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Nurse Patient Conversation

aim of this assignment is to demonstrate how Peplau's concept of the nurse-patient relationship can be used to influence an incident in practise. I have chosen to focus on the nurse-patient relationship, as I am in the early stages of my adult nurse training and I feel it would be beneficial to understand this relationship more accurately. The first part of this assignment defines a concept and briefly outlines the nurse-patient relationship as a concept. The second part focusses and outlines Peplau's...

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Importance of Nurse Patient Relationship

Watson defined therapeutic nurse-patient relationship as “a helping relationship that’s based on mutual trust and respect, the nurturing of faith and hope, being sensitive to self and others, and assisting with the gratification of your patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through your knowledge and skill” ( as quoted in Pullen, 2010, p.4). Nurse’s are expected to portray and act professionally, legally and ethically in order to established an effective nurse-client relationship. The...

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Therapeutic Nurse-Patient Relationship

Topic: Therapeutic Nurse-Patient Relationship * Nurse-Patient Communication * Nurse-Patient Relationship * Stages of Development of a Therapeutic Relationship * Nursing Process * Assessment * Nursing Diagnosis * Outcome Identification * Planning * Intervention * Evaluation Reported by: Christine Karen Belga, RM, RN Therapeutic nurse-patient relationship Communication...

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Safe Nurse to Patient Ratios

Finding Safe Nurse to Patient Ratios Augsburg College Abstract Determining nurse-to-patient ratios in nursing facilities remains a challenge for the nursing profession. Two main staffing methods that are currently used in most nursing facilities are staffing by patient acuity using patient classification systems and staffing by mandated nurse-to-patient rations. Each method has an impact on patient outcomes, safety and overall satisfaction determined from different articles...

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Nurse to Patient Ratio

Nurse To Patient Ratio Medtech College Ethics August 16, 2010 The past decade has been a turbulent time for US hospitals and practicing nurses. News media have trumpeted urgent concerns about hospital understaffing and growing hospital nurse shortage. Nurses nationwide consistently report that hospital nurse staffing levels are inadequate to provide safe and effective care. Physicians agree, citing inadequate nurse staffing as a major impediment to the provision on high quality of care...

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The Nurses Role in Patient Advocacy

The nurses primary roles of promoting health, preventing illness, restoring health and alleviating suffering places the nurse in a position to always remain an advocate for their patient. A scenario has been created in which a terminally ill patient has asked the doctor about alternative healthcare treatment options. The doctor in this case dismisses them as "quack" practices. What role does the nurse play in this situation? “When the patient’s wishes are in conflict with others, the nurse seeks...

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Reflective: Patient and Student Nurse

use this situation for my reflection the patient will be referred to as “James”. This is in order that his real name is protected and that confidentially maintained in line with the An Bord Altranais Code of Professional Conduct (2000). James, a seventeen year old boy was admitted with a fractured wrist who suffers with schizophrenia. Jame’s condition caused him to have delusions and hallucinations which made him act inappropriately towards other patients and staff. He found it hard to relax and...

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Explain How Important the Nurse Patient Relationship Is

Peplau (1952) observed the nurse as a fundamental tool for change whilst explaining how powerful the nurse-patient relationship is. The nurse approaches the relationship with understanding and experience obtained personally through their lives but also through their training and work. Generally, it is considered the more training and work experience a nurse has, the more therapeutically effective they are likely to be but this is not always the case. Stuart and Sudeen (1997). There are many influences...

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The Impact of Nurse Staffing on Patient Outcomes

The Impact of Nurse Staffing on Patient Outcomes Kelly Adams McCann Drexel University The Impact of Nurse Staffing on Patient Outcomes When my daughter was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) 11 years ago, I was I was blissfully ignorant of patient-to-nurse ratios and budget constraints. I had confidence in the competence of the nurses and believed that they had the time and the tools necessary to care for my child. Now that I'm a nurse myself and I see my support staff numbers cut and...

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Effects of Nurse Staffing on Patients Outcomes

This study focuses on the issue of nursing staffing and its effects on the outcomes of the patients. To begin with, the tem nursing staffing will be defined and followed by a discussion of nursing staffing in relation to the nurses themselves. Nursing staffing levels and their effects on the patient outcomes will also be discussed with regards to morbidity and mortality besides other indicators of patient outcomes, the impact of nursing staffing levels to quality of care as well as an overview of...

