentation Introduction This School based Assessment was d
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  • Office Administration Thesis
    FACTORS RELATED TO DROP OUTS AND PERFORMANCE OF CWTS STUDENTS AT LAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY SAN PABLO CITY CAMPUS ACADEMIC YEAR 2010 - 2011 ------------------------------------------------- A Research Paper Presented to the Faculty of the College of Teacher Education Laguna Sta
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  • Guidelines for Submitting School-Based Assessment for Office Administration
    OVERVIEW Each Centre is required to submit the School-Based Assessment of ONE sample of FIVE candidates who are selected from a ranked list as described at B below. It is recommended that ALL subject teachers preparing candidates for the examination collaborate in (i) setting the assignments
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  • Social Studies Sba Sample
    CXC SOCIAL STUDIES PROJECT SCHOOL BASED ASSESMENT (S.B.A) (YEAR 2011) NAME OF CANDIDATE: SCHOOL: CENTRE #: CANDIDATE #: TITLE: The Level of Alcohol Use among Students of My School. TERITORY: Acknowledgement The succe
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  • The Accounts Office (Sba)
    Candidates Name: Reneisha N.A Rose Subject: Office Administration School: St.Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua Teacher: Mr. Samuel Table of Contents: Introduction This School Based-Assessment was done by Reneisha Rose, a fifth for student of the St.Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua. The prin
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  • My Sba
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  • The Cxc Exam
    CARIBBEAN SECONDARY EDUCATION CERTIFICATE EXAMINATIONS TIMETABLE MAY-JUNE 2011 2011 Friday 15 April MORNING VISUAL ARTS Paper 2 (General) Question paper handed to candidates for Examinations beginning week of 02 May (see note 4) PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT 2 (General) PRACTICAL EXAMINATIONS E
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