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Odyssey Comparison Between Book And Movie

novels. The book portrays every trait in a guy or girl would desire to have in a significant other. According to Nicolas Sparks, “it is a celebration of how passion can be ageless and timeless, tales that moves us to laughter and tears and makes us believe in true love all over again”. The Notebook was on the New York Times best-seller list within the very first week of release. It spent over a year as a hardcover best seller. Theresa Park, Nicolas Sparks’ agent, discovered the book after going...

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The Great Gatsby--Comparison Between 1974 Movie and the Book

The Great Gatsby ----comparison between book and 1974 movie The difference between the developing way of books and movies is magnificently huge because the way of emotion transmitting is different; the movie is based on vision, while the book is based on words. ADDITONS in plots: In the beginning of the movie, Nick is sailing a boat and then meets Tom at the dock, while Tom was just riding a horse. However, in...

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The Black Cat: A Comparison between the Movie and the Book

The Black Cat: A Comparison Between The Movie and The Book There are major differences between the film we saw in class and The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe. The film had added effects to get the viewer's attention. The film also let out important parts that were in the short story. The short s The Black Cat: Deranged NarratorThe Black Cat: a Comparison Between the Movie and the Book between the film we saw in...

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The Odyssey comparison

conflict of the Odyssey is perseverance. Throughout the novel it shows Odysseus’s multiyear journey back home from the Trojan War with his comrades even after most of them die on the journey. The modern work that I will be comparing the Odyssey to is O Brother, Where Art Thou. Both of the works are about the perseverance of a group of men that are encountered by numerous people that get in the way or attempt to stop them from accomplishing their mission. The similarities between O Brother, Where...

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Outsiders Book and Movie Comparison

The book and the movie of the Outsiders are two very different stories. The book has so much more detail then the movie. The movie is not the most detailed but it does get its point across. There are may similarities and also many differences between the two the book is by far more interesting and more detailed then the movie. I enjoyed the book a lot and the movies a lot but the movie was missing a lot. A few similarities between the movie and book are that the movie still has the complete Greaser...

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Rabbit Proof Fence Comparison Between Movie and Book

published both as a book and as a movie. Being a reader or a viewer entirely changes our point of view on the story. As a reader, we get descriptive insight on the situations and emotions of the characters. We are then able to re-create these visually using our imagination and have endless freedom doing so. As a viewer, our creativity is somewhat restricted. We do not imagine the characters’ physical appearance, the locations or the overall situations in the same way as in a book. These elements are...

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Comparison Between Iliad and Odyssey

Although both works are credited to Homer, The Iliad and The Odyssey provide two remarkably different views on the nature of the Olympian Gods, their relationship to humanity, and the general lot of mortals throughout their all too brief lives. As a result of these differences, both stories end up sending contrasting messages about life in general. In the Iliad, the supernatural denizens of Olympus are depicted as treacherous, power-hungry, and above all temperamental beings...

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The Odyssey Book vs. Movie Version

soda would sound much more appealing than reading a book by the fire at night while drinking a frappucino from Starbucks. Now, producers and directors would take successful and famous stories and adapt it into a movie. Sometimes, they would succeed, with examples being the Harry Potter series, which received mainly positive reviews from both critics and the audience. However, most of the time these people would unknowingly butcher the book based movie by taking out many important characters and events...

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Handmaids Tale Comparison Between Movie and Book

both the book and movie, of The Handmaid´s Tale made changes for their own benefit? The Handmaid´s Tale book by the Canadian Margaret Atwood is a dystopian novel, science fiction first published in 1985. It won so many prizes such as the Arthur C. Clarke Award and the Nebula Award, among others, that this novel was adapted to the big screen. The movie adaptation, named the same as the book, was directed by Volker Schlondorff and made in 1990. As every book with its corresponding movie adaptation...

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Comparison of the Power of One Movie and Book

blockbuster movies based on bestselling novels, but often these movies differ greatly from the novel . The movie The Power of One based on a book of the same name follows this trend. The Power of One tells the story of Peekay, a boy living in South Africa who dreams of becoming the welterweight champion of the world, and who tries to correct the injustice that goes on around him. Although the movie does keep the main themes of the novel like racism and how one person can change the world. The film adds...