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Nurses Role and Individualised Patient Care

The Author will describe the nurses role and discuss individualised patient care based around legal and ethical frameworks that guide and govern nurses in their roles as healthcare professionals. A five stage process to nursing care is one framework use to deliver this care and consists of assessment, diagnosis, care planning, implementation and evaluation and is an on-going, continuous cycle that only ends when goals are achieved and homeostasis is restored, or reasonable expectations of health...

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Cholesterol: A Patient Conversation

Cholesterol: A Patient Conversation Name SC121 October 27, 2014 Hello Mr. Brown, My name is Jane and I am your PA today otherwise known as a Physician’s Assistant. The doctor had ordered some test for you and I am going to go over your results and explain to you what each of them mean. If you have any questions please feel free to stop me at any time. First we will start off with your Triglyceride level and it was 145 mg/dl. Your Triglycerides is fat in the blood and they are used to provide...

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Nurse Staffing

Running head: NURSE STAFFING Nurse Staffing: Does One Size Fit All? Iva Roach Abstract Two major forms of staffing guidelines will be discussed, nurse-to-patient ratio and staffing by acuity. This paper will discuss the history of each staffing form. It will point out the benefits and negative features of both practices, describe how hospitals deal with staffing and discuss the states that have laws requiring certain guidelines be followed. Nurse Staffing: Does One Size Fit All? ...

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patient care

 Patient Care September 17, 2013 Citation: www.webmed.com Medical Terminology Text book The Medical profession isn’t all about treating illness it’s also about enhancing patient care in any way possible. Patient care has a variety of benefits and all can improve the quality of life for both practical and vocational nurses and the people they care for. Patient care involves the sharing of information with patients that is tailored to...

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experiences of nurses grief after patient death

Experience of Grief Following Patient Death: A Concept Analysis Karen D. Panganiban Resurrection University Abstract This is a concept analysis on the experiences of grief of registered nurses in the fields of oncology, pediatric ICU and adult ICU after a patient dies. The paper describes the reactions of nurses and how they are able to cope with grief. It also discussed the available resources that they use within their institution in response to the death of the patient. The concept analysis method...

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Nurse Ratched

Nurse Ratched A sexless, rigid caricature of a nurse, Nurse Ratched imposes discipline on her ward with all the fervour of an Army Nurse, which she had been. Large, with huge breasts only partially disguised by her ultra-stretched white uniform, she nevertheless has a pretty, delicate face that belies her cruelty. Manipulative to the core, the only thing that really matters to Ratched is her desire to control everything around her – the environment, the staff, and the patients. She has rendered...

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BSN Nurses Create a Safer Patient Environment

BSN Nurses Create a Safer Patient Environment In recent years a movement has been emerging in more and more hospitals and health care facilities to hire nurses with BSN degrees. In addition, many health care employers are requiring, or at least urging, their current staff to earn higher degrees. This movement gained momentum following a study released by the Institute of Medicine in October 2010 recommending “increasing the number of baccalaureate-prepared nurses in the workforce to 80% and doubling...

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Nurse Communication

effectively with patients is important in establishing a therapeutic relationship that will contribute to their care needs, both physically and emotionally (Stein-Parbury, 2009, p. 9). This essay is about the communication skills used by Nurse Gwen during a consultation with Mrs Smith in scenario two. Throughout the essay, it will identify three types of communication skills used by Nurse Gwen, empathetic listening, open-ended questions and body language. This essay will also explore how Nurse Gwen used...

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Nurse Reflection

verbal so that the message could be understood and do not break the nurse-patient communication. In my opinion, I evaluated that it does not a matter whether it was a patient-centred communication or task-centred communicationbecause both communication mentioned by McCabe (2004) actually doesinvolves communication to the patients. So it was not a problem to argue whichtype of communication involves in my conversation with my patient. After analysed the situation, I could conclude that I was be able...

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Communication with Dementia Patients

nursing staff to and from patients when giving first hand care. Good or bad communication can make there experience within the health care setting a positive or negative one and can leave a lasting impression. A good health care provider can use there communication skills to put a patient at ease with a few comforting words or gestures, a lack of positive communication in the health care setting could leave the patient feeling neglected, ignored and not valued as a patient. By successfully communication...

