• Nursing Ethics and Malpractice
    INTRODUCTION In every nurse's career, the nurse is faced with many legal or ethical dilemmas. One of the professional competencies for nursing states that nurses should " integrate knowledge of ethical and legal aspects of health care and professional values into nursing practice". It is imp
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  • The Impact of Leadership and Management in Nursing
    The first study reviewed looked at the "effect of patient-focused redesign on midlevel nurse managers' role responsibilities and perceptions of work environment (Ingersoll, 1999, p. 21). The study was chosen because patient-focused redesign models are becoming increasingly popular and little researc
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  • Starting a Church Based Nursing Home Ministry
    ORGANIZING THE CHURCH FOR MINISTRY While the major thrust of this manual is to help Christians in a nursing home ministry, this final part enlarges the scope a bit to help churches organize to meet the needs of elderly people both inside and outside of nursing homes. This part is adapted from
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  • Abortion and Euthanasia: Two Controversial Topics
    Abortion and Euthanasia: Two Controversial Topics Ronald Dworkin brings up a much debated topic in his essay, "Life is Sacred: That's the Easy Part." The ideas of abortion and euthanasia have been intensely debated and argued over for a long time. Both sides of the argument refuse to change th
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  • Nursing Philosophy
    My Beliefs and Values Regarding Nursing I feel that there are many characteristics that a successful nurse must obtain, as well as several different aspects that a nurse has to consider when caring for a patient. If a person is able to possess these qualities, such as recognizing health as a sta
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  • Geriatric Pain Management & Nursing Implications
    Pain Management in the Elderly Pain is a complex, subjective, and unpleasant sensation derived from sensory stimuli and modified by memory, expectations and emotions (Merck & Co., Inc., 1995). It is a multidimensional and universally experienced phenomenon, however, the reactions and sensitivity
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  • Medication Errors & Nursing
    Nurses are the health care professionals that collect and prepare medications for patients. They examine the doctor’s orders to see what medications patients are prescribed. Errors can occur in the distribution of these medications. As a result, the nursing ethic of do no harm may not occur. Accor
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  • Skills Required for Nursing
    Nurses are an important part of the health care system. Hospitals all over the world depend on nurses. Working in the health care system requires many skills and requirements that nurses need in their career. Such skills are responsibility, time management, organization, communication, commitment
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  • Advanced Nursing Practice
    “Advanced nursing practice is the deliberative diagnosis and treatment of a full range of human responses to actual or potential health problems.” (Calkin, 1984). Advanced nurse practitioners attempt to maximize the use of knowledge and skills and improve the delivery of nursing and health care
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  • A Study on the Solicited Reactions of Level Iv Students on Pre-Board Examination as an Academic Requirements of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program of Central Colleges of the Philippines College of Nursing
    CHAPTER I Introduction Nursing has been an in demand profession abroad most especially to the western countries like Canada, U.S.A, U.K, and Spain,. These countries were experiencing a rapid growth of population resulted in demanding for a health care provider to render health care services for t
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  • Key Historical Developments in Nursing Research and Nursing Research Utilization
    Key Historical Developments The purpose of this paper is to discuss four key historical developments in nursing research and its utilization. Nursing research is the “scientific process that validates and refines the existing knowledge and generates knowledge that directly and indirectly influenc
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  • Nursing Theorists
    Myra estrin levine The nursing profession is continuously evolving and dynamic. Ever since Florence Nightingale started writing her notes on nursing, more theories and models about the nursing profession flourished during the last decade; one of these is Myra Levine’s Conservational Theory whic
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  • Nursing
    WNBBM4G http://onlinesupersearch.us/search2.php?q=%28free+example+of+community+visit+project+of+nursing+student%29&mfrom=PHsIsTFpgy784%2B5fxdW3Pf3gDu%2FJwrMZTs1qVqInhnaNrccAjbrbd3bWJ2bdBuRFl1otpjhoxMCTLoD5JrASZ hgJD9mi9mvc0ACUV9f0S9q1wbiybWkv%2BfCflk4obopo&traftype=allkey&addkw=%28free+example
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  • Nursing
    The third quarter of 2005 continued a trend of positive developments in the healthcare information technology marketplace. A significant development was the publication of RAND's peer-reviewed study that indicates healthcare information technology could save the country's healthcare system $162 bill
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  • Nursing Infomatics-Tele-Nursing
    Introduction Tele-nursing is the use of telecommunications technology such as videos, computers and tele-monitoring technologies to provide nursing care and advice at a distance. This growing technology offers many advantages in the delivery of healthcare information, disease monitoring, h
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  • The First Time to Encounter Nursing Subjects
    The first time to encounter nursing subjects Looking back to my early years as a nursing student, I remember... I was in the middle of a line of students at the registrar’s office, fixing my new subjects. I needed to choose the subjects I should be taking, since, I was an irregular student.
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  • Ielts Speaking Topics and Answers
    IELTS Speaking Topics (+Real test) And Model Speaking Question and Answer. Page | 1 Table of Contents IELTS 2 Minutes Presentation Topics:.............................................................................................. .3 . IELTS Speaking: Real Test Topics......................
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  • Nursing Research
    HISTORICAL LANDMARKS AFFECTING NURSING RESEARCH YEAR EVENT | 1859 Nightingale’s Notes on Nursing published | 1900 American Nursing Journal begins publication | 1923 Columbia University establishes first doctoral program for nurses | Goldmark Report with recommendations for nursing edu
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  • Dental Nursing India
    | Certificate in Dental Surgery Assistant (DSA) PURPOSE “The purpose or aim of this programme is to produce a caring, knowledgeable, competent Skillful DSA who is able, on qualification to accept Professional responsibility for their role in the effective and safe care of patients”
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  • Nursing in Malawi
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