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The Comparison and Contrast Essay the Book and the Movie

THE COMPARISON AND CONTRAST ESSAY THE BOOK AND THE MOVIE Two weeks ago I finished reading the book “The Firm” by John Grisham. It was really interesting for me to read this story because of the unpredictable plot and the bright characters. At that moment I thought that the book had a really fantastic ending. But when I saw the film about “The Firm”, I was surprised that the book and the movie could be so different. I was amazed with the last episodes of the movie...

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farenheit 451 comparison book to movie

Fahrenheit 451 Books and movies are booth great kind of entertainment. Many great books have been turned into great movies by adapting every bit of detail from the book to the movie, but as well as good books are being turned into good movies there are also good books being turned into disappointing movies by changing the great meaningful story the original author had written into a shallow script. Fahrenheit 451 is a book written by Ray Bradbury in 1953, which was turned into a movie adapted and directed...

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Little Women - a Literary Comparison of Movie and Book

12, 2012 Little Women – A Literary Comparison of Movie and Book Little Women” written by Louisa May Alcott in 1868 has been recreated in four television series, four made for TV movies, and five feature length movies since 1918. The most recent version made in 1994 featuring such well known actresses as Wynona Ryder as the beloved Jo, and Susan Sarandon as Marmee. Rarely does a reader find satisfaction with a movie after reading the book, as the book most always brings us more depth into...

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Book Summary, Review and Comparison with the Movie by Mira Nair

[BOOK SUMMARY,REVIEW AND COMPARISON WITH THE MOVIE BY MIRA NAIR] BOOK SUMMARY AND REVIEW The first word of Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake isn’t a word at all. It is a date. 1968, to be exact. But in many ways it is fitting that the opening line of Lahiri’s captivating novel takes the reader back in time, for much of the story is an examination of the tension between past and present. And it is that tension between what was...

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Wuthering Heights Movie and Book Comparison Paper

both lay, looking out on the vast rocky terrain. The setting used here by the director is an open, broad and empty countryside that they ride across on horseback and then revel in its beauty later on the top of the rock. In Ramage, Bean and Johnson’s book they state that “an image might soothe us or repel us; it might evoke our sympathies, trigger our fears…” (246). The imagery conveyed during this scene illustrates the importance of the effect of setting on the audience. The visualizations provided...

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A Comparison of the Book and the Movie Frankenstein

and plot. Branagh’s appropriation deals with the inconsistencies within Shelley’s plot as well as aiming to stay true to the text and enhance the modern audience’s appreciation of the novel. The characterization of the main characters differs between each of the texts. In Branagh’s appropriation, he tries to illustrate both the good and evil qualities in each of the characters and give purpose to Victor’s actions. In the film, although being on a quest for knowledge and power Victor is very passionate...

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Comparison of the Odyssey and O Brother, Where Art Thou?>

English 9 5/9/2012 O Brother, This is Not Even Close To the Odyssey Everyone loves to immerse themselves into a dramatic and extraordinary story with evil monsters, brave hero's, and the desperate will to survive. It allows you to escape your troubles and take you to a new and exiting please with each and every second. However, there are some stories that simply do not capture the essence of breathtaking adventure. The movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? created by the comedic team of Ethan and...

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All Quiet on the Western Front Comparison Between the Book and the Movie

After reading the novel and watching the movie "All Quiet on the Western Front" the novel proved to be a lot better for learning about World War I. The novel is called the best war novel for a reason. Erich Maria Remarque's novel is so powerful you can almost perfectly picture how living in the war was like and what the trench conditions were like. The novel was better than the movie because in the novel food was very hard to get. But in the movie, it seemed as if acquiring food was not hard at all...

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Of Mice and Men: Comparison of Book to Movie

The book Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, was written in 1937. Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California on February 27th, 1902, and has written other famous novels such as The Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden. His literature was greatly influenced by his hometown of Salinas and the surrounding areas, which was where most of his stories took place. These are sometimes referred to as “Steinbeck Country.” Of Mice and Men was made into a movie, which was directed by Gary Sinise. The movie was made...

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A Separate Peace: Differences between the Book and the Movie

the difference between the book and movie of “A separate piece”. I personally think that the movie was much more fun to watch, but the book was better over-all. some of the reasons I did not like the movie are Brinker, and the way he seemed much more nice. I also did not like how Gene did not go to Leper’s house and how Leper came back to the school. Another thing I did not enjoy in the movie is how Brinker did not enlist with Gene as he did in the book. In my overall ...