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Roles of Professional Nurse

University Professional Roles and Values NVT2 December 08, 2012 Ethical Leadership Ethical Leadership in Nursing As advances in healthcare continue to improve the ability to sustain life, as well as for individuals to live longer, bedside nurses are faced more and more with difficult situations related to advance directives, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as to ensure they are functioning within the scope of practice for their state. State Regulations...

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Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is critically important to the health care industry today due to the competitive nature of the field. Patients have many choices when it comes to seeking medical attention, and hospitals are dependent on return business to stay operational. Hospitals have traditionally utilized the semi-private room model in order to increase profitability. A semi-private room is a room shared by two patients. Each patient is given their own bed, but they usually share a single bathroom....

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Patient Centred Care

Patient Centred Care Introduction This essay will engage closely in exploring the case study provided during week one through four. It will deal with various issues such as the difference between type one and type two diabetes, outcomes of poorly managed blood sugar levels, the necessity of pain control during post-operative care for Josie, the implementation of Tanner's model of clinical Judgement and lastly but not the least, a summary of Josie's progress note. Diabetes and blood glucose...

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Reducing the number of pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among those aged under 16 is a government priority due to rising numbers of both (Department of Health, 1999; 2001; Social Exclusion Unit, 1999). Contraceptive nurses have a key role as they are in a unique position to give clients the opportunity to talk about intimate areas of their sexual life and anxieties in a non-judgemental environment (Everett, 1998). Most agencies offering information, advice or services on sexual...

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Patient-Centered Care and Comminication in Critical Care

Patient-Centered Care and Communication in Critical Care Pikes Peak Community College Patient-Centered Care and Communication in Critical Care Introduction Communication is a key component in nursing care. As nurses we must communicate with our patient’s, patients’ families, and a wide variety of healthcare team members. Communication can be vital to patient’s lives, informative to physicians, and calming or educational to families. The communication method, or theme, that a nurse uses as...

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Extent of Quality of Hand-on Care to Be Rendered by Surgical Nurse to Post-Operative Patients

assess fellow surgical nurses' performance. Since there are some hindrances and factors affecting the delivery of quality nursing care to the post-operative patients starting from the time they were transferred from the post-anesthesia care unit after operation to the ward until discharged. And within that period of care, problems arise in care plan and implementation especially on the aspect of patient-handling or what we call hands-on care. As a result, the study is conducted to investigate the...

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Why Is Good Communication Important in the Relestionship Between Practitioner and Patient?

Why is good communication important in the relationship between practitioner and patient? In the essay I am going to write about why good communication is vital to a healthy practitioner/patient relationship in clinical areas. I am going to do this by looking at many different ways to communicate and how effective they are. I will also be looking into how barriers can effect good communication. I will achieve this by observing communication skills while out on practice and also by researching other...

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Nurse Leader Interview

Nursing Leader Interview The nurse manager of the cardiac rehabilitation unit has been a formal nurse leader for the past five years. The conversation began with a discussion about her personal leadership style and how it evolved from a knee jerk style to her current democratic style. Being a nurse leader requires adaptation and flexibility. Administration, Medicare, and certifying organizations require changes to be made frequently to improve patient care. These changes are often tied to service...

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A Reflective Essay of an Overseas Nurse

This is a reflective essay which will address a recent experience gained from the Intensive Treatment Unit (ITU) that occurred during my placement and while under the Overseas Nurses Programme. This will utilize John’s Model for Structured Reflection (MSR). This essay will also be integrating the first learning outcome of the course. This incident involves a 48-year old female who came in to the Accident and Emergency (A&E) with chief complaint of shortness of breath, productive cough and pleuritic...

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Master's prepared nurse interview

Master's-Prepared Nurse Interview Introduction I had the privilege to work for many years with couple of master’s prepared nurses and they always inspired me to join master’s level program. I interviewed one of my friends [S.V] who is a colleague at the hospital where I work as a requirement for the course and also to get a broader depth and understanding of the Masters in nursing program. That helped me to get more information about the program...

