• Nursing Community Essay
    Chicago State Department of Nursing Nursing Care Plan Objectives: Through application of the Nursing Process, the student will be able to Demonstrate ability to develop a plan of care by: Systematically assessing and identifying patient problems, setting pat
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  • Competency Level of the Faculty and Performance of the Nursing Students in the Enhancement Program: Basis for Program Upgrading
    Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM Background of the Study Teaching in college or university is marked by historic paradox: though institutions constantly talk up its importance, they evaluate faculty members primarily on the basis of evaluations made outside the classroom by the students. Teaching is what
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  • Managers Can Assist Employees with Career Development
    Managers Can Assist Employees with Career Development Managers can assist employees with career development through creating a strategic plan that enhance employees’ capabilities to efficiently carry out work related tasks. Managers can oversee training that leads to effectiveness and high succe
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    Assessment |Nursing Diagnosis |Analysis |Goals and Objectives |Interventions |Rationale |Evaluation | | Subjective: “kala ko nung una dahil sa kinain kong pinya, pero imposible naman iyon. Kasi hindi naman sumakin tiyan ng mga kasama ko” | Knowledge deficient related to unfamiliarity with
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  • Standards and Nursing Audit: a Tool for Quality Management”
    “STANDARDS AND NURSING AUDIT: A TOOL FOR QUALITY MANAGEMENT” The discipline of Nursing is an art and science committed to professional excellence by providing highest quality care possible . Quality of care is determined by identifying the observable characteristics that depict desired and v
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  • Nursing Management (Planning)
    General Objectives: The reporter formulated these objectives for the purpose of directing the students towards an organized discussion and to be able to present the topic in a clear and comprehensible approach. Specific Objectives: At the end of this topic students will be able to: • Define th
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  • Nur 405 History of Community Nursing Matrix
    History of Community Nursing Matrix NUR 405 Healthy Communities: Theory and Practice Sarah Kinnard RN October 24, 2011 Beth Edwards MSN, BC, FNP Past period 1 Industrial Revolution 1750-1900 Description of Historical time period During the industrial revolution technological and econo
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  • Impact of Computers on Nursing in the 20th Century
    Anette Bickett RN CEN CPEN TNCC 549 White Tail Circle Shepherdsville, Kentucky 40165 H: (502) 957-6717 C: (502) 741-6717 Annette.bickett@jhsmh.org Ronanalev@insightbb.com OBJECTIVE:  I am interested in stepping up to the next level in my nursing career by working on my Bachelorâ€
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  • Nursing Home Abuse Investigation
    INTRODUCTION US is growing old! The stark reality of the ageing scenario in India is that There are 77 million older persons in India today, and the number is growing to Grow to 177 million in another 25 years. With life expectancy having increased From 40 years in 1951 to 64 years today, a pe
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  • Extent of Utilization of the Nursing Process in the Nursing Documentation of the Professional Nurses at Seamen’s Hospital
    CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Nursing is the process of caring for, or nurturing, another individual. In order to render care to an individual, the nurse should apply the art and science of nursing that includes the therapeutic use of self, apply and perform different n
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  • Curriculum Commitee in Nursing
    INTRODUCTION The term curriculum is derived from the Latin world ‘(currere) which means run. This curriculum is runway for attaining the goal s of education. Curriculum may be considered as the blue print of an educational programme. It is the base on education on which the teaching – learning
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  • Career Action Plan
    Sailing With The Wind. Introduction In this century, we seek career paths that can leads us to new employer, enterprenuer ventures or even to succeed in our present positions. There is a need to replace the old traditional concepts with new ones, in order to be successful in this dynamic world. T
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  • Nursing Process
    This essay will be focusing on one phase of care, which will be rehabilitation and one activity of living which will be safe environment (Roper, Logan and Tierney Roper 2000). Roper, Logan and Tierney’s model identifies and groups nursing activities in relation to the process of living. The model
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  • Clinical Performance of the 4th Year Nursing Student of Bulacan State University School Year 2011-2012
    CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND This chapter dealt with conceptualizing the research. Wherein, it provided a brief introduction about the topic that raised the intellectual curiosity of the researcher. It tackled “what” was to be studied and “why” the study was undertaken. It als
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  • Leadership and Management in Nursing
    Abstract The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of management and leadership in nursing profession based on scenario of Ms. J who is nurse manager in intensive care unit (ICU). Ms. J has been a nurse for 25 years in current hospital and she has over ten years’ experience as nurse man
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  • Community-Based Nursing
    Professor: Date: Healthy People 2020 Community-based nursing is a philosophy of practice that focuses care on individuals and families within a community. The primary goal of community-based nursing is to provide care with a major concentration on health pro
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  • Master of Arts in Nursing
    THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK FOR NURSING PRACTICE MODULE ONE INTRODUCTION TO THEORY Specific Objective: At the completion of Module 1, you will be able to: 1. Explain the development of the discipline of nursing 2. Discuss the metaparadigm of nursing 3.
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  • Case Presentation: Bronchial Asthma by Feu Nursing Students
    OSPITAL NG SAMPALOC, MANILA REVISED CASE PRESENTATION BRONCHIAL ASTHMA Submitted by: BSN 212 – Group46 Dela Cruz, Alena Isabelle A. Delaminez, Philip Brent R. Diminsil, Charmaigne Rhezlie T. Docabo, Wilmae s. Esmerio, Earl Joseph M. Estrella, Lavinia May T. Ferreras, Paula Glenda D.
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  • Nursing in Kenya
    Nursing in Kenya Hesbon Ogeka English 102 Professor Sieger Finer 4/13/12 During my sophomore year in high school, I had no plans on going to college or university. All of that changed during my junior year when I took biology class and chemistry. I became self-confident and I started believin
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  • The Effect of External Pressure to the Motivational Level of Nursing Students to Study
    CHAPTER 1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Introduction People of today’s generation, specifically students are now multi-tasking; they can do several activities at the same time. On the country, there are still factors which affect their performance in their academe and their motivation to st
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