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The Odyssey and O Brother, Where Art Thou: Two Relevant Pieces?

The Odyssey and O Brother, Where Art Thou: Two Relevant Pieces? Time has not become the conqueror for the classical epic poem The Odyssey. For the past 2,500 years it has been turning its pages for many people all around the world, classifying it as the Western literary tradition. Even in the 21st century The Odyssey is still depicting its prominence when the film O Brother, Where Art Thou was directed in 2000 by loosely portraying the epic. The Coen Brothers’ film O Brother, Where Art Thou mirrors...

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Comparison of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Book vs. Movie

Rosina Gonzalez ENG 353 02/08/05 Research Paper For this paper, I chose the Roald Dahl modern fantasy book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Dahl's books are mostly fantasy and full of imagination. They are always a little cruel, but never without humor - a thrilling mixture of the grotesque and comic. A frequent motif is that people are not what they appear to be. Dahl's works for children are usually told from the...

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Direct Comparison between the Odyssey and To His Coy Mistress

For this assessment, you will write a comparison piece. Compare one of the common themes below that can be traced through The Odyssey and one other work read in this path: “To His Coy Mistress” or Much Ado About Nothing. If you would like to include all three works in your comparison, you may do so. Be sure that your response includes the following: a minimum of five paragraphs a direct comparison between the two works at least two examples from the pieces as support using correct MLA format...

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Grapes of Wrath Movie vs. Book

Messages can be conveyed to an audience in a number of different ways, whether it is a poem, a written story, or a movie. These different methods have the ability to convey similar messages but one method in particular will tend to be more successful than the others. A common example of this is the argument concerning the comparison of a book and a movie, which is better? Popular books that have been recently made into movies are Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games and fans tend to have a...

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Harry Potter book vs. movie

Potter: Book vs. Movie With all the new movies based on books or comics that are out, people wonder why Hollywood keeps doing it. Some say they're greedy people, just doing it for the money, and others say that it helps bring the book to life. But I say, why ruin a good book, like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, with bad lighting and adequate actors? I say that we don't have to because the comparison between the two forms of entertainment is a landslide victory for the book. You may...

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Holes Book Vs. Movie

examples of what a thesis statement should look like: The three major differences between the book The Outsiders and the movie version of The Outsiders were the courtroom scene, Ponyboy’s sickness after the rumble, and Dally’s death. Three of the major similarities between the book and movie version of The Outsiders were the death of Bob, Johnny, and Dally. The similarities between the book Holes and the movie Holes are the camp Stanley goes to, the way he is treated at the camp, and the treasure...

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Comparison Between the Sparrow and the Mission

Essay Music is an important aspect in most cultures. It is usually tied to beliefs, traditions, and can completely represent a culture. When comparing the book the Sparrow to the movie the Mission, one can clearly see that both are examples of media where music is important. Although the use of music is similar between the movie and the book, the events that follow when using music in first contact largely differs. In the Sparrow, by Mary Doria Russell, a group of people are sent to an alien...

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Comparison Between The Book & Film Versions Of The Pelican Brief

even most of the minor ones from the book. The heroine and hero of the book, Darby Shaw and Gray Grantham, were preserved in almost all aspects. The personalities of the major characters are similarly presented in the book and film. As in the book, Grantham is solemn, polite, and inquisitive while Darby becomes very cautious and fiercely protective of her safety. For the major characters, much of the dialogue in the film is taken almost verbatim from the book, so demeanor and attitude is very similar...

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Comparison between The Awakening and The Grand Isle

Name : Yomana a/p Chandran Title : Comparison between The Awakening and The Grand Isle. The novel entitles The Awakening and the movie entitles The Grand Isle is about a woman, Edna Pontellier who is arrested by the norms of the creole society she lives and she gets to Grand Isle, an island for summer holidays. She is often left by her husband, Leonce Ponteliier who treats his wife as his possession. She starts longing for love and companionship and she meets Robert Leburn for...

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Memoirs of a Geisha Book and Movie Analysis

suspenseful—and completely unforgettable. II. Comparison and Contrast After reading a lot of positive critique about the novel, I bought a copy and read it eagerly the moment I took hold of it. I’ve seen the movie long before I read the book. It was the movie that captured my interest and based on my experience, the books are always better than the movie, except for The DaVinci Code which I think, doesn’t have any difference with the book, that’s why I decided that it is a must to read the...