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The Effects of Nurse Staffing on Patient Safety power point 2

The Effects of Nurse Staffing on Patient Safety Evidence and Methodology • Our goal is clearly defined---- To assess whether nurse staffing effects patient safety in the form of inpatient hospital mortality and patient safety • Our studies are observational and taken from random samples adjusted for risk and hospital characteristics----Data was obtained from nurse surveys and risk-adjusted 30-day inpatient mortality and failure to rescue. Pt discharge data was obtained from the state agencies....

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Nurse Practitioner Visit

Planning your visit: Meeting a State Representative to Promote Advance Nurse Practitioner’s Role Chamberlain School of Nursing NR:506 Health Care Policy February 10, 2013 Affordable healthcare can enable Americans to live longer, lead more healthy lives and improve their economic potential (Hope Street, 2008). Changes in the healthcare system have been slow in comparison to the areas of industry in the twenty first century. With the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2012...

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Patient Abandonment

For patient abandonment to occur, the nurse must: a) Have first accepted the patient assignment, thus establishing a nurse-patient relationship, and then b) Severed that nurse-patient relationship without giving reasonable notice to the appropriate person (e.g., supervisor, patient) so that arrangements can be made for continuation of nursing care by others. A nurse-patient relationship begins when the responsibility for nursing care of a patient is accepted by the nurse or certified nursing...

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Reflection on Assessment of Asthmatic Patient

A reflective overview: Developing knowledge on the assessment and intervention of asthmatic patient focusing on adult Introduction In this essay, I need to reflect on the situation that taken place during my clinical assignment to develop and utilize my experiences on the assessment and intervention of asthmatic patient in my work place. In this reflection, I am going to use Gibbs (1988) Reflective Cycle. This model is a recognised framework for my reflection. Gibbs (1988) consists...

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Nurse Educator and Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Educator Role in Health Care Changes Teaching is an integral part in the practice of nursing. Every Nurse Educators (NE) plays a fundamental part on the enhancement of the nursing workforce by serving as role models in the improvement on management, implementation and evidence-based practice of an effective patient care. Whether they work in schools or clinical environments, NE equips and guides future patient care providers into future leaders of the nursing profession...

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Patient and Professional Development Assignment

Development Assignment 8 Michelle Turner Aspen University Healthcare Systems N-502 Dawn Deem Professional Development Assignment 8 There is considerable evidence that many of the new medical technologies are used inappropriately, to generate income. What patient protections against inappropriate diagnostic and other procedures should be considered? There is no doubt that the new diagnostic and therapeutic technology now available has vastly expanded the economic dimensions of medicine, there is evidence...

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Discuss the Nurses Duty of Confidentiality

Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) are the regulatory body of registered nurses and midwives in the United Kingdom, and clause 5 of the NMC code of professional conduct states that registrants have a duty to protect confidential information (NMC, 2006). Failure to adhere to this clause could result in removal from the register, as confidentiality is something all nurses must respect and be aware of. So what is patient confidentiality and why is it so important? The Department of Health (2003)...

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SYSTEMS, PROCESSES, EDUCATION AND TRAINING: HELP FOR NURSES TO PROMOTE PATIENT SAFETY Hospital mission statements provide a statement of purpose. They inspire employees to provide quality care. Remembering your mission statement in crucial situations can help stakeholders refocus and think more critically. In Nursing, there are many resources available, to which nurses can refer, to obtain information and education to assist them in providing quality care, based on scientific knowledge. ...

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Differences in Competencies Between Associate Degree and Baccalaureate Degree Nurses

Differences in Competencies Between Associate Degree and Baccalaureate Degree Nurses Nursing education can be confusing because there are so many ways to become a nurse. However, throughout history, nurse leaders have advocated the importance of higher education for nurses. But as nursing shortages developed, the need for more and more nurses became apparent. To help solve the nursing shortage problem, Mildred Montag developed the associate degree of nursing program (ADN) in 1952. It was designed...

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Communication and Assessment in Nursing: The basic aspects of therapeutic communication in nurse-patient relationship

structure of this essay is designed to show the importance of relationship centered communication. However it will begin with a brief definition of the essential concepts intrinsic to the topic of therapeutic communication, distinct therapeutic nurse-patient relationship. Thereafter, it will focus on verbal and nonverbal communication, listening, understanding, empathy and important aspects of confidentiality and privacy. IntroJust as chemistry sciences were adopted as the 20th century medical model...

