• Nursing Care Plan
    Student Name: Date: February 25, 2006 Nursing Diagnosis Outcome Criteria (Goal) Evaluation of Outcome Criteria (Goal) PC: Postpartum Hemorrhage Patient will develop no complications related to excessive bleeding, will maintain normal vital signs of express understanding of her condition,
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    N.C.P 1 Nursing Care Plan Catherine Traylor F.H. January 31,2007 Karen Ruffin Mercer County Community College 2
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    Karisa M. Young April 28, 2005 Nursing 374L Nursing Care Plan Twin ‘B’ was born on Monday February 14, 2005 at 35 weeks gestation. The mother was scheduled for a cesarean section at 38 weeks gestation, but presented in the hospital early with signs of labor. A cesarean delivery was perform
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    lan NURSING CARE PLAN | ASSESSTMENT | BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE | PLANNING | INTERVENTION | RATIONALE | EVALUATION | Subjective:n/aObjective: * Preterm birth (36 weeks) * Weight: 1.75kgs. * Cool and dry skin. * Temperature: 33.6 degrees Celsius. * Poor muscle tone. * Placed under two drop
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    Nursing Care Plan #2 Assessment | Nursing Diagnosis | Scientific Explanation | Planning | Intervention | Rationale | Evaluation | Subjective:“Nanghihina ako” as verbalized by the client.Objective:-Hgb: 100g/dl-Hct: 0.30-moderate vagina bleeding-use of wheelchair-pale palpebral conjunctiva-bo
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    Assignment criteria ASSESSMENT STRATEGY (INDICATIVE): The assessment strategy for this module is designed to examine the student’s understanding of nursing in context. This assessment will develop the student’s understanding of the impact of health issues on the individual, community and socie
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    Nursing Care Plan Nursing Diagnosis 1: Risk for Deficient Fluid Volume Risk for Deficient Fluid Volume related to evaporative loss of fluids and capillary damage through the burn wound as evidenced by weakness shown and abnormalities in PTR, BP, SpO2 due to flame burn at work on the entire right l
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  • Nursing Care Plan, Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty
    PENN STATE ALTOONA Second Degree BS Program in Nursing NURS 301 Nursing Care Plan Format Student Name Date PRIORITY # ________ |Nursing Diagnosis |Nursing Interventions |Scientific Rationale
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  • Family Nursing Care Plan
    Family Nursing Care Plan Problem # 1: (Poor Personal Hygiene): Cues | Analysis | Objectives | Nursing Intervention | Rationale | Method of Contact | ResourcesRequired | ExpectedOutcome | Subjective:“Ayaw nilang lagging maglilinis ng katawan” as verbalized by the motherObjective:-Dirty and u
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    VIII: NURSING CARE PLAN UNIVERSITY OF PANGASINAN PHINMA EDUCATION NETWORK Arellano St., Dagupan City College of Nursing Name of Patient:________________________ Age:___ Sex:____ Medical Diagnosis:______________________ ASSESSMENT | NURSING DIAGNOSIS | NURSING ANALYSIS | GOAL
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    CASE STUDY IN NCM-103 (CARE OF CLIENTS WITH PROBLEMS IN OXYGENATION, FLUID AND ELECTROLYTE BALANCE, NUTRITION AND METABOLISM AND ENDOCRINE) Submitted to : Mr. Darren N. Constantino Submitted by : Olive Keithy Ascaño CASE STUDY 1 1. a. The possible fluid and electrolyte
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  • Nicu Nursing Care Plan
    A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is an intensive care unit specializing in the care of ill or premature newborn infants. Neonates who need to go to the unit are often admitted within the first 24 hours after birth. Newborns may be sent to the NICU if: • they're born prematurely
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    NR 340 – Clinical Assessment Guide with NCP Organizer Student Name ____CP_____________________ Date _2/12/13_____ Pt Initials _MK_____ Medical Diagnosis #1: Multiple coronary artery disease Chief Complaint #1 Use Quotes: ”Shortness of breath and chest pain for over a month now” on 2
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    Assessment | Nursing Diagnosis | Goals & Expected outcomes | Nursing Interventions | Rationales | Methods of Evaluation | Name of client: Mrs. Tam Age: 65 Sex: Female Student ID:1155016494 Assessment date: 29/11/12 Medical Diagnosis: 1. Lower limbs edema 2. Low albumin level 3.
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    NURSING CARE PLAN GUIDE ASSESSMENT OF UNIVERSAL SELF CARE REQUISITES DEFINITION: Organized and systematic process of collecting data from a variety of sources to evaluate the health status of a patient. |ASSESSMENT
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    Richard J. Daley College Nursing 101 Data Collection for Care Plan Section I – Demographic Data: Patient Initials: K. J. Sex: Female MSWD: Married Age: 44 No. of children: 1 Occupation: Disabled Section II- Admission Data 1. Date admitted: 10/19/2007 2. Admitting diagnosis: H
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  • Nursing Care Plan & Basic Conditioning
    COMMUNITY COLLEGE DEPARTMENT OF NURSING CLINICAL ASSESSMENT TOOL Subjective Data (Basic Conditioning Factors) Student: Date of Care: 10/03/09 Patient’s Initials: P. V. Age: 37 Room #: 3114 Bed 1 Allergies: Food: NKA Gender: F Medications: NKA E
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    Care Plan II -      List of NANDA Nursing Diagnosis 1. Decreased Cardiac output related to structural cardiac problems as manifested by severe fatigue, mental status changes, pallor of skin and dyspnea. Her husband states “ she is fatigued after any activity” and is unable to pe
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  • Nursing Care Plan for Pyelonephritis
    Cues Nursing diagnosis Nursing objective Planning Nursing intervention Rationale Subjective Cues: “Nahihirapa n akong umihi,, madalas sya pero pakonti konti lang » as verbalized by the client. Objective Cues: Distended abdomen Frequency Hesitancy T-38.3 P-105Bpm R-24 bp
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    Patient Age: 59 Patient Race: Caucasian Patient Sex: Male Allergies: Iodine Admitting Diagnosis: The patient is a 59-year-old transferred from his local emergency room for further evaluation of extensive left pleural effusion. The patient has been nearly a lifelong heavy smoker, smoking up
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