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Into the Wild: Book vs. Movie

Into the Wild: Book vs. Movie Into the Wild happens to be my favorite book, and also one of my favorite movies. Most people like one or the other, but I think the two complement each other because of the varied stances taken on the main character himself. In case you’re not familiar, Into the Wild is based on the true story of Chris McCandless who, after graduating with honors from Emory University in 1990, gave his entire savings of twenty-four thousand dollars to charity and set off following...

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The Great Gatsby Comparison Between Book and the Movie G

The Great Gatsby Comparison Paper The similarities and the differences between the book The Great Gatsby and the movie G are many in both accounts. The book The Great Gatsby was written and set in the 1920's with all caucasion characters, and the proper talk and everyday life of the 20's. The movie G is much different in this aspect because the writter's and the director of the film decided to modernize the story and make it more catered to the new african america lifestyle...

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The Old Man and the Sea - Comparison Between the Book and the Film

Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea" as a book in class, we also watched the film which was made afterwards because of the story's enormous popularity. As always, there are some ways in which the book differs from the film as well as the fact that they have several things in common. Taking into consideration that this novel was Hemingway's last desperate attempt at breaking through after all his previous narratives flopped I thought that the film might be different from the movie indeed because he might've wanted...

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To Kill a Mocking Bird Book and Movie [Resource]

that the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, differs from the movie. There are various scenes in the novel that are not in the film that limit it and maintain that the novel is superior. For example, when it is learned that Tom Robinson is dead following his conviction, is merely hours in the film. In the novel, it is several weeks. By having it only be hours the audience misses out on the significance of Tom's death. A good deal happened between Tom's conviction and his death. He, as well as Atticus,...

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the road book vs movie

ENG.2 5/23/2011 The Road The Road was both a phenomenal book and film. While reading The Road I was both intrigued and interested as to how Hollywood would portray this story, and after seeing the movie I was impressed with how closely the film followed the book. Though the book was enticing and unusual the movie quickly surpassed the book in my opinion. Though the movie followed the book closely, there were some differences such as the amount of flashbacks the father has, the illusion of hope...

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Comparison Essay on Book and Movie

Comparison Essay Title : The Differences between The Book and The Movie of Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter. The novel of ‘Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter’ , written by Seth Graham-Smith is a story about a real figure of Abraham Lincoln ,the 16th President of United of States is having a secret identity of a vampire hunter. It has become the New York bestseller book and now it has been adapted to a film. If we compared the book and the movie, there are some significantly differences between...

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Grapes of Wrath. Movie vs. Book

moved west towards California, during the time of the Great Depression through his book. Steinbeck’s novel became so popular that the movie, consisting of the same name as the book, directed by John Ford was even made after it. Like every novel and that was made into a film, it will have its similarities and differences. Audiences will have their own opinion on which of the two versions is better. However the book will stand on top in how it gives the audience more opportunities, it has an extended...

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The Help Book and Movie Differences

When you read a book you have it is a must to use your imagination to build the world of your book. A person must use their mind to be able to describe what they think a character may sound like, look like, mannerisms, clothes they would wear, and where they live. But when is comes to most movies, sadly the use of your imgaination is not needed. In the movie industry today it has become common practice to adept a book into a movie. But with the legnths most movies run, which is about an hour and...

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Of Mice and Men Book/ Movie Review

Of Mice and Men Book/ Movie review Of Mice and Men, a dramatic story of friendship, dreams that are never to come true and tough men, who seek love and attention in their miserable lives. In his novel, John Steinback throws the ugly truth straight at us. Life wasn’t easy in the 1930, there is no way to push this out of the way. It wasn’t easy for the rich, wasn’t easy for the poor. But hope dies last, and George Milton, together with Lennie Small are a great example of this. The story takes place...

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Being There: The Movie vs. The Book

Being There: The Book Vs. The Movie Being There by Jerzy Kosinksi is a unique novel about a man named Chauncey Gardiner, also known as Chance, who is forced to move out of the only environment he’s ever known in his life, the “Old Man’s” house. The book was successful enough to have a screenplay for the movie written by the author as well. Since Chance is very mentally slow, his perception of the world outside his house is unlike any other. When he comes into contact with other people, they find...