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The Caring Nurse

 The Caring Nurse: ADN versus BSN The Caring Nurse: ADN versus BSN Caring is the heart of nursing. Most nurses have a quality about them that harbors caring. Caring is defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as, “effort made to do something correctly, safely, or without causing damage,” or “things that are done to keep someone healthy, safe, etc.” Nurses, whether they are an associate degree educated or baccalaureate educated, want to do a good job. They don’t come to work...

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Patient Teaching

Patient Teaching: Importance of Repositioning Sean Crayton University of Toledo College of Nursing Patient Teaching: Importance of Repositioning Assessment of Patients Learning Needs M.C. is an elderly male who was admitted and treated for a fall and hip fracture. He had surgery, is bed ridden but is soon to be released. He and his family need proper teaching on the importance of reposition as to avoid obtaining pressure ulcers during his limitations to extensive bed rest and staying off...

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Role of Nurses

Nursing is a healthcare profession focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. Nurses work in a wide variety of specialties where they may work independently or as part of a team to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate care. Nursing Science is a field of knowledge based on the contributions of nursing scientists through peer-reviewed scholarly journals and evidenced-based practice. Nursing as a profession ...

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Nurse shoratges

Directory Department Directory Bylaws Committees & Task Force Board of Directors Member Schools Affiliated Sites Leading Initiatives Education Resources Publications Research and Data Academic-Practice Partnerships Joining Forces Clinical Nurse Leader Doctor of Nursing Practice Public Health Nursing Diversity in Nursing NursingCAS CCNE Accreditation About CCNE Why Accreditation? Find Accredited Programs Find New Applicant Programs Board Actions & Current Reviews Standards, Procedures...

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Describe a Situation from Your Practice Related to Communication Between Nurse and Patient

The purpose of this essay is to describe a situation from practice related to communication between nurse and patient. The Department of Health (2003) defines communication as ‘a process that involves a meaningful exchange between at least two people to convey facts, needs, opinions, thoughts, feelings and other information through both verbal and non-verbal means.’ Communication occurs when a person (the source) sends a message via a particular medium (the channel) so it is received by a recipient...

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Nurse Ratio

Nurse-patient Ratio Is this legislative effective to support a positive nursing work environment? To provide safe and efficient patient care, the staffing ratios has been mandated. In 1999, California developed into the first state to mandate minimum nurse-to-patient ratios in hospitals. The California legislature passed Assembly Bill ( AB 394) after years of comprehensive press for political action enforced by the nursing representative unions, including the California Nurses Association (CNA)...

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Patient Confidentiality

Patient Confidentiality: Ethical Implications to Nursing Practice Patient Confidentiality: Ethical Implications to Nursing Practice Patient confidentiality is a fundamental practice in healthcare and it is integral part of healthcare ethical standards (Purtilo & Dougherty, 2010). According to the American Nurses Association (ANA) code of ethics “the nurse has a duty to maintain confidentiality of all patient information” (Nursing world, p.6). Also, when a patient confidentiality...

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ER Nurses

will find ER Nurses, ER Doctors and Trauma Nurses. The difference between an ER Nurse and a Trauma Nurse is ER Nurses handle every kind of patient that comes into the ER, while Emergency Trauma Nurses only work on Trauma patients. Emergency Trauma nursing consists of registered nurses who work in Emergency Rooms or Trauma centers. Emergency Trauma Nurses have to complete a one year course in order to work in hospital or stand-alone emergency rooms and, then provide care to patients who have suffered...

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Effects of Hospital Care Environment on Patient Mortality and Nurse Outcomesfpr

unauthorized use of any material contained on this Online Service may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, the laws of privacy and publicity and communications regulations and statutes. Table 1 Effects of Hospital Care Environment on Patient Mortality and Nurse Outcomes. Aiken, Linda; PhD, RN; Clarke, Sean; PhD, RN; Sloane, Douglas; Lake, Eileen; PhD, RN; Cheney, Timothy Journal of Nursing Administration. 38(5):223-229, May 2008. DOI: 10.1097/01.NNA.0000312773.42352.d7 Table 1 . Properties of...

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Nurse Staffing

Abstract Nurse staffing has always been an issue in the hospital setting. Different units with different patient acuities are staffed accordingly usually based on the patient census. While nurses who are in direct contact care with patients feel that a decreased patient load will lead to greater benefit for the patient, others who are usually in managerial positions are not persuaded that such a correlation exists. As of this time, no such research has been done with an intentional change in staffing...

