• Nursing Care Plan
    Student Name: Date: February 25, 2006 Nursing Diagnosis Outcome Criteria (Goal) Evaluation of Outcome Criteria (Goal) PC: Postpartum Hemorrhage Patient will develop no complications related to excessive bleeding, will maintain normal vital signs of express understanding of her condition,
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    N.C.P 1 Nursing Care Plan Catherine Traylor F.H. January 31,2007 Karen Ruffin Mercer County Community College 2
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    Richard J. Daley College Nursing 101 Data Collection for Care Plan Section I – Demographic Data: Patient Initials: K. J. Sex: Female MSWD: Married Age: 44 No. of children: 1 Occupation: Disabled Section II- Admission Data 1. Date admitted: 10/19/2007 2. Admitting diagnosis: H
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    Karisa M. Young April 28, 2005 Nursing 374L Nursing Care Plan Twin ‘B’ was born on Monday February 14, 2005 at 35 weeks gestation. The mother was scheduled for a cesarean section at 38 weeks gestation, but presented in the hospital early with signs of labor. A cesarean delivery was perform
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  • Nursing Care Plan - Arthroplasty
    Student Name: Dealon Rouse | Patient Initials: JB | Admission Diagnosis: Left Total Knee Arthroplasty &Excision of Left Knee Mass Related to Gouty Arthritis | Date(s) of Care: 11/10/11- 11/12/11 | Age: 46 | | Date of Admission: 11/10/11 | Gender: Male | | Marital Status: Mar
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  • Pharmacology Nursing Care Plan
    Cellulitis is a common, potentially serious bacterial skin infection. Cellulitis appears as a swollen, red area of skin that feels hot and tender, and it may spread rapidly. The skin on the lower legs is most commonly affected, though cellulitis can occur anywhere on the body or face. Cellulitis may
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    ASSOCIATE DEGREE NURSING NURSING PROCESS FORM: PART I – ASSESSMENT Student: Date of Care: 3/4/13 Client’s Initial: WB Room # 1011 Occupation: Teacher Age: 59 Sex: F Race: Black Religion: Christian Admission Date: 3/1/13 Primary Language: English Role in
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    NR 340 – Clinical Assessment Guide with NCP Organizer Student Name ____CP_____________________ Date _2/12/13_____ Pt Initials _MK_____ Medical Diagnosis #1: Multiple coronary artery disease Chief Complaint #1 Use Quotes: ”Shortness of breath and chest pain for over a month now” on 2
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    NURSING CARE PLAN GUIDE ASSESSMENT OF UNIVERSAL SELF CARE REQUISITES DEFINITION: Organized and systematic process of collecting data from a variety of sources to evaluate the health status of a patient. |ASSESSMENT
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  • Nursing Care Plan of a Patient with Embolic CVA
     Care Plan Worksheet Student: Date of Care: Age/Gender: Rm Number: Code Status: full Allergy: NKA Admitting Diagnosis : embolic cerebral vascular accident (CVA), right side Current Medical/Surgical Diagnosis: chronic left ventricle thrombus on anticoagulant, hypertension,...
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  • Risk Factors Associated with Barriers to Prenatal Care in the Us, Complications of Cesarean Section Delivery, and Recommendations of Birth Choices
    Risk Factors Associated with Barriers to Prenatal Care in the US, Complications of Cesarean Section Delivery, and Recommendations of Birth Choices This paper includes three sections: exploring the risk factors associated with barriers to prenatal care in the United States; describing complicati
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  • A Study to Assess the Knowledge Level of the Patient Student Nurse Regarding Post Operative Care & to Improve Knowledge & Practice in Hamidiya Hospital Year - 2010
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  • Care Plan Post Op
    This essay will discuss the plan of care I developed for Mr X while he was under my care in a post anaesthetic unit. It will discuss my nursing assessments, and what diagnoses I developed from this. It will then discuss the rationale behind my nursing interventions using relevant literature. My plan
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  • Post Operative Nursing
    A surgical nurse is responsible for monitoring and ensuring quality healthcare for a patient following surgery. Assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, and outcome evaluation are inherent in the post operative nurse’s role with the aim of a successful recovery for the patient. The appropria
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  • Psychiatric Clinical Nursing Assessment and Care Plan
    Psychiatric Clinical Nursing Assessment Jennifer Stokes Daytona State College Directions: Please assess your client and place an X in the appropriate box to represent level of severity of each symptom. Patient Initials | EM | Physician | Dr. Singh | Date | 08/07/2013 | | Not Present | Very
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  • Nursing Care for Femural Fracture
    Introduction As Donahue (1996) writes, the origin of the words "nurse" and "nursing" are varied, and shift in meaning as reflected in the perception of nursing's role in health care and in society. From nursing's earliest Latin derivative from nutrire, "to nourish," and nurse, nutrix, meaning "n
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  • Acute Nursing Care
    The assessment of patients forms a major component of the nursing role. It allows the nurse to gain vital information to base the planning and implementation of prioritised care on. A systematic method of assessment is required, that ensures that all areas of assessment are covered and that the asse
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  • Care Plan Based on Activities of Daily Living Model
    Part A This portfolio entry requires an assessment and care plan to be presented incorporating the nursing process based on a client that I assisted in the care of during my clinical placement. The patient on which the care plan will be assessed will be a 72 year old female, May Watters who I as
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  • Nursing Care Study
    This assignment will present a nursing care study of a patient on a cardiac ward. The patient will be referred to as Ann to maintain confidentiality (NMC, 2008). Ann’s consent was gained prior to starting this care study. The care study will be developed using the Nursing process and the Roper, Lo
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  • Health Promotion in Nursing Care
    Health Promotion in Nursing Care Margaret Brzoza Lauer Grand Canyon University: NRS 429v October 16, 2011 Health Promotion in Nursing Care The three levels of health promotion and prevention are primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention education. Primary health care promotion focuses on ma
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