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The Bourne Identity Book and Film Comparison

xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx English Lit. and Composition 16 December 2013 Book and Film Comparison The Bourne Identity Robert Ludlum Richard Marek Publishers; First Edition edition (1980) Setting The setting of the novel takes place largely in Europe. The story opens in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of France. The story moves throughout France largely in Paris. Zurich, Switzerland is also a major setting. New York City and Washington, D.C. also play lesser but important roles. The story...

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Hamlet Movie Comparison

Hamlet: A Comparison of Two Movies By Michael Bucknam May 29, 2006 The purpose of this report is to compare and contrast two movies made about Hamlet. I will present and discuss different aspects of the version directed by Kenneth Branagh to that of Franco Zefirelli. During this paper you will be presented with my opinions in reference to determining which version of Hamlet best reflects the original text by Shakespeare. I will end this paper with my belief and explanation of which...

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Holes Book vs. Movie

"Digging" for evidence as to whether or not the film adaptation of Holes was good Holes is a book by Louis Sachar that was first published in 1998. The film adaptation of this novel, also titled Holes, was released in 2003. These two literary works have many similarities and differences that can be easily compared, or contrasted. The film adaptation, directed by Andrew Davis, successfully represented the original novel by Sachar. Holes is the story of a young man by the name of Stanley Yelnats...

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Twilight: Book vs. Movie

Twilight: Book vs. Movie When comparing the book Twilight, written by Stephanie Meyers, with the movie Twilight, screenplay written by Melissa Rosenberg and produced by Catherine Hardwicke, there are multiple visual differences between the two. Some important scenes were changed or even omitted from the original text, leaving noticeable gaps in the movie’s plot. There are big and important differences, which are obvious, while there are also less important differences between them such as names...

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A comparison between the novel and movie, "The Grapes of Wrath".

and later became an Academy Award winning movie in 1940. The novel and the movie are both considered to be magnificent masterpieces. Although both the novel and movie form of Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath are considered to be American classics, the novel provides a deeper understanding of the story's time and meaning. The novel's interchapters provide a greater understanding of the time in which The Grapes of Wrath takes place. First, in the movie it is unclear why the Joads are forced to abandon...

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Neuromancer and 2001: A Space Odyssey Comparison

How do 2001: A Space Odyssey and Neuromancer represent the values, attitudes and conventions associated with Science Fiction? 2001: A Space Odyssey and Neuromancer represent the values, attitudes and conventions associated with Science Fiction through their complex reliance on Artificial Intelligence and how it invariably turns against its creators; through the emotional detachment of the characters portrayed; and the slow influence of technology on the human psyche. Artificial Intelligence...

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The Green Mile - Book/Movie Contrast Essay

Compare/Contrast essay Books filled with suspense and thrills are often hard to portray on screen. When Frank Darabont projected Stephen King’s novel, The Green Mile, into a movie, he somewhat failed to adapt the major themes and ideas in the book, which focuses on a person’s journey to the electric chair and death penalty during the great depression. The changed genre from serial thriller to drama in the motion picture greatly affected the scenario and vivid details of the novella and therefore...

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King Kong Movie Comparison

indicates that the heart-stopping and jaw-dropping King Kong films have been made to expand visual languages mostly expressed by motion pictures to capture the core appeal which many classic movies have (57). As this paper examines, the 1976 King Kong movie and its 2005 re-make display certain similarities and differences in terms of art, style and technological wonder as well as poignant character development. These are indicative of the evolution of the Hollywood style. Besides, as movies of high polysemy...

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The Odyssey Books 1-4: Notes

The Odyssey Books 1-4: Notes due Friday 1/10 (3/5) and Monday 1/13 (2/4) An Uncertain Identity Prince Telemachus is the first human character whom the reader meets. He is the son of the long-missing Greek warrior Odysseus, King of Ithaca. Telemachus is too young, too untested, too unsure to have a firmly established sense of identity. Having grown up fatherless in a household full of insolent men who are besieging his mother and consuming his inheritance, he feels totally powerless. The goddess...

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Movie book report

of the books I have read in my life, I can truthfully tell you that The Fault in Our Stars was one of my top favorites. I got done with it in two days because I simply could not put it down. I had a lot of people tell me how amazing this book was and how I would love it, so I tried it out. I thanked all of the people that recommended it to me whenever I was finished, and now I am recommending it to you. Hopefully when you get done with it, you come to the same conclusion that I did. This book would...