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Bsn Nurse

“Moving to a nurse workforce in which a higher proportion of staff nurses have at least a baccalaureate-level education would result in substantially fewer adverse outcomes for patients” (Friese, Lake, Aiken, Silber & Sochalski, 2008). Of the three most popular ways to become a registered nurse, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree has been recognized as the best training for nurses in the current complex healthcare system. A baccalaureate prepared nurse possesses additional skills in critical...

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Ethical Problems at Workplace with Demented Patient

prepared for Management Ethics and Social Responsibility in Aged Services , Unit Code ASD 4008, taught by professor Chris McConville INTRODUCTION Ethical issues are of concern to all nurses. Nurses provide care to promote the health and well-being of individuals; this implies interactions among people, and it implies the seeking of what is good and of what leads to health and welfare. “Ethics” is a formal decision-making process, used to...

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Paramedics and Nurses

Thesis: Nurses and paramedics have very similar jobs but the requirements, performance, situations, and conditions have more differences than similarities. Audience: Future and/or current college students who are caught between the two fields of healthcare Purpose: to inform students of the similarities and differences between nurses and paramedics Have you ever wanted to become a paramedic but you didn’t want to wear the uncomfortable uniforms or drive around the big ambulances? Registered...

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Nurse Practioner

The Board of Registered Nursing defines the nurse practitioners as “registered nurses who are prepared by advanced education to provide primary care including medical procedures that may be required for a specialty area “(BRN, 2012). Additionally, nurse practitioners must ”possess additional preparation and skills in physical diagnosis, psycho-social assessment, and management of health illness needs in primary health care and who have been prepared in a program conforming to board standards” (BRN...

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nurses in lawsuit

NURSES INVOLVED IN LAWSUITS 3 Nurses Involved in Lawsuits and Jon Jeffery Quianzon Case The Legal system and health care system are both intertwined in many more ways than we think. Every time, we as nurses hear an advertisement for legal services like “Morgan and Morgan” the first thought that comes to our mind is that they are here to take our jobs away from us. As nurses, we are more liable for a lawsuit than...

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Patient Advocacy

Patient Advocacy: How it affects the delivery of patient care Geneva Heath NR 451: Capstone Course Melanie Gawlik July 7, 2011 Introduction There tends to be a major direct affect that patient advocacy has on the delivery of health care. For a patient to be able to address their health care needs, their rights to health care, and making sure that they are being treated fairly are important issues and it only seems right for these patient's to have a voice other than their own in order...

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The Role of a Nurse

Analyse the Role of the Nurse The complex nature of nursing means that there is no single definition that encompasses every aspect of the role of the nurse. A nurse is required to have several attributes and skills to carry out their everyday duties; they must show compassion, empathy, excellent communication skills both verbal and non-verbal. In some cases nurses are also required to become advocators for patients who are not able to communicate for themselves. A nurse is also required to be non-prejudice...

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Nurse Practitioner

English 12 Period 3 December 11, 2013 Inside the Job of a Nurse Practitioner Whenever people are sick or have an emergency and have to go to the hospital, nurses are always there to comfort them. Nursing is a fast growing occupation here in the United States and makes up the vast majority of the healthcare industry. Nursing is a career that allows people to care for others. Aside from the greatness of helping others, it also comes with stressful situations that require plenty of responsibility...

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Suicide and Nurse

Culturally Competent Nursing Care To be a successful nurse one must have knowledge of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. It is important to provide culturally competent nursing care. A nurse must know what the patient beliefs are and how their certain beliefs relate to health care. This will effect the patient's decisions on the way he or she chooses to be taken care of. A nurse should be very open minded and knowledgeable of different cultures and there beliefs...

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Adn Nurses vs Bsn Nurses

Differences in Competencies of Associate and Baccalaureate Nurses There are three educational pathways one may take in order to become a registered nurse. Students may attend a college offering an associate’s degree in nursing, ADN, or a bachelor’s degree in nursing, BSN, or they may become a diploma nurse. Completion of one of these programs allows a student to take the National Council Licensing Exam for Registered Nurses, the NCLEX, which tests students at what has been determined to...

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