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Comparison of Illiad Movie and Book

breathtaking costumes, the movie Troy was a Hollywood movie that was certainly a box office hit. I am not sure if you know this but Troy was based on the Iliad an epic by Homer. Aside from the excitement during the movie, unfortunately it proved to be a loose adaptation of Homer’s classic and I could not help but notice the major differences between the book and the movie. One of the most major differences between the book and the movie was the absence of the Gods in the movie. In Homer’s Iliad, the...

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Odyssey And F451 Archaetypes

by a temptress. This is very prominent in the two very different books The Odyssey, a book written during Greek times about the journey of a man at sea for about 20 years, and Farenheight 451, a book set in a futuristic society that censors books completely by making them illegal to read and burning all books that are found. Both of these books utilize these archetypes to prove a point, and are similar in that aspect. In The Odyssey and Farenheight 451, both Homer and Ray Bradbury utilize archetypes...

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The Lovely Bones Movie vs Book

Peter Jackson’s 2009 film, The Lovely Bones, is based off of the New York Times bestseller novel written by Alice Sebold. Both the book and the movie adaptation tell the story of a young, 14-year-old girl named Susie Salmon who is brutally murdered by her neighbor. In both versions, Susie narrates her story from the place between Heaven and Earth, the “in-between,” showing the lives of her family and friends and how each of their lives have changed since her murder. However, the film adaptation...

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Ella Enchanted Book vs. the Movie

Ella Enchanted book vs. the movie Many books that were published years ago have recently been made into movies. One of the well-known books that have been made into a film is Ella Enchanted (1997) by Gail Carson Levine. This book won several awards, including the Newbery Honor book in 1998. Ella enchanted, the Disney movie version was released in 2004. Anne Hathaway played the role of Ella and it was directed by Tommy O’Haver. The story talks about a girl named Ella who is cursed at birth by a...

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2001: a Space Odyssey. Movie Essay

are the major conflicts of the movie and are these conflicts resolved satisfactorily at the end? Would you characterize the ending of the film as happy, sad, or somewhere in between? Stanley Kubric in the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” does a great job using as little as possible to make the most out of a movie. What he actually did with the film was make a philosophical statement about man’s place in the universe. He did this by using images and left the movie up for interpretation, allowing...

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The Importance of Book Xi to the Odyssey

In the beginning of Book XI, Odysseus goes to Hades where people confront him from his past, present and future. He is confused and dazed and seems to change as the different characters address him. All of the elements of Book XI show that it is the most pivotal book in Odysseus's voyage homeward and in the development of his character. In Book XI, Homer reinforces major themes that repeat through the rest of the story that show Odysseus he can get home using the ideas seen throughout the text....

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Punishment in the Iliad, the Odyssey, and the Hebrew Bible

The following books: The Iliad, The Odyssey, and The Hebrew Bible, entitling instances of cheating, kidnapping and murder, insulting and their punishment. Very rarely would you get away with something unseen because the Gods saw everything, and they could do just about anything known on earth to mankind or even to each other. Anything was punishable whatever time ear it was, and the Gods would cease the chance to take seeked revenge upon another. In many of the Greek based books, there was a lot...

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Horror Movie Time Comparison

I really don't feel the need to give you the latest update on this era's so-called horror movies, but rather I'll give you a contrast between today's horror flicks and the ones from twenty and thirty years ago. The horror movies today are a mockery of what classic films such as "The Exorcist" really stood for. Now let me get to the real point and show you what past films had that was so exciting and exhilarating. The effects and blocking were awful. Blocking, according to Wikipedia, is the movement...

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Kite Runner Movie vs. Book

Translating a book into a movie can be a very elusive task for many reasons. This is due to the fact that a book has many key points in it and compressing them all into a certain time frame can be very arduous. Mark Forster’s adaptation of Khaled Hosseini’s novel the Kite Runner is a rather weak portrayal of what the author had originally wrote because of its bad casting choices, very significant and harmful cuts to the novel and scenes added throughout the film. Although the director’s intention...

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Lord of the Flies: Movie and Book Comparison

Lord of the flies Movie and Book comparisons "Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.” Linking the movie and novel of William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies” there are many apparent differences. Despite the common plot, Hook failed to give the viewers the right idea of what Golding was trying to convey. Likewise, it is not only a change with the actual story line but also with some of the ways the characters acted. The 3 major differences...

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